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Manchester false flag hoax

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 9:20 am
by Firestarter
In preparation of the British general elections on 8 June 2017, on 22 May 2017 (precisely 2 months after Westminster), MI5 strikes again.

This false flag hoax is different because there is almost no information to be found.
According to the official story, the 22-year-old Salman Abedi had his self-devised bomb, filled with nuts and bolts, go off in (or near) the foyer of the concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester..
Besides the 22 dead victims, a whopping “116 people were injured (…) A total of 75 people remained in hospital as of 26 May 2017” making this the largest “terror attack” since 7/7/’05: ... na_bombing

I have found absolutely no evidence that supports the official story. There are only a few pictures of victims that don’t look very injured.
Where are all of the videos and other pictures by the concert goers of what happened?
If it was a false flag hoax, letting it happen in a closed off section of a concert is obviously the easiest way.
An obvious motive is the coming British general election.
The only “evidence” I've found are the stories by the police, the state media, and statements of witnesses. A lot of these stories contradict each other, which doesn’t make them very convincing.

It (once again) happened on the 22nd of the month, by the 22-year-old “Muslim extremist” Salman Ramadan Abedi, and Abedi killed 22 people
BBC news reported that the bomb detonated at 22:33 hours.
ISIS (once again) has claimed responsibility for the attack: ... st-attack/

Two CCTV images (why only 2?) have been released of the suicide bomber Salman Abedi.
The released 2 pictures show Abedi in an elevator shortly before the bomb blasted, and are obviously photoshopped. According to the state media this was probably done to protect the identities of the other people standing near him: ... -bomb.html
This is ridiculous, and even if it were true, they would have blurred them out (instead of blacking everything around him out).
The most damaging detail in this photoshopped picture is that in the left picture is a light coloured emblem on his dark cap, which cannot be seen in the right picture...

The following video starts by showing us that there was no panic in the concert arena. This doesn’t prove anything really.
From 8:45 it gets interesting. A video is shown of the spot where the supposed bomb went off.
It really doesn’t make sense at all. This can’t be the scene where moments ago a bomb blasted killed 23 (including the bomber) and left more than 70 severely injured. (EDIT: video was deleted, haven't found another that shows this footage):

At 13:10 in the last video the following double picture is shown (the left is earlier). It looks like in the right picture they made some adjustments to make it look more like there had been a suicide bomber.
What’s also interesting is that the (big) advertisement is different in both pictures.
In the left picture, we can read “We are entertainment” with a red background.
In the right picture, there’s the slogan “We are Manchester” with a crowd of people. Is “We are Manchester” an old campaign or was it specifically designed for this event (Je suis... Manchester)?

The following is the previous picture on the right without the blurred spots (why did they blur people out?). Some of these people could be injured, but I don’t see any severe wounds...

EDIT 2X - video was deleted and the replacement videos again deleted.
The following video shows Queen Elizabeth visiting the hospital.
The most interesting is, starting at 1:24, the nurse with glasses tells the Queen that “We’d all practised about a month ago, which it all worked like clockwork”. This sounds like admitting that they have specifically practised for this “event”, but no doubt the state media can invent other explanations.
I don’t see anybody that looks injured enough to be staying in hospital.

It would be impossible for a suicide bomber to enter the concert with a bomb filled with all kinds of small metal objects... The state media have already covered this contradiction.

According to the following story, the security at the concert was highly inadequate; so we must believe that a suicide bomber could enter the venue without any problem, when the concert was almost finished. Has anybody ever tried to go into a venue, when there are 21,000 people trying to get out ASAP?
More contradictions, according to the Manchester Arena the attack took place "outside the venue in a public space": ... -how-tram/

According to the following story, the bomb exploded “after the concert had finished” and “at the end of the concert”.
It also states that the bomb went off “in the foyer”: ... rt-england
There are also conflicting stories about the moment the bomb exploded, some say directly after the concert had finished (which appears to be confirmed by a video from inside the concert hall), while others claim it was during the song “Dangerous woman”: ... st-latest/

More conflicting stories in the state media...
The father of the British born Salman Abedi, Ramadan Abedi, was arrested, because from his home in Libya he vehemently denied that his son could have done this:
Salman doesn't belong to any organisation, and I know that he doesn't belong to any, there was nothing hidden, because I had open discussions with him about anything he wanted to understand. (…)
The situation is normal but the family is a bit confused because Salman doesn't have this ideology, he doesn't believe in these [extremist] beliefs.
Ramadan added that he thought that “security authorities” are behind this:
I'm sure that Salman didn't carry out such an act but there are hidden hands behind this, security authorities doing something against the Libyan community especially the youth there.
The photos of Hashim (the younger brother of Salman) sure look like “extremism” to me (almost as threatening as heavily armed soldiers patrolling the streets in Britain): ... er/8556972

