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Re: Giles Parscale, CloudCommerce

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The following is an interesting interview with Brad Parscale who spent $94 million on what he calls “ads” for the Trump campaign.

In 2011, Parscale was invited in an email to call the Trump Organization, and was asked to make a website for a Trump real estate project. He later did many websites for the Trump gang: for Eric's foundation, Melania's skincare line, the family's wineries.
In 2015, he was asked to build the first website for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which he promised to build in 2 days for $1,500.

Brad Parscale explains that on an average day 50-60 thousands ads were made. Most of them microtargetted to Facebook users.
Even though Parscale hired Cambridge Analytica personnel, he bizarrely claims that he didn’t use “psychographics” because he claims this doesn’t work (why did he hire personnel specialised from a company that specialises in that?).
Parscale also claims he had nothing to do with BOTs because bots don't work. There isn’t much difference between sending microtargetted ads by a computer system or BOTs is there?

Trump still claims that Google, Twitter and Facebook were all supporting “crooked” Hillary, but there are very short lines from people close to Trump and these companies.
Parscale has explained that his strategy mainly used Facebook, and he even employed “embedded” employees from these companies at the Trump campaign office in San Antonio, Texas:
Parscale: Yeah, Facebook employees would show up for work every day in our offices.
Lesley Stahl: Whoa, wait a minute. Facebook employees showed up at the Trump headquarters --
Parscale: Google employees, and Twitter employees.
Stahl: They were embedded in your campaign?
Parscale: I mean, like, they were there multiple days a week, three, four days a week, two days week, five days a week –

Stahl: What were they doing inside? I mean --
Parscale: Helping teach us how to use their platform. I wanna get --
Stahl: Helping him get elected?
Parscale: I asked each one of them by email, I wanna know every, single secret button, click, technology you have. "I wanna know everything you would tell Hillary's campaign plus some. And I want your people here to teach me how to use it."

Facebook has explained that they offer this service to all the political campaigns indiscriminately, but that Hillary didn’t really use them: ... et-weapon/
(archived here:

Firestarter wrote: Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:09 pmIn August 2017, Brad Parscale sold his web marketing company to CloudCommerce for $9 million and received shares in the company and now sits on its board of directors.
Not true... In August 2017, Brad Parscale sold his digital marketing company to CloudCommerce Inc. and became a member of the California-based management team for $1 million plus $9 million in stock, including roughly 60 employees (?). But it looks to me that the whole company isn’t worth anywhere near $9 million.
CloudCommerce did not acquire Parscale’s “digital advertising business”. That work will be done by another Parscale company based in Florida, which handles as much as $1 million a month in digital advertising for the Trump campaign alone. That is really the main business of Parscale!

Maybe it’s just a publicity stunt so that CloudCommerce can attract business and inflate its stock price.
The company has repeatedly changed its name – including Latinocare Management Corp., Roaming Messenger Inc. and Warp 9 Inc - and has spent more than $19 million in investor money since its creation in 1999 but had only $107,000 in cash at the end of 2017.
CloudCommerce is a penny stock, meaning its shares do not trade on a major stock exchange. These kind of shares have big fluctuations; one day Parscale tweeted that its stock was up 500%.

The management of the company has repeatedly changed but one constant has been Jonathan Lei, the former chief executive of several CloudCommerce predecessors, including Roaming Messenger.
In 2006, Lei and another executive tried to bribe hedge fund managers with $1 million to inflate Roaming’s stock price. The hedge fund managers turned out to be undercover FBI agents and they were prosecuted.
Through a plea agreement Lei escaped prison sentence by becoming a government co-operator. He was sentenced to 5 years of probation during which time he couldn’t own any stock in a company and a $10,000 fine. In 2008, Lei still owned over 25% percent of the company (named Warp 9 Inc. at the time).

The company claims that Jonathan Lei is no longer connected to the company.
CloudCommerce emails with outside parties showed him involved in the company in 2015. In 2015, Lei still invested in the company through NewQuest Ventures LLC, according to SEC filings.
In February 2018, Lei was still included in internal communications. One of Lei’s relatives, Elaine Lei, owns 11.4% of CloudCommerce – that she received from Lei.

In August 2010, Andrew Van Noy in a bankruptcy filing said he was unemployed — and earned less than $9,000 in each of the last 3 years. He also had six-figure debts from unpaid credit cards and repossessed cars. He also faced 2 real-estate fraud lawsuits – the judge ruled against him in 1 and he settled the other (for the amount claimed).
Andrew Van Noy is now CloudCommerce’s chief executive:
(archived here:
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SCL, Gatestone Institute - Orban, Soros

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Another interesting company in the web of disinformation companies - that includes SCL Group, Cambridge Analytica - is the Gatestone Institute.
Financial backer of Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica and Trump donor Rebekah Mercer funds Gatestone Media via her family foundation. Earlier this year, Rebekah Mercer was listed as a member of the Gatestone Institute “board of governors” but her name has since been removed from the site.

Gatestone is primarily financed by member of the Council on Foreign Relations Nina Rosenwald. In 2003, Rosenwald was awarded the Louis Brandeis Award, given by the Zionist Organization of America for her pro-Israel advocacy.
Funding for Gatestone also comes from the Middle East Forum (MEF) that is also financed by Rosenwald.
Gatestone Media also provides content for Rebel Media, which is financed by Robert Mercer.
Before John Bolton became National Security Advisor to President Donald he was chairman of Gatestone.

The Gatestone Institute lists Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz as a “distinguished senior fellow” who contributes to the site. Dershowitz was once introduced by Trump’s good friend Lynn Forester (these days “Lady” de Rothschild) to another buddy of Trump, Jeffrey Epstein. Virginia Roberts, who was sexually abused by the paedophile gang for which Epstein arranged the underage girls, claims that she was sexually abused by the highly “respected” Dershowitz.
Trump’s Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta arranged the sweet deal that got Epstein off the hook (and the whole paedophile gang!) for which Epstein spent something like 55 days in prison.

