Atomic bombs - greatest hoax ever

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Atomic bombs - greatest hoax ever

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I've never started a thread on the atomic bomb hoax, as I think the topic is too difficult.
But now that I found 2 books that give reasonable arguments, some not too difficult to understand, on top of Anders Bjorkman's essay of book length, that nuclear bombs do not exist, I finally started one...

You may have noticed that as part of the evil Putin invaded poor Ukraine narrative they are trying to make us terrified (again) of a nuclear war. As most people don't seem too scared of this, it almost seems that we instinctively know that atomic bombs (and energy) have never been anything but a science fiction story.
This seems the only possible explaination for why they're the only weapon of mass destruction that has never been used on a massive scale.

Anders Bjorkman - engineering perspective
Are we supposed to believe that the damage caused by nuclear bombs is similar to convential bombs?!?

See 2 photos of Hiroshima a few weeks after the alleged atomic bomb exploded.
Bizarrely no bridges were damaged and the concrete/brick office buildings are intact.


Compare this to the pictures of Tokyo after they were carpet bombed with napalm on 10 March 1945 (note the solid concrete buildings still standing).

Here’s a link with some of the interesting information collected by the in France surviving Anders Björkman about the atomic bomb hoax:

Bombing campaign 6 August 1945 - Hiroshima
I thought that the biggest flaw in the theory that nuclear bombs do not exist, is that hundreds of planes would have been needed to bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima with firebombs. I couldn't quite think of a good way how they could cover that up.
The following gives a reasonable explanation.

On 6 August 1945, a squadron of 66 bombers were launched to bomb the municipality of Imabari.
The squadron could have fire-bombed Hiroshima instead, as Hiroshima was only 55 kilometers away. How would American pilots know the difference?

Reportedly Imabari had already been wiped out in 2 firebombing raids on 26 April and 8 May 1945, which would make it ever more likely that Imabari wasn't the target of the August 1945 bombing campaign: ... 1470675654

It has been admitted that the Hiroshima atomic bombing showed on TV was fake (from another hydrogen bomb test)...

Nakatani - Death Object
The following book does a good job at describing the official story on nuclear weapons and explaining why the "facts" don't add up.
It's a similiar "technical" look at the atomic hoax as Anders Bjorkman's...

It's got more information on the fire-bombing campaign of of 5/6 August 1945 in the area of Hiroshima. Apparently there were more than 600 B-29's carrying out bombing campaigns in the area.
To divert attention, a major effort by the 20th AF was conducted on the night of 5/6 August 1945 by 602 B-29’s striking a variety of targets including the urban areas of: Saga, Maebaski, Nishinomiya, Imabari, the oil refinery at Ube and various mining targets. The biggest effort by 250 planes was against Nishinomiya, a town close to the Inland Sea and about 140 miles east of Hiroshima. This effort was in lieu of the initial request by the Corps of Engineers to Gen. LeMay for 1000 B-29’s to accompany the atomic bomb to the Empire.
Akio Nakatani - Death Object: Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax (2017) ...

Michael Palmer - Hiroshima Revisited
The following book is more a description of the health effects not being caused by atomic bombs (but instead by napalm and mustard gas). This looks too much like indirect evidence to me. I find it difficult to speculate on what the health effects on the human body of (real) atomic bombs would be...
The great value of this book is that it really is a different perspective and on its own is also quite convincing. Maybe the most interesting is the comparison of the pictured health effects of the atomic bombs to the known health effects of napalm and mustard gas.

Michael Palmer - Hiroshima Revisited: Evidence that Napalm & Mustard Gas Helped Fake Atomic Bombings (2020): ... isited.pdf
( ... isited.pdf)

The Belfer Center plays a dominant role in the "deep state" network that control the Biden administration. One of Belfer's main objectives is to promote the atomic bomb hoax.
The Belfer Center's founder and first director, Paul Doty, was inspired by the Pugwash Conference, that was launched by none other than British high noble Bertrand Russell and the notorious liar Albert Einstein. In 1941, Doty was already involved in the Manhattan Project science fiction...

On 9 July 1955, the Russell–Einstein Manifesto called for a conference of scientists to assess the dangers of and eliminate "weapons of mass destruction". In reality the "weapons of mass destruction" were only the science fictional nuclear bombs... This led to the Pugwash conferences, the first being held in 1957: ... 269#p76269

Einstein - Relativity nonsense, Zionism
While Albert Einstein technically had nothing to do with the Manhattan project, he discussed with refugee scientists Leó Szilárd, Edward Teller, and Eugene Wigner about staging the atomic bomb hoax, and he warned US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in August 1939 that the Nazis were already developing one.

The handler of the inventor of atomic bombs H.G. Wells, Lord Bertrand Russel, preached "absolute pacifism", but he supported the destruction and genocide of Germany, and in 1943 called for the "Practical Political Pacifism" that under extreme circumstances war might be the lesser of two evils.
Since 1946, Russell was involved in the plot to also give the Soviet Union atomic bombs. After the Soviets staged their first atomic bomb test in August 1949, Russell demanded complete disarmament of the nuclear bombs that are nothing but a hoax: ... stein.html

Three Jewish Nobel Laureates in Physics, 1931; front row (from left) - Albert A. Michelson (showing the "master of the secong veil" freemason sign), Albert Einstein and Robert A. Millikan.

