Jailed for 8 days be caused I asked why

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Jailed for 8 days be caused I asked why

Post by timsmith » Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:02 am

I took so long typing it that it logged me off. I spent 8days in Logan county Oklahoma. Obstruction. No due process. No magistrate. Isolated for 5 gen pop 3. Cop gave roommate 20 for gas, felt bad. Probable cause full of holes. Trooper never said what I had done wrong. Denied supervisor request. Reduction of hours at work. Kicked iut of school. Want to appeal if possible and file a lawsuit. This is the shorter short version.
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Re: Jailed for 8 days be caused I asked why

Post by editor » Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:03 am

Hi Tim,

Sorry about the logoff-- that's frustrating isn't it? You can avoid that problem if you check the box on the front page of the forum that says "Log me in Automatically". However, it's still usually best to write a long post in a text editor on your own computer, and then copy/paste it into the forum editor. That's what I always to with long posts.

You haven't said much about the circumstances of your situation. I know, it was probably all in the long post.

Because I do have some experience with how the police and courts operate, I'm going to guess that they probably got your consent at some point in the proceedings, to do everything they did to you. You may not realize it-- and I may be wrong. Maybe if you share more of what actually happened, our readers can give you some pointers.

Let me also point out that doing things perfectly right is no guarantee your rights won't be violated. However, if you do everything exactly right, then you might have a civil case against the people involved, and perhaps also the department they work for if you can prove the actors followed departmental policy.
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