Andrew Cuomo - the Antichrist

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Andrew Cuomo - the Antichrist

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It is highly unlikely that Andrew Cuomo (a.c.) is "the" one and only Antichrist (a.c.), but he surely is an evil man.

For some reason most people have never even heard of the infamous Cisneros family that are media moguls in control of Venezuela. They helped to get Chavez and his follow-up Maduro into power of Venezuela, while being publicly "exposed" as their enemy.
The Cisneros clan is associated with Bush, Clinton and ... Cuomo: viewtopic.php?p=69626#p69626

In 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo selected Henry Cisneros for his board to advise on keeping New York locked down...

Henry Cisneros was Bill Clinton's secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Cisneros arranged that Andrew Cuomo became his assistant secretary.

Henry Cisneros had been an associate of Andrew's father Mario Cuomo, who has also been New York governor, and a nice sport in the Clinton administration for Andrew Cuomo.
After Henry Cisneros had to resign over lying to the FBI about paying his mistress, Andrew became secretary of the HUD (from 1997 to 2001).

Henry Cisneros was already introduced to Bill and Hillary Clinton, before Bill became governor of Arkansas: ... al-history

HUD secretaries have used their position to enrich themselves and/or give special benefits to their backers.

Henry Cisneros served as Bill Clinton's HUD secretary from 1993 to 1997, where he organised "standing up for communities" rallies, financed by the taxpayer, to lobby against Republican budget cuts. More importantly Cisneros set up "liberalised lending standards" that made it possible for relatively poor people to "buy" a house. This fueled the housing bubble that was later popped leading to the 2008 crisis.
In 2000, Cisneros formed a housing development company with KB Homes, and became a KB director. In 2001, Cisneros joined the board of Countrywide Financial, Fannie Mae's biggest client.
Countrywide Financial played a starring role in the subprime lending scandals of recent years. Countrywide and KB took full advantage of the liberalised organised by Cisneros's HUD. In addition to his salary as KB director, Cisneros's company received a cool $1.24 million in consulting fees from KB in 2002.

Andrew Cuomo as Cisneros' assistant, doubled the number of top-level staff members under him, and in one year spent almost a $1 million on travel.
Cuomo got criticised in audit reports by HUD 's inspector general Susan Gaffney. One audit suggested that HUD politically manipulated the selection of cities as "empowerment zones" in a billion-dollar program.
Gaffney became the victim of a smear campaign by Cuomo's staff, including "cooked-up charges of racism, insubordination, malfeasance, and general dirty-dealing" to force her out:

On average, the federal government spent $55,000 a year for a woman and 1.8 children to live in HUD-subsidized private housing in high-cost areas. HUD was spending $150-250,000 per unit to build Hope VI public housing while HUD-foreclosed homes could be bought and fixed up for $50,000 a block away.
Large corporations were paid $35-150 dollars an hour for work that people who lived in those neighbourhoods could be trained to do.

The federal government spent more to fund the HUD-housed per poor person than the annual average income of the American taxpayer: ... -cuomo.htm

On 28 January 2013, 2 corporations that share their address with Extell Financial Services, which is part of Extell Development Co., each contributed $50,000 to Andrew Cuomo’s campaign.
That appears to be in reward for the housing bill that was passed by the Assembly the very same day that contained hefty tax breaks for 5 developers, including Extell. Cuomo signed the legislation 2 days later.

Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa called it “beyond reckless” to suggest "any connection" between these donations and the actions of governor Cuomo. DeRosa said the Extell checks were written on 14 January for a fund-raiser held a week earlier that raised more than $3 million:

In July 2013, Governor Cuomo created quite a media hysteria by launching the Moreland Commission that would run for 18 months to investigate violations of campaign finance laws to restore "public trust" in the New York state government.
Cuomo compromised the commission’s work, objecting whenever the commission focused on groups with ties to Cuomo. The governor’s office demanded control over the letters sent, and dictating which subpoenas could or couldn't be issued.

When that didn't work, Cuomo quietely disbanded the commission after only 9 months. Cuomo explained how wrong the commission was to investigate his cronies:
A commission appointed by and staffed by the executive cannot investigate the executive. It is a pure conflict of interest and would not pass the laugh test.
That would be funny if it wasn't so horrible...

The commission wanted to report on email correspondence from major New York City builder Extell Development, about a coming fund-raiser for Cuomo.
The email discussed a "perfectly legal sidestepping of campaign-donation limits": funneling money through a series of limited-liability companies.

