Dutch message to President Trump

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Re: Ronn Torossian and the Chabad

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Firestarter wrote: Thu Jan 24, 2019 4:53 pmIt´s amazing; I´ve found a story on a member of the Chabad - like Felix Sater, Tamir Sapir, Michael Cohen and Jared Kushner – PR-agent Ronn Torossian, who seems to be connected to just about all of the major players in the scandals that surround Donald Trump.
This shows that the Chabad movement really is at the centre of the Trump saga: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1038&start=20#p4402


Paolo Zampolli, UN ambassador for Dominica is also a friend of Ronn Torossian. Zampolli describes him as a “unique character” and a “mastermind”: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1485#p5745
Paolo Zampolli isn’t only connected to Trump, Epstein, Clinton and the Vatican but he is also a direct business partner of Alex Sapir and Rotem Rosen’s ASRR Capital that were also in business with the Bayrock of Tevfik Arif, Felix Sater and Donald Trump.

In 2012, a deal between Zuma and developers Alex Sapir and Rotem Rosen was brokered by Paolo Zampolli.
In another Zampolli-brokered deal with Sapir and Rosen, Los Angeles-based Koi Group opened its first Manhattan eatery in Trump Hotel Soho: https://nypost.com/2012/09/17/japans-culinary-designs/

In 2015, ASRR Capital with the Turkish Suzer Group (Turkey again!), represented by Zampolli, bought a Madison Avenue townhouse for $18.5 million: https://therealdeal.com/2015/02/02/sapi ... for-18-5m/

Every “conspiracy theorist” knows, since Pizzagate, that pizza restaurants are really places were children are abused in satanic rituals, but only... if it involves Hillary Clinton and John Podesta (or something like that).

In 2013, Paolo Zampolli, Alex Sapir and Rotem Rosen also together opened the kosher pizza restaurant Luzzo’s at 261 Madison Ave. at 37th Street in New York.
Luzzo would also offer takeout at Koi (also owned by Sapir and Rosen): https://nypost.com/2013/09/15/kosher-pi ... n-madison/
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Re: Dutch message to President Trump

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I have previously posted in this thread on the Child Protection Service in the US that regularly steals children from their loving parents to place them in the custody of slave drivers and child abusers: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1038&start=100

On 25 February, a mother took her 2-year-old boy to the doctor because he had a high fever. The mom agreed to take her son to the hospital later that day.
When the boy’s fever went down, the parents didn’t go the hospital as they concluded that there is no emergency anymore.

The doctor reported the parents to the Department of Child Safety of Arizona to check up on the boy, because the parents had not vaccinated him and refused to take him to the hospital.

Later that day, at about 10:30 p.m., two police officers knocked on the family’s door but no one answered. The cops asked a neighbor about the family who told them that "she was a good mother".
The DCS caseworker arrived and told the cops that the mother didn’t to take her son to the hospital. The cops also called the family's doctor, who repeated that the child should have been taken to the hospital...

At about 11:30 p.m., the caseworker told the cops that DCS planned to obtain a "temporary custody notice" from a judge to take the child for emergency medical aid.
It was a little after 1 a.m. when a SWAT team kicked down the family’s door carrying "lethal coverage". The cops pointed guns, yelling "Chandler Police Department" and entered the house.

I guess that the boy was first taken to the hospital. The kids were all placed in separate foster homes.
DCS requested that the court session 10 days later would be closed to the public, which the judge refused.
The judge ruled that taking the children was “lawful” and told the parents "to remember that the state had them on a family-reunification plan and wants them to regain custody of their children".

After a DCS review the children were placed with their grandparents. There's no telling how long it will be before the kids can return home to mom and dad: https://reason.com/blog/2019/03/27/sick ... cs-parents

The following video shows the SWAT raid and interviews with the parents.
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NXIVM cult

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After Kirsten Gillibrand announced she is running for president, Frank Parlato exposed that in 2004 her father, Doug Rutnik, worked as an attorney and lobbyist for NXIVM for $25,000 per month. Rutnik supposedly“rescued” his second cousin Gwenn Bellcourt from NXIVM, to marry her...

Federal prisoner John Tighe, says that Gillibrand was lying when in 2017 she claimed that she never heard of NXIVM.
Tighe told Parlato from prison that he first met Gillibrand in 2006 at an event for Hillary Clinton in Saratoga Springs, NY. Gillibrand seated herself next to Nancy Salzman at one of the front three tables – all of which were full of NXIVM members.

Parlato insinuates that Tighe was framed by longtime NXIVM members, Benjamin X. Myers and Steve Ose, who supposedly planted child porn on Tighe’s computer.

In my opinion more interesting than Gillibrand or Tighe, is the police report Rhiannon signed, who had:
sexual intercourse with a man named Keith Raniere. This occurred when I was approximately 12-13 years old and occurred either at Keith’s townhouse at 3 Flintlock Lanes, Clifton NY or his business located at Rome Plaza Clifton Park, NY.

According to Parlato, Rhiannon will testify in the court case against Raniere: https://frankreport.com/2019/01/21/forg ... -to-nxivm/
(archived here: http://archive.is/wBKRo)

There are also court documents that accuse Raniere of having sex with 2 children and producing child porn of it, “engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing one or more visual depictions of such conduct, which visual depictions were produced and transmitted.
child pornography, that were created and possessed by Raniere and (2) electronic communications between the victim and Raniere reflecting their sexual relationship and indicating that it began when she was fifteen years old

Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman, “Smallville” actress Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell were allegedly aware of Raniere sexually abusing minors, “were aware of and facilitated Raniere’s sexual relationships with two underage victims: (1) a fifteen-year-old girl who was employed by Nancy Salzman and who – ten years later – became Raniere’s first-line ‘slave’ in DOS”: https://nypost.com/2019/03/13/nxivm-lea ... ourt-docs/
(archived here: http://archive.is/AL8mq)

Sara Bronfman is already off the hook, and I expected that her sister Clare would also go free, without a prison sentence.