Rosenwald’s foundation also finances Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney, and David Horowitz.
Gatestone has heavily promoted Marine le Pen (France), Geert Wilders (Netherlands) and Matteo Salvini (Italy).
It was recently exposed that the “far right” German AFD party in Germany was being promoted via Gatestone.

Since his planned departure from the White House in August of 2017, former Breitbart editor Steve Bannon has met crooked European politicians like Marine Le Pen, Alice Weidel of AFD, Hungary's Viktor Orban and Britain’s Nigel Farage.
After the success of Brexit, this summer Steve Bannon met Boris Johnson several times.
In December 2016, on the advice of the Foreign office Johnson had met Alexander Nix of SCL, Cambridge Analytica. He failed to disclose this meeting, “forgetting” to record it: ... part-three

It’s frustrating but it looks like I was fooled (again) into believing that Hungarian PM Viktor Orban isn’t as corrupt as other politicians. The art. 7 procedure was staged by the EU to give him some additional press coverage, which will inevitably make more Hungarians vote for him: ... 1149#p5319

See Orban with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Hungary-Israel Business Forum in Budapest, Hungary, 19 July 2017.

In May 2018, Steve Bannon spoke at a conference in Budapest, where he blatantly praised Prime Minister Viktor Orban. ... t-1.733756

A large part of the appeal of Orban is based on his supposed fight against the Hungarian born billionaire George Soros supported flooding of Europe with Muslim migrants.
See for example this campaign billboard with George Soros and the words “National consultation about the Soros plan - Don't let it pass without any words!” in Budapest in October 2017.

Steve Bannon was part of the campaign manipulating firm SCL Group (its affiliate Cambridge Analytica is better known).
The largest SCL shareholder from 2005 to 2015, Vincent Tchenguiz, was also involved in founding the Secretive Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube. Black Cube is best known for discrediting actresses who accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of rape. In May, it was also reported that the firm was hired by President Donald Trump to dig up dirt on Obama officials.

Black Cube was hired for a campaign to discredit NGOs connected to George Soros, ahead of Hungary’s presidential election earlier this year. Black Cube agents met with the NGO staffers and Soros allies to discuss strategies to pressure Hungary against legislation cracking down on those NGOs.
This was taped and then leaked to The Jerusalem Post and state newspaper Magyar Idok, which both published stories on it.

Then Viktor Orban, who was probably involved in hiring Black Cube for this operation (it hasn’t been disclosed who hired Black Cube), used this to attack the “philanthropic groups” and Soros himself!
Viktor Orban said in an interview before the election:
Soros’s people will be installed in government — this is what the ‘Soros Leaks’ recordings tell us.
If Soros’s people have influence in government, they will occupy the Hungarian energy sector and the banking system. And the Hungarian people will pay the price for that. ... on-report/

Please don’t tell anybody, but it is no other than George Soros, who has been a 30 year supporter of Viktor Orban…
In 1989, Soros paid for Orban’s study in Britain.

George Soros is a long-time financer of the Hungarian government.
In 2014, Soros donated $1 million to Orbán’s government to help the cleanup after the “red sludge”: ... orge-soros
(archived here:
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SCL, Gatestone Institute

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There is obviously a network of so-called “extreme right” politicians that – with the help of the mainstream and alternative media –insinuate that they are a threat to the New World Order. In reality they are supported by the elite (through the network in which the SCL Group, Cambridge Analytica plays an important part).
These politicians – including Geert Wilders, Viktor Orban, Nigel Farrage, Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro – look like cheap imitations of the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn. The most important difference between these cheap imitations is that Fortuyn was a real threat to the Order of the Garter; he was assassinated for it: ... ?f=7&t=749

According to the NBC, Gatestone Institute has promoted misleading, false anti-Muslim news that was amplified by a Russian troll factory. At the time Gatestone was headed by Fox News contributor John R. Bolton. CNN reported that the John Bolton Super Pac had a 2014 contract with Cambridge Analytica to provide micro targeting.
In at least 4 instances known Russian trolls directly re-tweeted Gatestone stories. Gatestone’s “scholars” have appeared in the Russian state media — including Sputnik and RT (Russia Today).

In November 2016, Gatestone reported that the European Union ordered the media not to report when terrorism suspects were Muslim. This was based on some group, that has nothing to do with the EU, which called for such a measure.

In May 2017, the internet was buzzing with the story that “Germany confiscates homes to give to migrants” based on a story from Gatestone. This was based on a single rented apartment in Hamburg that had gone into temporary trusteeship.
Nina Rosenwald emailed links to support Gatestone’s claims. One of these stories, according to Rosenwald, documented “warring Muslim gangs” in Marseille, France, but it only says that the city had deployed specialised police officers to a high-crime area (with no mention of warring Muslims).

Gatestone has also claimed that 500 churches in London were closed compared to 423 new mosques opening, which picked up by numerous websites including Breitbart News.
In reality, from 2005 to 2012 London saw 700 new churches and the total number of churches increased between 2008 and 2013.

John Bolton has a long association with Pamela Geller, a long-time supporter of Israel’s favourite Dutch politicians, Geert Wilders. Wilders, who since the M17 was supposedly shot down by Russia in July 2014 claims to be anti-Putin, is a Gatestone author, and was on an RT broadcast in March 2018, saying Europe lacks strong political leaders like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Member of the Council on Foreign Relations Nina Rosenwald is vice president of the William Rosenwald Family Fund, which funds Zionist groups, including the Middle East Forum.
Cofounders of Cambridge Analytica, Robert and Rebekah Mercer, donated $50,000 to Gatestone in 2014 and $100,000 in both 2015 and 2016: ... nk-n868171
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Gatestone - Ingeborg and Ira Rennert

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Another interesting name on the Gatestone Institute Board of Governors is Ingeborg Rennert.
See Ingeborg Rennert with Nina Rosenwald who received an award at the Israel’s Open University Foundation benefit.

