Murder of Princess Diana

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Murder of Princess Diana

Post by Firestarter » Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:02 pm

I had posted some of the information on the murder of Lady Di, Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales first in the following thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=748&start=10
There are lots of websites dedicated to this topic, but unfortunately most of them aren’t worth reading. The most informative site I found on the murder of Diana is this one:

I have found 2 photographs of Diana alive after the crash and not looking injured, which you can see directly below (the man in white is Doctor Frederic Mailliez).

The state media never released the pictures that showed that Diana didn’t look injured, but instead the following (fake) photographs were shown - EDIT picture was removed.

The first medical doctor on the scene of the crash was Doctor Frederic Mailliez (who arrived on the scene with his friend Mark Butt), who provided Diana with first aid in the Alma tunnel.
Paparazzo Romuald Rat and his driver Stephane Darmon arrived at the scene before Mailliez; Rat opened the door where he saw Diana laying on the floor of the car, took her pulse and spoke some soothing words to her.

Mailliez provided Diana with oxygen as he concluded that she had problems breathing, because of the position of her body and that she was unconscious. He further stated that she didn’t look badly injured and expected that she would survive.
You can hear Frederic Mailliez say this in the documentary "Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel" (2007):
You can go to the time stamps if you only want to watch what Mailliez said.
11:04 – 11:20: “she [Diana] didn’t have any blood on her face, but she was unconscious and her head was down like that and she had difficulty to breathe, so she needed some assistance very quickly”.
15:56 – 16:06: “I thought this beautiful woman had a good chance to live because I thought it was just a head injury”.

This documentary is more about the paparazzi than about the murder of Diana (it implies that the photographers were unjustly blamed for the death). Several photographers say that they were harassed by the French police to give up their pictures of the car wreck with Diana in it.

In the documentary "Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel" Doctor Frederic Mailliez testified that Diana was only slightly injured directly after the crash. Mailliez potentially was a dangerous medical expert for the official story.

Here’s another documentary “Who killed Diana? ” (2014):
Arguably the most interesting from this documentary is the “Frederic Mailliez” that appears in this one from 6:42 – 6:52 and 9:16 – 9:27.
I made 2 screenshots, that you can see below, on the left is Doctor Frédéric Mailliez from "Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel" (2007), on the right is the “Doctor Mailliez” from the video “Who killed Diana? ” (2014).
First look at the colour of their eyes: Mailliez had brown eyes; the replacement actor has blue eyes!
The upper lip of the blue eyed actor is much wider than of the “real” Mailliez.
Another noticeable difference is that the eyebrows of the blue eyed replacement are lighter and have a different shape.
The blue eyed actor looks younger, while this video is from a later date (7 years?).
Mailliez had more of an upward nose than the blue eyed actor.
They also have a different skin colour, which isn’t only a sun tan. I’ve written down some more differences below the pictures.

Here’s another video still of Frederic Mailliez from 1 September 1997.

If you really want to find all the difference, you should watch (and hear) Dr. Mailliez in both documentaries.
The video of the fake blue eyed “Mailliez” is taken in too much of a close-up.
The real Mailliez uses a lot of hand gestures and a lot of facial expression, including frowning with his eyebrows. The fake blue eyed actor doesn’t imitate this very well.
Also noticeable is that the real (French) Mailliez has difficulties with English, but the fake blue eyed actor doesn’t imitate this good (I believe he’s an English actor speaking with a French accent).

I don’t rate the documentary “Who killed Diana? ” very high except for the interview with John Macnamara (from 27:12 - 28:14), director security of Harrods, who did his own investigation for Mohamed Al-Fayed.
Macnamara tells that the news that the speedometer was stuck at 192 km/h (120 miles per hour), was a blatant lie. Mercedes immediately had this “news” refuted: a speedometer goes to 0 after a crash.
John Macnamara also tells that the headline that Henri Paul had 3 times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood came out even before the blood had been analysed.

I’ve tried to find more information (text or video) of John Macnamara on the murder of Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed. The best I’ve found is this transcript from CNN of Macnamara and attorney Mark Zaid:
In fact, within 36 hours it was proclaimed that Henri Paul was as drunk as a pig, three times over the drink-drive limit, driving at 192 kilometers, 120 miles an hour. Now, that was a statement that was categorically put out in the French and British press. We now know -- in fact, we knew within hours that the speedometer in the Mercedes reverts to zero on impact, so their allegation that it was stuck at 192 kilometers an hour was false -- it was a deliberate false statement

