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Re: Gary Webb – Dark alliance

Post by Firestarter » Wed May 03, 2017 4:58 pm

Firestarter wrote:
Firestarter wrote:
Firestarter wrote:I found an interesting book that describes the “War by drugs”- Peter Dale Scott “Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Columbia, and Indochina” (2003): ... -china.pdf
It is 16 GB to download (I’ve saved it as a text document at 0.5 GB)…
My very short summary of the Peter Dale Scott book is that drugs are used to fund wars for oil.
I found another interesting book on this topic - John Coleman “Drug War Against America”: ... 646377.pdf
I’ve found another good book about the CIA’s involvement in cocaine trafficking in which Nicaragua’s Contras (Fuerza Democratica Nigaraguense, FDN) were used and financed.
It shows that the whole Iran-Contra affair was a cover-up of the ugly truth that the CIA was making the crack epidemic of the 1980s happen, and used the proceeds to finance the Contras in Nicaragua. Also some other Latin American countries were involved (notably the Panama of Dictator Manuel Noriega).

Gary Webb “Dark alliance - The CIA, the CONTRAS, and the CRACK
COCAINE EXPLOSION” (1998): ... 953236.pdf
I’ve found another book on the drugs for arms pipeline centred in the Arkansas of Governor Bill Clinton - Terry Reed & John Cummings “Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA” (1994): ... 218&t=2785

This book is different from the other books about drugs trafficking in this thread. It’s sort of a personal story about Terry Reed, who was part of the drugs for arms pipeline involving the Contras, without even knowing the drugs part.
This book is (almost) impossible to find on the internet. The previous link has some short sections inserted that are not part of this book (I estimate this is less than 1% of the total text there).

On 24 February 1982, in Oklahoma City; Terry Reed first met Oliver North (who used the name John Cathey at the time). At that time Reed could contact North through the FBI. Reed frequently met North.
Only in 1987, when Iran-Contra hit the press, Reed found out that “John Cathey” was really Oliver North.
On 11 March 1983, North proposed Reed to meet Barry Seal (Adler Berriman Seal) so he could help in supplying guns to the Contras. Shortly thereafter Dan Lasater introduced Seal to Reed.

One of the first tasks for Reed in working for Seal was to make sure that no FAA regulations were violated for the airport they set up near Nella, about 12 miles from Mena, Arkansas (population 5000) which was only accessible by four-wheel drives.
The airport was first used to train Contra pilots in air-delivery techniques for the Contra Air Force.

When the airport became fully operational; weapons were delivered by “special barge traffic” over the Arkansas River to Nella and protected by the US Army Corps of engineers. The arms were temporarily stored there and flown to the Contras.
Cash and drugs were dropped in Arkansas from planes. The cash airdrops amounted to more than 9 million dollars a week.
Terry Reed saw the operation by being involved, but didn’t realise that the cash came from cocaine trafficking. He also knew that the CIA and White House were involved (of course at the time he didn’t know the identity of Oliver North yet).

Planes were “borrowed”, with and without the owners' cooperation, for "sting" operations.

The New Jersey gun-manufacturing company Iver Johnson’s arms Inc. was moved to Jacksonville, Arkansas.
The untraceable parts (without serial number) for the M16 rifles for the Contras were manufactured by the firm Park On Meter Inc. (POM) located in the town of Russellville.
Seth Ward Sr. was a high roller in Arkansas that was involved with POM, together with his son Seth Jr. (Skeeter). The son-in-law of Seth Ward Sr. was Webster (Webb) Hubbell, partner at the Rose law firm where Hillary Clinton was an attorney. Hubbell was also the corporate lawyer for POM and probably the biological father of Chelsea “Clinton”.
Hubbell denied that POM manufactured parts for M16’s, but admitted to a reporter of Time magazine that they had made a nose cone for a rocket launcher.

Barry Seal was one of the biggest US drugs traffickers in the 1980s and had been working as an informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for years.
Seal told Reed that he was involved in the arrest of Bill Clinton’s campaign contributor Dan Lasater and half brother Roger Clinton. This was done because Clinton had taken 10% of the gross instead of the agreed upon 10% of the profits.

Seal wanted desperately to get out of the game. Seal decided to go public in order to protect himself against an impending Louisiana indictment.
Barry Seal told Reed that George H.W. Bush's kids are in the drug business, when Reed asked for confirmation, Barry answered:
Yup, that's what I'm tellin' ya. A guy in Florida who flipped for the DEA has got the goods on the Bush boys. Now I heard this earlier from a reliable source in Colombia, but I just sat on it then, waitin' to use it as a trump card, if I ever needed it. I even got surveillance videos catchin' the Bush boys red-handed. I consider this stuff my insurance policy. It makes me and my mole on the inside that's feedin' the stuff to me invincible”.
Seal was of course murdered on 17 February 1986 after the court ordered him to work for the Salvation Army, while prohibiting him to carry a gun or hiring armed protection...

Reed describes a meeting on 19 April 1986 at Juanita's Restaurant in Little Rock.
The "guest list" included Oliver North, Felix Rodriguez (alias Max Gomez), resident CIA agent Akihide Sawahata, Agency subcontractor Terry Reed, and Robert Johnson (lawyer for Southern Air Transport) was in charge of the meeting. Governor Bill Clinton and his aide Bob Nash dropped in uninvited.
This meeting confirmed that Clinton knew all about the drugs for arms pipeline centred in Arkansas.
After the meeting, Clinton invited Reed for a short talk, where Clinton smoked a joint (and inhaled deep!).
At the time they wanted Terry to set up a company for gun parts that would operate as a front in Mexico. Clinton advised Reed to set up this company for Oliver North.

A Classified FBI AIRTEL, dated 18 August 1987, warns the FBI, DEA and CIA of pending media investigation into the CIA activities at Mena, and identified Barry Seal as a CIA operative.

See the following facsimile of the August 1987 "Secret" report.

Lasater & Co. (of Dan Lasater), was handling more than $300 million annually in preferred state bond activity. Then Arkansas Development and Finance Authority (ADFA) was created, directly controlled by Governor Clinton's office. ADFA was designed to compete for the profits generated by the bond issues necessary to “industrialize Arkansas”.
The state was using the Rose Law Firm as its bond counsel for much of this activity.

See the chart that was drawn by Terry Reed in January 1991. It shows the connections between Clinton, the Rose Law firm, Lasater, POM, Seth Ward, Webb Hubbell and Barry Seal.

An example of the dealings of the ADFA, is the deposit of $50 million on an offshore bank account with the Fuji Bank in the Cayman Islands on 29 December 1988. A strange transaction for an organisation founded to lend money for development in Arkansas.
Fuji subsequently took over the loan on behalf of POM, and now presumably made payments directly to Fuji. This was curious since POM gave up a long-term, fixed rate, low interest loan issued by ADFA, which had a guarantor, the bank in Memphis, to back it up.

Clinton started borrowing money from First American in order to make up for their cash shortage, which could have made big problems for everybody involved.
Years later the BCCI scandal reached the headlines. Which showed money laundering and fraud – when at least 8 billions dollars, perhaps more than 12 billion, were missing.
Jackson T. Stephens, the chairman of Stephens & Co. in Little Rock, helped BCCI get started in the USA.
Investigators in New York would accuse First American Bank and Trust in Washington, for having hidden ownership ties to BCCI. This “secret tie” was denied by its chairmen, former Defense Secretary Clark Clifford and Robert Altman, who were both indicted for this connection.
Terry expected that the Arkansas drugs pipeline and money laundering would be blown wide open, but it never did.