Israel’s Open University Foundation benefit was hosted by Foundation President Ingeborg Rennert and Robert de Rothschild. The event raised $620,000. Lawyer and paedophile Alan Dershowitz spoke at the gathering.
The Rennerts are also tied to the Zionist, anti-Muslim writer Frank Gaffney.

In 1997, the first ever recipient of the “The Guardian of Zion Award” (awarded by the Rennerts) was the late Elie Wiesel. Wiesel and his wife were close to the Rennerts for years. Wiesel was an adviser to the Gatestone Institute.
In 2016, Donald Trump’s good friend and President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder received the award.

In 2017, John Bolton (before he became Trump’s NSA) was awarded “The Guardian of Zion Award” by Rennert.

Ingeborg’s husband, Ira Rennert, is a “Jewish” billionaire, who made his billions the corrupt and dirty way (is there any other way?).
Ira Rennert was a board member of Integrated Resources that became infamous for junk bond swindler Michael Milken, who raised $2 billion through junk bonds. Integrated Resources collapsed amid scandal and defaulted on $1 billion of bond debt in May 1989, but Ira Rennert remained free of charges.

Ira Rennert continued the junk bond swindle to finance acquisitions for the Renco Group. Rennert acquired the shares of struggling companies and financed the acquisition by issuing junk bonds.
Rennert paid substantial dividends out of Renco to himself.

In 1989, Renco acquired the largest magnesium producer in the US - Magnesium Corp. in Utah. Magnesium Corp refines magnesium from the water of the Great Salt Lake using chemicals.
In 1996, Renco established Renco Metals, Inc. as a holding company for Magnesium Corp and issued $150 million in bonds.
Just like WCI Steel, which was controlled by Ira Rennert, the company paid Renco $90 million in dividends by the year end.

Toxic heavy metals from Magnesium Corp - like arsenic, cadmium and lead - rained down as fine dust on the Herculaneum community in Missouri.
In 2001, the Department of Justice filed charges against Magnesium Corp for violating the hazardous waste law, and noted that Rennert’s removal of money from Magnesium Corp, was “leaving the companies insolvent and unable to pay their bills”.
The court case went on until 17 August 2010, when the Court of Appeals ruled that the Magnesium facility in Rowley, Utah was illegally disposing waste.

In 1997, the corrupt Peruvian government sold their government owned smelter in La Oroya to the Rennert controlled Doe Run.
Two million pounds of contamination were spewing out of those chimneys every single day. The contamination (including lead) became trapped between narrow canyon walls creating a huge gas chamber, and fell like rain on every inch of the city. That resulted in over 99% of the city’s 12,000 children having lead levels high above US standards. The people face the risk of cancer at 2,000 times the normal rate.
After 10 years, the Blacksmith Institute published that La Oroya was among the top 10 of most polluted places. Rennert responded by splitting the La Oroya operation off from Doe Run: ... g-rennert/
(archived here:

See Donald Trump’s buddy Larry Silverstein with Ira Rennert.
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Selling Brazil by the pound

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I haven’t found more information on the stabbing that gave Bolsonaro’s popularity a boost, but as far as I can tell could be fake.
I haven’t found any more information on the corruption probe against Bolsonaro’s Chief economic adviser, banker Paulo Guedes, who was educated in the US either.

In a poll last week, Bolsonaro was firmly in the lead with 58% versus 42% for Haddad.
WhatsApp has proactively banned hundreds of thousands of accounts during the Brazilian election period, so Bolsonaro won’t run any risk of losing his lead.

Wealthy Bolsonaro supporters have paid 12 million reais ($3.26 million) for messaging by astroturfers, and spread tens of thousands of ads, in an alleged campaign finance violation.
Jair Bolsonaro had earlier described the messaging as "voluntary support" and was forced to deny that he asked them to purchase mass WhatsApp messages.

Attorney Guilherme Salles Gonçalves, said that under-the-table funding by companies could, if proven, lead to the disqualification of Bolsonaro for president.
A Brazilian public prosecutor thinks it’s unlikely that this could happen. I agree that with the support from the CIA, big banks, and SCL Group Bolsonaro is untouchable: ... ction.html

Paulo Guedes was one of the founders of: Banco Pactual, the Instituto Millenium (Millennium Institute), and Plano Real. Guedes has also directed several investment funds and companies.

I guess that Jair Bolsonaro didn’t promise to raise taxes but Guedes is planning greater tax revenues (or higher taxes)...

Guedes has promised to cancel the fiscal deficit (it will reach 160/180 billion reais in 2018) within a year. By selling Brazil by the pound; his aggressive plan of privatisation could bring about 800 billion reais to the State, leaving the Brazilian population in the claws of the investment bankers.

Guedes will introduce a new contributory system, so the (slave) labourers pay more to the pension funds, while cutting “gold pensions”, which will lead to a lower burden on businesses.

Guedes plans reduced interest rates, which supposedly is a boost for the economy, but of course only the big corporation will profit, and inflation will rise.

