Jimmy V

We get a lot of mail asking if we know of a group in Texas, or Alaska; lots of places. If you are part of a group that wants to give notice of its existence, so others can find you, please post your info here. If you're looking for a group in a particular area, ask here. If you're just looking to meet like-minded friends, this is also the place.
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Jimmy V

Post by Robert »

Seeking Friends of Jimmy V to discuss his well being.

Was walking online and found


Likely the only place online to mention

"Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, by Jack Smith of Right Way L.A.W."

Do those meeting still exist anyone?

Resources & Discernment from my recollection.

Thank you.

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Re: Jimmy V

Post by editor »

Hi Robert,

I used to regularly attend those meetings. To my knowledge, there hasn't been one for many years.

I've lost touch with Jimmy. Was thinking about him just the other day, when Alex Jones mentioned pirate radio stations. If you find him, tell him it's way past time he joined this forum.
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