Here’s another chart made by the Harkin campaign committee during the 1992 Presidential Primaries. It shows similarities to the one Reed drew in 1991.
It includes the Clintons, ADFA, Rose law firm, Buddy Young, Terry Reed, Felix Rodriguez, the McDougals, Madison Guarantee, Stephens Inc, First American and BCCI.

When Terry Reed was running the gun tool company in Mexico he was contacted by the Hungarian businessman and intelligence operative - George Fenue in July 1987.
Fenue had discovered a crate filled with cocaine and demanded Reed to explain using his company for shipping narcotics. Fenue had already discovered 2 earlier shipments in the logs with probably a similar content.
Reed secretly took 2 bags out before contacting his CIA handler in Mexico - Mitch Marr. Marr quickly took the bait by demanding what had happened to the 2 missing bags. Now Reed had certainty that the CIA had used him to traffic drugs.

Now suddenly Reed had become a liability, and he found himself in legal problems.
On 5 May 1988 a FBI AIRTEL message classified Reed as an "instant matter now being carried as armed and dangerous due to information developed by the Little Rock division".
Raymond (Buddy) Young was involved in framing Terry Reed; Reed was wrongfully accused of drugs trafficking (he was eventually acquitted).
Here’s a picture of Hillary Clinton and Buddy Young.

In a strange way this book is really about Barry Seal. Terry Reed doesn’t come close to describing what Seal knew (I believe that Reed is still alive).
Seal was portrayed in the 1991 movie "Double Crossed", and for this September another glossy movie is planned, featuring the little actor Tom Cruise playing the 300 pound heavy Barry Seal.

Here’s a 10:16 interview with Terry Reed:
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Re: The totalitarian state

Post by Firestarter » Sat May 13, 2017 2:46 pm

It could be funny if it wasn’t so horrible...
The trail of drugs trafficking, money laundering, Henry Kissinger, leads to Elaine L. Chao and back to Donald Trump, George Bush and the Clintons.

Sadly overlooked in this thread, is “Sir” Henry Kissinger, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace in 1973 for orchestrating the mass murder in Southeast Asia (including but not limited to Vietnam and Cambodia). This went too far even for the notorious Nobel committee – 2 members of the committee actually resigned over awarding “war criminal” Kissinger this highly regarded prize.
“Sir” Henry Kissinger is one of the “philanthropists”, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

Henry Kissinger, Rockefeller’s favourite agent since the 1960s, has been instrumental in controlling US politrics ever since Richard Nixon became US president.
Kissinger played an important role in the drugs for arms pipeline for the Nicaragua Contras project.

Shortly after inauguration, President Reagan appointed Henry Kissinger as chairman to the Commission on Central America.
One of the first appearances of Oliver North was in travelling to Central America for Kissinger’s commission. North later became the NSC liaison to this commission.
Kissinger was completely aware of the cocaine trafficking by the Contras, and from the following summary of the proposal by the Kissinger commission it becomes clear that he implicitly instructed the US government to set up the drugs for arms pipeline.

The Kissinger commission prescribed a policy for Nicaragua of economic, military and political pressure, using counterrevolutionary actions, see the following excerpts from its report:
We do not believe that it would be wise to dismantle existing incentives and pressures on the Managua regime except in conjunction with demonstrable progress on the negotiating front.
the majority of the members of the Commission, in their respective individual judgments, believe that the efforts of the Nicaraguan insurgents represent one of the incentives working in favor of a negotiated settlement.
The Kissinger Commission also acknowledged the importance of support by Honduras to the Contras, so its air force should be beefed up.
Obviously drugs trafficking was read between the lines by the initiated in “deep politics”:

On 22 October 1983 Henry Kissinger met Contra-leaders from Nicaragua, including none other than Adolfo Calero: ... tries.html

President Trump nominated Elaine L. Chao (born in Taiwan) to Secretary of Transportation, which the Senate confirmed by a vote of 93-6 (her husband Senator Mitch McConnell didn’t refrain from voting…).
Elaine Chao has earlier served as a Reagan administration official and secretary of labor in the George W. Bush cabinets (from 2001 to 2009). Elaine Chao is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Elaine’s father, James S.C. Chao, was a classmate of Jiang Zemin, the president of China in the ’90s at Jiao Tong University. They have kept in touch ever since.
Through James Chao, Elaine and Mitch McConnell met Jiang several times, both in Beijing and Washington. When Jiang visited the White House in 1997, he met privately with Elaine and Mitch McConnell, before a state dinner hosted by President Clinton; Senator McConnell again met Jiang the next morning.
In 1999, Elaine and Mitch appeared at the University of Louisville with Chinese Ambassador Li Zhaoxing.

When James Chao emigrated from Taiwan to the USA, he founded the Foremost Maritime Corporation upon settling in New York. Foremost transports goods to China and buys its ships from the China State Shipbuilding Corporation.
Senator Mitch McConnell’s ties to the Chao family go back to the late 1980s, when James Chao began donating to his campaigns. In 1993, McConnell married Elaine Chao.
In April 2008, James Chao gave Elaine and Mitch $5 - $25 million to help the McConnells get over the dip in their stock portfolio after the financial crisis earlier that year. The generous gift made McConnell one of the wealthiest in the Senate, with an estimated net worth of $22.8 million.

In 1989, Elaine sought out John Huang to help raise money for Republican senators. In 1993, Huang, then head of the Lippo Bank (based in Indonesia), arranged a coalition of Chinese banks and individuals to sponsor Chao’s visit to Los Angeles as the new head of United Way.
Huang also donated $2,000 to McConnell illegally as part of a foreign money-laundering scheme.
Elaine has been a director for Protective Life Corp., which owns 50% of CRC Protective Life Insurance. Lippo co-owns the rest of the Hong Kong-based insurance company with China Resources Holdings Co., a front company for China’s People Liberation Army.
Lippo is controlled by the Riady family and was at the centre of the Clinton “Chinagate” fundraising scandal. Lippo´s chief executive James T. Riady pled guilty to a felony charge for illegally donating to the campaign of Bill Clinton.

One of Elaine’s patrons was Maurice “Hank” Greenberg.
Greenberg is chairman and chief executive of the New York-based American International Group (AIG), which does a lot of business in China.
Greenberg and AIG, through its employee PAC, have donated thousands of dollars to Mitch McConnell’s campaigns. Mitch also received large sums for speeches for AIG.
AIG has also hired Henry A. Kissinger, for his connections (including in China).

