Obstructionist Mentality

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Obstructionist Mentality

Post by editor » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:06 am

Have you ever noticed it seems like most people who go to work for government are obstructionist by nature? The tendency is never to help improve anything, but instead to hamper, hinder, obstruct, fine, punish, or otherwise make life more difficult.

Case in point, an article appearing in today's USA Today, entitled, Waze and other traffic dodging apps prompt cities to game the algorithms, by Elizabeth Weise.

Apparently, according to Weise, apps such as Google's Waze are really getting under the skin of city planners. These apps monitor current traffic conditions and suggest alternative routes which tend to send drivers through residential streets, thereby saving them time otherwise spent idling in traffic jams on highways or major throughfares.

In my youth I delivered pizzas, and I learned the value of using sidestreets and shortcuts. They work especially well when those streets are empty, because most people aren't smart enough to plan an alternate route. But I see nothing wrong with spreading the traffic out a bit, instead of cramming everyone onto one road. Current technology makes this tactic more available to people who otherwise didn't have navigation skills.

City planners have been working with Google to try and minimize the impact on local communities but, says Weise, they are concerned it is not enough. For one thing, if users of Waze aren't getting good enough advice, they can use another app instead. The horror!

So these planners are adopting other measures, such as putting up signs prohibiting turning onto certain streets during peak traffic hours, widening sidewalks, eliminating turnout areas for bus stops so that busses have to stop in the middle of the street, putting up more stop signs, making streets one-way, putting in speed bumps, and other things. In other words, city planners are doing everything they can to slow down traffic, and make it more difficult to travel.

A normal man or woman, you know-- someone who doesn't work for government, would attack such a problem from a different angle. We might think, "Our highways and throughfares are too congested, and it's taking people too long to get to work or get home. Maybe we should do something to make this better. Maybe we need better planning." We might analyze traffic patterns, and decide to designate and widen some additional routes to ease the flow of traffic. Not these people. They only want to slow everyone down.

The article does mention that in working with Waze, some cities have managed to re-time their traffic lights, and as a result have decreased congestion on main roads by as much as 18%. Someone was thinking. I'm betting this was a suggestion made by the Waze people-- it's not an idea anyone working for government would likely have come up with on his own.
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Re: Obstructionist Mentality

Post by oracle » Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:50 pm

Government people are not paid to think but to follow orders - that is why these seemingly crazy situations are acted out but if you look behind the actions you will realise that they are all part of the Policy Dictate

This is being enacted on a worldwide basis in every town and city on a drop by drop , step by step basis and is how our freedoms are being whittled away from us - this policy dictate is still in the early formation but you can ( and should ) read what they have in store for our future ( and our children's future )

You can openly access what they are doing and it is all spelt out for us in the following United Nations document - Agenda 21 - so know you know why we have smart cities , smart meters etc all under the guise of sustainable development !

https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/c ... enda21.pdf

In the future private cars will be luxury items for the mega rich - the rest of us will have access to smart cars which we rent on as needed basis but since we will be living in a smart city we will not need cars as much - all is contained in this and other UN documents ( created by the elite for the elite and we fund it )
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