Las Vegas False Flag – 60 dead, 527 injured

False Flag -- A horrific, staged event, blamed on a political enemy and used as a pretext to start a war or enact draconian laws in the name of national security.
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Re: Las Vegas False Flag – 60 dead, 527 injured

Post by Firestarter » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:56 pm

notmartha wrote:
Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:59 am
Remember the pre-9/11 put options? Well looky here... ... -las-vegas
Not George Soros... again!

I’ve been thinking for some time, that the story is so fake, that Stephen Paddock might be nothing more than a computer generated image. Or possibly he died a couple of years ago...
In the following video, somebody, who claims to be some sort of expert, explains that the first released photo of Stephen Paddock and his girlfriend is photoshopped.

If this picture was photoshopped, this is a strong indication that “Stephen Paddock” has been completely invented (or was real, but already dead). Look at the straight elbow on Marilou.

The stories keep on changing. Arguably the most important detail is that at first it was claimed that the hotel security guard was shot during the shooting, because the smoke alarm went off.
Then it was claimed that the security guard was shot before Paddock began shooting (investigating an “open door”) some 6 minutes before the shooting started.
Only the first 8:45 of the video is about the Las Vegas FF.

In one of those strange coincidences, Shaun Hoff made one of the videos of the starting of the shooting from inside the crowd. You can clearly see a group of crisis actors that try to cause a panic by running and screaming at the first sound of “gunshots”.
Shaun Hoff provides footage for CNN, I saw the video yesterday, but it has already been deleted from Youtube:

Here’s eye witness Brian Claypool, who should be nominated the Oscar for most convincing tears.

I’m not saying that Claypool’s performance is unconvincing, but it is a strange coincidence that he has mingled with celebrities, like Drew Pinsky.
Claypool even calls Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti his friend (see the picture):


I nominate Mike Cronk, whose friend took 3 bullets in the chest, for worst crisis actor.
As part of this hilarious performance, he often looks to the left; is he coached from there.

Here’s Mike Cronk visiting his buddy Rob McIntosh, who fortunately recovered miraculously fast. (Edit video was deleted). Notice that the bandage was switched from his right to left arm. The video from which the first scene comes, with the bandage on his right arm, is completely deleted from the internet.
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Re: Las Vegas False Flag – 60 dead, 527 injured

Post by Firestarter » Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:29 pm

According to the “independent” Wikipedia, the death toll of this “mass shooting” has gone down to 58 (36 women and 22 men), and also the amount of injuries has dropped to 489. When you consider that some 22,000 people were present at the concert, there must have literally been thousands that saw bullets hitting something (most would have missed…). Because most people don’t go to a concert alone but with a group, also thousands attending the concert must know somebody that got either hurt or killed.
What kind of morons writes these false flag scripts anyway?!?

Videos are constantly being removed from the internet, and the search results are manipulated to “promote reputable sources” (like CNN, FOX, Reuters, AP, BBC, and so on): ... acy-videos

I’ve searched really hard to find the video of the running group of crisis actors, who start running at the first sound of “gunshots” to create a panic – 3:50 mark.

I don’t think that this video was directed by Shaun Hoff, however, who made the video, from inside the crowd, “famous” for some idiot standing up chugging his beer and flipping his middle finger towards the Mandalay Bay hotel, from where the sounds come.
Shaun Hoff sold his video to CNN, and was also interviewed by Kyung Lah of CNN.
I haven’t been able to see the video of the interview: ... 79791.html

Shaun Hoff is a Los Angeles casting director and escaped unscathed from the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas:
I guess he forgot to make video footage of the following:
As he was realizing the gravity of the situation, Hoff says he watched a woman 10 feet away from him get shot and apparently die.
Shaun Hoff has the following credits to his name:
This is probably the Instagram page of Shaun Hoff:

In one of those strange coincidences Melissa Castruita survived the 2017 Las Vegas “mass shooting” and had earlier survived the 2 December 2015 shooting in San Bernardino, California, when 14 were killed and 21 more injured (with both shooters killed): ... acres.html

