Refusal to renew my license

Can governments lawfully restrict, register, or otherwise encumber our free right to travel? Should they? Discussions on Right to Travel.
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Refusal to renew my license

Post by Donnadab » Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:21 pm

I have 2 traffic warrants for non-moving violations, one for expired DL and another for expired inspection sticker. I turned myself in to sit out the tickets and because, I am on disability and unable to pay, so they took me before the judge and I explained my situation and he told me I had 90 days to pay them or he was adding $100 to each one, so he made my situation even worse, now it is time to renew my license and they refuse until my 2 traffic violations are resolved. There has to be other options or alternatives to my situation. I have to drive to my Dr appt's as they are considered necessary. Am I in a stuck situation that has no answers? Making payment arrangements would take a couple of yrs to get them pd off and only then would I get a valid DL. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? I have asked an Attorney online and he said because they were capious he could not help me. Thanks Hoping for hope
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Re: Refusal to renew my license

Post by parent » Wed Oct 07, 2015 7:44 am

Read drivers license vs right to travel..... you do not need a driver's license to travel to your doctors appointment!!! In all actuality constitutionally they should refuse to renew anybody's drivers license that is not using it for "commercial" use.... it is fraud on the part of the state. To me it doesn't sound like you ever "drive" so just travel to your doctor's appointment and if an officer of the court attempts to impede on your right then use the BRIEF.... stand on your right to travel....btw traffic offense only apply to commercial vehicles for profit using the public roadways... not private citizens.... I hope this was helpful and if you don't understand anything I am pretty good at explaining things ;)
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Re: Refusal to renew my license

Post by Cricket » Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:44 pm

I live in PA. I have been wanting to claim my right to travel for quite some time. I HAD a CDL, but let it expire.
I had been pulled over 3 times and charged with driving without a license and no insurance. At this particular time, I had to stall my intent as to a family tragedy.
Therefore, with my mind on other things, I just signed the tickets and made payment arrangements, which I am still making payments on.
Here is my question:
I have a "suspended license" for 1 year, 9 months. No bother, I have no intention of renewing with the state as a non CDL anyway.
I currently have a vehicle, rough as it is, will never pass "inspection", but operates nicely.
It is currently registered, but that will expire soon.
I never even KNEW I was driving on an "expired" license, as I had never been ticketed for that before and had no idea it came with an automatic suspension and never received paperwork in the mail stating that. Not until Feb of this year. Oye.

I know that if I get pulled over for driving my old car, "legaleze" is paramount. In other words, speaking the absolutely correct language to the officer AND the courts.

I can indeed get a plate stating not for hire/private, on my car. I can indeed put magnetic signs on the sides of my car stating the same. I can have ready my rights to inform an officer. However, when standing in front of a judge in the "court" system, I would rather not have to hire an atty, if I could even find one for this, and would rather/be forced to do this myself.
Does anyone have any reliable information for me to garner? We live in a place where cops are salivating over traffic stops, so I am sure it will happen sooner than later.

Thanks so glad to find this forum!
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Re: Refusal to renew my license

Post by editor » Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:18 am

You might try writing to the governing body which handles licenses in your State. Send them a Cancellation of License. I think it should contain language to the effect, "The former licensee will no longer be driving within your State." Including a self-addressed stamped envelope and asking for confirmation of the cancellation might also be advisable. If you can get some sort of proof the license has been cancelled, at least they can't charge you with "operating on expired".

I think this is the way the Embassy of Heaven Church in Oregon used to do it.
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Re: Refusal to renew my license

Post by notmartha » Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:54 am

I recommend you familiarizing yourself with Title 75, because that is what will be used against you.

There are presumptions, based on your past conduct, that you are person, a resident of "this Commonwealth", and that your car was pledged to STATE. Here are two good reasons to rebut these presumptions:
Pa.C.S.75 § 1503.

(a) Persons ineligible for licensing.--The department shall not issue a driver's license to, or renew the driver's license of, any person:
(9) Who is not a resident of this Commonwealth.
Pa.C.S. 75 §§ 1303.
Vehicles of nonresidents exempt from registration.
There is a maxim of law that says, “No one is bound to do what is impossible.” You can’t be required to do what is impossible to do. If you are not a resident of “this Commonwealth” "PA" can’t require you to have a license or register your car.
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