Habeas Corpus

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Habeas Corpus

Post by migeli »

Hello everyone, good to know the lawful path has so many followers;

I come to this forum with a plea for help;
I have been engaged, by force, to participate in an action at law, wherein I have been taken viet armis into the military industrial complex court of no record and despite my many deference's, abatement's and notices as to the real party in interest - all of which they proceed against with impunity - I have not yet surrendered to their jurisdiction.
I need some assistance with a habeas corpus to finally remove myself from their unlawful court proceedings and terminate this action once and for all.
I have documented my process very well and have maintained my position throughout.
I am very knowledgeable in MANY areas of law including equity and have had some very good success as a result; so I am not a beginner or someone who needs alot of education. I just haven't studied the habeas corpus to such extent that I feel comfortable in proceeding on my own.
Trial is set for Friday the 24th of this month and I don't have time to prepare by doing extensive study on the subject and I spent 6 months in jail on another case I tried myself to jury trial and won; however, during that time i was deprived of meaningful law library and jail employee's did everything they could to prevent me from getting my paperwork in the court, which unfortunately cost me much time and expense in the present case and was forced to postpone until I could get out of jail by winning the other case so I could mount a better, meaningful defense to my position in the present case.
I have filed a Petition (not a motion) to dismiss for violations of speedy trial rights and denial of civilian due course of law and supported my position very well thus far - however, the court clerks have, not only on this case but on the other I mentioned, prevented my documents from being forwarded to the [judge] administrator which has caused delays so as to put me in a bad position and I still haven't received a ruling on the speedy trial/due process petition and trial is set for this coming Friday.
To be clear on my position: I am NOT proceeding in this matter as the defendant, I have maintained my position as living man, "in esse and sui juris, real party in interest under injury" with supporting evidence sufficient for the cause with "Testimonial" (proof of identity/deed pole etc.) and "Declaration of status" in such form to prove the court is operating under EBRA (Emergency Banking Relief Act 1933 etc).
Suffice it to say that, the court is purposely holding up on a ruling so as to take me by surprise when I walk into the building - if I don't show up, even without entering the bar, they will send out their thugs and take me by force of arms against my will, just like they have been doing for over 30+ years.
Thus, I figure my second hope is a common law habeas corpus (first hope is with my lord and savior)

I am 55 years of age and spent the last 17+ years studying law in all its various forms and modes of procedure and have done NOTHING ELSE for the past 10 years (not even a regular j-o-b - living hand to mouth for the last 10 years) but, in all that study I have spent little time on habeas corpus (a mistake on my part - hind sight is 20/20)

Is there anyone who would be willing to assist me at this late hour ?
or is there anybody who knows somebody who is proficient with habeas corpus proceedures ?

Sincerely Appreciative

migeli kali; tribe of Aniahwi;
Aniyvwiya Tribal-nation = de jure
Cherokee nation of Indians = defacto

P.S. I am dealing with State Court and out on cash bail pending disposition of the case.
the case is over two years old now so it is unlikely the purported court will allow that
to continue beyond the trial decision.
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Re: Habeas Corpus

Post by notmartha »

Sorry. I saw this too late, and am inept at habeas corpus procedures anyway. Apparently the other 684 people who viewed this thread were also unable to offer assistance.

As the "court" date is past, maybe you could share your outcome with any information that may help others that find themselves in the same situation. Iron sharpeneth iron.
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Re: Habeas Corpus

Post by AeiusCercle »

I apologise for finding this too late, too.

From the looks of things your primary errors looks to be failure to defeat their presumptions. Habeas Corpus is also no guarantee to removal of process from their system (I have tested it before and they will come up with any and every excuse possible to deny you of freedom; if they cannot defeat all of the other valid points made then the excuse will be «failure to exhaust all administrative remedies» because these court-systems are no longer de jure but de facto KANGAROO-court systems of ADMINISTRATING your Cestui Que Trust account in order to STEAL the credit from YOUR commercial-fiction).

Once you've been fraudulently dragged into the system, and joinder has been presumed and unrebutted, the only «remedy» available comes from within their «system-rules» and procedures, and it is very difficult if not impossible to be granted remedy from those THIEVES who keep making up more rules to pile against you as they fraudulently go along carrying out their robotic-processes. The «best» you can do as I see it is to basically make use of estoppels in order to prevent any potentially further damaging actions against you.

Related to Writs of Habeas Corpus are also Writs of Mandamus, Writs of Certiorari, Writs of Prohibition, and I also once did a Writ of Error Coram Nobis in order to keep them from twisting and distorting the definitions of words to mean what they really do not. Dealing with them in the most-effective manner essentially requires stopping them FROM placing manacles around your wrists and ankles to begin with, and I am just going to assume that you already know that if they proceed to do so anyway, then it becomes a false-arrest for which they become liable to damages.
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