To contradict these stories, Salman’s mother - Samia Tabbal, who wasn’t arrested - reportedly stated that she feared that her son had been radicalized, and had even told authorities (a mother snitching on her own son...).
According to NBC, a US intelligence official told them that that the terrorist's family had informed on the 22-year-old Salman as they feared he had become “dangerous”: ... ntist.html
There is even an obvious scare tactic in the fact that Salman’s mother is a “nuclear scientist”. If nuclear bombs exist, the son of a “nuclear scientist” could surely make a magical “atomic” bomb...

According to the state media, Hashim Abedi confessed that both he and his brother are part of ISIS, because he said: “I have ideology with my brother, I know everything about my brother, what he was doing there in Manchester”.
And there are even stories that some 5 years ago 2 people, who knew Salman from college, called the anti-terror hotline after he had said that "being a suicide bomber was okay": ... 54621.html

PM Theresa May and Donald Trump tried to make the attack more convincing by claims that May blamed Trump for leaking confidential information: ... g-evidence

The selected puppet leader for Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, has pointed out that because the supposed suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, was born from Libyan parents (born in England on 31 December 1994), and that the UK/US government helped to bring down Colonel Gaddafi (for whom his parents reportedly fled to Britain before Salman was born), that the British government is responsible.
Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services, have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries and terrorism here at home ... anchester/

CNN analyst Paul Cruickshank said that the terrorist attack could have been part of a “right wing extremist plot”: ... alse-flag/
These types of accusations are designed to make a false flag attack more convincing, or make it more difficult to find information that this was a false flag.

I’ll end this post with some strange witness testimonies.

Jenny Brewster told about the security shouting “RUN”, just before the explosion:
Another witness Jenny Brewster told MailOnline: 'We were exiting the building when it happened.
'We'd headed towards the main doors as Ariana was performing the last song because we wanted to beat the crowds, but – as we made our way there - a wall of security men blocked it and told us to go the other way.
'Seconds later they shouted 'RUN!' and the explosion happened right behind them
. Hundreds of people were running and screaming. Those men saved our lives.'
Heidi said that they were leaving "through a fire exit", before the bomb went off.
Heidi, of Nottingham, said when she saw groups of girls screaming and running she thought they had spotted pop star Ariana.
She said: 'We got there and she (Ariana) was amazing. We were leaving through a fire exit and we heard a massive bang, it shook the whole building.
Some people claim that popping balloons were mistaken as gunshots, but David Richardson talked about “another explosion”.
David Richardson was at the gig with his 13-year-old daughter Emily. He said: 'The lights came on after the gig and people were starting to leave.
'As I turned to the left there was an explosion. It was about 40ft behind us near one of the exits.
'We just thought it was people messing about then it happened again. Another explosion sounded.

The homeless Steve talked about "nails", most of the stories describe "nuts and bolts".
A homeless man, called Steve, described the moment he had to 'pull nails out of children's faces' following the shocking attack.
'There were nuts and bolts all over the floor. People had holes in their back.
This description by Chris Parker of the "no legs" "little girl" sounds odd to me.
119 is just like 9/11, isn't it?
'I saw a little girl - she had no legs. I wrapped her in one of the merchandise T-shirts and I said 'where is your mum and daddy?' She said 'my dad is at work, my mum is up there'.'
He said he thought the child's mother had died from her injuries following the incident which left at least 119 people injured.
The last strange (contradictory) witness statements are all from here: ... ttack.html

Re: Manchester false flag hoax

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:01 pm
by Firestarter
I’ve seen some claims that it’s suspicious that Salman Abedi was identified so fast.
According to the state media, Salman was identified by his bankcard.

The following picture was made on a beach in Libya; from left to right we can see.
Ismail Abedi, older brother of Salman - arrested.
Aballah Forjani, cousin of Salman, who owns a barbershop in Moss Side - arrested.
Isaac Forjani, cousin of Salman, appeared on the ITV show around 2011 – arrested.

Salman Abedi, suicide bomber, on the far right is obviously photoshopped in.
Just look at the shadows on his face and neck and you see that the sun is coming from another direction for him than for the other 3 boys.
A possible motive for photoshopping Salman in this picture is because his father, Ramadan – also arrested, has denied that Salman has ever been in Libya (according to the state media he recently went over there).