Another interesting name is that of Getty photographer David Becker, who just happened to be on right place to make the main photos of the Las Vegas “mass shooting”.
Becker had just finished taking pictures at the Route 91 Harvest festival and was back in the media tent editing his photos when the first shots were fired.
He wasn’t afraid for his own safety while making these because “he could sense that people were panicked as they ran for cover, but he did not actually know it was gunfire until several minutes later”: ... z4vJmM5yjl

The FBI is really doing their very best to prevent anybody from interfering with their “investigation”.
Several eye witnesses have described that their phones were confiscated and returned with all videos from the night of the attack wiped clean: ... HNztW.gbpl

James J. Murren is not only the CEO of MGM Resorts International, and board member of the Brookings Institution, but also a member of the Homeland Security National Infrastructure Advisory Council since December 2013.
Following is a good story on the insider trading involving James Murren (George Soros is unfortunately missing in action).

MGM shares have declined by 11%, compared to 7 September 2017. This decline occurred while some $200 million in insider selling was taking place.
From 5 to 12 September 2017, approximately 6 million shares of MGM were sold by officers and/or directors of the company, totalling approximately $200 million in proceeds. Included in this seller group are James Murren with some 450,000 shares (who had been selling since late July), who sold more than 85% of all of his holdings and MGM Board member Grounds William Warwick, who sold almost 177,000 MGM shares on 6 September 2017 alone.

The shares of OSI Systems have risen since 11 September 2017 with 16%. Call option volume OSI also spiked higher in the 2 weeks before the attack: ... gas-attack

I don’t really know which official story by the “reputable sources” of the hotel room of Stephen Paddock isn’t “fake”.
Paddock rented 2 rooms on the 32nd floor, and checked in 3 days before the shooting, on 29 September, while only room 32135 is named (and only one door). In another version Paddock arrived on 25 September…
In one version, Paddock shot 200 rounds of ammunition through the door at the hotel security guard (who was or wasn’t armed and was hit by only one bullet) some 6 minutes before he started shooting at the concert area.
The SWAT team reportedly used some sort of explosives to enter through “the” door of “the” hotel room.
Now look at the picture. It’s strange that they left the gun standing there, even more strange that this isn’t “official” police tape, but never mind the details…
There is much less damage than I would’ve expected, not only to the door, but also to the door frame.
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Re: Las Vegas False Flag – 60 dead, 527 injured

Post by Firestarter » Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:35 pm

I’m getting more and more frustrated, not only is it (almost) impossible to actually find information on this “event” by the internet “search” engines, thanks to updated search algorithms, but Youtube videos keep on being deleted and stories, that are already on the internet, are simply changed...

It doesn’t happen very often that the number of dead and injured victims from a “mass shooting” decreases after some “conspiracy theorists” point out that the high amount is impossible.

The following story, with in the URL “at-least-60-dead-527-injured”, was obviously “updated”, and now reads that 59 dead, 489 injured: ... egas-strip
(archived here:

The following story, (still) reads 59 dead, 527 injured (with the addition of the dead Stephen Paddock that’s 60 dead): ... gas-strip/
(archived here:

At first it was mentioned that the hotel security guard was shot, after the smoke alarm went off because the shooting from the hotel room. In this version the security guard was proclaimed a hero amongst others for diverting the attention away from Stephen Paddock.
Stephen Paddock then fired (200 rounds through the door?) and hit the security guard with one bullet in the leg.
Not only can we expect a great roll out of metal detectors, but also a “landmark mental-health reform” to make it easier to sentence Targeted Individual to forced psychiatric treatment.
This story also mentions that the “death toll stands at 59, and at least 527 people were injured”: ... rmath.html
(archived here:

