Court will not respond to anything

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Court will not respond to anything

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Hello group, im a new member, and I am seeking educational purpose not legal advise, I have a case from nov 6 2009 in massachussetts, the police report is totally frivolous, its called "application for complaint" have you ever heard of such a thing? ive also sent in many letters and documents & affidavit, nothing was responed to, even in one letter i specificly asked
"do you want an appearance from a man or a person"? they answered and told "me" to show up before the judge, and i wrote back again with specific questions, does this pertain to a man or a birth certificated person and sent them color copies of the birth certificate and the certificate of live birth, they would not respond, so recently i found out the insurance carrier for the police dept and im trying to file a claim for this false report, even has glossa all over it and a woman cop signed it that i never seen before, the point is here, i need this case over with because i cant use my truck and need it for work, this has been going on way too long and now im homeless sinse sept 2014 because of this fraud, Ma put a block on my lisence so now florida also has blocked it,

could i file a claim on the bonds of the district attorney ? im out of solutions, ive tried everything i know
thank you in advance
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Re: Court will not respond to anything

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Was the "application for complaint" filed by a cop or civilian?
Was this a civil or criminal complaint against you?
Did you send your correspondence via registered mail?
If civil, what contract, if any, binds you to the accusing party?
If criminal, can the accuser produce a victim?
What is the statute of limitations for this tort?
What prohibits the use of your truck?

If the cop is not the accuser, she was just signing the police incident report as presented to her by the accuser. This in itself does not necessarily equate to fraud. Your beef is with the one making the false report.

With more information, we may be able to better help.
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