Also interesting in “Who killed Diana? ” is that from 36:53 – 37:03 the voice over tells that the Mercedes had been stolen 3 months earlier and had the electronics ripped out and replaced (possibly with electronics for remote takeover of the car.
The following story writes that shortly before the “accident” the Mercedes was stolen, in which time they could have tampered with the brakes or even could have installed technology to take over the car by remote control. The onboard computer chip was stolen and then could have been replaced with a new “special” one: ... tolen.html

David Price inspected the car in which Diana crashed.
Price couldn’t disprove tampering because a foot-long section of brake pipe was not handed over to British investigators.
The car’s brake fluid contained a level of water that could have interfered with braking efficiency, according to the Paget report this was caused by contamination after the crash. I don’t understand where this water could have come from…
According to the Paget report Diana couldn’t wear her seatbelt because it was “jammed in the retracted position because part of the internal mechanism had become displaced”.
Chauffeur Olivier Lafaye drove the Mercedes car hours before the crash and reported the back end “slewing out” at speed: ... t-revealed

First the official story was that Diana and Dodi were running from the paparazzi, but the paparazzi weren’t close to the car when it crashed. There have been some witnesses that saw a number of motorcycles close to the Mercedes and a slow car, but no paparazzi (photographers would have surely stuck around if they witnessed the crash).
Then they invented the story that the driver Henri Paul was drunk and presented autopsy results that confirmed that he had 3 times the legal limit (comparable to 2 bottles of wine). They also found several psychiatric drugs in his blood (including Prozac), which would make the effects of the alcohol even stronger. Why would Dodi and Diana step in the car with a drunken chauffeur?

There have been several testimonies that confirm that Paul didn’t look drunk. There have also been testimonies that Paul wasn’t a heavy drinker (or an alcoholic). There is no evidence that Henri Paul had bought psychiatric drugs. There was even alcohol planted in Henri Paul’s apartment after the police had already investigated there: ... -was-drunk

High levels of carbon monoxide (20.7%) were found in Henri Paul’s blood (enough to make it impossible to walk). It looks like they took blood from another body (possible of a death by suicide with carbon monoxide poisoning, who drank alcohol and committed suicide for being depressed as a result of using Prozac). The blood was kept for 24 hours in an unguarded refrigerator to make this possible: ... enri-paul/

Bar owner Josiane Le Tellier (Josy) of the Le Champmesle, knew Henri Paul well, and saw him at 9:45 P.M., and he didn’t look drunk:
Interestingly Paul was called on his mobile phone (that he had with him)at 9:45 P.M. to come to work, so it is ridiculous that it’s claimed that nobody knew where he was between 7 and 10 P.M.; surely the police could have investigated the data from the phone.
Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones (who survived the crash) stated that Paul appeared “perfectly normal”:
In the bar, we ordered dinner and were joined by Henri Paul. He had a drink, I do not know what it was, but it was yellow-coloured. While we had dinner, Paul came and went about the hotel, he was perfectly normal. I did not sense him being on edge, he was just as he usually was in my dealings with him. After a while, Paul had another drink.
Rees-Jones didn’t know if the yellow drink contained alcohol or not.

In October, 1993 Lady Diana was already afraid she would be murdered in a car crash by Prince Charles. She sent a letter to her butler Paul Burrell in which she writes that she will be murdered by Charles, who is “planning “an accident” in my car (...) to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy” (Tiggy Legge-Bourke, former nanny of Princes William and Harry).

In 1995, Diana wrote a letter to her friend Simone Simmons:
Dear Simone, as you know, the brakes of my car have been tampered with. If something does happen to me it will be MI5 or MI6 who will have done it. Lots of love, Diana.
Simone Simmons, testified that former Defence Minister, Nicholas Soames, called Diana at Kensington Palace in February 1997 and threatened Diana. Diana asked her to listen in on the telephone conversation, when she heard Soames say: "Don't meddle in things you know nothing about because you know accidents can happen".
Soames denied these allegations: ... reat_call/

In October 1995, Diana had a meeting with her lawyers Lord Mischon, Maggie Rae and Sandra Davies (of law firm Mishcon de Reya), where she said that unnamed “reliable sources” had informed her that she could be killed or injured in a car accident.
Mischon advised Diana to increase “security measures … relating to her car”.Mischon wrote in a summary of this meeting that he didn’t believe her life was in danger. He was surprised that her private secretary Patrick Jephson "half believed" Diana was right that her safety was at risk:
Efforts would be made if not to get rid of her (be it by some accident in her car, such as a pre-prepared brake failure or whatever) at least to see she was so injured as to be declared unbalanced. She was convinced that there was a conspiracy and that she and Camilla were to be ‘put aside’ ... n_note.pdf
Within 2 weeks after the car crash in the tunnel, Mischon took his note to Commissioner Lord Condon, who kept it “confidential”. Only after Paul Burrell in 2003 released a handwritten note that confirms Diana’s fears for a car “accident”, he released the Mischon Note to coroner Michael Burgess.