After seeing the previous ridiculous photoshop, I expected to find a whole bunch of mistakes in computer animated pictures. I didn’t find any as obvious as the previous one.
A large collection of photos can be found here: ... point.html

In the previous picture we can see that Ismail has a birth mark a little below to the left of his mouth, this can be seen more clearly in the following photo.

In the following photo Hasham Abedi (younger brother of Salman – also arrested) is on the left.
Ismail is pictured in the middle, but I don’t see the birthmark.

The left of the following pictures shows mother Lisa Lees, who reportedly died while picking up her daughter (with her friend on the right Alison Howe). I cannot describe why, but the photo of Lisa Lees looks computer animated.

Ramadan Abedi is accused of having links to Al-Qaeda. A former Libyan security official has told that Ramadan was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in the 1990s, which had links to Al-Qaeda.
Ramadan had also voiced his support for the Al-Nusra Front, the official Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda until it broke up last July.
Salman’s mother, Samia, is a close friend of the wife of Abu Anas al-Libi, an Al Qaeda veteran who was arrested for involvement in the 1998 bombings of 2 US embassies in Africa. He was on the FBI's most-wanted terrorist list and died in US custody in 2015.

Daddy Ramadan has denied ties to any of Libya's militant groups, including the LIFG.
No women connected to Abedi have been arrested…

Even the FBI has tried to make this “event” more convincing...
A source claims that the FBI had warned UK “security chiefs”; “In early 2017 the FBI told MI5 that Abedi belonged to a North African terror gang based in Manchester, which was looking for a political target in this country” (in Britain): ... ttack.html

According to the following, Salman wasn’t part of the gang that raped a 16-year-old girl, but was “an associate of” Bilal Ahmed who was sentenced to prison with 2 others for this vicious act.
The anonymous mother of the girl claimed that she is “convinced” that Salman was part of the group that intimidated her family at the two-week trial.
The 50-year-old mother also reported them to the anti-terrorism hotline in February last year, because “At the time it made me think another one could go on to commit a terrorist act and Salman clearly has”.
She added “They are all friends and are ending up terrorists and rapists”: ... -girl.html

Here’s the video of daddy Nick Bickerstaff, searching for his daughter Ellen. There are some people on the internet, who make fun of Bickerstaff, calling him “the worst crisis actor ever”.
Even if you believe the official story (Ellen isn’t among the 22 listed deaths); would you shoot a selfie video, while thinking that your daughter has just been blown to bits by a suicide bomber?
According to Nick Bickerstaff, he shot this video because he thought he would die in a second explosion, and in this way his family would have a memento of him (and a wonderful video it is!):

Re: Manchester false flag hoax

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:46 am
by Firestarter
I've found more interesting information.

The homeless Stephen Jones said that together with his homeless associate Parker: “We were having to pull nails and bits of glass out of their arms and faces”.
All the other stories talk about “nuts and bolts”, and where did this glass come from?
Pulling nails and glass “from the faces of dying children”?!? If they had pulled a stunt like that for real, they would have been accused by the families of the dying children of murder!

The homeless Chris Parker talked about a little girl with no legs, who he wrapped in a T-shirt.
Parker also said that he tended to a woman aged in her 60s who was badly hurt from the bombing with serious leg and head injuries: “She passed away in my arms. She was in her 60s and said she had been with her family/”.
The reported eldest dead women are Wendy Fawell (50) and Jane Tweddle (51)...

Both homeless “heroes” have received donations of over 20,000 British pounds each: ... erson.html

I’ve found another photo of the spot where the bomb supposedly went off (shot from outside); compared to the video I’ve seen and the other photo (shot from inside the building), I see lots of small objects on the floor.

The Manchester city authorities are doing “everything in their power” to stop Salman Abedi from being cremated and/or buried in Manchester.
Mosques refuse to bury Abedi: ... y-6673866/

Brothers Isaac and Abz Forjani, cousins of Salman Abedi, have been released without a charge after their arrest. They said that they never suspected Salman to commit such a terror attack.
Abz, 21, told the BBC:
For people who have seen it as a big network we were involved in, it was nothing like that. (...)
I believe it was all done by one man which developed some sort of thoughts in the past few years which he kept secretly to himself. (...)
He never shared it with any members of the family – if he would have we could have done something to stop that happening. (...)
It’s not easy being connected to 22 lost, innocent lives . The fact that the person that did this is related to us by blood is something that’s going to stay with me for the rest of my life.
The brothers Forjani said they are “traumatised” by their cousin’s actions: ... 4184668060

On 29 May the Manchester police released some photos made only a couple of hours before 22 May, 22:33 hour of Salman with a blue suitcase, the police haven’t found this suitcase...
According to an US official, Salman Abedi likely received some ISIS training in Syria in the months before the attack.
Salman spent time in Libya before the attack and transited through Istanbul and Dusseldorf airports on his way back to Britain: ... r-network/

Salman Abedi left Britain on 15 April and returned on 18 May. The cops are especially interested in what he did those last 5 days; they believe in those days he “purchased parts for the bomb” and manufactured it.
Here’s the 1 June letter by the Manchester police asking the public for “any information”:

To help the police I’ve compiled a list with questions.

