what to do when I'm in court & the judge just ignores me?

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what to do when I'm in court & the judge just ignores me?

Post by figuringitout » Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:48 pm

1)A little history. I am a 58 yer old man, I have, my whole life, gotten random tickets here & there. I've always had a drivers license until about 10 years ago, when I began to realize how unconstitutional it is to be required to have one, so I went to a hearing at DMV and completely expected to walk out with my License, but the hearing officer told me I would not ever be eligible for another restricted license, and gave me a bunch of other rules I would have to comply with if I wanted to get my license back. I didn't like all the rules etc. so I walked out of there telling her she could keep my license, that I did not want it anymore. I have received several more tickets since, and most of them, I just went to court and accepted a plea bargain or whatever I needed to do to keep from going to jail. A couple years ago, they put me into jail, and I ended up staying there for 52 days, n a violation that carries a maximum penalty of 10 days. The judicial system here has railroaded me too many times to count, but now, they are charging me with being an Habitual Traffic Offender. I have 2 running simultaneously, but in different counties. I believe neither one knows about the other, but they are both charging me with Habitual. I requested the Prosecutor in both cases, show Evidence of Jurisdiction, during my very first (and every one since) arraignment hearing, but in either case, I received nothing. They told me they have Jurisdiction, but gave me no Evidence. In one hearing, the judge told me "Trust me, we have Jurisdiction." They have yet to show me any Evidence.

2) I am currently 2 weeks out from one of the jury trials, that I never requested, but the Judge entered pleas on my behalf, even when I was telling him, "I am perfectly capable of entering a plea on my own, as soon as I understand the charges against me, and the Prosecutor shows me Evidence of Jurisdiction..." but the judge just rolled over me and entered a plea of Not Guilty on my behalf, and told me I could argue it out at trial. What do I do when the judge refuses to hear what I am telling him and just runs over me and disregards everything I am saying??

3) Also, this ticket occurred when I was just driving into my driveway. Apparently the officer had clocked me going "52 in a 40 zone", (even though the speed limit is 45 mph in that area) and he was heading the opposite direction as me. I pulled into my garage & then I saw him so I walked out of my garage & he began to tell me what he observed etc. I'm pretty sure he never saw my face, if so, he saw it for less that 5 seconds as he passed me, and it was pitch black outside. 9 pm and there are NO streetlights where I live. When it's dark, it's brutally dark. Then, the ticket I received, had no violation printed on it, the only violation that was listed was, "Habitual Traffic Offender, Driving under revocation". In this instance, the Deputy gave me a ticket that was a summons. I guess my question here is, how much of this, should I bring up at the hearing in two weeks? What should I include or leave out? I'm seriously thinking it is going to be impossible for me to get a fair trial, since the judge won't even hear what I say or respect the fact that I object to certain things, or even acknowledge that I have spoken. I am representing myself in court, no attorney, and I do not really know enough about the law to do this with the confidence it will take, and I'm wondering how or if I can obtain that knowledge before my trial. I would appreciate as much information and also opinions as people want to give that will help me make the right moves when I am in court!
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Re: what to do when I'm in court & the judge just ignores me

Post by notmartha » Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:44 pm


I would recommend you starting with this page about Jurisdiction, and follow it up by reading these two articles:

"A Radical Perspective on Jurisdiction" by Gregory Allan

"How Unlawful Courts Gain Jurisdiction" by Greg Loren Durand
http://www.lawfulpath.com/forum/downloa ... php?id=467

As far as them showing "evidence" of jurisdiction, they are counting on you to do that for them. You will hopefully better understand this after you read the information at the links above.

They claim jurisdiction based on your Appearance, your Consent, and your Contacts, plus a bunch of Presumptions based on your past and present conduct.

Just in what you post here, they will have no problem convincing a jury that they have jurisdiction.
figuringitout wrote: the Judge entered pleas on my behalf
figuringitout wrote:the Deputy gave me a ticket
figuringitout wrote:I just went to court
Please read about Defacto Officer Doctrine to help you understand why calling the guy in a dress "Judge" and the guy with the gun "Deputy" or "Officer" or the hell hole where they decide your fate "Court" cloaks them with jurisdictional power. You are consenting to them being YOUR judge, YOUR officer, YOUR court. Until you cloak them with that power, they are only acting under Color of Law.
figuringitout wrote: I am representing myself in court
Are you sure you want to "Represent" yourself?

I can address many more potential mistakes in your thinking based on what you posted, but I don't want to overload. So let's start there.
figuringitout wrote:I do not really know enough about the law to do this with the confidence it will take, and I'm wondering how or if I can obtain that knowledge before my trial.
Please understand that they don't operate under law, and even if you gain all the knowledge and perfectly state your case, they may or may not play by the rules. It is always a good idea to challenge jurisdiction, but you should be ready when they answer that challenge. Yes, they will gaslight, and bulldoze right over you. Stay on point. You can't move on till one thing at a time is resolved. It is hard to not be intimidated, knowing what they are capable of, but you need to stay on point.

I've seen the guys in dresses behave best when you have a stenographer and/or videographer with you, and you pack the room with witnesses. For whatever that's worth...
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