In a surprising move Clare Bronfman has pleaded guilty for her role in the NXIVM cult. Clare admitted to the court in Brooklyn, that she knowingly harboured a woman brought to the US on a fake work visa in order to exploit her for labour.
As part of her plea, Clare Bronfman agreed to forfeit $6 million and not to appeal any prison sentence of 27 months or less.

Clare Bronfman is already the 5th NXIVM member that has pleaded guilty, after Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russel.
The sixth and last is none other than the supposed evil genius behind NXIVM, Keith Raniere: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47996207

Joseph O´Hara had another interesting name to add to the powerful people connected to NXIVM – Richard Mays:
I had done work down in Arkansas, I had met Richard (Mays) down there. He had great connections with Governor Clinton. His lieutenant governor Tucker became governor. I was trying to get in to make a presentation to the governor. Richard got me the meeting. He got me the meeting with Jim Guy Tucker.

One of the other problems Keith had, he had an unpaid bill in Arkansas and he wanted to get an exoneration in Arkansas so he brought Richard Mays in and he got involved. Richard Mays started taking classes and got his daughter taking classes” at NXIVM.
https://bigleaguepolitics.com/exclusive ... -sex-cult/

An interesting story about Richard Mays, is that he arranged for Eric Wynn to have coffee with President Clinton at the White House.

Eric Wynn is a twice-convicted felon with ties to the Bonanno organised crime family: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/1997/f ... ton-guest/

Trump´s 1970s role model Roy Cohn counted Thomas and Joseph Gambino, sons of Carlo, among his clients
None other than Trump´s Bayrock associate Felix Sater had been partners with the Bonanno and Gambino crime families: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1038&p=4515&hilit=Bonanno#p4515

Trump’s business was once dependent on Anthony ‘Fat Tony’ Salerno, boss of the Genovese crime family, and Paul ‘Big Paulie’ Castellano, boss of the Gambino crime family, who provided the cement for Trump Tower.
John Cody, an associate of the Gambino family, controlled the cement trucks for Trump Tower.

The business partner of Donald´s father, Fred Trump, William ‘Willie’ Tomasello was also associated with the Gambino and Genovese families.

In January 2017, Trump celebrated the new year with next to him Joseph ‘Joey No Socks’ Cinque a former associate of the Gambino family boss John Gotti:
(original version: https://www.lrb.co.uk/v39/n04/sidney-bl ... ump-family)
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Re: Dutch message to President Trump

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Maybe it isn’t a total lie, because Trump did keep his promise to lower taxes for the big corporations and the filthy rich.
But is a little misleading...

Working families complain that the US Trump “tax reduction” takes more from them, while they expected the (promised) tax reduction.

During Trump’s first 2 years in office, US federal government deficits have already driven the national debt up by $3 trillion – from $19.5 trillion to $22.5 trillion. That´s even faster than his predecessors, George Bush and Barack Obama.
The 2018 Trump tax cuts have reduced US government revenues by about $500 billion in 2018; add another $.5 trillion per year in the continuing of the Bush-Obama era tax cuts; another $.4 trillion in Trump war and other spending hikes during his first two years; and more than $.6 trillion in interest payments on the debt — and you reach the $3 trillion added to the national debt in 2017 and 2018.

When George Bush Jr. took office in 2001 the national debt was $5.6 trillion; it almost doubled in 8 years to approximately $10 trillion. When Obama left office in 2016 it had almost doubled again to $19.6 trillion.
Under President George Bush Jr. there were more than $4 trillion in tax cuts. The US army got several trillions additionally.
Obama cut another $300 billion in taxes in 2009 and then extended the Bush tax cuts, scheduled to expire in 2010, for two more years to 2012 (costing another $900 billion). Then came another $806 billion in tax cuts for business. In January 2013, Obama extend Bush’s tax cuts for another decade —costing a further $5 trillion until 2023.
Both Bush and Obama cut taxes by approximately $4 trillion each. And defense-war spending long term costs rose by $6 trillion in total. Roughly a $14 trillion increase to the $5.6 trillion debt of 2000.

To this Trump has since added another $3 trillion during, which adds up to the “current” $22.5 trillion.
The Treasury Advisory Committee recently warned the US Treasury that it will have to sell $12 trillion more US Treasury bonds, bills and notes, over the next decade, 2018-2028. That’s $12 trillion on top of $22.5 trillion national debt or a $34 trillion national debt by 2028!

In January 2018 the Trump tax cut provided $4.5 trillion tax reduction from 2018 to 2028, for businesses, multinational corporations, wealthy households, and investors. US multinationals alone get nearly half of that $4.5 trillion.
But starting this year, 2019, the middle class will begin paying for those tax reductions for corporate America, investors and the wealthy 1%. Already tax refunds for the average household are down 17%. The tax hike starts in earnest by 2022; middle class will pay $1.5 trillion in higher taxes by 2028.