Chaim Weizmann was recruited by British Intelligence when he moved to England, where he became director of the Admiralty Laboratories under none other than Arthur Balfour (KG), before becoming the first president of Israel.
Zionist psychopaths arriving in New York, 1921 (from left) - Menachem Ussishkin (with the "master of the secong veil" freemason sign), Chaim Weizmann, Vera Weizmann or Margot Einstein (?), Albert Einstein, Elsa Einstein and Ben Zion Messensohn.

For anybody with a little bit of intelligence...
The atomic bombs hoax was sort of founded (not really though) on the “Theory of relativity” of the greatest liar of the 20th century - Albert Einstein...
Read the G. Burniston Brown brown paper from 1967 that completely debunks the “Theory of relativity”: ... .html#bomb

H.G. Wells - Geopolitical plans packaged as science fiction
Maybe I've messed up the order of this post a bit, but I'll end with the inventor of THE bomb...

This psy-op was first cooked up by the same H.G. Wells that also invented the moon landing (he wasn't the first on "the first men in the moon" though), the UN and WW I and WW II.
H.G. Wells - The World Set Free (1914):
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Re: Atomic bombs - greatest hoax ever

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Here's a good video on the fire bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
According to the official story, the Mitsubishi Steelworks where the supposed nuclear bomb was dropped on 9 August had already been destroyed 8 days before (23:15 in the video)!
On August 1, 1945, Nagasaki experienced its fifth conventional air raid. This was conducted on a larger scale than previous air raids. A total of 50 bombers including 24 B-24s and 26 B-25s dropped 112 tons of bombs, mainly on munition factories in the city. Heavy damage was inflicted on Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard, the main target of the air raid, as well as Mitsubishi Steelworks, Nagasaki Medical College and other important facilities.

One of the suspicious things about these magical atomic bombs, is that in 80 years, not one accidental nuclear explosion destroyed an army base or testing facility. There have been some stories on disasters (meltdowns) at nuclear power plants with the release of massive amounts of toxic radiation, but nothing like atomic explosions...
What makes all of this even more suspicious, are these stories (obviously written by hacks that couldn't get a job writing movie scripts) of near disasters with atomic bombs, and lost "broken arrow" bombs.

On 10 March 1956, a US B-47 aircraft somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea was reported missing. The kind of weapons this plane was usually carrying was the Mark 15. The plane and the 2 nuclear cores disappeared without a trace.

On 27 July 1956, a US B-47 bomber crashed into a nuclear weapons storage facility at the Lakenheath Air Base in Suffolk, England. The storage facility contained 3 Mark 6 nuclear bombs, one of whose detonators had been sheared off, "it was a miracle that the bomb hadn't exploded".

On 28 July 1957, a US Air Force C-124 aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean lost power, so the crew jettisoned 2 nuclear bombs into the ocean that were never found.

On 5 February 1958, near Savannah, Georgia, a B-47 bomber carrying a 3,400 kg Mark 15 nuclear bomb collided with an F-86 fighter plane. The B-47 jettisoned the atomic bomb that was never found.

On 24 January 1961, a B-52 broke apart over Goldsboro, North Carolina. Its 2 three- or four-megaton nuclear bombs were released. On one bomb, 3 of its 4 arming mechanisms had activated, so only a single switch (of the 4) had prevented the bomb's detonation. Of the second bomb the uranium and plutonium were left buried in a muddy field, over which a 120 m circular easement was placed.

On 5 December 1965, an A-4E Skyhawk attack aircraft with a 1-megaton thermonuclear weapon fell into the Pacific Ocean from the deck of the USS. The plane, its pilot, and the bomb were never found. The accident took place only 80 miles from Japan's Ryuku island chain.

On 17 January 1966, a US B-52 aircraft with nuclear bombs crashed over the Mediterranean Sea near Palomares, Spain. The conventional explosives in 2 of the bombs had detonated and released plutonium. One of the bombs, was missing for 80 days before it was finally found intact.

On 21 January 1968, a B-52 bomber crashed onto the sea ice in the North Star Bay in the Danish territory of Greenland, carrying 41.1 megaton B28FI thermonuclear bombs. The conventional explosives detonated dispersing nuclear bomb material. "Weak links" in the weapon design prevented a nuclear explosion. The secondary stage of one of the nuclear weapons was never found.

On 6 October 1986, a Soviet "Yankee I"-class nuclear-powered submarine sank to the bottom of the sea 480 miles east of Bermuda, with 2 nuclear reactors and 34 nuclear weapons.

On 7 April 1989, the Soviet nuclear-powered "Komsomolets" submarine sank, with 2 nuclear reactors and 2 nuclear-armed torpedoes: ... ar-weapons
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