Chao also served on the board of directors for Bloomberg Philanthropies, the foundation started by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg gives money to the Sierra Club’s program of sustainable development (the problem of overpopulation…).
Elaine served as studies advisor to Heritage as well. Bloomberg gave Heritage $180,000 in 1998 and at least $100,000 a year for more than a decade through his Starr Foundation for writing favourably about trading with China: ... aine-chao/

The China connection (again) leads to Henry Kissinger.
Kissinger has visited China more than 80 times since his first clandestine 1971 trip.
After Donald Trump became US president elect, Kissinger swiftly visited Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Kissinger was amongst a select group of US experts that met Xi in February 2012 before he became president.
Other Americans on this short list were former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and… Elaine Chao: ... -kissinger

Now for the shocking stuff…
In August 2014, the ship “Ping May” of the Foremost Maritime Corporation of daddy Chao was in Santa Marta en route to the Netherlands.
Before it could leave the port, Colombian inspectors discovered, amidst its load of coal, approximately 40 kilograms (about ninety pounds) of cocaine in 40 separate packages
: ... g-company/

The following photo shows James Chao (second from right), at the christening of the “Ping May” in Shanghai.

Elaine Chao has also served on the board of Wells Fargo, one of the biggest banks in the world.
In 2012, Wells Fargo paid a $175 million settlement after it was accused of charging higher fees and rates to minority borrowers (maybe not of Chinese origins…) than to white borrowers with the same “credit risk”.
Even more interesting is that in 2010, Wachovia – purchased by Wells Fargo in 2008 – paid a settlement of $160 million for laundering over $100 million in drugs money for “Mexican and Colombian drug cartels” (I didn’t know that Bush, Clinton and Kissinger are Mexican Columbians…).
The bank admitted that it had failed to “apply the proper anti-laundering strictures” regarding the handling of $378.4 billion in currency exchanges with Mexico between 2004 and 2007.

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, the big banks received huge government bailouts (Wells Fargo got $25 billion from the US government).
According to the UN, proceeds from the global drug trade was “the only liquid investment capital” that ultimately helped keep Wells Fargo and other banks afloat.
Wells Fargo also profited, and continues to profit, at the other end of the “war on drug” as a major investor in the prison-industrial complex, specifically with heavy investments in the GEO Group, the second largest private prison company in the USA.

The Global Power Project examined a total of 26 individuals on the executive committee and board of directors at Wells Fargo; the most represented institutions are: the CFR and PricewaterhouseCoopers (with 3 individual affiliations each), followed by Harvard, Citigroup, Chevron, the Financial Services Roundtable and Target Corporation (with 2 individual affiliations):

Here is Henry Kissinger with President Donald Trump a couple of days ago (discussing drugs trafficking and money laundering?).
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Re: The totalitarian state

Post by Firestarter » Fri May 19, 2017 4:29 pm

I have been searching for information on “money laundering”...
There are lots of stories with “money laundering”, but (unfortunately) most don’t explain how it works.

Money laundering is mostly creative accounting.
That is by adding “dirty” money to the money stream of companies, but without putting it in the books, and then the (higher) profits are accounted for; and the money is laundered.
“Dirty” money is also used to bribe corrupt politicians and judges, so that in return they can get unreasonable high prices for their products, or pay too little for products (like for example oil). I consider this also as money laundering.

In this context, the pharmaceutical industry is a prime example with pills that are produced for a cost of a couple of cents and then sold for 50 dollars...
Another example is the ridiculous (high) prices paid to the arms companies.

The Wachovia Bank was accused of laundering $380 billion in Mexican drug money.
Wachovia was acquired by Wells Fargo in late 2008. Wells Fargo settled the case for $160 million and promised to never do it again.
3.5 million unauthorised bank accounts were created for this scam.
No large US bank has ever been indicted for violating the Bank Secrecy Act or any other federal law. Instead, the Department of Justice (DoJ) settles criminal charges with deferred-prosecution agreements, in which a bank pays a fine and promises not to break the law again...
The mere possession of a small amount of drugs can get you sentenced to years in prison, but laundering hundreds of billions of dollars? A fine of a small percentage of the money laundered and the promise to don’t do it again: ... 45885.html

Of course those poor people on the board of directors cannot be held accountable for laundering hundreds of billions of dollars...
Five people were convicted as scapegoats, for money laundering of a little more than $1 million.
The funds were laundered using newly created bogus bank accounts, into which proceeds were deposited. The cashier’s checks and wire transfers were made out to gold dealers.
The bank accounts were opened using the identities of individuals from Eastern Europe who were not in the USA when the accounts were opened: ... emark-scam

UK banking giant HSBC (HQ London) is in a league of its own.
At least $20 billion (possibly $80 billion) was moved out of Russia between 2010 and 2014 in the money-laundering operation dubbed “The Global Laundromat”.
HSBC processed $545.3 million in Laundromat cash, mostly routed through its Hong Kong branch.

Several of China’s state-controlled banks have processed hundreds of millions of US dollars from this money-laundering operation run by Russian “criminals” with links to the Russian government and spy agency FSB.
The 5 largest Chinese banks processed more than $1 billion. Bank of China processed $716 million of the Laundromat cash, making it the fourth most active bank in the plot.
Laundromat also included the Chinese banks: China Construction Bank Corporation, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Bank of Communication and Agriculture Bank of China.
Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Bank is also implicated.

Credit Suisse, Citibank and Falcon Private Bank have also processed dirty money through their Chinese branches.
The OCCRP investigation shows that $20 billion found its way to 96 countries, with about $915 million ending up in mainland China, and $927 million in Hong Kong: ... ring-scam/

Other UK banks involved in the “The Global Laundromat” are: the Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and Coutts.
It involved 1,920 transactions totalling nearly £600 million that went through UK banks, with a further 373 million routed through US banks: ... 40861.html

More banks involved in the Laundromat: Bank of America, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, Lloyds, UBS and ING (from the Netherlands).
According to OCCRP, the scheme allowed tens of billions of dollars to be moved out of Russia, involving roughly 70,000 transactions from 2011 to 2014.
According to prosecutors in Moldova, at least $22 billion was laundered as part of the scheme.
They are investigating 16 judges, 4 employees of Moldova’s central bank and 9 commercial bank employees over involvement in the money laundering operation.
500 people are suspected of being involved, including many wealthy and influential Russians.
French bank BNP Paribas pleaded guilty in 2014 to violating US money laundering laws by helping clients dodge sanctions on Iran and Sudan: ... bal-banks/

Here’s a short explanation of this scam:
Two front companies are set-up in the UK, which allow the owners behind them to remain secret.
Company 1 makes a huge loan to company 2, a Russian company guarantees the loan, and a Moldavian straw man is included as co-guarantor for the loan.
UK-company 2 refuses to pay the loan back to company 1.
UK-company 1 sues in a Moldavian court to get back the loan.
The judge orders the Russian guarantors to pay the sum, typically in the range of $100-800 million.
The Russians transfer the money to a bank account in Latvia, and the court order has made this money clean.

HSBC Holdings Plc’s agreed on a $1.9 billion settlement with the US to resolve charges it failed to monitor more than $670 billion in wire transfers and more than $9.4 billion in purchases of US currency from HSBC Mexico, allowing for money laundering.
HSBC also violated US economic sanctions against Iran, Libya, Sudan, Burma and Cuba.
HSBC paid a $1.256 billion forfeiture and $665 million in civil penalties.
The deal was approved by a federal judge: ... ing-accord
Firestarter wrote:What Britain dictates, America carries out.
A report by the US House financial services committee dated 11 July 2016 shows that UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, warned the US against prosecuting HSBC, because it could lead to a “global financial disaster”.
The US government decided not to pursue criminal charges against HSBC for laundering hundreds of millions of dollars (and not reviewing transactions worth over $200 trillion). The HSBC settled the case for $1.92 billion
According to the committee the UK interventions “played a significant role in ultimately persuading the DoJ not to prosecute HSBC”.
Here's the 288 page report of the committee that consists mostly in the written mails and documents that led to the settlement: ... btj_sr.pdf

The most interesting from this report is the letter by UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne to US Fed chairman Ben Bernanke dated 10 September 2012 (pages 42-45), see the picture.