Today’s $22.5 trillion, rising to $34 trillion, is just the US national government debt. Total US debt includes state and local government debt, household debt, corporate bond and business commercial & industrial loan debt, central bank balance sheet debt, and government agencies (GSEs) debt. Add these other forms of debt to the national debt makes the total debt in the US rises some $53 trillion. This lead to an estimated grand total US debt of more than $70 trillion by 2028 (the $900 billion a year in interest charges for the banksters is probably too low an estimate): https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/03/15 ... debt-bomb/
(archived here: http://archive.is/hzpeF)

After, becoming “unpaid” advisers to Ivanka’s father, President Donald Trump, Ivanka and Jared Kushner made a total income of between $82 million and $222 million in 2017, compared to $89 to $201 million in 2016.
That’s an average of $225 to 608 thousands dollar per day in 2017!
The couple’s real estate holdings and other investments went from $761 million in 2016 to $811 last year.

The biggest single transaction for the Kushner couple was in September, when Quail Ridge purchased residential real estate in Plainsboro, New Jersey for $5-25 million.

Kushner Companies made Brookfield Asset Management an offer they can’t refuse for financing the 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan (remember the earlier Qatar blockade?)…
Brookfield Asset Management is partly owned by the Qatar government: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/11/busi ... sting.html

Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen and his one-time campaign manager Paul Manafort have been sentenced to prison.

In March, Manafort was sentenced to serve 47 months in prison of which he is expected to serve only 38 more months because he has already been incarcerated for some time.
Judge Ellis ordered Manafort to also pay a $50,000 fine and $24 million in restitution, for amongst others hiding $55 million in offshore bank accounts in Cyprus to avoid $6 million in taxes.

Mueller’s prosecutors demanded that Manafort would be fined more than $50 million and locked up in prison for 19 1/2 to 24 1/2 years, for “serious, longstanding, and bold” financial crimes.
Some have complained about the relatively lenient punishment for a big criminal like Manafort, like for example some small criminal getting offered 36-72 months in prison for stealing $100 worth of quarters.

Manafort also faced sentencing in the second case: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47491688

In the second case, Paul Manafort got another 3 ½ years, which means that his total prison sentence is 7 ½ years.

Manafort has also been prosecuted in a third “state” case, in which he’s charged with mortgage fraud, falsifying business records and conspiracy: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/201 ... nald-trump

I’m even more surprised that in the latest trickery to divert attention away from President Trump’s many scandals,
His long-time unofficial adviser Roger Stone has been arrested (with a camera crew waiting to film the event).
Even Julian Assange has been sentenced to 10 months in jail in Britian for jumping bail (would that be long if Assange has really been locked up for years in the Ecaduor Embassy like it’s claimed?): viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1066#p4948

Mueller has made his final report after a very long “investigation” that cost millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money.
“Special” cover-up artist Robert Mueller wasn’t able to find evidence that:
1) The London headquartered SCL Group, with connections to the Russian olichargy, manipulated the 2016 presidential elections: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=1398
2) That the Trump Organization and the Spectrum Health of the DeVos family (the in-laws of Trump’s education Secretary Betsy DeVos, the sister of Erik Prince) were communicating with the Russian Alfa Bank during the 2016 election: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1038&p=4816
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Re: Dutch message to President Trump

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One of the “important” campaign promises that Donald Trump actually kept is that he didn´t keep any of his presidential salary, but instead donated it to selected “charities”. Some Trump retards have used this for an argument to call the Trump administration “givers” and Obama cronies as “takers”.
Many previous US presidents have also donated (part of their) salary to “charities”. President Obama donated part of his salary and also the complete amount he got from his Nobel Prize for “peace”: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump ... donations/

President Trump is also NOT the first president to profit from the presidency for (much) more than his presidential salary.
For example Bush Jr. and Cheney profitted by giving Halliburton all kinds of contracts to “rebuild” Iraq after the NATO invasion.

According to Forbes' Dan Alexander and Matt Drange, Trump takes at least $175 million from commercial tenants, including the state-owned Industrial & Commercial Bank of China.
Forbes noted that at least three dozen Trump tenants have "meaningful relationships with the federal government, from contractors to lobbying firms to regulatory targets".
We don’t know all of the companies because according to federal disclosure laws Trump isn’t required to tell where his businesses get their money.

Foreign governments have been trying to get on president Donald's good side, they've "donated public land, approved permits and eased environmental regulations for Trump-branded developments, creating a slew of potential conflicts as foreign leaders make investments that can be seen as gifts or attempts to gain access to the American president through his sprawling business empire".
The Chinese government has granted Trump at least 39 trademarks since he took office on top of the at least 7 for Donald´s daughter Ivanka Kushner.

Another way to “lobby” president Trump is to buy real estate from the Trump Organization. In 2017, Trump's companies sold more than $35 million in real estate.
In the year after he got the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, "70% of buyers of Trump properties were limited liability companies – corporate entities that allow people to purchase property without revealing all of the owners' names. That compares with about 4% of buyers in the two years before".
Some argue that this is suspicious because limited liability companies are especially founded to obscure buyers' identities.

Donald Trump spent one third of his first year in office visiting his own properties (all expenses paid of course). On top of that more than 100 executive branch officials and members of Congress visited Trump properties in 2017 alone.
At least 40 special interest groups held events at Trump properties and 11 foreign government's paid Trump businesses. The Kuwaiti Embassy, for example, held a National Day celebration at Trump's Washington hotel in 2017 and 2018.
Shortly after Trump was elected in 2016, an Asian diplomat explained:
Why wouldn't I stay at his hotel blocks from the White House, so I can tell the new president, 'I love your new hotel!' Isn't it rude to come to his city and say, 'I am staying at your competitor?'
https://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles ... t-the-ways
(archived here: http://web.archive.org/web/201904202310 ... t-the-ways)

Another interesting “gift” came from Putin crony Aras Agalarov, who on 17 June 2016 gave Donald Trump an expensive painting.
This was in the same month as the infamous meeting between Russians and Trump’s campaign team, which was about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton and/or adopting Russian children (maybe some pretty Russian girls?).

