London Bridge false flag hoax – 10 dead, 48 injured

False Flag -- A horrific, staged event, blamed on a political enemy and used as a pretext to start a war or enact draconian laws in the name of national security.
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London Bridge false flag hoax – 10 dead, 48 injured

Post by Firestarter » Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:58 pm

It appears like the Westminster Bridge “terrorist attack” has been copied.

On 3 June 2017, a few minutes after 10:00 PM, a rented white van "at about 50mph" mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge. Then the 3 ”terrorists” jumped out of the van with knives and stabbed a cop and some people with 12-inch knives, shouting "this is for Allah".
A total of 10 people were killed (including the terrorists), and at least 48 injured: ... ts-killed/

The 3 “terrorists” were shot and killed by the police in the Borough Market area near the bridge.

Here’s a picture of the van.

Here is the released picture by Gabriele Sciotto of 2 “terrorist” lying on the ground after being shot by the cops. The trio wore fake, hoax explosive vests.

I haven’t found video (CCTV) footage of the van mowing down pedestrians or of the stabbing; I haven’t seen damage that resulted from the van (for example on London Bridge or where it crashed) and haven’t seen anybody that looks really injured.
The following photo shows one of the victims surrounded by a huge crowd of rescue workers.

There were practise drills for the last couple of months by the Blue Thunder squad, who were involved in catching the “terrorists”: ... z4j18PEuax

An obvious difference with previous “terrorist attacks” is footage of heavily armed cops openly terrorising people on the streets.
At least 4 explosions were performed by the cops to make it all the more threatening.

12 people have been arrested in connection with the attack in Barking, east London, following an armed police raid at a block of flats.

CNN has mentioned “psy-op” in an early report.

The following video shows amongst others witness Gerard Vowles.

On 31 May 2017 forum member DannyUK on predicted another false flag attack (only viewable after logging in); DannyUK also predicted Westminster...
This prediction is just something to keep in mind and fall back up on should such an incident unfortunately take place.

I feel there is going to be a push to get a majority of the public behind the globalists agenda and we are at tipping point since the Manchester incident recently.

This isn't so much where this is going to take place but how I suspect it will be handled. I feel Britains Got Talent (BGT) will be used as a forum to sensationalise a "terrorist" FF attack however you want to look at it to get the desired effect while the show is on the air.

The attack doesn't have to take place at the BGT show just somewhere planned in the UK and BGT gets stopped and sensationalises the would be attack and goes to the "news" to alert people of an attack. This would be the perfect way to sensationalise an attack and get through to many of the mainstream people who use such as a distraction to such events there will be nowhere else to go and they will have to confront this "reality" and bigger leaps in the totalitarian tip toe can take place as that is of course will be the idea of such taking place.
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Re: London Bridge false flag hoax – 10 dead, 48 injured

Post by Firestarter » Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:17 pm

No surprises here; the almighty ISIS has claimed responsibility for the London Bridge terror attack through its Amaq news agency: ... 72776.html

Police changing into clothes on the night of the attack; one of them changes into camouflage pants like one of the terrorists wore.

Here’s a video showing CNN staging a Muslim protest against the London Bridge “terrorist attack”.

The most convincing injury I’ve seen, is from the following video.
A man is covered in red that is supposed to be blood, after being stabbed inside The Globe pub; the following video still is difficult to find without the red blurred out (for what?): ... iding-pub/

The following picture shows a whole bunch of people helping injured victims (does anybody see a real injury?).

On the following link is a dashcam video of the aftermath of the van mowing down pedestrians on London Bridge. If you see any injuries or damage to the bridge, you’ve got better eyes than me: ... rmath.html

In the following photo, the police are doing forensic research, probably on 4 June, where the white van drove into pedestrians. We can see the mandatory lost shoe, but it doesn’t look like the scene were all of this horror took place the night before.

The state media have really outdone themselves this time by creating some genuine heroes, with some truly amazing stories.