The settlement agreement between the DoJ and HSBC of November 2012 is also interesting (pages 73-151), see the following excerpts:
10. There were at least four significant failures in HSBC Bank USA's AML [Anti-Money Laundering] program that facilitated the laundering of drug trafficking proceeds through HSBC Bank USA:
a. Failure to obtain or maintain due diligence or KYC information on HSBC Group Affiliates, including HSBC Mexico;
b. Failure to monitor over $200 trillion in wire transfers between 2006 and 2009 from customers located in countries that HSBC Bank USA classified as "standard" or "medium" risk, including over $670 billion in wire transfers from HSBC Mexico;
c. Failure to monitor billions of dollars in purchases of physical U.S. dollars ("banknotes") between June 2006 and July 2009 from HSBC Group Affiliates, including over $10.5 billion from HSBC Mexico; and
d. Failure to provide adequate staffing and other resources to maintain an effective AML program.
16. From 2006 to 2009, HSBC Bank USA knowingly set the thresholds in CAMP so that wire transfers by customers, including foreign financial institutions with correspondent accounts, located in countries categorized as standard or medium risk would not be reviewed. Only transactions that involved customers in countries rated as cautionary or high risk were reviewed by CAMP. During this period, HSBC Bank USA processed over 100 million wire transfers totaling over $300 trillion. Over two-thirds of these transactions involved customers in standard or medium risk countries. Therefore, in this four-year period alone, over $200 trillion in wire transfers were not reviewed in CAMP.
18. Despite this evidence of the serious money laundering risks associated with doing business in Mexico, from at least 2006 to 2009, HSBC Bank USA rated Mexico as standard risk, its lowest AML risk category. As a result, wire transfers originating from Mexico were generally not reviewed in the CAMP system, including transactions from HSBC Mexico. From 2006 until April 2009, when HSBC Bank USA raised Mexico's risk rating to high, over 316,000 transactions worth over $670 billion from HSBC Mexico alone were excluded from monitoring in the CAMP system.
63. From at least 2000 through 2006, HSBC Group knowingly and willfully engaged in conduct and practices outside the United States that caused HSBC Bank USA and other Financial institutions located in the United States to process payments in violation of U.S. sanctions. To hide these illegal transactions, HSBC Group altered and routed payment messages to ensure that payments violating IEEPA, TWEA, and OFAC regulations cleared without difficulty through HSBC Bank USA and other U.S. financial institutions in New York County and elsewhere. The total value of OFAC-prohibited transactions for the period of HSBC Group's review, from 2000 through 2006, was approximately $660 million. This includes approximately $250 million on behalf of Sanctioned Entities in Burma; $183 million on behalf of Sanctioned Entities in Iran; $169 million on behalf of Sanctioned Entities in Sudan; $30 million on behalf of Sanctioned Entities in Cuba; and $28 million on behalf of Sanctioned Entities in Libya.
7. As a result of the Bank's conduct, including the conduct set forth in the Statement of Facts, the parties agree the Department could institute a civil and/or criminal forfeiture action against certain funds held by the Bank and that such funds would be forfeitable pursuant to Title 18, United States Code, Sections 981 and 982. The Bank hereby acknowledges that at least $881,000,000 was involved in transactions, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1956 and 1957; and that at least $375,000,000 was involved in transactions in violation of Title 50, United States Code, Appendix, Sections 3, 5 and 16 and the regulations issued thereunder, or Title 50, United States Code, Section 1705 and the regulations issued thereunder. In lieu of a criminal prosecution and related forfeiture, the Bank hereby agrees to pay to the United States the sum of $1,256,000,000 (the "Forfeiture Amount"). The Bank hereby agrees the funds paid by the Bank pursuant to this Agreement shall be considered substitute res for the purpose of forfeiture to the United States pursuant to Title 18, United States Code, Sections 981 and 982, and the Bank releases any and all claims it may have to such funds.

In the first of a series of purchases of US regional banks, the Dutch Rabobank (that was involved in a plot to murder me by simply blocking my bank accounts) acquired Valley Independent Bank in 2002 and its two dozen branches. This included one in Calexico - located on a major border crossing with Mexico.
The deposits of the Calexico office from 2008 to 2013 rose 39% to $153 million.
So many US dollars were deposited that they needed weekly armoured truck (sometimes more) to transport all the cash.

Rabobank recruited Laura Akahoshi, a 10-year veteran of the Comptroller’s office responsible for watching the banks, for compliance officer to solve problems with the authorities.
Akahoshi left the US to work in Rabobank’s headquarters, according to her LinkedIn profile, and later moved on to a special assignment in Asia...

Rabobank in California got rid of 3 of the 9 people monitoring money laundering. Each remaining worker went from checking about 25 transactions a day to more than 75 (about 6 minutes per transaction).
Eventually the Rabobank compliance team was consolidated at its Roseville office in the centre of the state, leaving no one on in Calexio: ... r-rabobank

After the “dirty” money has been washed clean, the money has to be funnelled back to the drug trafficking elite.
This can be done by paying ridiculous wages, like half a million for a part-time job like corporate director, or bizarre amounts in consultancy fees, and best of all, hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches.

Former President Bill Clinton earned more than $16.3 million for 72 speeches in 2012 alone, and combined with Hilary Clinton - the couple have made $25 million since the beginning of 2014 and $130 million since Bill left the White House (not even counting Chelsea). On average they earn around $200,000 per appearance. Bill Clinton made $750,000 for one speech in Hong Kong to Swedish telecom giant Ericsson.
Another former President, George W. Bush, gets up to $175,000 per speech, and George Jr. even collected $100,000 to speak at a charity fundraiser for wounded US military veterans (so the “charity” was really the poor Bush family).

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair got an estimated £2 million salary at JP Morgan for consultancy. Blair got as much as $300,000 per speech. In two half hour speeches in the Philippines in 2012, Blair was paid close to £400,000 (or over £6,000 a minute).
Former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy got €250,000 to speak at a conference by Morgan Stanley.

Former Fed chairman, Alan Greenspan reportedly received $250,000 for a speech in 2004.
Former Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke reported a $250,000 fee for a speech in Abu Dhabi in 2014: ... -big-bucks

Donald Trump was caught in one of his (many) blatant lies, when he claimed that he was paid $1.5 million per speech by the Learning Annex in 2006, 2007.
He later stated that they had paid him approximately $400,000 per speech. Donald Duck explained that the promotional campaign, that included himself, made his pay worth more than $1 million to himself: ... .oqAGQgnN9
In reality Donald wasn’t paid only for his speeches, but also for taking part in the advertising campaign.