In the same period, several multimillion-dollar transactions transfers were done through Agalarov’s accounts.
On 3 June 2016, for example, Aras Agalarov transferred $3.3 million to the United States, facilitated by Agalarov’s representative Irakly Kaveladze, who also used his own accounts. $725,000 of it was reportedly used to pay the balance on Agalarov’s American Express credit card.

Russian-American oil executive Simon Kukes donated $280,000 to Trump’s joint fundraising committee and inaugural fund.
Kukes bragged to Vyacheslav Pavlovsky, who works at the Kremlin, that he was “actively involved” in the Trump campaign. Kukes attended Trump’s fundraisers and dined with Mike Pence and Rudy Giuliani. He also had “a very warm conversation” with the Soviet born Brit-American Len Blavatnik, who has generously donated to American political candidates and was a partner with Skull & Bones man Steven Mnuchin in Ratpac-dune: https://www.americanprogress.org/issues ... the-money/
(archived here: http://web.archive.org/web/201901082055 ... the-money/)
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Perlmutter, Moskowitz and Sherman – control Veterans Affairs

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An informal troika - Ike Perlmutter, Bruce Moskowitz and Marc Sherman – control Veterans Affairs (VA) from Mar-a-Lago (President Trump’s club in Palm Beach, Florida).

The Mar-a-Lago troika is led by Ike Perlmutter, chairman of Marvel Entertainment; a longtime acquaintance of Donald Trump and close to Donald’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.
Trump and Perlmutter regularly talk on the phone and dine together at the Mar-a-Lago.

On 28 December 2016, president-elect Donald Trump asks Perlmutter at Mar-a-Lago for help putting a government together, according to people familiar with the matter. Then Perlmutter enlisted the assistance of his friends Sherman and Moskowitz.
Bruce Moskowitz specialises in knowing the world’s top medical experts and arranging appointments for wealthy clients.
Marc Sherman is yet another a lawyer, who specialises in financial fraud, white collar investigations and damages disputes.

The troika speaks with VA officials daily to review policy and personnel decisions. In email after email, VA officials ask approval from the trio.
A former administration official said: “Everyone has to go down and kiss the ring

Everything needs to be run by them.
They view themselves as making the decisions.

Another former official commented: “On any veterans issue, the first person the president calls is Ike”.

The Mar-a-Lago troika has made a nice profit from their control over VA.
Starting in February 2017, Perlmutter negotiated with executives at Johnson & Johnson, on a public awareness campaign about veteran suicide.
They planned a promotional event at the New York Stock Exchange around the time of Veterans Day. Executives from Perlmutter’s company Marvel and its parent company, Disney, joined Johnson & Johnson as sponsors of the Veterans Day event.

Bruce Moskowitz wanted Apple and the VA to develop an app for veterans to find medical services, for which he selected his son, Aaron, who had built a similar app. The VA finally killed the project after months of pushing by Moskowitz.
Moskowitz set up the Biomedical Research and Education Foundation to encourage keeping track of devices for their patients. The foundation built a registry to collect data from doctors and patients. Moskowitz chaired the board, Perlmutter’s wife was also a member and Moskowitz’s son earned $60,000 a year as the executive director...

In September 2017, the Mar-a-Lago troika pushed to expand the use of the private sector.
Perlmutter wrote in an email to Shulkin and other officials:
We think that some of the VA hospitals are delivering some specialty healthcare when they shouldn’t and when referrals to private facilities or other VA centers would be a better option.
Our solution is to make use of academic medical centers and medical trade groups, both of whom have offered to send review teams to the VA hospitals to help this effort.
This looks like a proposal, so they can outsource VA health care to private providers like themselves (and their crooked gang).

Former administration officials say that VA leaders were pushed out or passed over by the Mar-a-Lago troika if they didn’t cooporate; including: the secretary, deputy secretary, chief of staff (acting under secretary for health), deputy under secretary for health, chief information officer, and the director of electronic health records modernization.
After making a good impression on the Mar-a-Lago troika, Peter O’Rourke became chief of staff for the Department of Veterans Affairs. In February 2018, Moskowitz emailed him on a new mental health initiative; O’Rourke replied: “Received, I will begin a project plan and develop a timeline for action”.
In May 2018, O’Rourke became acting secretary.

The Mar-a-Lago troika grew frustrated with David Shulkin, because he wasn’t listening to them.
According to 2 former officials, senior adviser Camilo Sandoval, who knew Perlmutter from his work on the campaign with Jared Kushner, presented himself as Perlmutter’s eyes and ears within the agency.
One email shows that Sandoval kept tabs on the Apple project and reported back to Moskowitz and Sherman:
I will update the tracker, and please do let me know if this helps answers questions around Apple’s efforts or if additional clarification is required.
https://www.propublica.org/article/ike- ... -of-the-va
(archived here: http://archive.is/1VJai)

On 4 December 2017, White House adviser Jake Leinenkugel sent Sandoval a plan to change VA’s leadership.
Not only Shulkin — but all the officials the Leinenkugel memo singled out were removed and replaced with cronies of Perlmutter, Sherman and Moskowitz.
Like the memo suggested:
In April 2018, Sandoval became head of the Office of Information and Technology, overseeing the implementation of the Cerner contract;
In June 2018, Deputy Secretary Tom Bowman had to leave;
In July 2018, Richard Stone was made under secretary for health.