A chef from the nearby Fish restaurant told about Londoners throwing chairs at the “terrorists” after the unarmed cops ran away (in my opinion chairs aren’t the easiest object to throw at “terrorists”): ...
I saw two guys with big knives downstairs outside Roast. They were stabbing people. The police were running away, they were community police. They were normal officers, they were running away. (…)
The guy with the knife was killing two people. We were shouting ‘stop, stop’ and people threw chairs at them. Police came and shot straight away.

A taxi driver hailed a pair of female passengers as “heroes” for barricading doors at a Borough Market restaurant “for a few seconds” to stop knife wielding terrorists attacking diners.
He added: “They managed to escape from the rear door, possibly saving 20 people’s lives”.

Barman Alex Martinez took shelter “in a bin” when a knifeman entered El Pastor restaurant: "The man started screaming and dropping everything on the floor, the plates, the cutlery, the bottle, everything, he dropped it" - ... 56511.html

I’m not sure if it is the same, but a taxi driver named Chris told LBC he witnessed the attack and tried to ram the attacker:
I said to the guy in my cab I was going to try to hit him, I was going to ram him. I turned around and tried, but he sidestepped me.

Another hero of the evening is Geoff Ho, who coincidentally works for the state media as business editor at the Sunday Express.
Ho is an expert in Kung Fu and kickboxing and was stabbed in the throat after he tried to protect a bouncer on the door of the Southwark Tavern.
In a Facebook post, Ho wrote:
Don't know whether it was stupid or noble to jump and break up the fight outside the Southwark Tavern, but two a*******s trying to do over the lone bouncer on the door isn't happening on my watch.
Sure... a business editor protecting a bouncer!
I’ve also seen a short video of Ho walking fast, clutching his neck (where he was reportedly stabbed), but to me he doesn’t look very injured (see the video still).

Another hero of the day is Gerard Vowls, who chased the “terrorists” while warning people to get out of their way.
He tried to stop the attackers from stabbing a woman by throwing things at them like chairs, bottles and pint glasses: ... s/3186006/
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Re: London Bridge false flag hoax – 10 dead, 48 injured

Post by Firestarter » Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:34 pm

On 5 June, the Metropolitan Police identified 2 of the attackers as Khuram Shazad Butt (born 20 April 1990), a British citizen born in Pakistan, and Rachid Redouane (born 31 July 1986), who claimed to be either Moroccan or Libyan.
Both are from Barking, east London.
The third attacker has been named as Youssef Zaghba, who wasn’t British (and I haven’t got much on him).
Reports on Monday suggested the three men had done a "dry run" in the minutes before they targeted pedestrians on London Bridge.

The 27-year-old Khuram Butt is said to be the “ringleader” of London Bridge terror attack.
Butt’s family came from Pakistan, but he grew up in Britain. He worked on the London transport system and had a wife and two children.
He was photographed on the ground with canisters strapped to his body after being shot down by the cops.

In 2016, Butt appeared in the Channel4 documentary “The Jihadis Next Door, which showed him arguing with police and posing with the black flag of ISIS.
In “The Jihadis Next Door”, Butt appeared alongside Mohammad Shamsuddin, the de facto leader of the remnants of al-Muhajiroun; a banned extremist group.
If this won’t convince you that he was used for propaganda purposes by the British government, I don’t know what will.

Butt was known for his extreme views, was barred from two local mosques, and had twice been reported to anti-terror police by “friends and neighbours”. Neighbour Erica Gasparri said she had contacted police after Butt tried to “brainwash” her children and convert them to Islam.
The day after the murder of Lee Rigby in May 2013, Butt “verbally assaulted” an anti-terrorism campaigner at a rally in parliament led by the notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary.
Butt was known to the police and MI5, but there was no intelligence that this attack was being planned.