In a new version of the “event”, the security guard came to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, searching for an open door a few rooms away from the Las Vegas suite of Stephen Paddock.
The guard, Jesus Campos, was shot while checking on the alarm and, according to this police report, Paddock never fired on the crowd below again. I had not read this version yet…
At least 88 of the injured still were in Las Vegas-area hospitals, 37 of whom were in critical condition, on Friday morning the 13th: ... index.html
(archived here:

In the following version, it is “explained” that in a previous (wrong) version, it was claimed that the security guard was shot at 10:18 PM, about 3 minutes after the concert shooting ended.
But that in reality, the security was shot, when investigating the open door, 6 minutes before the mass shooting at concert area started, at around 9:59 PM: ... oting.html
(archived here:

In a recent press conference (the latest new version?!?), spokesman for this “event”, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, has said that the security guard is back to being shot at 22:05, so NOT before the mass shooting, but during (starting at 11:00).

On 10 October, the hotel security guard - Jesus Campos - was awarded the SPFPA hero award.
Too bad that the photo was already created on 9 October...
Jesus Campos stands second from the right in the larger group photo. The left lower side of his jacket wasn’t photoshopped like it should have been.

In an earlier version of the “event”, Stephen Paddock checked in 3 days before the mass shooting, on 28 September 2017: ... =true&r=US
(archived here:

In a newer version, Stephen Paddock already checked into the Mandalay Bay hotel on 25 September.
Also interesting is that Stephen Paddock was married twice (decades before he met Marilou “Danley”) and we haven’t heard much about these wives: ... index.html
(archived here:

I found information about the number of bullets Stephen Paddock reportedly fired at the crowd, which according to the following story was a whopping “more than 10,000 bullets” (in 15 minutes, as opposed to the 9-11 minutes).
Another bizarre story, is the "plugging bullet holes with their fingers", according to amongst other concert-goer Russell Bleck: ... yt3d5.html
(archived here:

One of the interesting stories that I haven’t paid enough attention to is the plane of Stephen Paddock, which was later bought by Volant LLC, which is not the same as government contractor Volant Associates.
It is still interesting that according to the FAA, the pane with this registration number was another type and owned by another guy in San Diego (instead of Volant LLC): ... eakthrough

Probably the most interesting is that the Plane was later registered to somebody named John W. Rogers.
John W. Rogers Jr. was very close to and has worked for Barack Obama since 2008:
(archived here:
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Re: Las Vegas False Flag – 60 dead, 527 injured

Post by Firestarter » Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:30 pm

Today I’ve seen a large amount of interesting Youtube videos, better watch them quick, before they disappear without a trace...

In the following video, I hear the doctor calling the Las Vegas “mass shooting”, the “mass casualty incident or disaster drill - EDIT "new" video.

54-year-old Jack Beaton from Bakersfield, California is one of the reported (58?) casualties.
Jack told his wife Laurie to get on the ground and covered her body to protect her from the bullets. He was hit and started bleeding profusely. He had just enough time to tell her he loved her, to which Laurie responded "I love you, too. I'll see you in heaven": ... 728562001/
To me this sounds too much of a Hollywood movie, and what makes it even less convincing, is that the following picture of Jack and Laurie is another photoshop (notice the difference in colour and lighting on the faces!): ... -shooting/

In the following video, I find Brian Matejka from Canada the most interesting. Matjeka has since complained over being harrassed by conspiracy nutcases that labe him a crisis actor. He was shot in his head (see the entry- and exit wound in the screen print below)! - EDIT: video was removed ("new" video with German subtitles).


On the following blogspot, somebody claims that all of these incredible heroic people are too “brave” to be real. I’m no hero, and if bullets were raining down, I would probably try to get away as fast as I could, ignoring the actors shouting to get down on the ground. I would certainly not risk my own life trying to help others I don’t even know.
The most interesting part of the blogspot is the videos. I don’t see a single person with convincing (bullet) wounds, below some links to videos: ... re-in.html

Jonathan Smith – saved the lives of 30 people, even continuing after being shot in the neck while helping others. The bullet is still in the neck (bandage in later photo shows neck wound has moved to shoulder). San Diego off duty officer from San Francisco, Tom McGrath, saved Smith by stopping the bleeding by plugging his finger in the wound (EDIT - new video).