According to the Operation Paget Report, in November 1995 Diana had said:
Prince Philip wants to see me dead”.

In August 1996, Diana said to her friend Roberto Devorik:
I am a threat in their eyes. They only use me when they need me for official functions and then they drop me again in the darkness… they are not going to kill me by poisoning me or in a big plane where others will get hurt. They will either do it when I am on a small plane, in a car when I am driving or in a helicopter.
According to Mohamed Al-Fayed (not the most reliable source for information):
Diana told me personally, during a holiday in the South of France, that the person who is spearheading these threats is Prince Philip … She told me it would happen either in a helicopter or a car

It has been said that both Dodi and Diana would have survived the crash if they had worn their seatbelts (Trevor Rees-Jones reportedly survived the crash because he put it on shortly before the crash). If Diana would be afraid to be murdered in a car crash, surely she would have worn it. Diana was known to wear a seatbelt, but couldn’t use it because according to the Paget report it was “jammed”.

According to the Paget report Thierry Hackett, Alain Remy, Christophe Lascaux, Lionel Ronssin, the three members of the Catheline family, David Le Ny, James Huth, Olivier Partouche, Clifford Gooroovadoo, Belkacem Bouzid, Abdelatif Redjil and Gary Dean saw flashes of light in the area of the Mercedes S280before it crashed: ... report.pdf
The Paget report is 871 pages, here are some of the interesting testimonies:!topic ... qOkYUkUhrM

Francois Levistre entered the tunnel ahead of Brenda Wells:
In my rearview mirror, I saw the car (Mercedes 280s) in the middle of the tunnel with a motorcycle on its left, pulling ahead and then swerving to the right directly in front of the car (the Mercedes). As the motorcycle swerved and before the car lost control, there was a flash of light. But then I was out of the tunnel and heard, but did not see, the impact.
I immediately pulled my car over to the curb, but my wife said: 'Let's get out of here. It's a terrorist attack.' There were two people on the motorcycle.
Levy added that he saw a powerful bike with two men exit the tunnel immediately after the crash:
Already at that point, as I was travelling at 120km/hr, I could see in the distance in my rear view mirror a vehicle surrounded on either side by motorbikes. I said to my wife : “That must be someone important”. I joined the embankment via a slip-road and the convoy drew closer. I accelerated on leaving the slip-road and went into the tunnel, the one at the Alma Bridge with pillars in the middle. I would add that there was a white car between me and the convoy. I realized that the motorbikes were not police motorbikes, as there were no flashing lights. There were more than two motorbikes, travelling in tandem on each side of the car. As I was about to start to climb out of the tunnel, I could distinctly see one motorbike cut across the front of the car. There was a large white flash. I did not notice a bang. I saw the car zigzagging. I carried on driving until I was outside the tunnel, where I stopped to collect my thoughts. I realised that something serious had happened, and that the car had had an accident. I thought it might have been an assassination attempt or a gangland hit. I left, as I did not want to get involved in any more trouble. Immediately afterwards, I saw a motorbike coming out of the tunnel. It was a powerful machine, with two people on board ... unnel.html
Roselyne Levistre, wife of François, didn’t see the bright flash but did see a motorcycle with two people on board.