The other named man, the 30-year-old Moroccan-Libyan Rachid Redouane (aka Rachid Elkhdar), was not known to the police. His reported profession is pastry chef.
Redouane lived in a tower block not far from Butt.
Rachid Redouane visited his wife, Charisse, only 3 hours before the “terrorist attack”: ... uram-butt/

More incredible bravery...

The Romanian baker hero Florin Morariu, who was on a night-shift at Bread Ahead bakery, risked his life to save others as he took on one of the terrorists.
Morariu saw 2 terrorists stabbing others. At first, he froze and didn't know what to do. However, within seconds he acted, he told Romanian radio station ProFM:
So I took a crate and threw it at the attacker and then ran towards him and used the other crate to hit him on the head.
[Then] There was a car with a loudspeaker saying 'go, go' and they (police) threw a grenade.... and then I ran.
The hero then turned saviour by guiding some 20 people to safety in his bakery.
After all of this bravery, he even had energy left to make a video of people running on the streets, none of them look injured, and posted it on Facebook…

Morariu said that he now feared a revenge attack and is:
Frankly, I'm disappointed. I tried to do good; to do the right thing, but no-one from the police has called me to discuss security.
Maybe I’m the only one to think it’s strange that somebody, who claims to be afraid of a counter attack, tries to get his 15 minute of fame by posting on Facebook and appearing in the state media: ... paign=1490

Millwall soccer fan Roy Larner, 47, has been heralded as “the Lion of London Bridge”.
Larner launched himself at the trio that ran in to the Black & Blue bar in Borough Market shouting, “This is for Allah” and “Islam, Islam, Islam'.
Larner left with horrific injuries after being stabbed 8 times, and is recovering in intensive care from surgery. Larner has two 10-inch scars on the side of his face and neck and his lung collapsed. He has lost his glasses and his hands are bandaged up past his elbows.
Larner swung wildly at the 3 “terrorists”:
I was on my own against all three of them, that's why I got hurt so much. (...)
I got stabbed and sliced eight times
. They got me in my head, chest and both hands. There was blood everywhere.
It’s amazing that these 3 terrorists slashed Larner and he survived: ... rists.html

Here we can see what supposedly shows his stitched up cuts; obviously Larner has healed very quickly as most people wouldn’t heal like this in less than 3 days...
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Re: London Bridge false flag hoax – 10 dead, 48 injured

Post by Firestarter » Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:34 pm

The “terrorists” committed their foul act on a Saturday night, when the heart of the City (Financial District) is practically deserted. I will not make a cynical remark, but notice that they performed this “event” at this time and place for a minimal amount of witnesses.
Lot of pubs in the London Borough Market area are closed on a Saturday night, for example:
The Monument, Fish Street Hill, closes at 6:30 PM on Saturday:
Fuller’s Pub, shut during the weekends:
The Ship, closes at 6:00 PM on Saturday: ... ourtlondon
The Bell, shut during the weekends:
Jamie's Wine Bar, shut during the weekends:
Steam Wine Bar, shut during the weekends:

This is how busy London Bridge is at 8:30 AM on a weekday morning.

I’ve checked out the following site, after finding out the Choudary link: ... -flag.html
The following close up of one of the terrorists, after they had been shot 50 times, including through the head…

According to “one counter-terrorism source”, the decision not to prosecute “hate preacher“ Anjem Choudary (connected to one of the “terrorist”) on numerous occasions came from MI5.
Security services repeatedly prevented Scotland Yard from pursuing criminal investigations against Anjem Choudary.
Maybe the state media can invent another explanation than that Choudary was working for the intelligence agencies…
Choudary was finally convicted of a terrorism offence in September 2016. The 49-year-old former lawyer had been linked to at least 15 terror plots dating back as far as 2001: ... ces-claim/

The third “terrorist” Youssef Zaghba was 22-year-old Italian national born in Fez, Morocco in January 1995, from a Moroccan father and Italian mother.
Zaghba left Morocco at the age of 20 to live in Italy with his mother.