I can’t even believe that they paid Trump $400,000 for every speech though.
But I also have a hard time believing that Donald is US president and only now realise that my wages when I worked for a big bank were much too low, so never mind poor old me...
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Re: Gary Webb – Dark alliance

Post by Firestarter » Mon May 22, 2017 2:53 pm

The strange thing is that I had not found out yet that the HSBC and Wells Fargo banks formed a joint venture in California in 1995 - the Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank, the only US-chartered bank dedicated exclusively to “global trade” (EDIT - "new" link): ... ident.html
(archived here:

From May 18 on, Congresswoman Maxine Waters got lots of attention in the state media about some “dirty secret”, involving Russia, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, bank records and a Committee: ... hment.html

On 28 April, I posted:
Firestarter wrote:This MOU was made public by Representative Maxine Waters (who did her own investigation on the drugs trafficking by the CIA in the wake of the Dark Alliance series by Gary Webb) on 7 May 1998.
And on 13 May:
Firestarter wrote:The trail of drugs trafficking, money laundering, Henry Kissinger, leads to Elaine L. Chao and back to Donald Trump, George Bush and the Clintons.
My follow up investigation led to money laundering of drugs money from Russia by the HSBC bank, which I posted on 19 May (but starting to investigate a few days earlier):
Firestarter wrote:HSBC - RUSSIA
UK banking giant HSBC (HQ London) is in a league of its own.
At least $20 billion (possibly $80 billion) was moved out of Russia between 2010 and 2014 in the money-laundering operation dubbed “The Global Laundromat”.
A report by the US House financial services committee dated 11 July 2016 shows that UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, warned the US against prosecuting HSBC, because it could lead to a “global financial disaster”.
I really don’t have a clue what story they are trying to bury...

Here’s another book about drugs trafficking by the elite – by a US Labor Party investigating team “Dope, Inc. – Britain’s opium war against the U.S.” (1978): ... e-1978.pdf
I had already read this book while ago, but didn’t post it because I thought it was too similar to the Coleman book that I have already posted in this thread. I came back to it, because otherwise this thread becomes too much about the USA.

The great aristocratic families of Britain – with the British monarchy at the top — rule the drugs business.
The names of the families are familiar to the insiders: Matheson, Keswick, Swire, Dent, Baring, and Rothschild.
The names of the institutions involved: the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank (HongShang), the Chartered Bank, the Peninsular and Orient Steam Navigation Company.
HongShang, created in 1864, does what the Keswicks set it up to do: provide centralised financing of the drug trade.
They operate through occult secret societies: the Order of Zion, Mazzini's Mafia, and the China "Triads".
The Order of Zion rested in the British Board of Deputies, was founded in 1763 and is still active. One of the board's earliest presidents was Sir Moses Montefiore - "Queen Victoria's favourite Jew".
The Order of Zion was funded through the London and Paris banking houses of Rothschild, Montefiore, and De Hirsch.

In 1919, the British elite founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) as the central planning and recruitment agency for the “New World Order”. The RIIA is not composed of the most influential people in Britain, but brings together the chief operating officers of the British monarchy.
The RIIA not only controls the drugs traffic, but every important money laundering operation in the world.
The RIIA dominates: all of Britain's top commercial banks; British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell; the leading British merchant banks; the world gold and diamonds trade; all leading opium trading firms (including the P&O Steamship Company, Jardine Matheson, John Swire and Sons, and Charterhouse Japhet).

Probably the total world cash flow of illegal drugs traffic (in 1978) is between $100 and 200 billion.
The cash must go through nominally legitimate channels, in such volume that the legitimate banks — like HongShang — cannot possibly be unwitting as to the origin.
The Anglo-Dutch "offshore" banking system launders all of this dirty money through the international banking system past the eyes of law enforcement authorities. The Anglo-Dutch oligarchy's banking operations have the following qualifications :
1) They have run the drug trade since the first half of the 18th century.
2) They dominate the "offshore", unregulated banking centres that are closed off to law enforcement.
3) They dominate all banking at the heart of the narcotics traffic.
5) They control the world trade in gold and diamonds, a necessary aspect of exchange for drugs.
6) They subsume the full array of organised crime, the state media, politics, the legal system, and all other required elements of distribution, and protection.

By 1830-31, the number of chests of opium brought into China had increased fourfold to 18,956 chests. In 1836, this figure exceeded 30,000 chests.
In 1838, on the eve of the first Opium War, British troops landed in China to force the drugs distributed by British merchants on China.
From 1829 to 1840, a total of 7 million silver dollars entered China, while 56 million silver dollars were sucked out by the opium trade.

There is evidence of the strategic agreement between Great Britain and the Maoist People's Republic of China, going back to negotiations between British opium-runners and Mao Tse-tung, under the auspices of the RIIA.
The British maintained an official pro-Maoist propaganda campaign, before and after the Communists Party (CCP) took over. British officials gave awards to leading members of the CCP, even while maintaining "official" diplomatic relations with dissident elements, like Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang.

The B'nai B'rith effectively merged its operations with another branch of the Scottish rite (freemasons), based in the Midwest and South of the USA — the Knights of the Golden Circle, the forerunner of the Ku Klux Klan.
On 6 January 1920, Britain declared its opium war against the USA – the prohibition. The British, through their distilleries in Scotland and Canada, and opium refineries in Shanghai and Hong Kong, were the suppliers.
The drugs from the Far East are distributed into the USA through the British colony Canada.
Each of the 5 Canadian money laundering banks has at least 1 Knight of Malta on its board. The Canadian Imperial Bank and the Bank of Nova Scotia are directed by 3 Knights of Malta each.
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Re: The totalitarian state

Post by Firestarter » Mon May 29, 2017 8:45 am

Part of post on the starvation of Yemen removed to “new” thread: ... f=7&t=1146

Keywords: Yemenis dying starvation, UK, USA, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, genocide, seats respected UN Human Rights council (OHCHR), Jared Kushner, Lockheed Martin, Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir

On his recent state visit, Donald Trump openly praised the dictatorial regime of Saudi Arabia:
We are here to offer partnership-based on shared interests and values.
We must be united in pursuing the one goal that transcends every other consideration. If we do not act against this organized terror, then we know what will happen. Terrorism’s devastation of life will continue to spread.
This is a battle, between good and evil.
Is this the “good” Saudi and British Royals, against the “evil” Yemenis?

Secretary of state Rex Tillersons, while standing besides Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir, declared his hope that Iran “restores the rights of Iranians to freedom of speech, to freedom of organization so Iranians can live the life they deserve”: ... abias-tune

The government of Iran is really, really horrible. I’ve heard rumours that they have even tried to support the Yemeni “terrorists”…

On 20 May, when Donald Trump was visiting, King Salman awarded Trump with the highest honour of Saudi Arabia, the Order of Abdulaziz al-Saud medal.

Donald Trump, while praising Saudi Arabia, has accused NATO-countries for not spending enough on weapons. Guess who will (finally) become a billionaire, when the money pours to the weapon industry?
Donald accused countries who fall short of the NATO defence spending target as "owing" "massive amounts of money" from past years (to the arms industry?)…
"This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States, and many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years and not paying in those past years":

In the following video we can see that Donald Trump makes a strong impression at the NATO meeting, including shoving Duško Marković, Prime Minister of Montenegro, aside to get a better spot for the picture.
Fortunately Marković knows his place. Marković called it “simply a harmless situation”, because “It is natural that the president of the United States is in the front row: ... y-6662990/
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Re: The totalitarian state

Post by Firestarter » Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:39 pm

I never expected to find so much information on the connections between known drugs traffickers and the elite.
I’ve heard rumours about are laws in the USA that prevent politicians from receiving foreign campaign contributions…

The Cuban born drugs trafficker Jorge Cabrera was asked for a campaign contribution by prominent Democratic fund-raiser Vivian Mannerud in a hotel in Havana. Several days later, in November 1995, Cabrera wrote a check for $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) from an account that included proceeds from smuggling cocaine from Colombia to the USA.
In December 1995, Cabrera attended a Christmas reception at the White House hosted by first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, while he had earlier met Vice President Al Gore in Miami.