Guedes also support the “globalists” by increasing import-export, which will surely support the rich and corrupt - reducing import tariffs and creating international bilateral agreements: ... o-economy/
(archived here:

This sounds exactly like the strategy that World Bank and IMF impose on “developing” countries to strangle their economies, while the people suffer: ... 3&start=10

As an MP, former army captain Jair Bolsonaro voted against making an end to the monopoly on exploration and production of oil of state oil company Petrobras. He has described Petrobras as a strategic asset.
Bolsonaro’s surge in the polls, made Petrobras’ shares spike 10% in a single day, as investors bet Bolsonaro will give the company free rein. This month, Petrobras’ market value increased with $18 billion: ... SKCN1MM1GS

Anti-Bolsonaro protesters are afraid after they were targeted in political violence.
Besides Paulo Guedes, the following people could be part of the expected Bolsonaro administration.

Paolo Guedes is preparing an economic team that would include Alexandre Bettamio, representative of the US-based Bank of America in Latin America.

Another potential member of Bolsonaro’s cabinet is General Heleno Ribeiro, who was Bolsanaro’s former instructor at the military academy, and could become minister of defence.
Ribeiro embraces the militarisation of Brazil’s internal security, which will especially affect communities in Brazil’s impoverished favelas, where many have been killed by military police.

The second general in Bolsonaro’s cabinet could be Oswaldo Ferreira.
Combat pilot Marcos Ponte could become minister of Science and Technology.

MP Onyx Lorenzoni might become chief of staff.
Lorenzoni has confessed to having received 100,000 Brazilian reals (around $27,100) from Brazilian businessmen and has been summoned in the ongoing Odebrecht corruption investigations.

Stavros Xanthopoylos has been mentioned as candidate for education minister
Xanthopoylos is against affirmative action and quotas for minorities in the education system.

Landowner Nabhan Garcia is a possible candidate for the Agriculture and Environment Ministry.
Garcia has been accused of organising paramilitary groups to attack the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) who fight for agrarian reform to increase equality in Brazil: ... -0016.html

It has been reported that two-time president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva brought 30 million Brazilians out of poverty in only a few years.
These days Lula is the most famous Brazilian political prisoner (some claim on trumped up charges).

Polls suggest that Lula could easily win this election, if he was not serving a 12-year prison sentence for money laundering:
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Murder Caruana Galizia - Henley, Alexander Nix

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I had earlier posted on the assassinated Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in the following posts: viewtopic.php?t=713&start=170#p4398

Daphne Caruana Galizia repeatedly exposed the passports for money scheme by Henley and Partners that was chaired by the Swiss lawyer Christian Kalin and Kalin’s shady connections to Keith Schembri and PM Joseph Muscat.
See Christian Kalin (right) with Joseph Muscat (left) and Keith Schembri (centre background).

Daphne Caruana Galizia was repeatedly harassed with defamation law suits to remove this information from her blogspot.
When I first tried to look for more information on this interesting link: refused to handle my search request (with an error message noting that “suspicious” activity was observed on my computer). had some difficulty finding the most interesting stories…

Galizia was sued for defamation in London by the notorious law firm Mishcon de Reya for Henley and Partners. She had evidence that Christian Kalin had discussed this ploy with PM of Malta Joseph Muscat and his chief of staff Keith Schembri (see the mail).
Image ... eph-order/
(archived here: ... eph-order/)

Nine days after Galizia was murdered, Joseph Muscat was at a conference in Dubai, organised by Henley and Partners:

British Labour MP Ben Bradshaw has exposed that Daphne Caruana Galizia was investigating the links between Cambridge Analytica and Henley and Partners.
Other links are through the Legatum Institute.
This could have been THE motive for silencing her forever.

Legatum’s founder Christopher Chandler and Mark Stoleson, CEO of the Legatum Group, opened accounts at Pilatus Bank for buying a Maltese passport.
About 10 years ago chairman of Henley and Partners, Christian Kalin, struck up a relationship with former CEO of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix. Nix and Kalin collaborated in a number of electoral campaigns in the Caribbean.
At St Vincent and the Grenadines, Kalin supported leader of the opposition Arnhim Eustace. Kalin listed various investments that Eustace could count on if he won the election (in exchange for the right to sell passports): ... analytica/

Portuguese MEP Ana Gomes said that according to Christopher Wylie - Henley and Partners and the political consulting firm SCL Group (Cambridge Analytica) were linked: ... ytica-mep/

In the following video Alexander Nix is questioned on his relationship with Christian Kalin.
Nix says he met him on numerous occasions; they had the same clients. Kalin had an interest in the government.
They discussed election campaigns. They also discussed the financing of the campaigns. Kalin may have made contributions to election campaigns.
It was years ago that they last spoke in Saint Kitts.

Sven Hughes has told about his experiences while working for SCL.
In the Eastern Caribbean, SCL was manipulating the elections in at least 6 countries. One objective appears to get governments set up that would allow the lucrative trade in passports (by Henley and other similar companies).
Passports from a “respectable” country are a valuable possession for the elite, money laundering criminals. It’s estimated that the elite spend over $2 billion on “citizenship by investment” (CIU).
In at least 5 Caribbean nations, SCL’s campaigns were backed by Christian H. Kalin, CEO of Henley.

Well before the 2010 campaign in Saint Kitts, Henley and Partners worked with Denzil Douglas to sell passports for the bargain price of $150,000. Starting in 2009, such citizenships allow visa-free travel to over 100 countries, including the UK, the European Schengen zone. By 2014, passports had become Saint Kitts’s biggest export, with the revenue estimated at 25% of GDP.
Neighbouring islands and over 30 countries around the world have started similar “citizenship by investment” programs. In Dominica, a similar passport can now be bought for $100,000.
The US has a related investment scheme, the EB-5visa, which Jared Kushner was using to attract $500,000 investments from China.

Convicted felons Paul Bilzerian and Roger Ver now use Saint Kitts passports.
Many of the passport buyers are from “unpopular” countries, like Iran, China, Russia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
In 2014, the US Treasury noted that “Iranian nationals” are trying to evade sanctions by using Saint Kitts’s passports.