In March 2016 when Zaghba first tried to get to Syria via Istanbul, he was challenged by officials at Bologna airport. After he became agitated he told them: “I am going to be a terrorist”.
His passport and phone were impounded, which included propaganda videos that confirmed his intent to join ISIS.
He was investigated but not charged, was flagged on an international terrorism database, and then moved to east London where he worked in a Pakistani restaurant before becoming a famous terrorist.

Zaghba’s mother Valeria Collina made a strong plea for internet censorship:
We have always tried to monitor his friends, making sure he didn’t hang out with the wrong people. But he had internet and everything came from there.
Giuseppe Amato, the chief prosecutor in Bologna, told the Guardian that information about the risk Zaghba posed was shared with officials in the UK.
According to Scotland Yard: “He was not a police or MI5 subject of interest”: ... sef-zaghba

According to the latest news, 8 people have been killed and (still) 48 injured (plus the 3 killed “terrorists”).
1 - Christine Archibald, 30-year-old, from Canada, died in her fiancé Tyler Ferguson's arms after being struck by the white van on London Bridge.

2 - Sebastien Belanger, 36-year-old, originally from Angers, France had lived in London for several years. He worked as a chef at the Coq d'Argent restaurant. He was drinking at the Boro Bistro near Borough Market when the attack took place. He was last seen running from the bar.

3 - French national Alexandre Pigeard, 27-year-old, originally from Caen, France, lived in London for more than 2 years as a waiter at the Boro Bistro. His colleague Vincent Le Berre described how he was killed with a knife in his neck.

4 - Xavier Thomas, 45-year-old, from France, and his girlfriend Christine Delcros were visiting London for the weekend. He was hit by the van and fell into the River Thames. Delcros was also seriously injured after being struck by the van.

5 - Australian nurse Kirsty Boden, 28-year-old, was killed as she ran to help people on London Bridge. Boden was a staff nurse Staff at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital where some of those injured in the “terrorist attacks” of 22 March (Westminster) and 3 June were treated: ... k-10906939

6 - James McMullan, 32-year-old, from Hackney, was last seen outside the Barrowboy And Banker pub after celebrating his £1million business. His sister said police had told her his bank card was found on a body at the scene of the attack. Melissa McMullan described her brother as "an inspiration".
I have never seen an actor speaking at such a high tone to show how sad she is. Here are his sisters in a memorable tribute to James McMullan:

7 - Sara Zelenak, 21-year-old, from Brisbane Australia, worked as an au pair in London. According to her mother she narrowly missed the Westminster Bridge rampage and had planned to go to the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester on 22 May, but changed her plans.
Zelenak was meant to be working on the night of the London Bridge attack but changed her plans at the last minute as the family which employs her had given her the night off.
Pri Gonçalves was the last witness to see Zelenak alive on Saturday. She called Zelenak at 10:09, 10:16 and 10:17 PM but received no answer. Zelenak hasn't checked her Whatsapp since 10:03 PM: ... tacks.html

When I first looked at the pictures of Sara Zelenak, I thought what a pretty girl…
When I looked closer it looks like a computer animation. See the bizarre bones (holes) in her neck, especially on the left side, and the too “smooth” face.

In the following picture not only her face looks too smooth, but it looks like the camera was closer to her face and neck than to her body (I haven’t found the full picture, there should be a second woman on the right to her): ... uality=100

8 - Ignacio Echeverria , 39-year-old, from Madrid, Spain was a banker for HSBC bank based in London. Echeverria was last seen in the area of Borough Market defending a woman with his skateboard.
This couldn’t possibly be a ploy to hide the massive money laundering of HSBC, could it: ... =150#p3789
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Re: London Bridge false flag hoax – 10 dead, 48 injured

Post by Firestarter » Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:06 pm

Here’s THE video of the “terrorists” being shot by the police, because of the very low quality, it’s hard to see what’s happening:

Here’s an analysis of this video: the strangest thing in my opinion is that the man who is stabbed by the “terrorists” later gets up and walks away...
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Re: London Bridge false flag hoax – 10 dead, 48 injured

Post by Firestarter » Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:00 pm

I have found some of the stories of the confirmed “heroes” and star witnesses, which contradict each other...

