JFK assassination – CIA, Permindex, Indonesia

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Re: JFK assassination – CIA, Permindex, Indonesia

Post by Firestarter » Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:22 pm

In this post information on some of the motives for assassinating President John F. Kennedy…

During the 1960 presidential election Kennedy gave his support for the oil depletion allowance, but that changed in 2 years.
On 16 October 1962, Kennedy passed an act through Congress that removed the distinction between repatriated profits and profits reinvested abroad. This law especially affected the oil companies, oilmen saw their earnings on foreign investment drop from an estimated 30% to 15%.
On 17 January 1963, President Kennedy presented his proposals for tax reform. At this time Kennedy stated that he wanted to remove special privileges and loopholes. He even said he wanted to put an end to the oil depletion allowance that since 1926 gave the oil barons the right to take 27.5% of their earnings tax-free. It is estimated that if the oil depletion allowance had been removed this would have resulted in a loss of around $300 million a year to Texas oilmen.
After JFK had been assassinated, President Lyndon B. Johnson dropped the plans to remove the oil depletion allowance. It took until the arrival of President Jimmy Carter that the oil depletion allowance was removed.

The first investor to take advantage of the discovery of oil in October 1930 in East Texas was Haroldson L. Hunt.
Since 1948, the Suite 8F Group of oilmen including H.L. Hunt were major financial supporters of Lyndon B. Johnson. Large sums of money came from Brown & Root, the “big gas pipeline company”: https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKoildepletion.htm

In April 1962, President Kennedy had already made an enemy of the steel producing industry, when he forced a price rollback by sending FBI agents into corporate offices.
As part of the new plans to make an end to the oil depletion allowance, Robert Kennedy instructed the FBI to ask oil companies for specific production and sales data.

One of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's good friends, the Texas oilman Clint Murchison Sr., was among the most aggressive players in the depletion allowance dispute.
Another strong defender of the allowance was Democratic senator Robert Kerr, who owned the Kerr-McGee oil company. When Prescott's son, George H.W. Bush, started up his Zapata Offshore [oil] operation, Kerr offered some of his own executives to help.

Oil executive Jack Crichton, close to Bush, head of a secretive Dallas-based, oil-connected military intelligence unit had Clint Murchison Sr. on his board of directors.
In one of those strange coincidences another director was D. Harold Byrd, owner of the Texas School Book Depository building: https://www.businessinsider.com/what-th ... &r=US&IR=T
(archived here: http://archive.is/gT2b5)

On 11 October 1963, Kennedy signed National Security Action Memorandum 263 to withdraw 1,000 of roughly 16,000 Americans stationed in Vietnam by the end of 1963, with the complete withdrawal by the end of 1965.
They started to withdraw on 14 November 1963, 8 days later JFK was dead: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.htm ... PageId=421

After Johnson was made president, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was staged, to make a massive war effort against Vietnam (more than 500,000 soldiers): https://www.lawfulpath.com/forum/viewto ... 1058#p3746

Kennedy was even trying to make an end to the “Cold war” and, in a September 1963 United Nations speech, even went as far (too far?) to talk about plans to stage the moon landings with the Soviets:
In a field where the United States and the Soviet Union have a special capacity—in the field of space—there is room for new cooperation, for further joint efforts in the regulation and exploration of space.
I include among these possibilities a joint expedition to the moon.
https://www.history.com/news/10-things- ... lo-program
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Dinkin and Christensen knew

Post by Firestarter » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:45 pm

Two US soldiers, independepent from each other, found messages, prior to his murder in Dallas, that President John F. Kennedy would be assassinated.
Both soldiers were subsequently “treated” in mental institutions.

Private First Class Eugene B. Dinkin was a cryptographic code operator stationed in Metz, France.
On 4 November 1963, he went AWOL from his unit and travelled to Switzerland.
On 6 November, Dinkin told reporters in the Press Room of the United Nations in Geneva that he was being persecuted and that "they" were plotting against President Kennedy and that "something" would happen in Dallas. Dinkin thought that the plot would happen around 28 November 1963 and would be blamed on a “Communist or a negro”.

On 13 November 1963, Dinkin was arrested and locked up in a psychiatric hospital. He was later transferred to Walter Reed, where he had to stay for months.
On 29 November, his warnings reached the White House of Lyndon B. Johnson and in April 1964 went to the Warren Commission: https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/Alleg ... inkin.html
(archived here: http://archive.is/RSKTi)

Also prior to the assassination, Air Force Sergeant David Christensen, who was stationed at Kirknewton, Scotland, intercepted communications that President Kennedy would be assassinated.
He tried to sent it to the NSA: https://www.nsa.gov/news-features/decla ... k00233.pdf
(archived here: https://web.archive.org/web/20170427055 ... k00233.pdf)

After the 22 November 1963 murder, Christensen was committed to a mental health institution from where he wrote a letter to his friend Sgt Michael B. Stevensen at “Corry” Field, Florida.
Christ, you remember the position I worked at, in Sgt Praters section, don’t you? You remember about a month or 6 weeks before I left Scotland, when I picked up a link mentioning the assassination of President Kennedy. How hard I tried to get it sent out, and because of that fuckin Forney and Delaughter they wouldn’t send it to NSA. Since I have learned that the man’s name; most mentioned was number 4 in a certain branch of organized crime at the time. Was number 2 last year.
I will send you a form for proof of claim. This guy here “the 203” says I should be getting a service connected disability for my nerves. The “link was” Lisbon to Tangiers you remember. How I got my ass chewed for not dropping the link. Have learned that this branch of crime often will put out a feeler of forthcoming things. By sending it as a practice message.

Nick it really broke me up after Nov. 22, 63. Especially when I had it all before hand. It was first like the 202’s said, Ha. I was nuts when the Russians first came out with the ITI & B’s. Later proved them wrong didn’t I. That was another first for us as I recall. Duane Bruntz from Baker trick put up a good
support of my claim.
https://www.archives.gov/files/research ... 270296.pdf
(archived here: http://web.archive.org/web/201906190817 ... 270296.pdf)
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