Nick Campbell - 16-year-old basketball player was shot in his shoulder and chest, when protecting his girlfriend. A stranger helped them:

Tom MacIntosh - shot in the leg while helping his wife and another lady get over the "wall". The stranger "James Lawson" helped him:

Natalie Vanderstay - shot in the stomach. Had to step on people and jump over a fence, was saved by cab driver:

Mike Cordic - off-duty fire-fighter was giving CPR to someone when he was shot in the arm. He kept doing CPR with one arm until he noticed he was bleeding:

Jan Lambourne - fractured her pelvis by being shot in the stomach. Justin Uhart helped save herlife. Lying wounded, Lambourne texted to her husband "I love you so much". Justin and other strangers carried Lambourne to a nearby field full of injured:

Michael Caster – shot through his lung which hit his spine, just missing his heart. Part of his long was removed, was saved by his girlfriend:

Phil Aurich - shot in the back, was dragged by his girlfriend to the back seat of a police cruiser. A woman called Alie came and saved him by putting pressure on the bullet wound:

Kristin Babik - shot in the back, near her spine, suffered broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Did not realise she was shot, until noticing the blood. Climbed over a fence with the help of a stranger. They meet in hospital in front of the cameras:

Addison Short - was shot in her left leg:

Gunderson – a media commentator, was shot in his leg trying to save others. He was visited by Donald and Melanie Trump in hospital:

Sonny Melton - shot in the back, wife Heather Melton gave him CPR while shots were still raining down around them:

Dr. Keith Blum, a neurosurgeon with the Las Vegas Neurosurgery Associates, operated Tina Frost, who was shot in the right eye, also losing (part of) her forehead, and (at the time) was still in a coma: ...

Tina Frost woke up from her coma on 14 October: ... story.html

In the category interesting information on Stephen Paddock, here’s his reported birth certificate (uploaded 9 October 2017):
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Re: Las Vegas False Flag – 60 dead, 527 injured

Post by Firestarter » Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:51 pm

The rumours on the “hero” hotel security guard that got shot were going wild. Finally, hotel security guard Jesus Campos has told his story on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.
This is obviously a carefully prepared 8:34 interview, with DeGeneres mostly telling Campos what he should say.
Below the video is some additional information on this interview.

Here’s my description on what is said on what happened on 1 October (this isn’t literally what was said).
ED (Ellen DeGeneres) 0:30 - Went up to check open door.
ED 0:50 – You were up the fire escape to check. JC (Jesus Campos) – I was coming through the stairwell from the 31st to the 32nd floor, and when I approached the door, it didn’t open. He was checking for an open door, but then found a door closed (where did the open door go?)...
JC 1:20 – Then I approached the room. How did he get there, the door was blocked...
ED 1:27 – So you were approaching the closed door from the other side coming from the elevator and only then noticed that the door was blocked with brackets (explained with a prepared sign).
JC 2:00 – I called for the closed door. ED – And then the other guy Stephen Chuck was called to fix it.
JC 2:18 – Heard a sound, thought it was drilling. ED – You thought that the gunshots sounded like drilling. Drilling doesn’t sound like gunshots...
JC 2:40 – Then I walked away, and heard “rapid fire”, I took cover, felt a burning sensation, saw the blood and knew I had been shot. Then called in that shots had been fired, but forgot to say I was hit.
ED 3:23 – So he shot you from behind the door right. JC – Yes, through the door, uhmm.. I didn’t see where the shots came from.
Stephen Chuck 4:15 – I walked through the hallway and saw Jesus, and then heard gunshots. Then Jesus told me to take cover.
JC 4:55 – I saw a female coming out of the door and I told her to go back inside.
8:19 - Campos gets all emotional when he gets presented with a $25,000 check from his Gofundme page (who wouldn’t?).