The first version of what happened in the Black & Blue, is Roy Larner’s, who by his own account was the (only) hero in the Black & Blue.
Firestarter wrote:Millwall soccer fan Roy Larner, 47, has been heralded as “the Lion of London Bridge”.
Larner launched himself at the trio that ran in to the Black & Blue bar in Borough Market shouting, “This is for Allah” and “Islam, Islam, Islam'.
Larner left with horrific injuries after being stabbed 8 times, and is recovering in intensive care from surgery. Larner has two 10-inch scars on the side of his face and neck and his lung collapsed. He has lost his glasses and his hands are bandaged up past his elbows.
Larner swung wildly at the 3 “terrorists”:
I was on my own against all three of them, that's why I got hurt so much. (...)
I got stabbed and sliced eight times
. They got me in my head, chest and both hands. There was blood everywhere.
It’s amazing that these 3 terrorists slashed Larner and he survived: ... rists.html

Geoff Ho is the business editor at the Sunday Express and martial artist. According to some stories in the state media, Geoff got stabbed in the throat while protecting the lone bouncer on the door of the Southwark Tavern: ... c-10557375

The second version of what happened in the Black & Blue is the following even more amazing story on the heroics of Geoff Ho, as reported by Geoff Ho.
Geoff had watched the Champions League final, and then left towards the Tube station, when he saw two unarmed drunken idiots outside The Southwark attacking a lone bouncer.
Geoff used some amazing talking, to keep the pair of “yobs” from their attacks, and they were quickly taken away by the cops...
This version is different than the stories I had read, because Geoff isn’t stabbed, they are taken away, and they aren´t even the 3 “terrorists”…

Then it gets more interesting...
Instead of walking 20 yards to the Tube and my train home, I turned left and went to the Black & Blue steakhouse five doors up the road. I’d done my good deed for the day.
I helped break up a fight and defended a bouncer from two attackers. Job done, I deserve a quick beer and some food I thought. A quick Facebook update and I entered the restaurant, said “hi” to everyone and told them what happened outside the Tavern.
One of the girls called me a drama queen and teased that I was in the Black & Blue to hide from friends of the yobs.
I feigned outrage and laughed. We all did.
Seconds later a waitress locked the door and said something before running to the back.
Then I saw them. The three terrorists were outside.
Immediately time slowed down. Years of martial arts training means that my mind can focus, so that when trouble really starts, I can remain calm. Calm is good.
Calm keeps people alive. Panic is the enemy. My first reaction was actually annoyance.
“Here we go. The two losers I helped get nicked have friends,” I thought. “They must be here after me. I have to fix this.”
They started kicking the door. I knew it wouldn’t hold for long, maybe just seconds. My mind, continually working, assessing and correcting, processing all the information available.
“Oh no. This isn’t three losers having a go, this is something else. This is serious.” I raised my hands, moved instantly into combat stance. Years of training have come to this.
I can and I will fight, I will defend my friends. Whatever the cost. The mind processes everything, so quickly, so precisely, when you’re calm.
I’m not anywhere near a hero like Geoff Ho, and am not any good at martial arts, still it’s easy to see the flaws in what he supposedly did. According to his own reliable statements, Geoff attacked the “terrorists” with his bare hands, while there are a lot of weapons in a bar that could have been used against them.
Not even speaking that probably a mere 5 men in the bar armed with chairs could have beaten up the 3 “terrorists” armed with knives.

