Computer-Assisted Legal Research

Legal paperwork and procedures that are too general to fit in a specific category.
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Computer-Assisted Legal Research

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Wikipedia maintains a list of resources for Computer-Assisted Legal Research. The list contains links for both paid and free sources. I've included the link in our Springboard for the sake of permanence. I'm also posting it here, since a lot of regular readers probably don't check the Springboard any more often than I update it.

Yes, I'm admitting that Wikipedia will probably keep their list more current than I keep the Springboard. :-)
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Re: Computer-Assisted Legal Research

Post by cobra2411 » is EXCELLENT. But a bit expensive for random research. They offer a two week trial though and if you do the ground work and use the two weeks to suck down everything you can it works out ok.

I use Justia a lot and I gather all the case law I can. Then use a gmail account at casetext to get the nitty gritty. They have the unpublished opinions, they list the cases citing the one you're looking at and have an excellent search engine. And there are no restrictions on downloading.
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