Here’s a description from somebody who thinks that the interview was “suspicious”. In my opinion the most important is “15. Campos in person looks about 75 lbs heavier than he does in the few pictures posted online. Also, the eyeglasses are gone” - EDIT new link:

My first impression was that this is not the same guy (much heavier) that I saw in the photoshop of “Jesus Campos” given an award on 10 October (picture created on 9 October...).
The 2 pictures on the left are from 10 October, notice how the left side of his jacket wasn’t photoshopped very well. The picture on the right doesn’t even look like the CGI on the left, notice that the guy on the right is much wider, more muscular, and the face and hair doesn’t even come close!
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Re: Las Vegas False Flag – 60 dead, 527 injured

Post by Firestarter » Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:13 pm

I’ve found one disappearing diseased victim of lone wolf shooter Stephen Paddock…

The following story shows 58 victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting (I believe that’s all of them…): ... names.html
(archived here:

The following list is only 48 (if I counted correctly), so not the full list: ... oll-rises/
(archived here:

On this list is one Michael Anderson, who’s not in the full list anymore…
Here’s information on poor Michael, the disappeared Computer Generated Image:
also tragically died during the horrific shooting on Sunday night. Anderson's girlfriend, Bianca Acosta (pictured right), posted a heartfelt tribute to Anderson on Facebook earlier on Monday
She wrote: "The thing about my love story with Michael is that it has been ever lasting since the moment we locked eyes. I have been crazy in love with this man since I was fifteen. I never felt so much love and adoration. He was everything a woman could want and need in a man.
"So I held on tight. We fought long and hard to be by each others side. And when we finally came together it was like perfect harmony. Then came our baby boy and I couldn't believe how much I could love another little person so much that it consumes me. I look into my son's eyes and see his father

On the following page it's claimed that the entire Jean Georges Steakhouse underwent a full remodel that was finished in July 2017. This also shows that the 10 October photos of "Jesus Campos" are fake: ... deception/

Also note the obvious glitch in the picture on the face of the "Jesus Campos" at the Jean Georges.

In one of those strange coincidences, the 1 October country musical festival had the same tour promoter as Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous woman” tour. Ariana Grande became even more famous, after her sold out concert in Manchester was hit by a mad “suicide bomber” on 22 May: ... =31&t=1092

The promoter for the 1 October Las Vegas country festival is Live Nation Entertainment:

Ariana Grande’s tour promoter was (is?) Live Nation: ... 202442736/
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Re: Las Vegas False Flag – 60 dead, 527 injured

Post by Firestarter » Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:10 pm

According to the following, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo claimed that:
546 people have been injured. 501 of them have already been discharged. In other words, they applied for medical help, but were subsequently discharged. The number of deaths so far is 58 (along with the shooter 59 - FNI). 45 people are still in hospitals. ... -hospitals
(archived here:

EDIT - video was deleted (posted "new" video).
Just to make sure that nobody interferes with the FBI “investigation”; a SWAT team was sent to the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino to confiscate their surveillance footage of the “Las Vegas Shooting”.

Here’s another interesting video, reportedly shot from the 63rd floor of Mandalay Bay by Jason Hartman.
I’m surprised at how much can be seen of the concert grounds, from more than 1100 feet distance (330 meters). This couldn’t have been mad with an ordinary phone, but with a “real” camera…
When somebody fires bullets at a crowd in the dark, I would turn down the lights…
Maybe the sound was made at a later time than the (visual) video. It is (only) the sound that makes it believable that there are shots being fired. The people commenting do their best to convince us that people are shot down.
Also pay careful attention to the police cars that park their cars in the line of fire (is that real brave or very stupid?).

Here’s more information on Jason Hartman, who describes himself as being involved in real estate, CEO of Platinum Properties Investor Network, and educates others on real estate. He also claims to be a “media personality”.
He also displays some pictures with celebrities, see the picture with Richard Branson:
(archived here:


Here’s a video, where the concert area is cleaned up. There should be FBI agents investigating the literally thousands of bullets that were sprayed here.
If anybody sees damage from the thousands of bullets, please show me.