Shortly before the 2010 election in Saint Kitts, Nix was introduced to Kalin. Nix would become Cambridge Analytica’s founding CEO in 2012.
Prime minister of Saint Kitts, Timothy Harris, encountered SCL’s work in 2015, when he was running for office against Denzil Douglas on a pledge to reform the country’s passport program. Henley and Partners was dismissed as Saint Kitts’ main passport seller. In 2014, Henley also lost its position as the primary Dominica’s passports seller.

Henley’s place as the primary seller of Dominica and Saint Kitts passports was taken by another London-based firm CS Global Partners. The head of Dominica’s CIU program announced that there had been between 1,500 and 2,000 investor passport applications in the country of 50,000 people - 1,200 in only 5 months.
CS Global was founded and led by a former attorney at Henley and Partners. Reportedly it was financed by the British-Indian Dev Bath, who also hired long-time DC lobbyist and former special counsel to President Bill Clinton Lanny J. Davis, to promote Saint Kitts and Dominica passports.
Long-time associate of Bath, Peter Singh Virdee, was arrested in January 2017 at Heathrow Airport on charges of evading millions of dollars in carbon credit taxes.

SCL launched a “targeted digital attack” against Saint Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, which resulted in “Within three weeks every single reference to him on the first two pages of Google (…) referred to the candidate’s horrific track record of corruption, coercion, rape allegations, and victimization”.
SCL charged $4 million for its work in Saint Vincent that year.

At the time of her murder, Daphne Caruana Galizia was facing dozens of defamation lawsuits, including from Henley and the cofounder of Malta’s Pilatus Bank, Ali Sadr Hasheminejad (son of one of Iran’s richest men).
Hasheminejad has been linked to money laundering with officials in Malta’s prime minister’s inner circle. In 2009, Hasheminejad bought a Saint Kitts passport from Henley. In March, he was arrested by federal agents at an airport in Washington on charges of evading US sanctions against Iran; he had 4 passports with him.

EDIT - Paulo Zampolli introduced Dominica’s ambassador to the US to the head of Dubai-based Range Developments, a property firm that now markets the real estate investment program in Dominica and St. Kitts: ... rt-bonanza
(archived here:

Stranger still?
Mishcon de Reya was suing Daphne Caruana Galizia to stop her from exposing the links from Henley and Partners to the SCL Group (Cambridge Analytica).
Mishcon de Reya was once the law firm that represented Princess Diana.

The SCL Group was involved in orchestrating Brexit.
After the success of Brexit, none other than Mishcon de Reya started a media campaign that it would be “unlawful” for the PM to trigger art. 50 of the Lisbon Treaty without the approval of Parliament.
This made Brexiteers so furious that they were protesting against Mishcon de Reya (the SCL Group must have thought that this was hilarious!):
(archived here:
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Re: Murder Caruana Galizia

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The following (long) article was written by a journalist who has actually worked with Daphne Caruana Galizia on the Panama papers.
George Degiorgio triggered the bomb from his boat out on the sea. It isn’t sure who hired Degiorgio for the assassination.

A former SCL operative emailed Christian Kälin in June 2012, about "interesting developments" in Malta:
I can introduce you to the opposition leader, if that helps, he's young, very purposeful and open to international investment, and many say he'll win.
Kälin emailed back "Good idea".
Joseph Muscat became PM in March 2013 after a campaign promising to end corruption and "Malta For All". Within months Muscat announced that Henley and Partners would run a citizenship by investment (CBI) program for Malta, which provided citizenship in the EU. Passports would cost €650,000, with another €150,000 to be invested in government bonds for 5 years, Muscat told at the London launch of the program in October 2013.
After his speech, Kälin introduced Muscat to the Iranian born Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad.

See Maltese PM Joseph Muscat with British PM Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth at the opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, April 2018.

In 2003, Ali Sadr won asylum in the US based on claims he'd been tortured in Iran. In 2009, he lost his staying permit.
Sadr then took a job with his father, Mohammad Sadr Hashemi Nejad (reportedly Iran's richest man). The job involved the family's Stratus Group construction business and a $475 million project in Venezuela.
In 2009, Ali Sadr obtained a St Kitts and Nevis passport by paying $250,000 to the citizenship-by-investment program that was run by Henley and Partners.
In 2010, Sadr used his St Kitts passport to set up companies in Dubai, Turkey and Switzerland, with Swiss bank accounts, and laundered $115 million in Venezuelan payments through them.

In 2014, Ali Sadr also founded the Pilatus Bank in Malta, again using his St Kitts and Nevis passport. In August 2015, he also got a top securities license.
Kälin invited Sadr to his 20th wedding anniversary in Switzerland, while Muscat and Schembri attended Sadr's own wedding in northern Italy in 2015.
Pilatus Bank sued Caruana Galizia in Arizona, where her internet server was based.
On March 20, FBI agents arrested the 38-year-old Iranian born Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad at Washington Dulles International Airport and charged him with breaching US banking sanctions on Iran.

Five days after Muscat's March 2013 election win, Malta advisory firm Nexia BT hired Mossack Fonseca to "set up a Panama company and possibly a trust".
By August Mossack Fonseca had set up several British Virgin Islands companies and 3 Panama companies – Hearnville Inc, which would be turned over to Mizzi in mid-2015; Tillgate Inc which would go to Schembri; and Egrant Inc.
Fourteen offshore companies administered by Nexia BT were identified in the Panama Papers.
Malta's economy was booming: cash from passports was producing 3% of the GDP.