When the commission subpoenaed media firm Buying Time, this was blatantly halted. Because Cuomo was by far Buying Time’s biggest client in New York, spending some $20 million on ads since 2002.
Cuomo’s most senior aide Lawrence S. Schwartz ordered one of the commission’s 3 co-chairs, William J. Fitzpatrick, to withdraw the subpoena:
This is wrong.
Pull it back.
Another subpoena that the commission would send to the Real Estate Board of New York was stopped.
As the trade group has generously supported Cuomo...

Adviser to the commission, Barbara Bartoletti commented:
The thing that bothered me the most is we were created with all this fanfare and the governor was going to clean up Albany. And it became purely a vehicle for the governor to get legislation. Another notch for his re-election campaign. That was it.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, demanded to get the commission's scrapped probes, which included hundreds of emails, subpoenas and internal documents so he could continue the investigation.
This led to the indictments and convictions of those politicians with whom Cuomo had supposedly cleaned up Albany’s act — Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office — then run by Geoffrey Berman — convicted Joe Percoco, who was once Governor Cuomo's top aide, for taking $315,000 in kickbacks to award 2 lucrative contracts from the Buffalo Billion economic-development initiative to firms that were also major Cuomo donors:

In May 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (as corrupt as they come) signed legislation to shield executives of hospitals and nursing homes from medical malpractise lawsuits, less than 2 years after he got a flood of cash from the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA).
It has been established that this type of legislation leads to more deaths in health care facilities.

One of the lobby firms for GNYHA is Bolton-St Johns, which gave Cuomo’s campaign $40,000 in 2018.
Bolton-St Johns employs Giorgio DeRosa, Joseph DeRosa, and Jessica Davos – father, brother and sister of Cuomo’s secretary, Melissa DeRosa: ... s-immunity

Andrew's lawyer father Mario Cuomo for the law firm of Comer, Weisbrod, Froeb and Charles represented Donald's daddy Fred Trump.

After Mario Cuomo became governor of New York, he was courted by Donald Trump, who surrounded himself with Andrew Cuomo, Mario’s lawyers, aides, and even his bodyguard.

In 1989. Donald Trump was Mario Cuomo’s biggest corporate giver with $25,000.

After Mario Cuomo's election victory, his law firm was renamed as Weiss, Blutrich, Falcone & Miller. Andrew joined the Cuomo administration as a $1-a-year special assistant.
In 1982, Andrew Cuomo begun dating Falcone and worked closely with her.

A few days after Donald Trump met Mario Cuomo, he hired Lucille Falcone’s little law firm.
Shortly after Donald hired the law firm, 25-year-old Andrew became the young firm’s youngest partner:

Be very afraid when psychopaths like Cuomo and Clinton don't even have to hide their evil plans...
In the following video, uploaded on 23 April 2020, former US president Bill Clinton and governor of New York Andrew Cuomo talk about a surveillance system "army" to test the entire population and check all their contacts.
Bill Clinton talks about the need to isolate those that need to be isolated.

Cuomo says at 14:30:
We need tracing agents in the hundreds and hundreds of people, right. You take the test and then you trace back all their contacts. This has never been done before on this scale before.
This is an army of tracers, they're basically investigators who will check everyone's contacts.
Bill Clinton agrees on the need for "contact tracing", until 16:30.
Then on 19:58 Clinton talks about "try to create one for the next time"!
Create a mass surveillance army for the next "pandemic"...

Cuomo ends the video to talk about the dangers of "climate change" for the next generation.
Of course in reality psychopaths (like Clinton and Cuomo) in powerful positions are the real threat to all of us.
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Re: Andrew Cuomo - the Antichrist

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Psycho Cuomo has repeatedly claimed that it's unfair to accuse his administration of genocide in nursing homes, as the NY death rates are lower than in other states.

In reality Governor Andrew Cuomo's office, underreported the amount of deaths in New York nursing home - they reported 8,711, while the true death toll in nursing homes was 12,743.
Melissa DeRosa admitted that the Cuomo administration hid nursing home death numbers since August. They were only forced to disclose that they had manipulated these numbers in January, when a report from New York Attorney General Letitia James' office exposed that the state had undercounted the number of nursing home deaths by as much as 50%.


Andrew Cuomo was even invited to the White House... for covering up genocide!
See from left: Cuomo, Vice President Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham (masks for the photo).
Image ... esign.html

In 2014, Kushner Co. also partnered with the same Extell Development Co. that donated 100,000 to Andrew Cuomo’s campaign in reward for the hefty tax breaks.
Kushner Co. partnered with Extell Development in developing the New Jersey’s Pier Village:

In 2007, then newly elected New York governor Eliot L. Spitzer, issued an executive order barring appointees from donating to or soliciting donations for the governor who made the appointment. Andrew Cuomo renewed the order on his first day in office.
But the Cuomo administration found it a much better idea to continue this dubious practice. Since 2011, Cuomo received some $2.2 million from 37 of his appointees - $890,000 (directly) and $1.3 million (indirectly) through their family or firms.

