Parkland, Florida School Shooting

False Flag -- A horrific, staged event, blamed on a political enemy and used as a pretext to start a war or enact draconian laws in the name of national security.
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Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Post by notmartha »

A few random finds regarding school shooting dubbed "Valentines Day Massacre" on February 14 40ish miles south of Trumps club ...

In typical False Flag fashion, event takes place coinciding with drill:



Why so much coverage BEFORE the event happened?


Event in close proximity to Trump's club, and the alleged shooter supposedly posted on social media wearing a MAGA hat. Definitely trying to poison the well here...


Again, in typical False Flag fashion, numerous contradicting accounts about number of shooters. Here is a video of girl who claimed to be talking to accused shooter while/shortly after shots fired: ... 85/video/1

Firestarter - do you have a pic of the actress in the hospital in Vegas that was being interviewed by Doc Phil? This gal looks just like her, from what I recall. And what is with the turtleneck sweater midday in Florida?
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Re: Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Post by Firestarter »

notmartha wrote: Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:46 pmFirestarter - do you have a pic of the actress in the hospital in Vegas that was being interviewed by Doc Phil? This gal looks just like her, from what I recall. And what is with the turtleneck sweater midday in Florida?
I think that you mean the following actress - EDIT deleted "hotlink": ... 01-WEB.jpg
Dr. Phil also talked to the following (but I don’t think you mean this one as this wasn’t interviewed by Dr. Phil in the video I posted in the Las Vegas thread): ... 639w68.JPG

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Alexa Miednik told a reporter that Nikolas Cruz couldn’t have been the only gunman as she was talking with him shortly after shots were fired from another part of the school: ... -flag.html
"The fire alarm went off and the principle came on the speaker and said everyone needs to evacuate right now, so that's what we did," Miednik told KHOU-TV's Matt Musil. "As I was going down the stairs I heard a couple shots fired. Everyone was freaking out saying that it was a gun."

"As we were walking, the whole class together, I actually was speaking to the suspect Nikolas Cruz, and as I was speaking to him, he seemed very, I don't know what the word I want to say is, but uh, he was trouble in middle school so I kinda joked to him about it and I said, 'I'm surprised you're not the one who did it,' and he just gave me a 'huh?'" she said.
"You were walking down the hall -- he had already fired at that time?" Musil asked.

"Yes sir, with him," she said.
"Weren't you scared?" Musil said.
"In the moment I wasn't because there was obviously, definitely another shooter involved," Miednik said.

"Oh, you think he was not the only one?" Musil asked.
"No, definitely not," Miednik said.
"Why do you say that?" Musil said.

"Because when shots were fired, I saw him after the fact," Miednik said. "And the shots were coming from the other part of the building, so there definitely had to be two shooters involved, I believe."
(archived here:

In the following video Alexa Miednik telling her story is the most important information.
Starting 2:00 - girl tells that there were 3 shooters, that there were drills and that mats were thrown over the bodies so they couldn’t see.
Starting 4:18 - also tells about the drill.
Starting 5:05 - Alexa Miednik about speaking to Nikolas Cruz shortly after the shots were heard. EDIT - "new" video.

There was a drill. EDIT - new video,

Teacher tells what happened (she looks and sounds reliable to me...), and she also tells that she thought it was a drill because an active shooter drill had been announced.

In the following video the incredibly brave Samantha is interviewed, who lost her friend...
She was shot (several times?) with an AR-15 and was taken to the hospitial in an ambulance.
That doctors really did and amazing job once again, and.. a small book saved her life (starting 2:54)!
I believe, maybe, the book deterred some of the it didn't hit me so badly.

Here is, amongst others, information on the reported victims: ... sacre.html
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Re: Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Post by Firestarter »

In the following video the main person is the girl (Kelsey Friend), who tells that she thought it was a drill. It’s impressive that she just keeps on talking. She tells about her geography teacher (Scott Beigel, 35) being shot and killed.
She goes as far as saying that she thought it was “fake”.
When the boy standing next to her finally gets the chance to speak, he almost immediately rants a prepared story that something must be done.
Towards the end, a tearful voice by Kelsey, but I don’t see any tears.

Some of the topics in the following video...
We thought it was a drill.
Students were sent to the Marriott (I’m thinking back to the Westminster False Flag).
The mother looks too young:

According to his arrest affidavit, Nikolas Cruz confessed using an AR-15 rifle to shoot “students that he saw in the hallways” at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School “and on school grounds”.
Reportedly He also confessed that he brought “additional loaded magazines” that he stashed in a backpack.