In February 2016, Caruana Galizia started exposing that Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri, Muscat's closest lieutenants, had set up unnamed Panama companies linked to New Zealand trusts.
A March 2014 profit-sharing agreement under which Willerby, owned by Brian Tonna, was given half the profits Nexia BT earned from passport sales.
The FIAU discovered that 3 Russians, who applied for citizenship through Nexia BT, paid €166,832 directly into Willerby Trade's Pilatus account. Then Willerby paid a €100,000 kickback to the Pilatus account of Maltese Prime Minister's chief of staff, Keith Schembri.
A fourth FIAU report shows links between Mizzi and Schembri's Panama companies and 17 Black and Macbridge in Dubai – which Caruana Galizia was investigating in April 2016.

In early 2015, Malta signed a controversial $1 billion gas supply contract with Azerbaijan. The FIAU traced $1.6 million into 17 Black's Noor Islamic Bank in Dubai from a Latvian bank. The payment came from a company in the Seychelles owned by an Azerbaijan national.
Pilatus executives blamed Maria Efimova for everything. In November 2016, Efimova shared her story with Caruana Galizia.
Efimova said that in March 2016, $1.016 million was transferred to an Egrant account in Dubai from the Pilatus account of Al Sahra FZCO, a Dubai company belonging to the daughter of president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, Leyla Aliyeva.

According to Efimova, the file for Egrant's Pilatus bank account contained 2 declarations of trust dated 20 August 2015, which said that Egrant's ultimate owner was the wife of Malta's PM, Michelle Muscat: ... 426-h0zbak
(archived here:

Unsurprisingly the Steve Bannon backed Jair Bolsonaro, who will crush the poor, increase taxes and introduce the kind of policies the IMF and World Bank use to destroy the economies of “developing” countries was elected as Brazil’s next president.

63-year-old former paratrooper Jair Bolsonaro pledged to crush corruption, crime and the communist threat, secured 55.1% of the votes after 99.9% were counted and was therefore elected Brazil’s next president, electoral authorities said on Sunday.

Bolsonaro promised after his victory was announced “We cannot continue flirting with communism … We are going to change the destiny of Brazil”: ... l-election
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Bolsonaro; Caruana Galizia – Mishcon de Reya

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Bolsonaro – Zionist
Why was Brazil’s president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva locked up in prison for 12 years?
Is it because he had gotten 30 million Brazilians out of poverty? Or because he was involved in corruption and money laundering?
Or is it because in 2014, Lula’s government recalled its ambassador to Israel because of that summer’s war in Gaza, calling Israeli military actions there a “massacre”?

Jair Bolsonaro has promised that he will move Brazil’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, following the US and Guatemala. Even more controversial is that he has promised to shut down the Palestinian embassy in Brazil, because Palestine isn’t even “a country”.
Israel’s honorary consul in Rio, Osias Wurman, said: “He is a lover of the people and the State of Israel”.

I think that the stabbing that was staged on 6 September that secured Bolsonaro’s victory was a fake, false flag event. The videos don’t show any blood or any signs that he was actually stabbed.
After receiving local emergency treatment, Bolsonaro refused to be treated at the elite hospital commonly chosen by senior politicians the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital but chose the Jewish-led Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo instead: ... -president

Bolsonaro’s eulogies to the military dictatorship and its torturers tell us a bit more. Brazil’s “day that lasted 21 years” did not go far enough, in his mind: The dictatorship “should have killed 30,000 more,” he said in 1999, while serving his third term as a congressman. Within the military establishment, Bolsonaro represents an extremist tendency; former military-dictator Ernesto Geisel labeled him “completely beyond the pale” and a "military evil."

There were over 60,000 murders in Brazil last year. Police contribute to the bloodshed, killing thousands each year. Bolsonaro promised the special forces, whose emblem and cri de guerre is a skull, that their people would be included in the government, possibly suggesting a ministerial position for a special forces commander.

Bolsonaro’s running mate, retired general Hamilton Mourão, suggests a Bolsonaro government would seek to redraft the 1988 Constitution, this time without any popular, representative input and stack the Supreme Court with additional justices. Attempts to strangle the constitution, such as these, put us in mind of other “managed democracies,” such as Vladimir Putin’s Russia or Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's Turkey. “Constitutional dictatorship” is another term that could describe a post-Bolsonaro Brazil.

The upper-middle classes and the elite have long been animated by a barely coded class hatred that is fixated on the Workers Party (PT). This so-called “Antipetismo” fueled the move to impeach then-President Dilma Rousseff (a member of the Workers Party) on scant legal grounds. The parliamentary coup and break with democratic norms further delegitimized an already scandal-ridden political system.

Big business has flocked to the former army captain. Bolsonaro’s chief economic advisor, University of Chicago-educated Paulo Guedes, promises to privatize aggressively; the financial markets endorse this vision, as do many of its media representatives. Indeed, revelations in Brazil’s largest newspaper allege that many leading businesspeople illegally paid up to $3.2 million dollars each to spread fake news via WhatsApp, slandering Bolsonaro’s opponent. Though an investigation has been launched, the top electoral court failed to act. Instead, it banned a Workers Party campaign ad showing Bolsonaro’s support for torture and dictatorship. The campaign “can create, in public opinion, passionate states with the potential to incite violent behaviors,” the court ruled: ... rous-trump

Following is a video with some of the controversial things that the Steve Bannon backed Jair Bolsonaro has said on gays, blacks, and he pushes MP Maria do Rosário and calls her a whore who he wouldn’t rape because she’s “too ugly”...

Muscat, Buttigieg - $400,000
In 2003, Michelle Buttigieg set up jewellery company Buttardi with the wife of Malta’s PM, Michelle Muscat (formerly Tanti).
They are still partners in this company located in New York:
(archived here:

In 2014, Buttigieg was appointed “Malta’s tourism representative” in the US based in New York on a $5000 monthly retainer.