1 – Why was Salman Abedi photoshopped in a picture of his brother Ismail and the Forjani brothers on a beach in Libya?

2 – Why in the 2 pictures from CCTV cameras in the same lift, shortly before the bomb, in 1 is a light coloured emblem on his dark cap, but not in the other picture?

3 – Where is the evidence that Salman was near the Manchester arena around 22:30 hour, 22 May?

4 – Where are all the recordings by CCTV cameras as Salman went to the Manchester arena?

5 – Where is the evidence that Salman left Britain from 15 April to 18 May 2017 and where was he in that period?

6 – Where is the evidence that Salman was in Libya and/or Syria in 2017?

7 – Where is the evidence that Salman was trained by ISIS (Daesh) in Syria and when was this?

8 – Why do the photos of the scene where a bomb blasted killed 23 (including the bomber) and left more than 100 injured shows so little damage and injured people?

9 – How reliable is the homeless hero Stephen Jones’s statements that he and his friend Parker pulled nails and bits of glass out of the arms and faces of children?

10 – Who was the little girl without legs that homeless hero Chris Parker wrapped in a T-shirt?

11 – Who was the woman in her 60s that passed away in Chris Parker’s arms?

12 – Why did the security men block the exit (to where the bomb was about to explode) for Jenny Brewster and friend and shouted “RUN” just before the explosion?

13 – Why was the fire exit open through which Heidi and friend tried to leave, before the explosion?

14 – Where are all the recordings with mobile phones of the aftermath of the blast?

15 – Where are all the recordings with CCTV cameras before and after the explosion?

16 – Why do all of these parents that lost their beloved child immediately do press conferences and TV-appearances as most people in such a situations would want to hide away?

17 – Why did I see no less than 3 Youtube-videos in which the whistleblowers that criticise the official story complain about health problems?

18 – What practise drill “about a month ago” was the nurse in hospital talking about to Queen Elizabeth?

Re: Manchester false flag hoax

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:16 pm
by Firestarter
The following video focuses on the evidence that the reported bombing happened in a closed off section of the Manchester Arena.
It shows that firemen weren’t allowed to help and only 3 paramedics were allowed in the area where the injured victims were.

Here’s an interview with the father of Salman Abedi, Ramadan, who explains why he doesn’t believe that his son committed the terrorist attack (English subtitled):

Here’s an interview with the cousins of Salman Abedi, the brothers Forjani, who tell that they’re shocked about what their cousin did and never expected anything like this: ... d-13128873

Re: Manchester false flag hoax

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:25 pm
by Firestarter
Some 21 years ago another (or the same?) “terrorist group” exploded a bomb of 3,300 lbs homemade explosives in Manchester.
The bomb caused major devastation to the Manchester shopping district in June 1996, and more than 200 people were injured. Remarkably nobody died…
The huge clear-up operation took months and was complicated by the fact that some of the buildings contained asbestos: ... -shopping/

I can expect that a bomb that causes this type of devastation in 1996 injures more than 200.

See for comparison the previous picture of the aftermath of the suicide bomb at the Ariana Grande concert on 22 May.

In one of those strange coincidences, Martyn Hett had been saying goodbye “the last few days” to friends before he died in the 22 May “terrorist attack”: ... g-6658182/
The 29-year-old PR manager from Stockport was at the Ariana Grande with his friend, Stuart Aspinall – but the two became separated towards the end of the show.
His death came two days before he was about to embark on a trip of a lifetime to the US.
Described as a Coronation Street superfan – he had a Deirdre Barlow tattoo on his leg -he had spent the last few days saying goodbye to friends before the two-month trip.

Re: Manchester false flag hoax

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:23 pm
by Firestarter
For the last days, I've been looking at some of my older posts on the various false flags in 2017, and noticed that a lot of videos have been deleted by Youtube.
I've tried to find replacement videos. The most important video that I haven't been able to find about the Manchester false flag, is the video from which the following scene comes (in particular the scene on the left).
Firestarter wrote:At 13:10 in the last video the following double picture is shown (the left is earlier). It looks like in the right picture they made some adjustments to make it look more like there had been a suicide bomber.
What’s also interesting is that the (big) advertisement is different in both pictures.
In the left picture, we can read “We are entertainment” with a red background.
In the right picture, there’s the slogan “We are Manchester” with a crowd of people. Is “We are Manchester” an old campaign or was it specifically designed for this event (Je suis... Manchester)?