London-born Brenda Wells:
After a party with my friends, I was returning to my home. A motorbike with two men forced me off the road. It was following a big car. Afterwards in the tunnel there were very strong lights like flashes. After that, a black car arrived. The big car had come off the road. I stopped and five or six motorbikes arrived and started taking photographs. They were crying 'It's Diana'.
American tourist Brian Anderson:
As I noticed the back of the Mercedes going past, that's when I saw the first of three motorbikes. The space between our car and the Mercedes I would estimate at about 5 to 6 feet. Both our taxi and the Mercedes were travelling in the same direction in our designated lanes. I have numbered the motorbikes on the sketch plan as 1, 2 and 3.
It was motorbike 3 that my attention was first drawn to. It was to the left of our taxi and just to the rear of the Mercedes. It was at this point that the noise fell into place. This motorbike was driven by a single person. This motorbike was about 2 feet from the back of the Mercedes, and was accelerating past our taxi also. I thought that the rider was able to get a lot of response from his bike.
The Mercedes past us and I then became aware of a second bike, which I have marked number 1 on the sketch plan. This was a bike which had a passenger on the rear. I noticed this bike was accelerating on and off the throttle and was to the rear left hand side of the Mercedes as it travelled forward. It appeared that it was trying to get in between the Mercedes and the low kerb in the centre of the road, which separated our two lanes from traffic flow in the opposite direction.
I remember at this point saying to the taxi driver "The guys fucking crazy". I was referring to the driver of motorcycle number 1. The Mercedes got further ahead of us and I now had a very clear view of the back of the Mercedes through the front windscreen of the taxi. I then saw the 3rd motorcycle which I have marked as number 2 on my sketch plan.
At the point when I first saw it, it was behind the Mercedes to its centre. I would estimate that motorbike 1 when I first saw it was almost touching the back of the Mercedes. The left of the Mercedes was only about a foot and a half from the central low kerb I have described and there was no way in my opinion that the driver of this bike was going to be able to pass the Mercedes in between it and the low kerb. It was seeing this that prompted my reaction to the taxi driver.
I would estimate that motorbike 2 was about 3 to 4 feet from the rear of the Mercedes. The bikes were in a cluster, like a swarm around the Mercedes. At this point, I just thought nothing of it, as it would not be uncommon to see this type of aggressive behaviour in the US. I was watching what was going on through the front windscreen”
It was at this point that from greater intensity from my left eye, I saw a flash coming from what I thought was in front of us. This flash looked like out of place light. I could not give an estimation as to the distance of the source of the flash, but it was an intense flash. I liken it to be so bright like magnesium igniting.
Jacques Morel:
There was an almighty bang and a great big flash of light. Immediately my wife and I realized there had been a crash. My first thought was that those inside the tunnel were connected with what had happened. This thought has never left me!
Olivier Partouche saw the Mercedes behind a dark coloured car that he described as a Ford Mondeo and pursued by a motorcycle.
Olivier Partouche:
J'ai vu deux vehicules. Le premier roulait de facon a ralentir la Mercedes. C'etait une voiture de couleur sombre de type Ford Mondeo. La Mercedes collait cette voiture. Peut-etre a 150 kilometres a l'heure.
Deriere la Mercedes, il y avait une moto. J'ai compris que le chauffeur retrogradait pour reprendre de la puissance. Dans ce cas-la, en tant que professionel, je peux dire que la voiture reagit en faisant un bond en avant violent. C'est ce qui a du se produire car j'ai entendu le crissement des pneus et le choc. Il me semble avoir vu des flashs avant l'entree du tunnel.
According to Gaelle l’Hostis:
As we entered the Alma tunnel, we heard a loud noise of screeching tires. At that moment, in the opposite lane, we saw a large car approaching at high speed. This car swerved to the left, then went back to the right and crashed into the wall with its horn blaring. I should note that in front of this car, there was another, smaller car. I think this vehicle was black, but I'm not sure. Behind the big car there was a large motorcycle. I can't be sure how many riders were on it.
Mark Butt, who arrived on the scene with Frederic Mailliez, said that as they approached the tunnel from the west, they saw a motorcycle with a single rider emerge from the east, it stopped, made a U-turn and drove against the direction of traffic back into the tunnel.

Gary Hunter, a London lawyer, witnessed 2 cars traveling with high speed from his the window of his third-floor hotel room, less than 100 yards from the Alma tunnel in the direction of the British Embassy:
I was watching television when I heard the crash at exactly 12:25 a.m. There was an almighty crash followed by the sound of skidding, then another crash. My initial thought was that there had been a head-on collision. I went to the window and saw people running towards the tunnel.
Seconds later, Hunter saw a car on the Rue Jean Goujon coming from the Alma tunnel:
I heard a screeching of tires. I saw a small dark car turning the corner at the top of the road. I would say it was racing at 60-70 mph.
My own feeling is that these were people in a hurry not to be there. I am confident that car was getting off the scene. It was obvious they were getting away from something and that they were in a hurry. It looked quite sinister. I can't recall the type of car, but it was a small dark vehicle. It could have been a Fiat Uno or a Renault.
Hunter said the car was being shadowed by a white Mercedes.

There have been at least 2 special agents that have described that Diana was murdered by MI6/SAS.

Richard Tomlinson’s contract with MI6 was terminated in April 1995. Richard Tomlinson since then has been repeatedly arrested for the “public” interest, particularly to let him speak about his suspicions that Diana MI6 was involved in the murder of Diana.
Tomlinson was for example arrested on 31 July 1998 by DST to prevent him from talking to Judge Hervé Stephan to prevent him from speaking out on the murder of Diana (when they handled him so rough that he got a broken rib).