Maybe the most interesting of these 37 is real estate developer Aby J. Rosen, a major Cuomo donor who the governor installed as chairman of the New York State Council on the Arts.
Rosen resigned this position in February 2016. Three months later he settled for $7 million with New York’s attorney general after evading taxes on art:

See the late billionaire David Koch, Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein's British handler), and Aby Rosen (on the right),16 September 2013.

In 2016, Aby Rosen erected some anti-Trump billboard but in reality is a business partner of Jared Kushner (Ivanka Trump's husband):

In 1997 HUD, partnered with the Justice Department to prosecute a city landlord for taking kickbacks from Andrew Farkas’s Insignia Group.
The following year, co-arranged by Andrew Cuomo, settled for a $7.4 million “slap on the wrist”. In 1998, Farkas sold his commercial real estate company for $910 million. Cuomo essentially helped Farkas to become a billionaire.

In 2001, Andrew L. Farkas rewarded Cuomo for this nice deal by hiring him for a nice salary of more than $2.5 million.
When Andrew Cuomo ran for governor, Andrew Farkas became part of his financial team.

HUD inspector Susan Gaffney (her again!) initially uncovered the Farkas/Rozet payback scheme in 1995.
In September 1998, Gaffney testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs that Cuomo's "amnesty effort" for Farkas is a prime example of Cuomo’s efforts to “undermine” her investigations:

Farkas was/is of course the business partner/friend of Jeffrey Epstein, Carl Icahn, Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1485&start=50

So once again all the trails lead to the Trump/Kushner cabal...
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Re: Andrew Cuomo - the Antichrist

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I was really looking for information on corrupt psycho governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. But unfortunately (almost) all the trails lead to the Trump/Kushner cabal.
Firestarter wrote: Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:46 pmDonald Trump never became a member of the Real Estate Board of New York, but his son-in-law Jared Kushner was a board member from June 2008 to December 2016.

In April 2014, none other than Kushner was on the prestigious panel for an event of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY).
See Jared (looking young), second from left.

There's almost no such thing as harmful "bad publicity" in politrics, but it's looking bad for Andrew Cuomo's reelection...
To cover up the murder of nursing home residents in New York, the Cuomo News Network CNN, where Andrew's brother Chris Cuomo works, is now pushinga new "scandal" to cover up the worse scandal!

CNN interviewed New York Assemblymember Ronald Tae Sok "Ron" Kim, who complained about a call last Thursday:
Gov. Cuomo called me directly on Thursday to threaten my career if I did not cover up for Melissa [DeRosa] and what she said. He tried to pressure me to issue a statement, and it was a very traumatizing experience...
we're in this business together and we don't cross certain lines and he said I hadn't seen his wrath and that he can destroy me.
Cuomo's spokesman Rich Azzopardi denied Kim's account and accused him of lying.
Kim explained that governor Cuoma had pressured him to lie about what had happened. But Kim won't be pressured as his uncle died because of the "pandemic" response of Cuomo; and said:
There's no undoing here. They have blood on their hands. We're talking about his record of performance in the last 10 months.
On Tuesday, Kim and other Democratic NY Assemblymembers accused Cuomo of obstruction of justice. They are trying to strip the governor of some his dictatorial executive powers he has given himself by the pandemic.

In the video you can see that CNN is only interested in the call, instead of the killing of nursing home residents, giving health care institutions immunity from liability, and lying about the number of residents that died. ... index.html

Even Cuomo's partner in genocide NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio did everything he could to give this new cover-up scandal more publicity.
It's a sad thing to say, Mika, but that's classic Andrew Cuomo. A lot of people in New York State have received those phone calls. The bullying is nothing new.

Great, the FBI promises another "investigation" to get Cuomo off the hook, and then spin the tail that nursing home residents died because the New York lockdown is not brutal enough.
Richard Azzopardi has said that Cuomo is cooperating with the federal investigators:
As we publicly said, DOJ has been looking into this for months. We have been cooperating with them and we will continue to.

The following articles show that Cuomo is on the same team as Clinton, Obama, Biden and Trump....

Hedge fund magnate James Simons donated a cool $1 million to Andrew Cuomo.
Cuomo received more than $200,000 from both developers John Zuccotti and Larry Silverstein. Silverstein is of course Trump's buddy.