Firestarter wrote:I’ve found one disappearing diseased victim of lone wolf shooter Stephen Paddock…

The following story shows 58 victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting (I believe that’s all of them…): ... names.html
(archived here:

The following list is only 48 (if I counted correctly), so not the full list: ... oll-rises/
(archived here:
On this list is one Michael Anderson, who’s not in the full list…
I’ve looked for interesting pictures of Michael Anderson, who was mourned by his girlfriend, Bianca Acosta, after being killed on 1 October in Las Vegas. Then he suddenly disappeared from the victims list...

Here’s the (first) Gofundme page for Michael Anderson:
Here’s the second, where it’s explained that Anderson didn’t die in the Las Vegas “mass shooting”:
(archived here:

I don’t understand at all. I thought that some “conspiracy theorist” found out that the story on Michael Anderson doesn’t add up. And then information on him was simply deleted…
So what did he die of on 1 October in Las Vegas?

Here’s a picture of Michael Anderson with his (pregnant) girlfriend around a Christmas three.

Here’s another (earlier?) picture of Anderson and his girl, notice that this is in “reverse” (his nose piercing has shifted from left to right).

Here’s an “official” list of the victims, including birth dates: ... oting.aspx
(archived here:

The following lists 58 victims, including Michael Anderson: ... identified
(archived here:

In the last list, the 24-year-old Austin Meyer is missing, who already had caught my eye, as he was celebrating his birthday, but his listed birth date is 18 September 1993: ... oll-rises/
(archived here:
It was a weekend of birthday celebrations for Austin Meyer, 24, in Las Vegas.
Meyer, an automotive student at Truckee Meadows Community College in Nevada, was attending the concert with his fiance, Dana Getreu.
Meyer dreamed of opening his own repair shop and starting a family, his sister, Veronica Meyer, told KSBW News.
"Austin was a joy to be around. He always had a smile on his face, was (witty) and was always making people laugh," she said.
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Re: Las Vegas False Flag – 60 dead, 527 injured

Post by Firestarter » Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:50 pm

In the following video are 2 incredible horrible injuries from the Las Vegas “mass shooting” and an interesting producer, photographer that was present to make a video of the event.
At 1:25 – is a girl with a “gigantic” wound on her elbow from a bullet, who tells about her mother being shot and talks to the hero fireman that saved her mum.

At 3:05 – Photographer Brendon O’Neal is introduced, who was backstage. At 4:03 - Brendon tells that a woman near him was hit in the head. She is carried away, this is blurred.

At 4:50 – in my opinion the highlight of this video. Justin Burton (wife Jay) got hit with 2 bullets in his back, barely missing his spine. He could leave the hospital, even though the bullets are still in his back, because "it would cause more harm to operate on him than to just leave the bullets".
They discharged him from hospital with a magical bandage (with something under it…) and he's walking like really, really difficult.

More on Brendon O’Neal.
From his Instagram page we learn that he’s a photographer, film maker, producer. I believe that he surfs for a hobby…
He appears to specialise in photos of nature and women in bikini:

Brendon O’Neal is Creative Director for Paradise Cove Productions (his picture features a wonderful rainbow in the background...).
In my opinion the most interesting of the 3, is George Parra, who was worked with some big directors like Alexander Payne, Oliver Stone, James Cameron, Michael Bay, Rob Cohen, Martin Campbell, Jay Roach and David O’Russell:
(archived here:

On the following is a video where Justin Burton, 29, Temecula, CA, is interviewed.
He sits up, and looks (and moves) remarkably well for being shot twice only a day before: ... 106453554/

What´s strange is that on the following, Justin Burton is named as the hospital roommate of Michael Kordich, 34. This time he´s (also) from Canyon Lake, Calif: ... 728619001/