Tomlinson has described that MI6 uses light flashes to cause “accidents”. Richard Tomlinson specifically described that he was shown a plan to get rid of Milosevic using light flashes to make him crash in a tunnel in Geneva.
Tomlinson also writes that he was shown a portable strobe flash gun during training.
Tomlinson has said that the ploy to make Diana crash looks very similar to the plan to Murder Milosevic by blinding the driver with a flash of light.
Tomlinson also told about the strong connections between the Royal family and MI6: ... diana/8085

In September 2011, the UK Police received a seven-page letter from the former mother-in-law of a SAS sniper, Soldier N, who boasted to his wife that his unit had "arranged Princess Diana’s death".
The letter was entered as evidence during the trial of the room mate of Soldier N – Danny Nightingale.
The letter says:
He also told her (his wife) that it was the XXX who arranged Princess Diana’s death and that has been covered up.
The wife of Soldier N remarked to him how sad it was that Prince William’s mother had been killed, to which he reportedly replied:
As a matter of fact, it was the Regiment that did it.
Soldier N said the name of the shadowy unit within the SAS responsible for “lethal operations” is “The Increment for the purposes of carrying out lethal operations on behalf of MI6”.

In early 2012, a SAS officer handed the ex-wife of Soldier N a brown envelope with £500 to which he added that she should never discuss the payment, or discuss the Diana claim with anyone.
In June 2013 she was threatened that if she would speak out in favour of Nightingale at his trial, she could end up dead like Lee Rigby. Theresa Lumby was present when she was threatened in this way.
Simon McKay, Nightingale’s solicitor, confirmed that Theresa Lumby heard a conversation, in which the SAS officer “touched on the fate of the Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby”: ... laims.html

There are a reported 17 CCTV cameras that should have videotaped the Mercedes car on his ride before crashing. Some of them close to the Alma tunnel.
According to the official story none of them were able to record the Mercedes.

Jean-Marc Martino, Arnaud Derossi, Barbara Kapfer and a person called “Fadi” were the persons in the ambulance. None of these were doctors. Michel Massebeuf was the driver of the ambulance.
According to John Morgan, Dr. Bruno Riou (head of the intensive care unit at Pitie Salpetriere) noted that the death of Diana was suspicious, which forced an autopsy. Morgan also noted that the ambulance personnel poisoned Diana with catecholamine to increase her blood pressure (BP), which wasn’t needed as her BP of 70 was high enough: ... ing-diana/

John Morgan, wrote several books about the murder of Princess Diana, and died on 19 November 2015 (aged 58). In 2003,Morgan was sentenced to the rare disease Multiple System Atrophy (MSA).The symptoms of MSA are similar to Parkinson’s disease, which is caused by poisoning with psychiatric drugs. The symptoms for MSA are very similar to the adverse effects of Risperdal: ... n-20027096

A possible motive for the murder of Diana is her Diary with secrets of the British Royal family, including the adultery of Charles.
Diana also possessed a video of George Anthony Smith, who claimed he was raped by Michael Fawcett, a close friend/servant of Charles, who pressed charges with the police (that refused to investigate). He also saw Prince Charles and Fawcett in bed together. Smith died suddenly in 2005 of an unknown disease: ... ed-2385072

When Prince Charles arrived at the Pitie Salpetriere hospital he asked to be alone with the body of Diana for a few minutes. When Charles came out, he looked at Dr. Bruno Riou and Dr. Philippe Pavie and exclaimed “FELICITATIONS.”
Translated into English: Charles said “congratulations” to the doctors (that killed Lady Diana?).

Diana's body was embalmed illegally with much haste after her death. The order to embalm Diana was given by a senior British diplomat.
Jean Monceau from the French company BJL, who embalmed Diana, wasn’t called to the inquest.
Formaldehyde was introduced to Diana’s body, during the embalming procedure. This could have covered up a pregnancy, but more importantly covered up that Diana was murdered in the ambulance.
Monceau said he regretted going ahead, but didn’t realise he was doing anything wrong: ... -heat.html

I appears that Dodi Al-Fayed wasn’t the only Muslim that courted Diana. Hasnat Khan and Diana had a (sexual) relationship from 1995 to 1997 and even had wedding plans. From the looks of it this was more serious than the 6 weeks fling of Diana and Dodi: ... nt-in-full

Maybe it’s not really important if Diana was pregnant at the time (and if she was, Khan was the probable father), but the following photograph with Prince William on holiday in France 14 days earlier, shows an unmistakable bump around her waistline.

James Andanson (real name Jean Paul Gonin) was one of the many paparazzi that followed Diana. In 1996, he achieved a notorious reputation after he made the pictures of Prince Charles kissing nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke. I haven’t been able to find these photos on the internet...
In 2000, Andanson told his friends Frederic and wife Elizabeth Dard that he was planning to release unpublished photos of the crash of Diana that would create “un boum” (a loud bang).

