Need Help!!!(traffic)

Can governments lawfully restrict, register, or otherwise encumber our free right to travel? Should they? Discussions on Right to Travel.
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Need Help!!!(traffic)

Post by TogeDarkmoon » Wed Aug 03, 2016 5:44 pm

Hello my name is Toge.

I was arrested on July 22nd of 2015 for Driving Under Suspension, Failure to surrender DL (lie they have it),Improper Display of Tags, and Failure to Transfer Ownership. They gave me 120 days sentence but I never saw a judge. In South Carolina anything over 90 days you go to prison not jail. I didn't know about any of this travel stuff, because as a young boy I was taught you need a DL. It wasn't until I was in prison did someone tell I had a Right to Travel. So, I went to the law library, and sure enough it is everywhere I looked case after case. They let me out after 68 days. I lost everything my car, my home, my job, and my girl who is and PG on our first child. She left cause I couldn't get a job after prison. Everywhere I went They was like " I see you went to prison" and of course I would say yes. They would say I call you but they would never will. Is there anything anyone can do for me? I am lost and don't know what to do? Please help me.
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Re: Need Help!!!(traffic)

Post by TogeDarkmoon » Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:47 pm

Is there anyone who can help? Or do ya'll just read and go somewhere else.
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Re: Need Help!!!(traffic)

Post by notmartha » Sat Aug 06, 2016 4:38 pm

I'm not sure what kind of help you are looking for.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Difficult times will require you to think outside the box. Having a prison record is not rare these days, but good paying jobs are, with or without a record. What skills do you have? Are they skills that are needed in your area, or would they serve you better in a different community? Do you have friends or family you can live with until you get back on your feet? Have you tried bartering your skills for room and board? Have you tried to offer yourself as an apprentice for low pay to learn a new skill that will be useful to you?

If you check out the craigslist ads in your area, especially the bartering section, you might find opportunities that could be starting points. The more people you come in contact with, the better your opportunities.

You may want to post in the Group Contacts and Personals section, with a more detailed explanation of the help you are looking for, what you have to offer, and where you are located, so people in your area might be able to help in tangible ways.

There is an article HERE about dealing with economic crisis. You are just getting a head start on preparing for what most Americans will inevitably be facing. It will be tough, but not impossible. And the more flexible and creative you are, the better off you will be.
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Re: Need Help!!!(traffic)

Post by editor » Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:18 am

These are all great ideas, notmartha. Thank you for your thoughtful response.

My dad drilled it into me when I was young that the key to making a living is to think about what other people need, and try to fill that need. You can't expect someone to give you what you need or want. People are charitable, but living on charity will leave you without self-respect.

So how do you give people what they want?

First things first-- turn off the TV, pull the headphones out of your ears, get rid of all outside distractions, and spend some time with yourself. What kinds of things do you like to do? It's a lot easier to work hard at something you already like to do anyway.

Watch other people. What do they do? What do they pay for? When you find something you like to do that other people will pay for, you've found your dream job. But if that job is something everyone else can easily do too, then don't expect to get paid a lot for it. People who get a low-skilled, entry-level job, and then expect to get paid the same as someone who worked hard to learn skills-- hasn't thought it through. Here are some of the things that will help you get ahead:
  • Hard work. Ask any old-timer who has a comfortable life, and he'll tell you he didn't get that way by working eight hours a day, five days a week. Most jobs like that will only cover your necessities. If you want to have something more, you'll have to either get a second job or, better yet, spend your time outside of work learning new skills.
  • Skills. Going to school is not the only way to get skills. I've always had an insatiable curiosity about how everything works. When I was just a kid I learned how to stay out of the way, so that workmen would let me watch everything they did. As I watched, I learned.

    If you can read and comprehend, then you can teach yourself how to do almost anything-- especially these days with the Internet. If you can't read well, that's the first skill you'd better work on.

    The next is at least a basic knowledge of how to use computers. There are very few decent jobs these days that don't require at least some interaction with computers. Heck, most places these days only take applications from their website-- which means they make basic literacy and computer skills the first barrier to entry.

    Just remember, learning skills takes real work. If it was easy, everyone would do it.
  • Ideas. This is where taking some time and thinking can pay off. I'll give you an example.

    When I was nineteen I read an article in a magazine about energy conservation. It listed several things people could do to save on energy costs. One of those was installing an insulating blanket around your water heater.

    The next time I was in a hardware store, I found that they sold those blankets, especially for water heaters, for about ten bucks. I talked to the manager and learned that they came in boxes of six, and that if I bought two boxes at a time (12 blankets) he'd sell them to me for six bucks apiece.

    I went to the library and dug up information on how much energy those things actually saved. I found out how much each kilowatt of electricity cost in my local area, as well as each cubic foot of propane and natural gas. I did some math, and designed a little "pitch" kit that told a story.

    I went to a printing company (this was before computers, now it would be easier), and paid them to make my design look professional.

    Then I bought two cases of insulating blankets and a receipt book, loaded them into my car, and headed out into a random neighborhood. I started knocking doors. I showed people how an insulating blanket on their water heater would save them about twenty bucks the first year it was installed, and keep saving them twenty bucks a year, every year thereafter. Then I offered to install one on their water heater, for only twenty-five bucks.

    I sold one to about every fifth door I knocked on, and the installation took me only about fifteen minutes.
That idea worked great for awhile. Minimum wage was around $3 an hour if I remember right, and I could easily make more than $30 an hour doing that. I might be still doing it, except the State government, through the local electric company, started giving the blankets to anyone who would install them, along with some kind of subsidy that lowered their electric rate. Poof! My business evaporated overnight.

But that's just one example. The number of things like this you can do are limited only by your imagination.

Good luck. I hope something we've written will help you.
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