As the terrorists were trying to break in, I noticed the knives they had. Christ, they’re large, maybe 12 inches?
I’ve done hundreds of knife defence drills over the years but only against knifes half that size. At most. Still, no time for what-ifs. The door buckled.
The terrorists were coming in and I saw that they looked like they had suicide vests on. Metal canisters with wires. Oh no. In less than a split second I knew that my approach had to change; I couldn’t just attack.
If I charged at them, maybe I could take out one or two. But one of those animals could detonate and kill us all. Too many people would get hurt or worse.
I had to face them, I had to delay them, no matter what. I knew that out of everyone there, my skills and training meant that I had the best chance of delaying the attackers until the police arrived or they’d get everyone.
“Keep them focused on you. Then they can’t hurt the others.”
I knew the police were coming. They had to be. I knew it in my bones.
Buy them time, shield everyone. That’s your only job now. If they get past you, maybe no one goes home.
The attackers stormed in and started yelling, ordering people to “Lie down on the ground! Get down on the ground!” I knew that if anyone did that, they’d be dead. I had to delay them, stall them any way I could.
Ironically that is an accurate description of the police storming in one of the restaurants, yelling “Lie down on the ground! Get down on the ground!”…

With my hands up, trying to look non-threatening, I stared back at them and said one word: NO.
Firmly. Calmly. The one in the blue Arsenal away shirt walked toward me, barking “get on the floor!”. Again, I said no.
I took a step back, keeping the knives at a distance and tried to keep them talking, not attacking anyone. “Talking is good. It buys time,” I said to myself.
“They aren’t stabbing, they aren’t exploding. Keep them away from everyone else.” Most of my friends and the staff had hid under tables or in rooms but one, a young lad, was frozen behind me.
Keep the kid behind me was my only thought. The attackers were getting agitated and kept yelling. “This is it,” I thought. Their eyes were full of rage. Hate.
It was about to go down.
You may lose track of certain details during life and death situations but some are indelibly stamped into your mind. The creature in the Arsenal shirt snapped and came at me first, then his clean shaven accomplice.
I had no idea where the third, the one with the full beard, had run off to. I could only deal with what was in front of me.
During the blur, the Arsenal attacker struck at my throat, but I must have blocked enough of the knife to make sure it didn’t kill me outright. Or maybe he was just that poorly trained in knife combat that he just failed.
The cut marks on my hands suggest I tried to catch the blade. In any case, he failed to kill me.
The Arsenal with the face fuzz tried stabbing me in the stomach but I guess the training kicked in, as I instinctively leapt back and all I got there were very small scratches on my stomach. As I dodged those attacks, I think I may even have got a hit in.
I have no idea where a third slash, which hit my chin, came from. To be honest, I can’t be totally sure about the exact sequence of how the attack took place, it was over so quickly.
I fell down, but still on my feet, clutching my throat. Our assailants had run off. My friend was lying behind me, in a ball, clutching his face. He had a facial wound, but we had no time, we had to go.

“Come on mate, we’ve gotta go.” I grabbed and bundled him towards the restaurant’s staff changing room. We helped make sure we moved onwards. Carrying each other, we made it.
While he locked the door and I clutched my neck to try to staunch the bleeding, I gave him my phone and told him everything he needed to tell the police, quickly and precisely.
Just facts. He did and as he talked on my phone, he rummaged around the staff locker room to find more clothes to use as makeshift bandages to help me try and stop my bleeding.
At this point, I thought I had done my bit and was ready to stop. Stop talking. To sit. To close my eyes. But the lad kept me talking. That probably kept me alive.
Within seconds armed police were on the scene. I told them calmly, succinctly, what had happened, what the attackers looked like and that they had suicide vests on.
They radioed the information in and quickly escorted me and my friend out of the Black & Blue.
We can rule out that the 47-year-old Larner is the “young lad” behind Geoff...
In the video of Geoff where he walks with a hand on his throat, these “makeshift bandages” are nowhere in sight...