Andanson was found in a car in May 2000 so badly burned that it took the police almost a month and DNA tests and dental records to identify him. According to French fireman Christophe Pelat there were 2 holes in Andanson’s skull, caused by gunshots. The keys to his car were never found. The police ruled this suicide.
It appears impossible Andanson that could burn himself like this, as human bodies don’t burn very well. There is no reason why he would have killed himself. He seemed excited over the bombshell photographs that he was about to make public.

5 weeks after the death of James Andanson, Frederic Dard (a well-known writer) died in his home in Switzerland of a “heart attack”.
Within a week after Andanson died, the SIPA photo agency in Paris, which he co-founded, was raided by 3 armed men, who took computer hard drives, laptops, cameras and the storage media for photographs. They were not concerned at being caught by the police as they hours to finish their job: ... n-the-head

It has been confirmed that a white Fiat Uno was seen at the scene of the car crash that was never found. Some people claim this was the car of James Andanson. This is very unlikely.
On the crashed Mercedes, paint of a white Fiat Uno (Bianco Corfu 224) build between 1983 and 1987 was found. James Andanson owned a white Fiat Uno from 1988.
Furthermore a paparazzo wouldn’t chase a fast heavy built Mercedes in a Fiat Uno.
James Andanson provided evidence (toll tickets) that confirmed that on the night Diana died he was at home with his wife in Lignieres 170 miles south from Paris. Andanson also said that his Fiat Uno couldn’t be driven because it was broken down.

According to the following article, Le Van Thanh was driving his white Fiat Uno in the Alma tunnel in Paris when the Mercedes with Diana and Dodi crashed. According to his father Francois, Le Van immediately asked his brother Dung to repaint his car after that faithful August night in 1997.
Le Van said that the crash had ruined his life.
Several witnesses have stated that they saw a large dark dog in the back seat of the white Fiat Uno, and Le Van has confirmed that this Rottweiler was in the rear of the car: ... crash.html

According to Richard Tomlinson, Henri Paul was an informer for the British secret intelligence agency MI6.
There is hard evidence that Henri Paul was in fact a paid informer for the French Intelligence agency Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire (DST) and possibly also Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE): ... 6Diana.htm

At the time of his death Henri Paul had assets of some 1.7 million French Francs, some $340,000. Paul also had $2,500 in cash on him when he was found after the crash. Paul earned a little more than £2,000 month at the Ritz
Paul received large tips from guests at the Ritz, but not this kind of money. Somebody must have been paying Paul large sums. Paul also had an expensive hobby in flying airplanes.
Henri Paul took a detour from the Ritz hotel to go through the Alma tunnel. Obviously the tunnel was specifically selected for the “accident” to minimise the amount of witnesses.
If it were intelligence agents that paid Paul money to take the detour through the Alma tunnel, they couldn’t have given a good reason.

Henri Paul signalled to the paparazzi to let them know Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Al-Fayed were just about to leave the Ritz.
Inspection of the CCTV footage shows that these paparazzi are Serge Benhamou, Jacques Langevin and a third person: ... -Ritz.html
Paul kept Diana and Dodi waiting since 00:11 AM, at 00:15:50 AM Paul signalled his “friends” that were waiting outside (see the following video still) and they only left for the car at 00:19:50 AM.

A possible explanation for what happened is that Henri Paul was bribed by paparazzi that worked for the intelligence agencies to take the back exit, the Mercedes without dark-tinted glass and the detour through the Alma tunnel.
This would even make it easier for a motorcycle to blind Paul with a flash of light as he would be happily waiting for his “friends” to take the photos that would make him rich.
That Serge Benhamou is a paid intelligence agent becomes ever more likely, when we learn that he has said that Henri Paul was noticeably drunk, while Paul didn’t act drunk at all: ... ana-31298/

It’s strange that Dodi would let Henri Paul, deputy Security chief at the Ritz, drive them. Maybe even weirder is that Mohamed Al-Fayed played a part in covering up the investigation.
According to a “Vanity Fair” article of November 1997, Nona Summers and Jack Martin said that Dodi used cocaine.
Reportedly Dodi regularly spent more than his monthly allowance from daddy Mohamed of $100,000: ... e-1.776526
Maybe Henri Paul was Dodi’s cocaine supplier. There are even claims that cocaine was found in the Mercedes after the crash (bizarrely some even claim in Diana’s handbag).

