How to Get Help with your Legal Problem

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How to Get Help with your Legal Problem

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How to Get Help with your Legal Problem

We get a lot of emails from people who just found our site. They have a legal problem. Suspended driver's license, DUI, property rights issue... the list is endless.

These people find us because they used their favorite search engine to research their problem, and found an article in our Reading Room, or a forum post here which discusses their problem. If you're reading this now, I may be describing you. That's good. You are welcome here. May this site be a blessing to you. If you need help, please read on.

When you read articles here, dealing with your issue, well-written, obviously well-studied, you may naturally assume we will know exactly how to help with your case. You will be tempted to email us directly to ask us to handle your case, help you with your paperwork, or give you that magic Silver Bullet brief which will vanquish your enemies once and for all.

Please resist that temptation.

Our staff is knowledgeable about many topics. This does not mean we are the last or best word on anything. The Lawful Path is a place to study, learn, and share knowledge, wisdom, and procedure, among other things.

We do not give legal advice.

We may give suggestions in the line of, "If I were in exactly your position (as you've led me to ken it, which may or may not be your actual position) here is what I might do." If we give that kind of help, it will nearly always be in the Forum, and not by private email. If you email us, we will direct you to the Forum.

Here is Why:

The Forum is here to help you, and to afford you the blessing of being able to help others.

When you ask a question in the Forum it gives our readers the chance to respond, many of whom may have been lurking quietly for years, waiting for just such a chance. The questions and answers posted on the Forum will stay here for years, as long as we're able to maintain the site. This becomes a ready-reference for study in many fields. The Forum will be as useful as the value of the work its readers put into it.

When you email us directly with a question about your case, you rob our readers of the chance to gain the blessing of helping you. By asking for our help directly, the quality of the answer you will receive is limited by many factors-- the bounds of our knowledge, the limited time we have to help, and maybe even whether or not the one who is manning the emails today is in a good or a bad mood. We have many intelligent and insightful readers. You may easily like another reader's answer better than my own.

It seems odd to me that such a small percentage of people who email us with such questions will post them to the Forum when we respond directing them there. It's not as though you have to use your real name. The forum doesn't reveal your email address to other members, only the staff can see it-- and you've already emailed us. It takes only a few minutes to register, and in posting your question where others can see it and respond, you are giving something back.

This is how you pay for your answer.

By not using our Forum, you minimize your chances of getting a useful answer. Eventually you rob yourself of the blessings you'll find in helping. If you know anything about open source software (FOSS), ask yourself if it would have achieved anywhere near the successes it has, if not for free and open sharing of knowledge over the Internet?

We are oppressed by criminal syndicates, masquerading as government. These syndicates do their best to control the education you and your children receive, the news you are allowed to hear, and in every way to shape your perception of reality. The current race riots are a perfect example. This is all scripted, intended to divide us into smaller, weaker groups who cannot offer opposition. The federal government wants to federalize all local police forces, and give them military weapons. Intentionally inciting these riots is their way of convincing the American people to beg the military to take over local law enforcement.

Benjamin Franklin said it a long time ago: "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

We must learn to help each other, and to take best advantage of the tools in front of us. For now, we have a free and open Internet. That will probably not last forever-- maybe not even for much longer. The Lawful Path has a Forum. It's a wonderful tool. Please use it, and don't be offended when we refuse your requests for individual help.
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