Leinenkugel himself took charge of a commission on mental health (on which Moskowitz had emailed O’Rourke): https://www.documentcloud.org/documents ... -Memo.html

In August 2018, following the ProPublica report, Veterans’ advocacy group VoteVets and Democracy Forward filed a complaint against the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, to stop the influence of 3 friends of President Donald Trump on decisions at the agency.
The lawsuit asks the court to block the Mar-A-Lago troika - Ike Perlmutter, Bruce Moskowitz and Marc Sherman - from weighing in on decisions, policies and personnel changes.

A group of Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and Tim Walz demanded that Robert Wilkie provide unredacted copies of all documents, records and correspondence between the troika and current or former VA employees.
The VA has used the VoteVets and Democracy Forward lawsuit for an argument to not release documents.

The Trump administration defends the legality of the 3 Trump cronies manipulating the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for personal gain, asserting that the Watergate-era law FACA on advisory committees doesn't apply.
The administration argued that FACA doesn't apply to every formal or informal consultation.

The government lawyers also argued that because the Mar-A-Lago troika doesn't fit the law's definition of an advisory committee because they aren’t under the agency's control:
Far from alleging that the department managed or controlled the three individuals, the complaint asserts quite the opposite: that the three individuals asserted influence over the department.

The VA case has been assigned to Trump appointee Judge Timothy J. Kelly: https://psmag.com/social-justice/lawsui ... f-trump-va

In April 2012, Jeffrey Epstein formed Gratitude America Ltd. in the Virgin Islands “to support the expression of gratitude for the ideals of America”.
Epstein was president of Gratitude America, Ltd. until 2015, when Richard D. Kahn took that role.

Since Darren K. Indyke is vice president of Gratitude America, before that he was treasurer. Indyke is a longtime lawyer for Epstein; active in all 3 of Epstein’s former foundations, Epstein Interests, C.O.U.Q. Foundation (a.k.a. Florida Science Foundation) and J. Epstein Virgin Islands Foundation (a.k.a. Enhanced Education).
Virgin Islands tax attorney Erika Kellerhals is Gratitude America's secretary and treasurer. She was also secretary, treasurer and trustee of the J. Epstein Virgin Islands Foundation.

In 2015, Gratitude America, Ltd. recorded revenues for the first time, with a mysterious $10 million donation from a New York shell company - BV70 LLC.
Epstein’s groups shuffle money to each other. In 2008, Epstein Interests donated $100,000 to the C.O.U.Q. Foundation. In 2009, Enhanced Education contributed $200,000 to C.O.U.Q.

Gratitude America Ltd. has been used to funnel money to a variety of causes.
In 2016, Gratitude America Ltd. funded a TV show with $110,000 through Verse Video Education hosted by the wife of Larry Summers, Elisa New, a Harvard economist and Treasury secretary under former President Clinton.
Gratitude America’s biggest donations included $375,000 to the International Peace Institute Inc. A New York think tank staffed by former United Nations officials and run by the Norwegian Terje Rød-Larsen. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is honorary chairman.

On July 23, 2018, Epstein, Indyke and Kahn each donated $2,700 to Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett of the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Kellerhals and partners at her law firm have been frequent donors to Plaskett.
Epstein, Indyke and Kahn also donated to Plaskett in August 2016, each for a total of $5,400.
In July 2014, both Kahn and Indyke donated $2,600 to Plaskett's campaign, while Kellerhals donated a total of $1,000 in July 2013 and January 2014.

In June 2014, Indyke donated $5,200 to New Mexico gubernatorial candidate Gary King's campaign and Kahn’s business, HBRK Associates Inc., gave King $5,200.
In the following weeks Epstein’s businesses – JEGE; FT RealEstate; Laurel; Nautilus; Maple; and Neptune LLC - donated more than $35,000 to King’s campaign.
Gary King’s father, former Gov. Bruce King, sold Epstein his 10,000-acre Zorro Ranch in Stanley, New Mexico. Bruce King was listed in Epstein’s little black book.

And now for the most interesting part...
In 2016, Gratitude America, Ltd. donated $100,000 and $50,000 in 2017 to the Bruce and Marsha Moskowitz Foundation. While Gratitude America Ltd. registered a $100,000 donation in 2017, Moskowitz recorded a donation for only half of that ($50,000).
Bruce Moskowitz is one of Trump's Mar-a-Lago cronies that secretly influences policies in the Department of Veterans Affairs. Bruce Moskowitz is also in in Epstein’s little black book: https://www.thedailybeast.com/jeffrey-e ... e-money-to

For more information on Jeffrey Epstein, the pedo buddy of Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1485
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Chao, McConnell, Kentucky - Roger Stone, Watergate

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Firestarter wrote: Sat Mar 31, 2018 3:10 pmPresident Trump nominated Elaine L. Chao (born in Taiwan) to Secretary of Transportation, which the Senate confirmed by a vote of 93-6 (her husband Senator Mitch McConnell didn’t refrain from voting…).
Elaine Chao has earlier served as a Reagan administration official and secretary of labor in the George W. Bush cabinets (from 2001 to 2009). Elaine Chao is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

FOIA-released records show how Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and her husband Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell prioritises requests from Kentucky – home state of McConnell, where he´s running for reelection in 2020.

Secretary Chao “met at least 10 times” with politicians and business leaders from Kentucky at the requests of McConnell’s office.
The Transportation department has even established a special liaison, Chao’s chief of staff, Kentucky resident, Todd Inman, “to help with grant applications and other priorities…paving the way for grants totaling at least $78 million for favored projects as McConnell prepared to campaign for reelection”.

Inman worked on McConnell’s campaigns in 2008 and 2014 and then became the deputy state director for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign in Kentucky.
In February 2017, Inman emailed McConnell’s chief of staff:
The Secretary has indicated if you have a Ky-specific issue that we should flag for her attention to please continue to go through your normal channels but feel free to contact me directly as well so we can monitor or follow up as necessary.