On the following blog, “George Glass” wrote that according to the live broadcast Diana was OK:
I remember clearly the first news report that broke the story that Princess Diana had been in a car wreck. Astoundingly, the onsite journalist reported that the crash was severe and there were seriously injured passengers BUT Diana was up walking around assisting others and was "OK". He commented on how "in character" helping others was for her, alluding to her previous charitable actions. The reporter said he had personally witnessed this. The MAIN story was that Diana was OK! I remember, as the TV broadcast switched back to the regular scheduled programming, a feeling of "nothing to worry about." Within two hours, to my shock, came the followup news report that Diana had died from injuries sustained in the car crash. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm- Nothing to see here now. Go back to sleep. These are not the Droids you are looking for. Inhale your chemtrails, drink your fluoride, absorb your television "programming", more aspartame and SSRI's please...
December 14, 2012 12:23 PM ... tures.html

As a reaction to my information that Diana was murdered posted on the David Icke forum, forum member “silent revolution” confirmed that the British TV showed that Diana was alive and well:
I remember at 4 or 5 am that morning (uk time) seeing her get out of that car on the news. I then switched the tv off and went to sleep, then woke the next morning to find that she had died. She had seemed to be shaken but didn't look like she any major harm had been done in the accident.
She was helped out of the car and didn't see very injured. She was conscious and wasn't put in a stretcher in the footage I saw. The footage has probably been destroyed, but would have been on either bbc1, bbc2, itv, channel 4 or channel 5 because I saw it on my mothers black and white portable tv.
That was almost 20 years ago, makes me feel old lol
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Re: Murder of Princess Diana

Post by Firestarter » Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:53 pm

Almost 20 years after Lady Diana was murdered in Paris, she is rarely out of the news.

In tapes first aired on US television in 2004, captured by her speech coach Peter Settelen in 1992, Princess Diana talks about her failing marriage and how she “was only happy” with a particular man. Diana admits she was "playing with fire" and "got burned".
Following her death in 1997, the tapes were in the home of her butler Paul Burrell. Diana’s family insisted the tapes should be returned to them, but in 2004 they were returned to Settelen, who reportedly sold them for £500,000.
In 2007, the BBC bought the rights to keep the tapes on the shelves. Recently (parts of) this tape was broadcast in Britain.
When I was 24, 25, I fell deeply in love with somebody who worked in this environment.
I just, you know, wore my heart on my sleeve. I was only happy when he was around. I was like a little girl in front of him the whole time, desperate for praise, desperate.
I was quite happy to give it all up [her royal life], just to go off and live with him. Can you believe it? And he kept saying he thought it was a good idea, too.

It was all found out and he was chucked out. Then he was killed. I think he was bumped off. But, um, there we are . . . we’ll never know.
Starting at 44:55.

It is believed Diana was talking about her bodyguard in 1985, 1986 - Barry Mannakee.
Mannakee was married with two children. Mannakee reportedly flirted openly with Diana in front of servants. But there is no evidence that they engaged in a sexual relationship.
The night before Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding in July 1986, Diana was caught in her drawing room in Kensington Palace with Mannakee. A member of Charles’s staff popped his head around the door, and “found the Princess and her detective in a compromising situation”.
Mannakee was accused of being “over-familiar” with the Princess, and transferred.

On the night of 15 May 1987, Mannakee was invited for a ride home on the motorbike of fellow cop Steven Peat. Later that night, the fatal crash with the Ford Siesta driven by Nicola Chopp occurred in Woodford, north-east London.
Mannakee died almost instantly after breaking his spine in two places. Peat and Chopp both survived. An inquest into the death concluded it was an accident.

When they were on their way to the Cannes Film Festival, Prince Charles told Diana of the fatal crash. Diana, then 25, froze in horror, wept uncontrollably, tore her clothes and scratched her arms and legs.
When they arrived in Cannes, Diana’s gown had to be adjusted to cover the wounds on her body: ... th-1633106

Here are bodyguard Barry Mannakee and Princess Diana

Mannakee's brother-in-law Richard Emmins reportedly said:
First, he had this accident, then Diana dies in a Paris car crash...however getting to the truth will probably be impossible. We are up against the Establishment. They only let you know as much as they want you to know.
In 2004, Lord Brocket, 53, claimed that there was a secret file of a forensic examination of the Suzuki motorcycle on which Mannakee died. This showed the bike had been tampered with.
Lord Brocket said this was told to him, by a cop he met in Springhill Open Prison where both served time for fraud: ... -file.html

The 85-year-old father of driver Henri Paul, Jean, has claimed that UK police told him Diana had been murdered: “Inside Scotland Yard, some believe there was a secret plot to kill Diana.
He also said that Henri was not an alcoholic or a drug addict.
The self-confessed lover of Diana, James Hewitt, told an inquiry into her death that he was “warned off” and received threatening phone calls to end their affair in 1989, 1990.