According to ABC, his arrest affidavit shows that Cruz claimed that "demon" voices in his head told him how to carry out the ambush that left at least 17 people dead: ... -says.html

According to the arrest affidavit of Nikolas Cruz on the internet, ABC was lying about the voices in his head (see page 5): ... Docket.pdf
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Re: Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Post by notmartha »

Thanks Firestarter. Neither of those are the ones I had in mind. I saw the interviews on tv. There was a blonde who stuck in my mind because she said something like "Thanks for having me" which I thought was weird beings she was supposed to be in a hospital all shot up. That blonde I think looked like this Alexa gal.
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Re: Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Post by Firestarter »

More witnesses in the following video, including.
David Hogg, who made such an eloquent statements that something must be done in the previous video, tells that they only knew that it wasn’t a drill, after seeing the “news”.
David tells that his father is a former FBI-agent…

It also includes the mother, whose son survived this “mass shooting”, that earlier survived the Fort Lauderdale “event” - EDIT video has already been deleted.
Here's another video with mom Annika Dean, who survived Fort Lauderdale, whose son Austin survived this "event".

Here’s another video with Kelsey Friend that was talking in seach a tearful voice about teacher Beigel (in this video she suddenly names Beigel).
She now talks in a similar tearful way, without tears, about student Peter Wang that reportedly died.

On 16 February, authorities locked up the brother of the reported terrorist Nikolas, Zachary Cruz who turns 18 next week, for 12 hours maximum for an involuntarily psychiatric exam.
Zachary was taken from the Lantana, Florida mobile home of Rocxanne Deschamps.

Around Thanksgiving, Nikolas Cruz had left Deschamps’ home after she had not allowed him to bring his new gun into her house: ... -facility/

In 2017, Jerry Varnell drove what he thought was a stolen van with a bomb to blow up an Oklahoma City bank.
The parents of the 23-year-old Jerry Drake Varnell, that had earlier been sentenced to schizophrenia, complained that the FBI had “groomed” their son to become a “right wing terrorist”.

The FBI used a criminal informant to play mind games with Varnell, otherwise he would probably never have tried to commit an act of terror.
Jerry’s father, Clifford Varnell, told the informant to stay away from their son, but the informant “continued to sneak onto our residence. The FBI paid him to continue this operation and I believe they have cleared his criminal record”.

The FBI not only gave him the idea to blow up the bank, but also provided him with the material:
What the public should be looking at is the fact that the FBI gave our son the means to make this happen. He has no job, no money, no vehicle, and no driver’s license, due to the fact that he is schizophrenic and we; his parents do everything we can possible to keep him safe and functional…..
He has suffered through countless serious full-blown schizophrenic delusional episodes and he has been put in numerous mental hospitals since he was 16 years old. The FBI came and picked him up from our home, they gave him a vehicle, gave him a fake bomb, and every means to make this happen none of which he had access to on his own. ... terrorist/
(archived here:
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Re: Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Post by Firestarter »

David Hogg, son of a former FBI agent, immediately got his camera to interview people on gun control when the "mass shooting" was taking place: ... story.html

After Nikolas Cruz's adopted mother Lynda Cruz died on 1 November 2017, Cruz stayed briefly with family friends the Deschamps.
Later in November 2017, Nikolas Cruz had to leave the Deschamps and moved in with James and Kimberly Snead, and their 17-year-old son.

James Snead, 48, works for the military intelligence.

The Sneads made Cruz buy a locking gun safe for the AR-15 and 2 other rifles. James Snead thought he had the only key to the cabinet.
It was reported Cruz had to leave the Deschamp house over 1 newly bought gun…

On the day of the shooting, Cruz told them he wouldn’t go to school because: “It’s Valentine’s Day and I don’t go to school on Valentine’s Day”.
Cruz had a cast on his right hand for a “boxer’s fracture”, which would have made the shooting even more difficult. The Sneads now think he removed the cast the day of the shooting.

Cruz told the Sneads he would inherit at least $800,000 from his deceased adopting parents when he turned 22.
This could have been a motive for framing Cruz...

They saw Cruz when they were picking up their 17-year-old son that had been questioned by the cops.
Kimberly yelled: “Really, Nik? Really?
According to James Snead: “He said he was sorry. He apologized. He looked lost, absolutely lost”: ... story.html

“Hero” librarian Diana Haneski saved the lives of 55 by locking 50 students and 5 adults into a media equipment room and locking the doors.
That was even before shots were heard, when she had heard on her radio that the school was on lockdown.
Haneski said:
I could see between the door and the floor. I could see if the bad guy – the shooter – walked past.
At first it was just lockdown then right away we heard ‘shooting’. We heard his name.