Starting in April 2017, Inman and Chao met annually with a delegation from river port of 59,809 people Owensboro, with long connections to McConnell, where they discussed 2 projects — upgrading road connections to a riverport and reclassifying a local parkway as an Interstate spur, which could make more businesses locating in Owensboro.

Owensboro submitted its first grant application for “FASTLANE”in the final months of the Obama administration. Career DOT staff rejected the application.
Owensboro submitted a second grant application in the first year of the Trump administration, which was likewise unsuccessful.
Finally, in 2018, it was resubmitted the 3rd time. In December, city officials held a news conference to celecbrate the $11.5 million federal award.

McConnell has long touted bringing federal resources to Kentucky, which his wife can assist.
McConnell asked Owensboro’s mayor to set up a luncheon with business and political leaders for his 2020 reelection campaign at which McConnell claimed credit for delivering the grant: “How about that $11 million BUILD grant?
It’s done a lot to transform Owensboro, and I was really happy to have played a role in that

In 2003, McConnell’s involvement with Owensboro really began when then-Owensboro Mayor Waymond Morris and future mayor, Ron Payne, visited McConnell at his Washington office.
In 2004, Owensboro used more than $1 million in city funds to build a riverside and renamed part of it the “McConnell Plaza”.
In July 2005, McConnell phoned new mayor Tom Watson to explained that he had secured $40 million in federal funds to overhaul the riverbank.

In December 2017, Boone County Judge/Executive Gary Moore met Chao, requesting a $67 million grant to upgrade roads, which was approved in June 2018.

McConnell said: "All 100 senators may have one vote, but they’re not all equal. Kentucky benefits from having one of its own setting the agenda for the country".

McConnell has boasted about used his influence to deliver federal grants for Kentucky; he wrote:
Every single day, Kentuckians from across the Commonwealth contact me with their concerns.
As Senate Majority Leader and a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, I am able to ensure that these issues — both large and small — are part of the national discussion. Kentucky continues to punch above its weight in Washington, and I am proud to be a strong voice for my constituents in the Senate.

Kentucky radio host Matt Jones responded: “Mitch McConnell has been a master — a master at helping wealthy business interests get wealthier. If there is a rich guy Hall of Fame, he should be in it”: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/06/ ... ao-1358068
(archived here: http://archive.is/q9pbs)

CREEP Roger Stone, Watergate
I´m not really surprised that Donald Trump is surrounded by the same corrupt elite that´s close to Clinton and Bush. I DO find it amazing that some of the long-time associates of Trump were working for Richard Nixon at the beginning of the 1970s.
Maybe it shouldn´t surprise me that the Watergate trail leads to Trump´s long-time “dirty trickster” Roger Stone, who was arrested with the cameras running for maximum exposure...

Two days after the Watergate arrests, Watergate burglar James McCord called Porter’s home. Stone was there to answer the phone, informing him that Porter was not present and then quickly alerted Herbert “Bart” Porter to the call: https://propertyofthepeople.org/2018/09 ... al-bagman/
(archived here: http://archive.is/2NZOl)

In one of his earliest acts for Nixon’s Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP), Stone travelled to Massachusetts with cash to fund acts of political sabotage. Stone recruited an operative and funneled approximately $10,000 (equivalent to $60,000 in 2018) to sabotage Democratic campaigns.
See page 7 of the following FBI memo.
https://propertyofthepeople.org/documen ... 14-139-121

Two weeks after the Watergate arrests, Roger Stone funneled $16,050 (equivalent to $95,000 in 2018) in a mysterious payment from oil executive Darius Keaton to Herbert “Bart” Porter. Porter was Stone’s handler with CREEP, and the man that paid both Stone and Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy.
Keaton was indicted several years later for insider trading and fraud charges in connection with selling his oil company to Kuwait.
See page 6 of the following FBI memo.
https://propertyofthepeople.org/documen ... -4089-2065
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Wilbur Ross, China

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I’ve found some more interesting business connections on Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, long-time Rothschild banker, Wilbur Ross: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1038&p=4872

In 2011, Wilbur Ross’ private equity company, WL Ross, led a coalition of investors that put about $1 billion into Diamond S Shipping. In 2014, WL Ross was the company’s largest shareholder, with nearly one-third of its shares.
Diamond S Shipping Group Inc. is one of the world’s largest owners of medium-range tankers that are in turn rented to its clients...

Of Diamond S Shipping’s 45 tankers, 32 are registered in Hong Kong, with the rest in the Marshall Islands and Malta. The probable reason for flagging in another country is that you then don’t have to pay people US wages.
Even though the Trump administration is constantly making big noise on a trade war with China, the company is also tied to a major Chinese investment fund.
Diamond S ships have made more than 100 visits to China since 2012, regularly to Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Diamond S Shipping has said it has — and will continue to — “call on ports located in countries subject to sanctions and embargoes imposed by the U.S. government and countries identified … as state sponsors of terrorism, such as Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria”.

In early 2014, a Diamond S Shipping tanker visited the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas when there were US government sanctions against Iran.
Diamond S Shipping said the customer that chartered the tanker had a license from the US Treasury “authorizing the export of the product to specific end-users in Iran”.

The Trump organization once rented space to state-controlled Iranian Bank Melli that according to the US government funded the Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

Tom Fitton, president of Trump-supporting “watchdog” Judicial Watch, said that the idea that Ross would have to broadly recuse himself from his duties is “absurdity”.

