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"Are you free?
Free: Not subject to legal constraint of another. (Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition)"

I'm a newcomer to this site/forum and I would like to say hello!

I found this site (The Lawful Path) and noticed the words "Are you free?" Those words caught my fancy! The BLD 6th edition definition of the word Free also caught my attention: "Not subject to legal constraint of another."

My name is Don Kanoelani Souza and am currently working on changing my status, legally, from US citizen to Private citizen. US citizen = slave; Private citizen = "Free." Being an "Private citizen" free's one from the bondage/slavery of the US "government" (corporation), while being an "US citizen" bounds one to the rules/regulations/statutes/laws of the US corporation and am subject to their legal constraint of ones self. God Almighty created me (and you) free & sovereign; so shall I die free & sovereign!

And NO, I am NOT a "sovereign citizen," but a Private citizen! 8-)
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Re: Free?

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Could you please further define what you mean by "Private citizen".

People have lawful standing. Persons have legal status. So am I to understand correctly that you are changing your personhood?

Who/what does your person owe duties and allegiance to?

Who/what vests rights and privileges in your person?

Do the thugs in "THIS STATE" recognize your new personhood?

What does a day in the life of a "Private citizen" look like? Does it include the use of registrations, licenses, insurance, bank accounts, SSI numbers, etc.?

Looking forward to your reply.
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