If the whole event was a staged hoax, this could have been the way to prevent witnesses from seeing what was (not) happening...
I haven’t yet found out how they knew so fast that the killer was Nikolas Cruz. He was reportedly wearing a gas mask.

Haneski, 57, said she knew what to do because her friend Yvonne Cech, a fellow librarian, had saved 22 people during the Sandy Hook “event” in 2012 by locking them up in a small cupboard: ... 15261.html
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Re: Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Post by Firestarter »

In the following video we can see and hear David Hogg, son of a retired FBI-agent, mumbling in earlier takes of an interview.
He gets several takes and is being coached on what to say - EDIT (2x) video was already taken down twice from Youtube; here's from an alternative video hosting site (video still online):

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is in charge of the “investigation” of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School “mass shooting” and immediately called for gun control. Israel’s own triplets once attended the Parkland high school.
Scott Israel was also in charge of the January 2017 “mass shooting” at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. In that “event”, Israel’s own sister-in-law was at the airport during the attack.

The campaigns in the last 2 contested Broward County sheriff elections where led by Roger Stone, Donald Trump´s long-time advisor.
In 2008, then-Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti used Stone to win the election from Scott Israel.
According to Stone, he became disillusioned with Lamberti and in 2012 backed Scoot Israel´s winning election (against Lamberti): ... 72f8f3c337

I am convinced that Scott Israel will investigate this false flag just as wonderfully as the Fort Lauderdale “event”…

In the earlier sheriff´s election, Stone was working as a consultant for attorney Scott Rothstein, who was backing Al Lamberti.
Rothstein was later sent to federal prison for a Ponzi scheme.

The Sheriff's Office employs 5,000 people and has a yearly budget of $677 million.

After his election, Scott Israel hired 4 Roger Stone associates.
1) Michael Colapietro - helped Stone write 2 books.
2) Jennifer "Jen" Hobbs - Stone's book publicist and fiancée of blogger Andrew Miller, who put $120,000 into Israel's campaign.
3) Dianne Thorne - Stone's long-time assistant and Miller's former stepmom. Chairwoman of the Libertarian Party in Miami-Dade County and a founder of Tea Party Miami.
4) Scott Stone - Stone's stepson was made a detective even though he lacked experience.

Stone´s long-time friend Ron Gunzburger, who connected him with Sheriff Israel in the first place, is the agency's general counsel.
Gunzburger convinced Stone to support Israel's campaign, after Lamberti had fired his sister and launched an investigation into his mother, Sue: ... story.html
(archived here:

See Sheriff Scott Israel and Donald trump.
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Re: Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Post by Firestarter »

That son of a retired FBI-agent, David Hogg, is arguably the most interesting of the “witnesses”. I’m not sure if he actually claims to have seen anything...

Even before David Hogg grabbed the limelight in the aftermath of this “event”, while being coached to read his script properly and allowing him several takes to do interviews; in 2016 he was already invited for a VIP-tour at the CNN-studio (see Hogg in the studio): ... -activist/


His mother, Rebecca Boldrick is a realtor at Berkshire Hathaway (of Warren Buffett), reportedly with good connections at CNN:
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Re: Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Post by Firestarter »

Marjory Stoneman High School numbers counted 3,158 students in 2015 and 2016…
Where are the 3000 of students that might actually tell the truth on what happened?

They are now pushing fake stories to help poor Hogg: 1) his mother is a CNN-executive, 2) he wasn’t even a student of Marjory Stoneman, 3) he works for Podesta, 4) his FBI father, Kevin Hogg, sold his company for hundreds of millions of dollars in 2008.

David Hogg has even gotten support from Representative Ted Lieu of California. Now it isn’t really that strange that a “good” politician steps up to defend an all-American “hero” like David Hogg.
But it’s sort of “insane” that Ted Lieu has confirmed that he and his family have known David Hogg and his family from before they moved out of California (to Florida):

David Hogg has earlier been promoted to get his boring video of a life guard talking to his friend on the beach getting the attention it didn’t deserve...

The Zionist Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, affiliated with Donald Trump’s adviser Roger Stone, suspended School Deputy Scot Peterson after seeing a video that showed that Peterson stayed outside the school building.

Peterson was armed, and in uniform, and according to Israel (that really is his last name…) should have gone into the building during the 6-minute “mass shooting” and shot the killer.
Peterson, 54, at the school since 2009, resigned after he was suspended.