Diamond S Shipping’s business mostly relies on a handful of customers, including Swiss-based Glencore PLC. Glencore provided more than 10% of Diamond S´s revenue in the fiscal year that ended on 31 March 2013.
In December 2016, Glencore announced it would buy 19.5% of Russian national oil company Rosneft with Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund. Rosneft is a “sanctioned entity” but is still permitted to sell oil?!?

Diamond S Shipping ships have made calls in Russian ports.
Ross explained:
We don’t take any risk in the cargo. We simply are like a taxi cab: They put cargo, we discharge it in another location, and we’re paid a fee for so doing.
https://publicintegrity.org/federal-pol ... ping-firm/
(archived here: http://web.archive.org/web/201903310625 ... ping-firm/)

Wilbur Ross voluntarily divested from Diamond S Shipping, but according to Ross himself he put some of it in a family trust.

There are more ties between the Ross family and the Chinese government.
In September 2017, Ross still held a stake in the Luxembourg-based International Automotive Components Group, that closed a new joint venture. As part of the deal, WL Ross took a 30% interest alongside state-owned Shanghai Shenda and got roughly $300 million in cash.
The same month, Chinese officials hosted trade talks with none other than Wilbur Ross!

In November 2017, Ross confirmed in writing that he had divested everything he promised, but... he was lying.
Ross still held more than $10 million worth of stock in financial firm Invesco and call options in the Sun Bancorp bank, but only the next month Ross got rid of his interests in both. Invesco stock rose during this period...

In one of those happy “coincidences”, 5 days before reports about Ross’s connection to Navigator Holdings (affiliated to Putin cronies) he bought put options. Navigator stock dropped 4% in the next 11 days, making Ross a nice profit.
Even though Ross technically got rid of his stake, he put some of his stake in Navigator and the Bank of Cyprus in a family trust. The largest shareholder of the Bank of Cyprus is a company controlled by Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, which paid more than half a million dollars to Michael Cohen shortly after Trump became president.

According to Forbes, Ross has lied for years about his wealth, never owned more than $2 billion and admitted such in his latest financial disclosure of less than $700 million (just like Donald Trump?): https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexand ... -interest/
(archived here: http://archive.is/1wx01)
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Re: US government “releases” kids to child traffickers

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I´ve earlier posted in this thread on the US government turning children over to human traffickers and child molesters: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1038&p=5186&hilit=c ... ants#p5178

Sarah Fabian, counsel for Trump´s Department of Justice, appeared before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco regarding a settlement that – according to her – doesn´t specify that sanitary products must be provided for detained migrant children.
Judge Tashima responded incredulously:
What are you saying, ‘may be?’
You mean, there’s circumstances when a person doesn’t need to have a toothbrush, toothpaste and soap? For days?


The settlement between advocates for young immigrants and the U.S. government says children should be held in facilities that meet certain standards and released as soon as possible (which is considered to be 20 days): http://www.fox5dc.com/news/trump-admini ... othbrushes

According to a recently released report by the US State Department, the United States was the number 1 nation of origin for victims of human trafficking in 2018 (followed by Mexico and the Philippines).

In 2017, the DOJ began 282 federal human trafficking prosecutions; this dropped to only 230 in 2018.
Federal convictions did rise from 499 in 2017 to 526 in 2018. More than 70% of the cases resulted in jail sentences longer than 5 years.

It´s a reasonable assumption that child trafficking is fueled by demand.
According to Geoff Rogers:
So there are tremendous numbers of kids, a multitude of kids that are being sold as sex slaves today in America. These are American kids, American-born, 50 percent to 60 percent of them coming out of the foster care industry.
Because of the demand, then these traffickers are filling that demand with supply. And the demand is so great here in the United States that they're filling the supply with our very own kids.

Brook Bello said:
We work with victims that are 3 years old and up. The average victim that we work with, that’s over 18, started being raped at three. Trafficking in America, if you are trafficked in the United States, 85 percent of victims that are trafficked here are from here.

These kids need help to escape from their traffickers.
While there are certainly people, who really try to help them, the majority won´t take any risk to keep their job in a system that´s designed to never eradicate human trafficking: https://www.foxnews.com/us/human-traffi ... rld-report
(archived here: http://archive.is/zROBN)
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Roy Cohn the paedophile and Trump lobbyists

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I’ve earlier posted on the Franklin scandal that went all the way to the Reagan/Bush White House:
Firestarter wrote: Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:15 pmIn the 1980s there was a massive child abuse ring which involved George H.W. Bush. The Franklin affair started in 1988 with some 40 million dollars embezzled by the Franklin Credit Union. During the investigation a large amount of child pornography was found, involving some high officials. At the end of the 1980s some 80 young people testified they had been sexually abused, most of them withdrew their testimonies. This includes information on sex abuse at the Bohemian Grove and Colonel Michael Aquino.
The best information I found on the Franklin scandal is from former FBI agent, the late Ted L. Gunderson: http://educate-yourself.org/cn/gunderso ... buse.shtml

This affair was described in a number of books, notably “The Franklin cover-up” of John DeCamp (please note that DeCamp is part of the cover-up): http://www.wanttoknow.info/mk/franklin-cover-up.pdf