In 1983, Cabrera had been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of racketeering and drug distribution. He pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice for conspiring to bribe a grand jury witness. Cabrera served 42 months in prison.
In 1988, Cabrera was charged with managing a narcotics operation. He pleaded guilty to filing a false income-tax return. He served one year in prison.

In early January 1996, Cabrera and several accomplices were inside a cigar warehouse near Dade County, Florida, where more than 500 pounds of cocaine was hidden. Cabrera was charged with importing 6000 pounds of cocaine into the USA on boats through the Florida Keys.
Cabrera pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 19 years in federal prison and a $1.5 million fine.
In October 1996, DNC returned the $20,000 check from Cabrera to the Federal Treasury, stating that it was an “improper donation”.

When Cabrera was arrested, agents found a picture of Cabrera with Fidel Castro. Cabrera tried to make a deal by offering evidence that the Cuban Government was involved in drug trafficking.
In November 1995, about the time the DNC asked him for a campaign contribution, Cabrera met Castro in Havana – when he was planning the shipment that was later seized in Miami.
Cabrera said Cali Cartel boss Carlos Tascon told him of plans to send a freighter full of cocaine from Colombia to the USA through Cuban waters. Cabrera detailed how he had picked up tons of Colombian cocaine in Cuban waters out of the reach of US authorities, before he was caught.
Cabrera's co-defendant, the Colombian Alberto Franco Herrera, struck his own deal with the government and confirmed that he and Cabrera were in Cuba during the drug deal: ... reras.html

The Dole-Kemp campaign had to file a Freedom Of Information Act request to force the Clinton Justice Department to release the following photos.
In December 1995, Cabrera met Vice President Al Gore at a Miami fund-raiser.

In December 1995, Cabrera attended the pre-Christmas event at the White House, here’s Cabrera (on the left) with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are also connected to the Macau crime (Triad) boss, Ng Lap Seng, who donated thousands of dollars to the Clintons and deals in heroin, murder for hire, human trafficking, prostitution and gun smuggling.
Back in the days that Bill was governor, the Clintons became friends with the Arkansas restaurant owner Charlie Yah Lin Trie, a member of the “4 Seas Triad”, a crime syndicate based in Hong Kong.
Ng entered the United States with over $300,000 cash in his pockets, and subsequently visited the White House 12 times. Ng also wired Charlie Trie between $1.1 million and $1.5 million, of which at least $645,000 made its way to the DNC as illegally laundered campaign contributions.

One of Ng’s operations includes DNC fundraiser Ted Sioeng in the firm Ang-Du International. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ang-Du abducts Thai women for Macau brothels. Sioeng was also pictured with Vice President Al Gore at the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple.
According to Marie Jose Ragab, the Clinton administration and the World Bank helped Thailand organise and nationalise their prostitution business - state-sponsored trafficking in women…
Ragab wrote in 1992: “Last year in Thailand alone, trafficking 600,000 women and girls brought $5 billion into the country”. Millions of these women and girls have their passports confiscated by the traffickers so they can do nothing about being used for sex slavery.

In February 1996, President Clinton met with Chinese arms dealer Wang Jun after taking a donation from Charlie Trie:

The following article describes that Charlie Trie and Ng Lap Seng are members of the triads: ... -targeted/
Like other organized crime groups, triads have elaborate initiation ceremonies similar to those of the Italian Mafia and are engaged in a range of illegal activities such as bank and credit card fraud, currency counterfeiting, money laundering, extortion, human trafficking and prostitution.
In the U.S., congressional investigators in the 1990s identified “China-gate” fundraising scandal figure Charlie Trie as a triad member who aided a Chinese government campaign to funnel millions of dollars to the Democratic Party. Trie was traced by investigators to Ng Lap Seng, a Macau-based triad.
A powerful triad leader in Hong Kong was among the first to begin money laundering on behalf of China, converting billions of dollars worth of criminal money that was funnelled to China and funding the Chinese military, said Mr. McAdam, who is writing a book on the subject.
Today, Hong Kong remains one of the money-laundering capitals of the world. Authorities in Beijing announced this week they are moving to curb the transfer of cash by limiting to $8,000 the amount of U.S. currency mainlanders can bring into Hong Kong.
The following picture shows Ng Lap Seng with the Clintons.

Although Ng was identified in a 1998 Senate report as the source of hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally funnelled through Charlie Trie to the DNC, Ng was not charged with any crime.
If I understand correctly Charlie Trie did receive a prison sentence.
Only last year, 2016, Ng Lap Seng, was charged with smuggling $4.5 million into the US since 2013 and lying that it was to buy art and casino chips.

Dr John Ashe, president of the 193-nation assembly from September 2013 to September 2014 and for years Antigua & Barbuda’s Ambassador to the UN , was accused of taking more than 1 million dollars in bribes from Chinese “businessmen”, including Ng.
Because Ashe had (partial?) diplomatic immunity he was (only) facing a trial for tax fraud.
Also several other co-conspirators were charged.
Ashe was awarded the Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George by Queen Elizabeth II in 2007.

Before John Ashe got the chance to testify, he suddenly died.
At first it was reported that he died of a “heart attack”, but later it was claimed that his throat was crushed in an “accident” while lifting a barbell in his house in Westchester County: ... tly-timed/
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Re: The totalitarian state

Post by Firestarter » Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:03 pm

Yesterday I found a 4 part, 6 ½ hour interview of Kay Griggs by Pastor Rick Strawcutter originally from 1998 and published in 2000.
Kay Griggs turned whistleblower in 1996, when her husband had disappeared.

Katherine (Kay) Griggs was the wife of George Griggs for 11 years. George Griggs was head of special operations under Admiral Celso at NATO.
She details how the U.S. Military is run by sexual deviants, especially gays. Individuals like Jefferey Dahmer, Timothy Mcveigh, Ted Kaczyznski, Lee Harvey Oswald, who because of their sexual deviant background are easy to control.
Kay says in the interview that she’s strangled financially by the JAG group (Judge Advocate General). JAGs are everywhere in powerful positions.
If military intelligence wives have information that would come out in a divorce hearing or other hearings, they totally control it. Judge John Moore in Kay's case in Virginia Beach is an army ranger, active reserve, and graduate of VMI. The commissioners who do the decisions in Virginia Beach are all military.
She tells that her husband was in Steiner’s army, where he trained boys from countries like Romania, Cuba, and Haiti, to become assassins.
Her husband’s first wife was murdered.
Kay says has the “Beirut diary” of her husband. It tells how the intelligence community, the army and Marine Corps assassins, snipers operate in a city during a crisis.
Her husband George also told her a lot about how things operate at the top of the US army: ... ay-griggs/

It is an interesting interview, but at 6 ½ hours too long…
There used to be a 2 hour compilation “Sleeping With The Enemy”, which I couldn’t find.
Kay Griggs obviously bases her story on the diary of her husband, and what he had told her. She also witnessed some group orgies herself (and even made pictures) and has obviously done her own research.
Part 1 – 1:55:47.