Israel placed 2 other officers on restricted assignment because “they should have done more”: ... story.html

I’ve found a decent summary of some of the most important fact to doubt the official story on this “event”...
The writer was in charge (including security) of a large High School of 1,800 students and 140 employees, and even once thwarted a school shooting.

He was never once contacted by the FBI or other intelligence agencies over the school shooting.
He was only contacted by a few reporters, and no student was interviewed.
This leads to the inevitable conclusion that it’s suspicious that here a couple of students get lots of media attention for their gun control propaganda.

Where are all the videos of the (estimated 22) CCTV cameras?
Why was the FBI the first on campus even though the school is so close to the Police Department?
How come the intelligence agencies provided “training” at this school 3 weeks earlier?
Why has the school district decided to demolish this building (like they did Sandy Hook)? Is this to destroy (no) evidence?

In video interviews, students claim that there were multiple shooters.
There was also an interview were a student was told to “Go try another door".

The shooter reportedly was visited by the cops 39 times but never placed on a watch list and his right to a firearm flagged and denied.
Who identified Nikolas Cruz and how did they track him to the retail store and arrested him so fast: ... 42208.html
(archived here:
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A Motive for False Flag: Blackmail

Post by editor »

The following article details past and ongoing corruption within the Broward County Sheriff's Department. If I were looking to stage a false flag event, and I wanted to be sure of the cooperation of local authorities, I would choose a county whose government was knee-deep in provable corruption, and offer them immunity to play ball. Sound feasible?

This article originally appeared here: ... lieve-set/
School Shooting Plot Exposed: You Wont Believe who Set it Up
By Onan Coca
February 24, 2018

For the last week or so, the entire nation has been talking about gun control — or at least the media has been talking about it.

The sudden tsunami of gun control stories, articles, op-eds, and segments is the result of the terrible mass shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in beautiful Parkland, Florida.

Sadly, the focus on gun control has caused the media (and the people who get their news from the media) to miss the far-larger scandal revolving around Douglas High School.

First, let me be clear; I’m not talking about the scandal of four police officers being on scene when the shooting begins, but who chose to do NOTHING while waiting outside for backup. This is a scandal in and of itself, no doubt, and it should be investigated. The police force that allowed this to happen should be shamed for it. The shooting could, and should, have been far less bloody if only these officers had done what their community expects of them.

Secondly, this isn’t about the scandal unfolding at the FBI, who knew of Nikolas Cruz and his grotesque desires for mayhem and violence. This isn’t even (entirely) about the failure of policing that took place in the months and years before the shooting – a time period that saw local police visit Nikolas Cruz 39 different times for various episodes of violence and criminality.

And finally, it isn’t about how a troubled young man, so clearly mentally and emotionally distressed, ran afoul of the law so often, but was still somehow able to pass a background check to purchase his firearm.

No, this piece is about how, at every level, the government failed us by not enforcing our laws or even abiding by simple, logical standards of behavior.

Before I launch into this, let me give credit to the folks at The Last Refuge who write at the Conservative Treehouse and did much of the legwork on this story long before the shooting at Douglas High School. In fact, the Last Refuge was investigating this story years ago, in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting. I was able to independently confirm much of what the Last Refuge reported (see his Twitter thread on this story here) when I spoke, on condition of anonymity, with several sources, one of whom works in the central office of the Broward School District.

The scandal that the media is ignoring, but is probably the most important part of this story, involves the Broward County School District and local police agencies colluding to lay the foundation of the Douglas High School tragedy.

What do I mean?

The story all began about 6 years ago in Miami-Dade County (the county just South of Broward), where the school district was struggling to succeed. All of the data painted a picture of a failing school district. The district noticed that large portions of their school populations were being arrested at a higher proportion than the rest of their community, and they realized that if they could cut down on the criminality of their students, they could quickly improve the data coming out of their schools

With this in mind, the district entered into a relationship with their local police force and concluded a deal that would ensure the police would stop arresting so many of their students.
MiamiDade-Media-Advisory.jpg (78.06 KiB) Viewed 11406 times
Within a year or two, surrounding communities began to notice the change in Miami-Dade’s fortunes (which included a new influx of money), and Broward County decided that it was time they entered into a similar deal with their local police force.
The Broward County School Board and District Superintendent entered into a political agreement with Broward County Law enforcement officials to stop arresting students for crimes.

The motive was simple. The school system administrators wanted to “improve their statistics” and gain state and federal grant money for improvements therein.

It’s important to remember that this was not an arbitrary change; this was a well-planned fundamental shift in the entire dynamic of how teenagers would be treated when they engaged in criminal conduct.