John DeCamp’s book includes information on Donald Trump’s reported mentor Roy Cohn setting people up with “young boys”, so that they could be blackmailed:
Gray's associate Wilson was apparently continuing the work of a reported collaborator of Gray from the 1950s-McCarthy committee counsel Roy Cohn, now dead of AIDs.
According to the former head of the vice squad for one of America's biggest cities, "Cohn's job was to run the little boys. Say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman, who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn's job was to set them up, then they would go along. Cohn told me that himself."
WAYNE BARRETT: I knew Roy Cohn. I knew him very well. And you just cannot understand how Donald could have been this close. I write in the book that they talked 15 times a day. One of the two stories here—I can’t remember which one—said it was five times a day. It’s probably somewhere in between. Roy himself told me they talked 15 times a day. But there’s no question that next to Fred Trump, Roy Cohn was the single greatest influence in Donald’s life. And Roy is incandescent evil.
He was a chicken hawk after little boys, and yet he was the most virulently anti-gay guy you could imagine. And so, that was Donald’s mentor and constant sidekick, who represented all five of the organized crime families in the City of New York.
https://www.democracynow.org/2016/7/5/t ... ed_baiting

Lewis S. Rosensteil’s fourth wife, Susan, told about an orgy at the Plaza Hotel where her husband, Roy Cohn and J. Edgar Hoover were engaged in sexual activities with young boys: https://www.upi.com/Archives/1993/02/06 ... 728974800/

Susan described what happened at this meeting. Cohn warned her that she should pretend not to recognize Hoover, who was in “full drag.” As she recalled, the legendary crime fighter, anti-Communist, and crusader against sexual perversion

was wearing a fluffy black dress, very fluffy, with flounces, and lace stockings, and high heels, and a black curly wig. He had make-up on, and false eyelashes. It was a very short skirt, and he was sitting there in the living room of the suite with his legs crossed. Roy introduced him to me as “Mary” and he replied, “Good evening,” brusque, like the first time I’d met him. It was obvious he wasn’t a woman, you could see where he’d shaved. It was Hoover. You’ve never seen anything like it. I couldn’t believe it, that I should see the head of the FBI dressed as a woman.

Two blonde boys then entered the “tremendous bedroom, with a bed like in Caesar’s time,” and the orgy began. Hoover removed his dress and underpants, revealing a garter belt, and the boys “work[ed] on him with their hands,” one wearing rubber gloves. Her husband, Lewis, then “got into the act” while Hoover and Cohn watched; finally, Cohn had “full sex” with each boy. Operating as a figure of power, not desire, Hoover demanded sexual pleasure but did not give it to others. Susan recalled that he “only had [the boys], you know, playing with him.” A year later the Rosenstiels returned to the Plaza. This time the boys were “dressed in leather,” and Hoover wore a red dress and a black feather boa. He had one boy read from the Bible while the other fondled him, again wearing gloves. Hoover soon “grabbed the Bible, threw it down, and told the second boy to join in the sex.”
http://web.archive.org/web/201904301335 ... iv2facpubs

According to a book, mafia bosses Frank Costello and Meyer Lansky obtained hard proof of Hoover's homosexuality in the form of photographs of the FBI director having sex with his longtime aide, Clyde Tolson.

Luisa Stuart, once a celebrated model, told that after one New Year's Eve in the late 1930s at the Stork Club in the limousine, she saw Hoover and Clyde Tolson holding hands.

Former Washington police inspector, Joseph Shimon, recalled a taxi driver reporting that Hoover and Tolson had been "kissing and ass-grabbing" during a cab journey.

Harry Hay remembered that on vacation in California, in "a circle in which they didn't have people who weren't gay… They were nodded together as lovers": https://www.theguardian.com/film/2012/j ... secret-fbi

There is even a connection between Roy Cohn and Bill Clinton.
The long-time friend of Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, who became official adviser and campaign manager to President Clinton was a first cousin once removed of Roy Cohn.

Dick Morris has also worked for Yushcenko´s campaign in the Ukraine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Morris

Donald Trump on campaign trail promised to not hire lobbyists...

President Donald Trump made his hires sign an ethics pledge agreeing not to lobby the agencies where they work until 5 years after they leave.
Because Trump made a loophole that allows former officials to lobby on agency rule-making, this "pledge" is worthless as Trump officials can still sell their influence to corporate interests wanting to rig the rules against us (the slaves).

By May 2018, at least least 8 former Trump officials have become lobbyists.
At least 184 people, who have left the Trump administration have seemingly violated this pledge. Of those, at least 6 former officials are now registered lobbyists and several others work in roles that are basically lobbying (only under another name): https://www.motherjones.com/politics/20 ... urned-out/

At least 230 corporate lobbyists have joined the Trump administration.
Trump has also opened a luxury hotel 4 blocks from the White House, so lobbyists wanting to get favours can pay the Trump Organization the overpriced rates.

In June, at a rally launching his reelection campaign, President Donald once again promised to "drain the swamp", assuring the crowd of Trump retards "that's exactly what we're doing right now".
Trump continued with this beauty: "We stared down the unholy alliance of lobbyists and donors and special interests"...
Are we really so gullible that we can’t even see that Trump has filled his administration with “the swamp”?!?

We should be so happy that President Donald has the solution to homelessness in the US.
Donald has already ended homelessness in Washington, D.C.; as he explained:
I had a situation when I first became president. We had certain areas of Washington, D.C, where (homelessness) was starting to happen. I ended it very quickly. I said, 'You can't do that.'
As Trump explained to the Fox interviewer:
When you have leaders of the world coming to see the president ... they can't be looking at that.

You never guessed it, President Donald will simply outlaw homeless people (more slaves for prison!) so businesspeople and shoppers don´t have to walk past the homeless anymore: https://www.creators.com/read/jim-hight ... -trump-inc

Just a reminder on what man has been made US president...
Ivanka Trump said in an interview:
I remember once my father and I were walking down Fifth Avenue and there was a homeless person sitting right outside of Trump Tower and I remember my father pointing to him and saying, ‘You know, that guy has $8 billion more than me,’ because he was in such extreme debt at that point, you know?
(at 4:17 mark)
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