In one of these strange coincidences; Mike Dempsey, who survived the 1 October Las Vegas “mass shooting”, was also in the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001…
Dempsey escaped the WTC after the first plane hit, but was taken to the hospital with a fractured skull after being trampled.
His first thoughts on Vegas:
It’s a devastating incident, and really a reflection that we need to have change and really do something. First, help the victims and survivors but also really make some to change out this, and make some good come out of this horrific event. ... oting.html

Mike Dempsey is much more than any other crisis actor; he has made the most of 9/11. Dempsey is a Vice President of Mission Be.
Mike Dempsey is also a founding Board member for the September 11 Education Trust. Mike coordinates programs such as the Oklahoma City/September 11th Family Exchange, which “unites the September 11th community with the members of the Oklahoma City bombing community”.
From 2003-2006, Dempsey was also a member of the Coalition of 9/11 Families.
Mike Dempsey has been a director at KPMG for the past 5 years in the Operations Risk service line specializing in operational risk, enterprise risk, and third party risk management. Mike joined KPMG from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond:
(archived here:
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Re: Las Vegas False Flag – 60 dead, 527 injured

Post by Firestarter » Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:32 pm

There have been already 6 (?) reported dead witnesses of the Las Vegas “mass shooting”.
At least one of these is a fake story - John Beilman, a murder-suicide after a visit from the FBI, which had nothing to do with Las Vegas...

Kymberley Suchomel, witness to the Las Vegas “shooting”, died.
This is one witness dead for knowing too much: ... -facebook/

It is claimed that she posted a long account on what happened on 1 October on Facebook, this has not been authenticated. I believe this is fabricated…
The Facebook message includes seeing “FIRE CRACKERS WERE SET OFF”, about 15 seconds before the “the first volley of gunfire was released”, and the “Bullets were coming from every direction” and “more than one gun firing. 100% more than one”.

What makes this story less than convincing, is that after noticing that “we immediately knew there was someone shooting at us”, Kymberley was “still struggling to get my boots on”.
First putting on “my boots”, while panicking over shots being fired at her…

I imagine that somebody that’s running for her life wouldn’t have the time to call her husband and grandma “So, at 10:07pm I called my husband franticly leaving him a voicemail- telling him that I loved him and was in the middle of a shooting & I wasn’t sure if I would make it out alive. Next, while still running, I called my grandma to tell her the exact same thing.”:

The previous account by Suchomel and friends “dancing our booties off” contradicts the official narrative, according to which Kymberley Suchomel was terminally ill, which caused her to die a little more than a week after the Vegas “mass shooting”…

Two more dead witnesses - Lorraine and Dennis Carver. This story is even more bizarre.
The couple supposedly “crashed into a metal gate outside their community at 10:50 p.m.” on 16 October, and the car immediately exploded “less than half a mile from their home”.
The most bizarre is probably: “It took firefighters nearly an hour to put out the fire, the department said in a statement”.
We must only conclude that there were explosives in the car…

What’s also strange, is that:
During the confusion of the shooting, he had lost his phone that was full of photos and videos from the night of the attack.
His phone had somehow ended up in the FBI's possession, but a Las Vegas agent promised to ship the phone back to him.
"When we turned it on, all his photos and messages were still there," Brooke said.
This is suspicious because it took the FBI 3 weeks to return the lost phone, and arguably even more strange is that his daughter would claim that “all his photos and messages were still there”, because she couldn’t possibly know: ... -explosion
(archived here:

The following article has some information on Stephen Paddock’s reported ex-wife (from 1985-1990) - Peggy Okamoto, including a picture. Okamoto is of Asian origin, and currently lives in Cerritos, California.
Their marriage produced no children and ended in divorce after 6 years. Either “due to alleged abuse” or “irreconcilable differences” (I’ve also read a second story on Okamoto): ... irlfriend/

The Daily fail has explained that Marilou Danley was no bigamist with 2 Social Security numbers, but there was a mix-up.
The “other” Marilou, married Jose Bustos in 1996. Marilou Natividad-Bustos is registered in California and her age is listed as 55. Natividad-Bustos has 4 children.