I guess the work a hero is never done, even after all of his heroics and his own life threatening injuries, Geoff continued to only worry about others…
Inside there was already a man being frantically treated for multiple stab wounds to the back. Then another paramedic yelled to clear room for another patient, who had suffered head and neck wounds and was bleeding profusely, too.
He couldn’t get in, so I jumped out of my seat, still clutching my left hand to my neck to keep control of my own bleeding, and grabbed him with my right hand and pulled him in. The paramedic jumped straight in behind us and got to work on him, as the driver gunned the engine and made sure we all got to hospital at breakneck speed.
And of course, a real hero wouldn’t boast about his own heroics (like putting a message on Facebook about protecting a bouncer...). If this remarkable story is true, we all have to agree that Geoff is a “real” hero: ... hero-story

Geoff Ho was visited by Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla at the Royal London Hospital. Maybe I’m alone to think that a “real” hero wouldn’t bow down to a Royal mass murderer; here’s a picture with Charles.

There is only one witness in the London Bridge and Borough Market “terrorist attack” deserving of the title - star witness – gay rights activist Richard Angell.

Richard Angell, director of the think tank Progress, was in the Arabica Bar and Kitchen in Borough Market when police ordered staff and diners to lock the doors, leading to chaos as some 30 diners began trying to clamber over tables to safety.
Angell described how one waiter put his foot against the door to wedge it closed to keep the “terrorists” outside: ... 72591.html
“This remarkable young waiter, who probably wasn’t being paid very much, positioned himself next to the door, put his foot behind it and wedged it closed.
“Everybody else panicked. Me and a couple of friends tried to calm the storm. We were trying to work out what was happening, stop people injuring each other as they were clambering to get away from it all, turning over tables.
“A member of staff locked the door. Despite the fact that their lives were at risk, the staff were concerned about our lives, which was a remarkable thing, and I will be going back not only to pay the bill, but also to double the tip.”

Here’s a picture of the glass door of Cafe Arabica; maybe there are more than the following 2 explanations:
1) We – the slaves – are under complete mind control, and believe the most ridiculous lies by the state media.
2) The 3 terrorists were complete idiots, who saw the door being closed and tried to push the door that opens to the outside.

In the following video, we can hear some of the public appearances by Labour Party Progress magazine editor and LGBT executive member, Richard Angell.
One of the interesting things is that in various interviews he tells literally the same story, as if he has carefully prepared his statements.
I believe that he tells the story of the "hero" Gerard Vowls, who chased the “terrorists” throwing a table, a bike, chairs and glasses at them, while warning people to get out of their way.

In the following video Angell tells how the waiter in the Black & Blue blocked the terrorists from entering through the door. He also tells about a bloodied victim leaving the Black and Blue, right next door. It’s not clear if this is supposed to be Geoff Ho, Roy Larner or somebody else:
Through the window I saw this guy leaving the restaurant Black and Blue, and he was covered in blood. He was holding his chest or neck, and he was staggering through. I just hope he found the medical attention he clearly needed.

Richard Angell is another one of those really, really independent witnesses – so we know we can trust him...

In the following article, Richard Angell describes his experiences with the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan: ... in-london/
He was a delight to work with. He was an activist minister
He was a great advocate for the cause of anti-racism generally, he showed a real understanding of how antisemitism reared his ugly head.
It was impressive to watch and a moment of pride when a Muslim, our soon to be mayor of London, on behalf of the British government welcomed 120 parliamentarians from nearly 40 legislatures to London for the first inter-parliamentary committee on combating antisemitism.
I believe the role of a government is to bring people together. To give collective endeavour to diverse groups and facilitate the building of communities.
Labour members across London must unite around Sadiq
Here is Sadiq Khan’s response on Twitter to this great example of independent reporting “Very kind piece by@RichardAngell”:

The following video is a nice overview of some of the completely “independent” witnesses, who just happened to be on the scene on 3 June.
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Re: London Bridge false flag hoax – 10 dead, 48 injured

Post by Firestarter » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:33 am

Besides the versions of the events in the Black & Blue by Geoff Ho and Roy Larner, I’ve found 2 more versions...