I’ve found another picture of Salman Abedi (on the right) with cousin Abdallah Forjani that looks like a photoshop to me: ... 237425.jpg
1 – The shadow on the face and neck of both young men looks very different (Abedi with much more shadow).
2 – On the right part of the upper lip of Abedi is some dark, which looks like a moustache, but not on the left.
3 – The right side of the sunglasses of Forjani doesn’t look good.
4 – On the right side of Forjani’s face is a glitch.
5 – Directly above both eyes of Abedi are some more glitches.
6 – The left side of Abebi’s chin is dark, which looks like the stubble of a beard, but not on the right.
7 – On the neck of Abedi are some horizontal lines, which look like glitches from a computer animation gone wrong.

I’ve found some interesting statements from the witnesses (besides the bizarre stories of the “hero“ homeless Chris Parker)...
Eye-witness Emma Johnson was 15 feet from the blast at the Manchester Arena as she collected her teenage daughter and son from the concert ... ing-attack

Ms Mullen, from Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, was inside the venue and said:
As we were leaving a bomb or explosion went off centimetres in front of me.
People's skin, blood and faeces were everywhere including in my hair and on my bag.
I'm still finding bits of god knows what in my hair. You never ever expect these things to happen to you but this proves it can happen to anybody.
That sound, the blood and those who were running around clueless with body parts and bits of skin missing will not be leaving my mind any time soon or the minds of those involved.
See the photograph of Mullen’s hair after the “event”.

Gary Walker, from Leeds, said he was in the foyer waiting to pick up his daughters who were at the Ariana concert. He told BBC Radio 5 Live:
I was waiting for the kids to come out. We heard the last song, and quite a few people were flooding out and then suddenly there was a massive flash and then a bang, smoke.
I felt a bit of pain in my foot and my leg.
My wife said, ‘I need to lie down’. I lay her down, she’d got a stomach wound and possibly a broken leg.
I was about three metres from the actual explosion. I am surprised I got away so lightly.
I don’t think that this is the same Gary Walker, from Commonside, Batley, who in 2014 had to defend himself in court for indecently exposing himself in front of 5 to 6 year old children, opposite a mosque: ... od-6557845
A 49-year-old mother, who asked not to be named, attended the concert with her 13-year-old daughter and was just 'three metres' away from the bomb.
She said it is a 'miracle' she is still alive and revealed the only reason she survived was because people 'blocked the impact' of the blast.
Jonathan Yates, 24, from the Wirral, was also at the concert; he told MailOnline:
The concert had finished and the lights came on almost instantly.
Concert-goers left the venue after a explosive device was detonated in the foyer of Manchester Arena
There was a bang, a weird bang. There were lots of balloons but I thought to myself that can't be a balloon, that's not normal.
We were sat on the floor level and it came from the higher seats, people were running and screaming.
Everyone stopped and I turned to my friend and said 'we need to run'. Everyone was running and screaming and then when we got out it felt a bit more OK.
I heard five or six bangs that sounded like gunshots. When we got outside people were outside, crying and on their phones.
You don't think it's something that's going to happen when you was such a nice, fun concert.
Nick Schurok, 28, from Manchester, told MailOnline:
Ariana Grande had just finished the concert and the lights came on.
Everyone started leaving. I was on the floor and at the back of the arena people started exiting through the tunnels.
There was a bang in the left tunnel and everyone went to the middle tunnel. Then about two minutes later, there was another bang.
The bang was so loud and crowds of people were running. There were lots of children and families there. ... ttack.html

Andy Wholey from Whiston was standing in the foyer waiting for his wife, Leanne, and 14-year-old daughter, Demi. None of them got seriously injured…
Wholey said that he was yards from the Manchester bomber when the explosion went off:
At 10.30pm I heard Ariana singing her encore, and at 10.33pm I heard the loudest noise I have ever heard in my life.
It wasn’t like how you hear it on TV, it was like a massive vibration and the whole building shook.
I was thrown across the floor and through an open door.
I knew straight away it was a bomb.
When I couldn’t find them I knew I had to do something.
Me and some other people took hoodies and T-shirts from the merchandise stall and attempted to stem people’s bleeding with them. ... g-13094666

In the following are 2 interviews with Andy Wholey from 25, 26 May.
Starting at 8:08 he says “I stood pretty much were it went off":