In April 2017, Daphne Caruana Galizia reported on her blog that the Pilatus Bank was instructed in March 2016 to immediately open an account for Negarin Sadr Hasheminejad, sister of Pilatus Bank chairman Seyed Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, and transfer a $1 million “loan” for her fashion business.
This was immediately followed by the transfer of approximately $400,000 to “a Maltese woman who lives in New York and has a jewellery business called Buttardi” (Michelle Buttigieg).

Recently Maria Efimova told a delegation of members of the Euro Parliament that she wasn’t Caruana Galizia’s original source on the existence of the declaration of trust at Pilatus.
Efimova has also been accused of filing a false complaint against Jonathan Ferris, the cop who had arrested her. Ferris left the police to join the FIAU from which he was fired soon after the June elections. Ferris has since claimed that his investigations on Pilatus Bank were stalled due to political pressure and he requested whistleblower status: ... _us_friend

Caruana Galizia – Mishcon de Reya, PEN
MaltaToday identified Robert Baker as one of the directors of French company Heritage Asset Holdings, whose ultimate beneficial owners are Tale and Nijat Heydarov, sons of the Azerbaijani minister Kamaladdin Heydarov.
They also listed 18 companies Robert Baker is involved in – 9 of which used a Pilatus bank account. All 18 companies were opened between July 2014 and December 2015 by Frendo Advisory, headed by Malta’s former foreign minister Michael Frendo. Frendo is an agent for Malta’s sale of passports together with his son Luke Frendo. Luke resigned as secretary from 14 of the companies he represented in April 2017, after Daphne Caruana Galizia reported on Henley and Partner’s links to the Pilatus bank.

A financial services expert suggested that the company was structured to achieve beneficial tax rates through profit-shifting – a form of tax avoidance that is not illegal.
One of the 18 companies, Kimberly Holding, in a strange move had borrowed money from an unknown entity at 6% interest, but then passed on that money to its subsidiaries without interest.

The notorious international law firm Mishcon de Reya (HQ London) threatened MaltaToday with legal action in the UK unless it removes the article.
Ironically, Mishcon de Reya’s deputy chairman, Prof. Anthony Julius, sits on the board of trustees of the English PEN, the worldwide writers’ “free speech” association that called for “justice” for Daphne Caruana Galizia and demanded that “Maltese authorities respect and protect freedom of expression, journalists and whistleblowers in line with international standards”.
Caruana Galizia’s sons criticised the English PEN for appointing Julius: ... 9xnjLONxph

Mishcon de Reya not only represented Henley and Partners, but also from 2016 to 2018 both Leave.EU and Arron Banks. In June, for example Mishcon de Reya wrote to the European Parliament’s Brexit spokesman, Guy Verhofstadt, to spread more disinformation on “Russiagate” in connection to Brexit.
Banks was represented by none other than Anthony Julius.
In August, it was reported that Mishcon de Reya stopped representing Leave.EU: ... -challenge

Mishcon de Reya – supports tax evasion
Mishcon de Reya has also filed a legal complaint against new British anti-tax evasion measures, arguing that they infringe privacy and data protection rights.
Mishcon de Reya also suggested it might challenge transparency measures introduced in June 2016, when David Cameron was PM, which require UK companies to identify their true owners.

Head of Transparency International Rachel Davies Teka responded:
The UK’s persons of significant control (PSC) register strikes a balance between revealing company ownership information – making it harder for corrupt individuals to hide behind UK firms – and retaining a level of privacy for individuals who can demonstrate a risk to themselves from having their details published.
Any move to make the UK’s PSC register entirely private would defeat one of its key purposes, which is to tackle the use of anonymously owned companies in corruption and money laundering schemes. ... n-measures
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President Bolsonaro

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In May 2016, the Bolsonaro family visited Israel...
The “Catholic” Jair Bolsonaro and his sons were even baptised in the River Jordan by a pastor.

The following photograph shows from left to right Carlos and Eduardo Bolsonaro walking in Israel, with t-shirts supporting Israel's intelligence services Mossad and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Thirteen percent of Brazil is protected indigenous territory in the Amazon rainforest.

One of the campaign promises of Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, is to sell the rainforest to agribusiness, mining and hydro-power. Bolsonaro has said openly “Minorities have to adapt to the majority, or simply disappear”, and “’not one square centimetre’ of Brazil will be reserved for the country’s indigenous peoples”.

Since Bolsonaro was elected on 28 October, he’s announced that the ministries of agriculture and environment will be merged into a new “super ministry” to oversee the genocide.
The new ministry will be headed by politicians from the “beef caucus”, who have always opposed indigenous land conservation, supported agricultural expansion, and make slave labour laws more “relaxed”.

In 2017, 50 land rights campaigners were killed in Brazil, and another 20 this year, for protesting against illegal logging and expansion of cattle ranches and soy plantations in the rainforest: ... mazonians/
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Bolsonaro – corruption, Cuban doctors, pollution

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Corruption was at the top of Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign. His top deputies and cabinet appointments are the same (or even worse?) corrupt gang of crooks that have been running Brazil for decades.

Paulo Guedes will become Brazil’s secretary of the economy. He’s under 2 separate investigations for fraud in investment funds.
Guedes’ investment company, BR Educacional, got R1 billion from 5 state-owned companies. This was invested in Guedes’ HSM Educacional (now called BR Educaçao Executiva). HSM Educacional bought an Argentinian company for over R16 million. Both companies ended up losing money for investors.
The second probe involving Guedes is a possible fraud in an investment his company made in engineering firm Enesa Participaçoes. Guedes invested R112 million that disappeared without a trace. State bank Caixa Econemica was one of the investors.
Guedes’ company Bozano will likely profit from the privatization of health, education, and energy services that he’ll push through.

