Seeking Jural Society in South Carolina

We get a lot of mail asking if we know of a group in Texas, or Alaska; lots of places. If you are part of a group that wants to give notice of its existence, so others can find you, please post your info here. If you're looking for a group in a particular area, ask here. If you're just looking to meet like-minded friends, this is also the place.
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Seeking Jural Society in South Carolina

Post by TedraL »

How would I locate a lawful jural society in South Carolina to assist me in correctly perfecting an abatement? I have tried numerous times to search out one to no avail... Help me please...
--- God's Speed
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Re: Seeking Jural Society in South Carolina

Post by editor »

Hi Tedra,

According to the server logs, you posted your message on the forum at 6:14pm. Eleven minutes later you sent me an email saying you've "had no answer".

First, some housekeeping...

Your forum post could not possibly have been seen by anyone except myself or another moderator, until about 8pm when I noticed your post, and approved it. That's because this was your first-ever post. New members, of which you are one, must get three posts approved by a moderator before your posts automatically appear on the forum. Because, SPAM.

Even so, for you to be disheartened because your post was not answered within eleven minutes tells me you don't have much experience with how Internet forums work.

Reading between the lines, it seems to me your question should really be split into two questions:

1. Are there any groups in South Carolina where I can meet up with like-minded people, get some pointers on useful study-points, and maybe learn how to do a non-statutory abatement? And,

2. Is there anyone at all on this forum willing to help me do a non-statutory abatement in response to this imminent problem I have?

Trying to kill two birds with one stone was, in this particular instance, maybe too much to ask.

In my experience, Christian jural societies are much harder to find these days than they used to be. They are both fewer in number, and less willing to casually accept strangers, than in the past. This means it might be weeks, months, or even years (if ever) before someone answers a query about a South Carolina jural society.

Nevertheless, considering the wording of your post, it did not belong in the "What is a Jural Society" topic of the Jural Society forum, so I moved it to where it belongs, in the "Group Contacts and Personals" section, and gave it a suitable title which will help you as much as possible.

As for helping you with your more urgent problem,

The section where you posted already contains information of help to you. It mentions the "Book of the Hundreds" which contains instructions for non-statutory abatements, and gives a link to that book in our Reading Room. Or you can just go directly to the Reading Room and find it there yourself.

I offer this caution though-- If you do your abatement perfectly, it may or may not give you the outcome you seek. I have seen some of them work. I've done abatements myself that worked. But many times they do not, even if they are perfect. Beginning your study at a point when "time is [already] running out" is not an enviable position in which to place yourself.

However, if you want to take your chances and use our forum to ask for help with an abatement, you might try posting in the Non-Statutory Abatement section.

I hope you find what you need. God bless.
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