Part 2 – 42:03:

Part 3 – 1:59:40:

Part 4 – 1:54:51:

There’s a transcript of the first part of the interview, there should also be a transcript of the second part, which I couldn’t find.
If I understand correctly, the interviewer wasn’t Eric Hufschmid (EH) but Rick Strawcutter...

Young men are first given lots of alcohol, then stripped naked, violated, humiliated and raped. Although the orgies in question are predominantly homosexual, there are also bi-sexual orgies.
They recruit poor young men with a certain profile: strong mother and a weak or no father. They look for boys with a low self-esteem, poverty, and mental disorders, because these will stay in the military and do anything.
The rise to the top of the military is only open to sexual perverts.

Princeton University has a fraternity called Cap and Gown, which George belonged to. Yale University has a fraternity called Skull & Bones. Secret organisations like these are used as recruitment centres for government officials.
George got into Cap and Gown where unusual sex acts were part of initiatory rituals designed to recruit and control participants.
All of them in Special Operations, if they're Marines, they're bisexual. They can only become a colonel, or in the SEALs, if they engage in gay sex.
George was the chief of staff for General Al Gray who was the Commandant of the Marine Corp. Gray is a homosexual.

The CIA is bogus, that's why Kay talks about SHAPE.

The taxpayers are paying young men, who are not citizens of the United States, to kill innocent people, women and children. They go by a special helicopter to countries like Turkey, Iraq, Algeria, to parts of Africa and they do wet ops, murder five, ten, twenty people and then they blame it on the Arabs or others, but it's actually NATO rouge assassins.

Kay knows a lot about the MACSOG and Phoenix programs in Vietnam because George was involved.
The highest levels of the Marine Corps and army are actually in the mob. They do a lot of money laundering, cash transactions for the drugs they bring over, through Latin America. After they retire from the military, they go into the drug and weapons sales.

General Jim Joy and General Carl Wade Stiner are evil men. They trained the Men in Black who killed those followers of David Koresh in Waco. It was General Joy and General Steiner (General Felix Martin Julius Steiner?). George was in Steiner's army, dirty tricks, Special Operations.
George gave a detailed description about how Waco was carried out, as well as many other hits, including Malcolm Kerr, the head of the American University in Beirut, and Ron Brown.
Vincent Walker "Vince" Foster, Jr. and James Forrestal were also murdered.
Two weeks after Kay spoke on the phone with former CIA director William Colby, who personally knew George, Colby was murdered (he disappeared on 27 April 1996).
Paisley was murdered like William Colby.

Kay travels by bus, because her car was sabotaged so often.
Kay Griggs also tells that the 1992 movie “A few good men” was based on a real story, and her husband was involved in the cover-up.
Henry Kissinger (born Heinz Kissinger) is totally homosexual. Up through Cambodia, Kissinger was raping young men: ... transcript
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Re: The totalitarian state

Post by Firestarter » Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:34 pm

In my opinion the most interesting gay in the story of Kay Griggs is: Henry Kissinger.
The following 6:39 clip shows how Kay Griggs describes Henry Kissinger as a rapist of young men.

Oh, it's just a convenience, yeah. I mean, maybe he's discovered women in his late age. I don't know. But I heard through a very well grounded German that Henry's best friend's father told Henry to stay away from him. And that's why Henry left. The family were embarrassed. And Henry went to Britain where they did this, and then changed his name from Heinz to Henry.
And I interviewed a man named Bob, who's an army enlisted person, who told me about Henry in Cambodia. So up through Cambodia, he was actually raping young men. And of course, that experience destroyed the lives of these five young men, according to the source. I mean, he said, he was crying — and this man was a perfectly wonderful functioning young married man who worked for a newspaper on the Eastern shore, and had three young children — he went to Vietnam as an enlisted man, was put into Cambodia, which he said it was a lie living there, and then ran into Henry Kissinger.
Or Henry Kissinger ran into him, and did certain things to him. Invited him into his tent with some other men. It was horrible. But he said, "It's wartime," and so forth. But he said, "You know, I could have taken it mentally if it had been a bunk-mate or something, but when it's someone like Henry Kissinger who does it to you, you're ruined." He said he came back home — Oh! And this is interesting, and I really believe that Bob's right, he said Kissinger said to him, "If you ever tell anybody, if you ever mention to a soul, it's the end of you. Don't you ever tell anybody." Well, when Bob got back, he went to a special hospital, and they were going to keep him locked up forever.
Bob was locked up in a psychiatric institution, but he got out...

While I believe that Kay Griggs is a reliable witness, she has based this on the statements of only one “German” and “Bob” - this is too light.
There aren’t many sources on the internet to claim that Henry Kissinger is a homosexual, most are based on Kay Griggs…
Henry Kissinger has been to Bohemian Grove, where according to a lot of sources homosexual activity goes on (for example Richard Nixon), paedophilia, and ritual sacrifices (for example Paul Bonacci).
But this isn’t hard evidence...
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Re: The totalitarian state

Post by Firestarter » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:41 pm

Post on the starvation of Yemen removed to “new” thread: ... f=7&t=1146

Keywords: asylum applications EU, famine, bombing, small amount of refugees, Yemeni Waleed al-Shaibani Greece applied for asylum in Poland, International Organization for Migration (IOM) confirmed to Al Jazeera, moratorium, Houthi rebels, Hodeidah, helicopter boat carrying Somali civilians, Human Rights Watch, Raytheon
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Re: The totalitarian state

Post by Firestarter » Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:48 pm

I think I’ve found a “real” whistleblower in the American Bradley Birkenfeld, who blew the whistle on the Swiss banking giant UBS. He made 30 names of the rich clients with secret Swiss bank accounts known to the US government, only one of these has been charged and publicly named.
Whistleblowers are really dangerous, so Birkenfeld was jailed for two and a half years for helping his clients “evade taxes”. After being released in August 2012, he had to remain in the USA wearing an electronic ankle-tag until November 2015, before he moved to Malta.
His information is hampered, because he is convinced that it’s all about tax evasion, instead of money laundering.

Most (if not all) of his clients and superiors at UBS got off without prison time.
Birkenfeld got a nice pay check for helping the US government get hundreds of millions in back taxes. According to some whistleblower policy he was entitled to 30% of the profits, which amounted to $104 million minus taxes leaving him with a pay check of $75 million net (he claims that he’s entitled to much more).

Bradley Birkenfeld, worked as Head of Business Development for North America out of Geneva, Switzerland for UBS from 2001 to 2006. In 2007, Birkenfeld offered to help US authorities with information about how the UBS had helped thousands of Americans evade taxes.

Maybe the most interesting is how he helped the Russian immigrant, Californian real-estate billionaire Igor Olenicoff, with connections to former Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
Birkenfeld detailed how he bought and smuggled diamonds to the USA for Olenicoff in a toothpaste tube.
He deliberately destroyed offshore bank records on behalf of clients and helped Olenicoff with offshore assets worth $7.26 billion.
Olenicoff was looking at serious time in jail, but pled guilty to one count of filing a false tax return. This deal kept him out of prison and he only got 2 years of probation, and had to pay $52 million in back taxes.