It is obviously dangerous to your health to know what has happened.
After Henri Paul was killed, also 2 of his brothers died, Jean-Luc of a “heart attack” and his youngest brother Sylvan very suddenly of an “aneurysm” aged 51: ... r-10942998
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Re: Murder of Princess Diana

Post by Firestarter » Thu May 03, 2018 5:02 pm

I’ve finally found some more to add to this thread.

When the BBC reporter that told the world about the crash of Diana in the tunnel, Martyn Lewis, went to bed after reporting on the crash in the tunnel, he thought that Diana would live...
Lewis played a prominent role in the announcement of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales on Sunday 31 August 1997. He was called into the BBC in the early hours of that morning to present short national bulletins about the car accident in Paris. He returned home afterwards to get some sleep – expecting the Princess to pull through – only to be drafted in again in time for the special 6am bulletin covering Diana's death.
(archived here: ... -lewis-cbe)

I found this by “accident”, searching for a “connection” between Diana and Jill Dando, but when searching for this information, I couldn’t find anything...

The following link has some interesting information, including that the first reports said that “Dodi was dead, Diana was fine”:
Gowing explains that even in 1997, the spectre of fake news stalked the media. “I overheard in the newsroom, in the background, that a woman had called in and said she’d seen Diana get up and walk away from the scene. As always with these things, you have to think, are we getting the facts here? Getting this right was based on information which was curated and checked as far as possible, but it was damn difficult.”
When footage of the crash finally emerged after about three hours, Mawhinney realised that reports Diana was suffering merely "a concussion, a broken arm and cuts to one of her thighs" were probably understated.
I got a call saying Dodi was dead, Diana was fine, but they thought she’d probably broken her leg,” she recalls. Using only the wires that were coming through mainly from French services, the Sky team tried to piece together a picture of what was going on. ... 17366.html
(archived here: ... 17366.html)
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Re: Murder of Princess Diana

Post by Firestarter » Sun May 26, 2019 3:37 pm

On 31 August 1997 in THE tunnel in Paris, Robin and Jack Firestone saw two “formal”, “dark” and “awkwardly parked” cars in front of the crashed Mercedes S280 with Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed aboard.
They think that Diana's death was not an accident and that those cars were involved in the “conspiracy”.

Robin said:
I could not understand why they were there. They looked at odds with what had happened. I saw those darks cars, and they must have entered ahead of Diana’s.
I wasn’t the only witness to see them. I referred to them as what looked like formal cars not even black but dark.
They were just awkwardly parked, and I don’t recall anyone being in them. The two cars had to be driving ahead of Diana’s car. They then buried all reference to them, but they were there.

They tried to tell their story to a French cop; Robin said:
We went up to him and I said "listen we were in the tunnel last night and we need to talk to the police because there are things that we saw".
Without hesitation, he said they have enough witnesses. Don't worry about it.

Over the next few days, the Firestones repeatedly tried to give a statement to the French police but were repeatedly brushed off. Jack said:
When they finally took my statement they handed it back to me in French. They knew I could not read it, and I refused to sign it. I had no trust in them and didn’t know what they had put down.
It was because my statement was then given in English we later found out it was not presented at the French investigation.
It was a disgrace. Why were they not investigating what Robin had seen? It appeared there was a reason why they didn’t want to know.

Despite the testimony, the Firestones weren’t even called by the first UK inquest into Diana’s death chaired by Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss in January 2007. Eventually they got into contact with Dodi’s father Mohamed al-Fayed, who made sure that they were allowed to tell their story in court. Robin tells about what happened:
But when I finally took the stand it was a farce.
Lord Justice Scott Baker didn’t even want me there.
The barristers were arguing with him asking him why did you bring us to the UK? Why did you bring the Firestones back if their evidence was to not properly be heard?

After ten years I finally had a chance to say what I saw, to help the Princes find out what happened to their mom, and he didn’t want to hear from me.

He didn’t want to hear from me as Mr Fayed’s team told me it was because of the dark cars I’d seen.

I was treated like it was me who had committed crime. They made me feel like a criminal.
It was clear the French, and the English didn’t want to hear my testimony, and you need to ask why? They clearly didn’t want me there.
There is a reason why. I do not think Diana’s death was an accident, and the action of authorities makes me believe that to this day more than ever.

The Firestone couple are so afraid that “something bad” will happen to them to silence them forever that they live in a gated complex. Robin explained:
We still live in fear today because of what we saw and what we were told.
I do not think Diana's death was an accident, and the action of the authorities makes me believe that to this day more than ever. ... -firestone
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Re: Murder of Princess Diana

Post by KelyMac » Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:51 am

We don’t know much, since Diana from the girl grew up and had very great popularity. She was considered a people's princess, she could compete with Queen Elizabeth. For me, in childhood, it was a shock when I found out about her death.
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