Onyx Lorenzoni is expected tobecome Bolsonaro’s new chief of staff.
In May 2017, Lorenzoni openly admitted to having received R100,000 ($26,000) in slush funds from the the world’s largest meat processor JBS, which is in the centre of many corruption scandals. The confession never led to an investigation.
Lorenzoni has been investigated for receiving R175,000 in bribes from major construction company Odebrecht, whose owner was imprisoned as part of the Operation Car Wash corruption investigations. This case was dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Luiz Henrique Mandetta will become Secretary of Health, which has the largest budget in Brazil’s federal government.
Mandetta was health secretary in Campo Grande between 2005 and 2010, which is investigated for influence trafficking, defrauding a public tender, and using slush funds in this period.

Future Secretary of Agriculture Tereza Cristina presided over the congressional committee that pushed through a bill intended to facilitate chemical pesticides that pose a serious threat to human health. Since Cristina was elected to Congress in 2014 her assets increased by almost 50,000%.
She also has questionable connections to JBS. Between 2011 and 2012, when she was secretary of agribusiness in Mato Grosso do Sul, Cristina signed on to tax incentives for JBS that are now under investigation. At the same time, she leased land to JBS. In 2014, JBS donated more than R$100,000 to Cristina’s campaign.

Marcos Pontes will head of the new Science, Technology, and Communications Department.
Pontes was investigated for owning part of the company Portally Eventos e Produçoes, that sells nice promotional stuff related to his career as an astronaut, like small figurines, mousepads, and watches.This is illegal, so he simply denied his association with Portally.
Because of the statute of limitations this cased was closed. Then almost immediately Pontes owned 80% of Portally.

In 2013, Bolsonaro’s head of the Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI), Augusto Heleno, was convicted for authorising illegal grant agreements for the 2011 Military Games as head of the Brazilian Army’s Science and Technology Department.
Heleno authorised R22 million worth of deals to 2 military-related institutes. Heleno violated the law by hiring them without a public tender and was fined R4,000.

Surrounded by pro-gun members of Congress at a gathering in his home on 23 October, Bolsonaro said, “I can already announce that Fraga will be the one to coordinate the [pro-gun parliamentary] front in my administration”.
Alberto Fraga was caught on tape complaining that the bribes he got were too low, so on 31 October Bolsonaro made clear that he had never asked Fraga to join his administration.

Sérgio Moro was the judge, who sentenced the favourite to become Brazil’s President, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, to prison in 2017.
Bolsonaro invitated BSérgio Moro[/B] to become secretary of justice.

Jair Bolsonaro spent 11 of his 27 years in politics in the Progressists party, with most politicians investigated in Operation Car Wash.
He left in 2016, after admitting that he had received R200,000 from JBS in 2014, but claimed he returned it to the party:
Yes, the party got bribes. What party doesn’t get bribes?
I take [money] from the party funds. [JBS’s] money went to another congressman.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Bolsonaro kept a ghost worker among his 14 cabinet employees.
Walderice Santos da Conceiçao was listed as the member of Congress’s aide for 15 years — but she and her husband worked at Bolsonaro’s summer house in Angra dos Reis, paid for with tax money: ... o-cabinet/
(archived here:

Brazil’s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro promised to kick out Cuba's doctors at several campaign events, because the doctors aren’t allowed to bring their families, and: “The Cubans get approximately 25 percent of the salary. The rest feeds the Cuban dictatorship”. Bolsonaro described this as “slave labour” and accused Havana of refusing to “fix the deplorable situation of these doctors in clear violation of human rights”.
Last week, Jair Bolsonaro also claimed that “there is no proof they are actually doctors” and he would force Cuban doctors to take tests to prove their skills.

Cuba has responded by ordering the 8,332 Cuban medical personnel in Brazil to return home. Many have already flown out, leaving Brazil's healthcare system in a state of panic. The rest are expected to leave by December 10.
The Cuban doctors are part of the 18,240 doctors brought in from overseas under the Mais Medicos (More Doctors) programme, launched in 2013 under Dilma Rousseff.
When Angelita Santos heard the Cuban doctors were leaving she cried. Her town Embu-Guaçu had 19 doctors for its 70,000 residents only last week, but now only 2 remain.

Brazil's doctors are unequally distributed across the country, with an average of 5.07 doctors for every thousand residents in Brazil’s state capitals, but just 0.3 in towns of less than 5,000 inhabitants.
Cuban doctors filled the jobs that Brazilians don’t want. Of the 372 doctors working in 34 indigenous districts across Brazil, 301 were from Cuba.

Even while the Cuban doctors receive only a small part of the amount Brazil pays, the meagre pay is still significantly more than what they make at home. Cuban doctors have rebelled filing lawsuits in Brazilian courts arguing that they are entitled to earn “full salaries”, like Brazilian doctors.
The end of the program will also negatively affect Cuba as the medical service export program is among its main sources of revenue: ... onaro.html

Jair Bolsonaro has promised that he will strip Brazilian government’s environment agencies of their powers to impose “fines”:
I will no longer allow Ibama and ICMBio to be handing out fines all over the place. I want to defend the environment, but not in a Shia way, as is taking place now.
Bolsonaro was fined 10,000 reais (£2,026) in fines for illegally fishing in 2012. He said, he was “living proof of the bias and bad work of some inspectors of Ibama and ICMBio”.

This of course will be great for the companies that pollute the environment: ... 63596.html

US President Donald Trump has announed similar plans...
The Trump administration announced that it will roll back an Obama-era water rule to protect drinking water and the waterways that flow into it. Obama waited 7 years before this rule was put in place in 2015...

Critics say 60% of US waterways will be at risk for pollution from corporate giants, "Piece by piece, molecule by molecule, Trump is handing over our country to corporate polluters and other industrial interests at the expense of our future": ... ns-streams
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