UBS bankers assisted wealthy Americans to conceal ownership of their assets by creating “sham” offshore trusts. Misleading and false documentation was routinely prepared to facilitate this.
It is a system that connects Wall Street and the City of London to Liechtenstein, Panama and the British Virgin Islands - all places where Birkenfeld parked cash for his clients.
As a result of Birkenfeld’s leak, UBS was forced to turn over to the IRS the account details of more than 4700 clients in the USA of the 19,000 illegal account holders, and paid a fine of $780 million in 2009: ... bs.banking

Birkenfeld bought and smuggled diamonds for Olenicoff. I suspect that these were paid for with dirty money.
If a multibillionaire has millions worth of diamonds or art in his house, this wouldn´t necessarily be suspicious. I can´t tell if this is already enough to have the money laundered...
Creating “sham” offshore trusts could be used to hide money from the IRS, but these types of constructions are also used for money laundering...

Birkenfeld says he's looking for revenge, because he was locked up for so long, where nearly everyone else involved got off with light penalties or none at all.
Of the tens of thousands of Americans who hid money overseas, only a handful were indicted or charged. Fewer than 50 American clients of offshore banks have been sentenced in the USA since the Birkenfeld revelations. One received a 19-month sentence, only a few have gone to jail, and nearly 30 were given no jail time at all.
All of his bosses made secret non-prosecution agreements. When the head of the private bank, Raoul Weil, was indicted, he escaped and was arrested in Italy on an Interpol arrest warrant. Weil was acquitted in about 30 minutes because Birkenfeld wasn’t allowed to testify in his court case.
Billionaire Ty Warner — one of the few Swiss bank clients whose name has been made public —was sentenced to probation without jail time.

Birkenfeld saw clients coming into the bank with a million dollars in a suitcase. Specialised couriers brought cash into Switzerland and deposited it in the clients´ bank account. Many clients tore up receipts of a deposit on the spot.
The best banknote for cash transactions is the 1000 Swiss franc bill - "The largest note in the world, I mean, you could put a half a million dollars in your pocket, no problem”.

UBS was making $200 million for 8 years, that´s a total of $1.6 billion; and only got fined $780 million.
Birkenfeld offered the DoJ to wear a wire to record conversations with bankers and clients. He said he turned over the names, cell phone numbers and preferred US hotels of UBS banksters. He offered to help the DoJ with the investigation. But the Department of Justice (DoJ) covered up this case.

The Swiss government and UBS are really one organisation. The bank was protected but the clients, colleagues and shareholders were not.
Back in 2004, UBS was sending illegal wire transfers of millions of dollars to Cuba, Libya, and Iran. The US government fines them $100 million and no one goes to jail. UBS promised to do better.
In 2012, UBS is fined $1.5 billion for the Libor scandal.
In 2015, UBS was fined $545 million for foreign exchange manipulation.

Birkenfeld has not publicly named most of his clients at UBS, although he provided that information to the government.
Birkenfeld did expose Abdul Aziz Abas, who had $420 million in six numbered accounts and lived in a $50 million condo in New York City. Abas was doing illegal oil sales with Saddam Hussein. The DoJ did nothing about Abas, because he was best friends with Rudy Giuliani and Raymond Kelly (Commissioner of NYPD).

The most secret category of American client is the Politically Exposed Person (PEP).
Birkenfeld does not know any names of American political figures who had secret accounts in Switzerland, or how many there were.

According to Birkenfeld the Panama papers are an orchestrated leak by some intelligence agency (like the CIA or KGB) as it is impossible for any whistleblower to get his hands on 11.4 million documents: ... ubs/?all=1

Barak Obama, back in the days he was Senator Obama, was on the Senate committee investigating UBS. At the time they were investigating UBS, he accepted millions of dollars from UBS for his Presidential campaign.
In August 2009, on the first Sunday after Birkenfeld was sentenced to prison, Obama’s golfing partner was Robert Wolf, Chairman of UBS Americas.
When Obama paid $1.4 billion in cash to the State of Iran, the money was sent in cash on a private jet from Geneva, Switzerland. So obviously President Obama had access to Geneva bank accounts.

Eric Himpton Holder Jr. served as the 82nd Attorney General under President Obama from 2009 to 2015.
In 2001, after having served as deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno, Holder started his private law practice, in which he represented UBS.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was also involved in covering up this affair.
Until 2008, UBS donated less than $60,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
After Hillary intervened to help UBS out with the IRS and announced the legal settlement, Bill Clinton was paid a whopping $1.5 million for speaking engagements, while the donations to the Clinton Foundation grew to about $600,000 by the end of 2014.
UBS also helped the Clinton Foundation launch some inner-city development programs, by lending $32 million at very reasonable rates.
The Swiss government also donated gave $500,000 to the philanthropic Clinton Foundation while they were negotiating the settlement with UBS: ... 27114.html

Because Birkenfeld was not happy with his job, he began to copy and hide internal UBS documents in Switzerland, France and the United States.
Here are the UBS documents that Birkenfeld put on his website:

Martin Liechti, the former head of UBS wealth management for the US and the Western Hemisphere, received a non-prosecution agreement. As a result, Liechti never spent a day in prison, probation or supervised release.
Here´s the non-prosecuting agreement between the DoJ and Martin Liechti of 2 July 2008: ... iechti.pdf

Here´s the deferred prosecuting agreement of the DoJ with UBS of 2009, where they settled the case for $780 million: ... eement.pdf

This brings me back to the current Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta, who as US Attorney made the deals with UBS: ... =140#p3738
Firestarter wrote:Acosta also oversaw the settlement with UBS, a bank from Switzerland which helped 20,000 Americans with assets of about $20 billion evade taxes.
The bank paid $780 million and agreed to hand over the names of “some of their clients”: ... 02541.html

I’ve also searched for “whistleblowers” on the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC or Hongshang bank). No less than 3 supposed “whistleblowers” popped up, who look like “limited hangout operations” to me. Two of them are trying to sell their whistleblowing credentials by entering politrics...

The most attention is given to the French-Italian Hervé Falciani, who supposedly copied confidential information on 300,000 secret Swiss bank accounts without it being noticed. Falciani was sentenced to 5 years in jail in Switzerland for violating the Swiss bank secrecy.
While he boasts being arrested in France and Spain, he’s supposedly out of reach of the Swiss authorities by staying in France. Falciani said that being locked up for five and a half months in Spanish jail was part of his grand design in which he was helped by “the Network”.
Falciani’s story even involved being kidnapped by Mossad agents, but he has later admitted that this tale was “real fake”: ... bank-heist

Of course I hope the wonderful “Network” will save the day, but have no reason whatsoever that something similar to “the Brotherhood” of George Orwell’s 1984 is for real…

Another “whistleblower” is Sue Shelley, who until 2013 was an HSBC executive vice-president in charge of compliance in Luxembourg.
An executive vice-president in charge of compliance for a big bank was enough for me to not take Sue seriously…

Then there’s the British politician Nicholas Wilson, who’s uploaded a video in which he was “shut down” by Home Secretary Amber Rudd, when he made a political speech. He talked about how HSBC is involved in the arms trade to Saudi Arabia:
I can’t rule out that Wilson is for “real”…
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