Broward Co Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline – MOU by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd
I’m sure that you probably already see the problem with the police in South Florida entering into these deals with their local school districts.

In a very real way, the new policies made public school students above the law. These policies conflicted with laws that police officers had been long-trained to follow, but now it allowed students to act as they wished, without fear of the consequences.

At first, the police were only “excusing” misdemeanors, but soon they were also “excusing” felonies, including violent crimes like assault, armed robberies, and worse.

You can obviously see how this would cause problems, but it’s worse than you think. Once the system seemed to be “working,” the district needed the police to continue lowering arrests year-over-year, which meant that the police were being forced to excuse ever more severe criminal acts.

From the TheLastRefuge:
“Over time, even the most severe of unlawful conduct was being filtered by responding police.

We found out about it when six cops blew the whistle on severe criminal conduct they were being instructed to hide. The sheriff and police Chiefs were telling street cops and school cops to ignore ever-worsening criminal conduct.

The police were in a bind. They were encountering evidence of criminal conduct, and yet they had to hide the conduct. There were examples of burglary and robbery where the police had to hide the recovered evidence in order to let the kids get away without reports.

The police would take the stolen merchandise and intentionally falsify police records to record stolen merchandise *as if* they just found it on the side of the road.

They put drugs and stolen merchandise in bags, and sent it to storage rooms in the police department. Never assigning the recovery to criminal conduct. Stolen merchandise was just sitting in storage rooms gathering dust.

They couldn’t get the stuff back to the victim because that would mean the police would have to explain how they took custody of it. So they just hid it. To prove this was happening one of the officers told me where to look, and who the victim was…”
According to TheLastRefuge, an internal investigation was carried out, but the results were buried, because what it found was not politically or economically expedient for the county.
Broward County Sheriff’s Office Did Not “Miss Warning Signs” or Make “Mistakes”…
— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) February 23, 2018
In the years following, youth crime in Miami-Dade and Broward steadily grew worse. An odd quota system developed, and once a certain number of High School students had been arrested in the county, leadership would make sure that other crimes committed would be excused.

To make matters worse (as if this wasn’t bad enough), South Florida’s gangs quickly caught on to the scheme and began using high school students to commit more of their crimes. They also began planning their biggest, most important activities later in the month, later in the quarter, and at times when schools were collecting their data for reporting. In this way, the gangs could take advantage of committing their crimes at the time when the police would be most likely to give their high school aged members a pass.

Now we’re getting closer to how all of this led to the Douglas High School shooting.

With the intricate nature of the relationship between the police and the schools, it became vital that the School Resource Officers (SROs) placed at the schools understood how the symbiotic relationship between the district and the police was supposed to work. They needed SROs who were adept at ensuring the criminal activities of their students would not be reported as crimes and endanger the district’s political and financial fortunes.

This is likely why the much-demonized SRO Scot Petersen (who infamously stood outside of the school while the massacre was in progress), likely refused to share information on the shooter with social services back in 2016.
The sheriff’s deputy who did “nothing” while Nikolas Cruz killed seventeen people also refused to share information on Cruz with state social services during a 2016 investigation into his home life.
— Scott Bixby (@scottbix) February 23, 2018
These problems with the SROs in South Florida are not something new. There have been other investigations that uncovered their questionable behavior, but again it wasn’t convenient to end the practice.

In the wake of the Douglas High School shooting, these problems should be too big to hide.

Sadly, instead of covering the ongoing corruption of the law that has been happening in Miami-Dade and Broward counties since 2012, the media has chosen to focus their fire on gun control.

Instead of worrying about guns, the media should be asking how could local police pay 39 different visits (Broward Police claim it was “only” 23 visits) to one student without that student ever spending significant time in prison or a psychiatric ward. They should be asking why the local police wouldn’t share information about this high school kid with social services or other law enforcement agencies.

The truth is that our laws and law enforcement procedures were enough to stop the Douglas High School shooting before it ever happened, but because of the corruption sowed by the Broward County School District and local police leaders, those laws and procedures were ignored.

If the procedures (and laws) had been followed, Cruz would have never been allowed to purchase a gun. He would have likely already been incarcerated, and he never would have had the opportunity to kill 17 people.

This case isn’t about guns. And the answer isn’t more gun control.

This case is about school districts lying to their families in an effort to get more money and more political influence. It’s about local police forces being willing to ignore crime and refusing to abide by the laws that they promised they would uphold. It’s about government failures at every level and how that corruption and failure led to the death of 17 innocent people.

Don’t let the media sell you some sob story about how we need more gun control in this country. This is all about corrupt politicians and money.
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