The third version.
Cab driver Aksha Patel hailed an unnamed female passenger as a “hero” for barricading the door of the Black & Blue restaurant “for a few seconds” to stop knife wielding terrorists attacking diners.
He added: “They managed to escape from the rear door, possibly saving 20 people’s lives”: ... 72011.html
This hero woman is missing in the other versions of the events...

And the fourth version.
The Belgian Alex (probably Alex Nypels, who worked as a supervisor at the Feng Sushi, across the street from the Black & Blue) told that after the 3 terrorists tried in vain to enter the restaurant where he works, they entered the packed Black & Blue, after which he saw people storming out of the front door: ... /1.2995743
The attacker couldn't get in and picked a different target: the Black & Blue, just across the road, which was still packed with customers. "People came storming out, some falling. Me and my colleagues, we locked ourselves up in the store room in the basement of our restaurant, put out the lights, called the police and waited...”
Please note that Alex talks about only one “attacker”...
The following story describes what happened in the words of the Belgian Alex in Dutch.
Alex details that after the single “attacker” entered the Black & Blue, there was panic, and people ran out and trampled each other: ... oden.dhtml

I believe that this is a translation from French, which I don’t speak well enough to translate. If I understand correctly, Alex describes that people ran out to the Black & Blue through the front door, which contradicts the other 3 versions of what happened.
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Re: London Bridge false flag hoax – 10 dead, 48 injured

Post by Firestarter » Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:27 pm

I have found more interesting information on the reported ringleader of this “terrorist attack” - Khuram Shazad (Abz) Butt.
When Butt was 8, he was hit by a car near his house in East London breaking his teeth and damaging his leg (in 1998 or 1999). According to a neighbour, the family received £2,500 in compensation from the insurers.
As a result Khuram Butt’s leg was permanently damaged, this caused him to walk with a limp until he died.

Butt was the “terrorist” in the blue Arsenal shirt, nr. 4.
I haven’t heard witnesses claiming that the terrorist in the Arsenal shirt walked with a limp. As far as I can tell, in the video of the shooting of the 3 terrorists, he walks with a limp…

What’s also interesting is that according to a neighbour, “just hours before the London Bridge atrocity”, Butt was “euphoric” and asked “about his van and how much it would cost to hire one”: ... -Butt.html

Gabriel Sciotto is the Italian professional “documentary photographer” based in London that shot the famous pictures of the dead “terrorists”.
Gabriel Sciotto has also made a video of the events.
He’s standing outside filming while making comments in (broken) English.
Some cops tell Sciotto to move out of the way and we see some people running by, nobody injured (5 minutes): ... fc1a2.html

The most suspicious in this video is that Gabriel Sciotto was allowed to make this video and photograph the dead “terrorists”.
I’ve seen a video in the basement of the German-themed bar Katzenjammers where the police orders people to lie down on the ground. There are other photos that show people that have to run with their hands behind their head, ordered by the cops.

One of the striking things in the 3 recent “terror attacks” in Britain (22 March, 22 May, and 3 June) is that the injured victims and the family of the diseased tell a tale of state propaganda: we stand united and we will never let these terrorists destroy or way of live.

On the night of 13/14 June another tragedy struck London, when the whole Grenfell Tower was burned down, killing 58 people (first reports claimed this was caused by a fridge).
Spontaneous protests broke out, with the victims demanding answers, complaints about insufficient fire precautions, the yell to “Stand up to racism” and a demand for help – “Justice for Grenfell”: ... ger-mounts

In the London Bridge and Boroughs Market “terror attack”, according to the state media, law enforcement knew that all 3 “terrorists” had plans to join ISIS, while this wasn’t a “lone wolf attack”…
Why aren’t there (relatives of) victims to claim that MI5 let this happen on purpose?
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