The “Marilou“, girlfriend of Paddock, married Geary “Danly” (curtosy the Daily fail…) in 1990. Marilou “Danley” is 62 years and is registered in Nevada . Marilou “Danley” had 1 child, who lives in California; it’s unclear if Geary Danly was the father: ... -once.html

I’ve been looking at the following picture, which shows Stephen Paddock eating a meal including fish in Manila, the Philippines (in 2014?).
There are 7 Filipinos with him, mostly women, including Marilou “Danley”: ... 791917.jpg
I’m not sure, but (some of) the hands look very odd to me…

What was called “Marilou Danley” in the first photo released of Stephen Paddock isn’t the “Marilou” in the other pictures. Compare the pictures (of the face) of Marilou in the following.
The big group picture, reportedly in a Las Vegas casino in 2014, also looks fake, photoshopped (or is this what a “normal” picture of very low quality looks like?)…

In the category bizarre information on the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, comes a story from the “reliable” CNN.
It is based on a “deposition” from a $100,000 law suit filed by Paddock in 2012, against the Cosmopolitan Hotels & Resorts in 2011, after he slipped and fell down. The case was dismissed.
Reportedly Paddock gambled up to $1 million a night, which according to him isn't a lot of money.
He also told the court that he took some 45-50 valium pills in one and a half year (why would he tell that?).
What makes this less convincing, knowing the “high” standards of CNN, is that I couldn’t find the 97-page court document supposedly “deposed” on 29 October 2013 on the internet: ... index.html

The strange stories on “hero” hotel security guard Jesus Campos continue.
Campos’ lawyer, Frank Flansburg III, said Campos has spent most of his time at an MGM property, except from 6-8 October in Mexico on a pre-planned and company-approved trip to visit family.
He is staying at an MGM Resorts International property for his own protection: ... us-campos/
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Re: Las Vegas False Flag – 60 dead, 527 injured

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I’ve read some stories on the Las Vegas “mass shooting” by James Fetzer, which aren’t very good. This one by Mona Alexis Pressley is very convincing…
In the following story, Pressley explains that 19 victims of the Las Vegas 1 October “event” died because of other circumstances, including dying on other dates and in other places (including other states). The “evidence” presented are screenprints from the internet…

Hannah Ahlers: passed away in California.
Heather Alvarado: 2 obituaries, an earlier listing places her death in Enoch, UT.
Carrie Rae Banette: according to the first obituary, passed away in California.

Denise Burditus: died in the Spring Valley hospital, Las Vegas on 2 October. Her husband claims that she died in his arms at the concert…
Sandra Casey: passed away in Vermont.
Angela Gomez: died in Riverside, CA.

Rocio Guille: passed away in Anaheim, California.
Christopher Hazencomb: passed away in Camarillo, CA on 2 October 2017.
Victor Link: died in California.

Jordan McIldoon: committed suicide, according to a blog post by his mother.
Patricia Mestas: passed away in Riverside, California.
Adrian Murfitt: died in Anchorage, Alaska.

Jennifer Parks: died in Lancaster, CA.
Jordyn Rivera: died in California.
Christopher Louis Roybal: 2 obituaries with 2 different dates of death - 1 and 2 October 2017. He died in Corona, California.

Susan Smith: obituary requests donations to the Cancer Society (indicating she died of cancer…).
Brennan Stewart: died in North Las Vegas (far away from the Las Vegas strip) on 2 October 2017.
Michelle Vo: passed away in San Jose, California.

Charleston Hartfield, is an example of a switched identity. The Charleston Hartfield that died, Sr., was born in 1965 and the father of the reported Las Vegas “mass shooting” victim, who is 34 years.
Charleston Hartfield Jr. is still alive. He worked in San Bernardino in the National Guard, but he now needs a fresh, new identity, with a nice profit from “his” Gofundme page: ... t-las.html
(archived here:
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