Cuomo's ads were all produced by Cuomo’s consultant AKPD - that was founded by President Obama's political advisor, David Axelrod.

Cuomo also launched a $200 million campaign of the New York State Economic Development Corporation, by which Cuomo advertised his own administration with taxpayer's money. Almost $40 million came from federal Sandy recovery money:

Murphy Vogel Askew Reilly, LLC is a “full-service political media firm" that worked as the media team for Barack Obama's 2008 campaign. Other clients include Gov. Andrew Cuomo, U.S. Rep. Nita Lowey and Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz.

Clark, Lee and Wade paid $300,000 the advertising firm called Buying Time, LLC. Buying Time’s founder Cathie Herrick boasts that she handled day to day operations for the Clinton/Gore 1996 campaign.

Gary Wade hired Hart Research Associates for $16,000. Peter Hart (of Hart Associates) has worked for Hubert Humphrey, Lloyd Bentsen and Jay Rockefeller.
Clark, Lee and Wade also hired former Obama operative Victoria McCullough, Harold Ford, Jr. communications director Carol Andrews and Democrat lobbyist Brenda Gadd:
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Re: Andrew Cuomo - the Antichrist

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Ron Kim was the first New York Assemblymember to object to the Cuomo administration giving $3 billion in tax breaks to Amazon, in return for a 25,000-employee HQ2 office in New York...
Cuomo's buddy NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio supported this deal with Amazon.

Ron Kim argued that it would create more jobs, and would be much better if tax breaks would be given to small businesses as Amazon really doesn't need the money. He also demanded full disclosure of the correspondences between the Cuomo administration and Amazon.
Kim also wanted to hold state hearings on Amazon’s union-busting practices.

See Ron Kim at the center of an Amazon protest, December 2018.

Assemblymember Ron Kim and New York State Senator Julia Salazar proposed a regulatory bill to create an interstate compact to ban large economic development incentives altogether.
We should be investing in technology companies that create real opportunities and add real value, instead of a monopoly designed to extract value from local communities.
Kim blamed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office for gridlocking the bill:
The speaker [of the Assembly, Carl Heastie] and the central staff behind the speaker’s office had informed me that there is an agreement with the governor’s office not to touch or move any of these bills that reform the state’s economic development projects. If you look at what we’ve advanced since [Cuomo] took office, it’s practically zero when it comes to overseeing or holding any of these economic developers [accountable].
Some argued that this wasn't the first time that Cuomo made too positive estimates (promises) to use taxpayer's money on some project.
New York State had earlier given the Buffalo solar plant a nice present of $750 million, so New York would become a “global capital for clean energy development” that would create 3,000 local jobs. Two years in, only 700 jobs were created:

Just when I was almost cheering for him, Ron Kim later turned the regulatory bill to ban large economic development incentives into a charade.

Ron Kim announced that he would introduce legislation to take the money Cuomo and other officials promised and use it to cancel some of the over $80 billion in student debts in New York state:
Giving Jeff Bezos hundreds of millions of dollars is an immoral waste of taxpayers money when it's more than clear that the money would create more jobs and more economic growth when it is used to relieve student debt. Giving Amazon this type of corporate welfare is no different, if not worse, than Donald Trump giving trillions in corporate tax breaks at the federal level. There's no correlation between healthy, sustainable job creation and corporate giveaways. If we used this money to cancel distressed student debt instead, there would be immediate positive GDP growth, job creation, and impactful social-economic returns.

We can always count on the New York Times to make stories so long that finding the scandals becomes like searching for a needle in a haystack...

The 1 February NYT article describes that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, dismissed the longstanding vaccination plans of the State Department of Health. Instead Cuomo relied on "large hospital systems" to coordinate COVID-19 vaccinations.
In October, Cuomo made a deal with the Trump administration, which ensured that federal officials would only work with the state in orchestrating the vaccination. This made it difficult for cities to create its own vaccination sites.
This looks like another tool to increase control for Cuomo, to ultimately be able to cover-up the adverse effects of the vaccines. This seems all the more likely as Cuomo earlier covered up the amount of nursing home deaths.

As the result of Cuomo's vaccination plans, with the support of this buddy NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, at least 9 high level New York state health officials left their position, including:
Dr. Elizabeth Dufort, the medical director in the division of epidemiology;
Dr. Jill Taylor, the head of the Wadsworth laboratory.

Around the country, frustrated public health officials have resigned in large numbers.
On top of that the Health Department’s No. 2 official left for another state government job.
Another official, who helped oversee contact tracing, is expected to leave for another state government job.
Mayor De Blasio forced out the head of New York City’s disrespected health department.

Governor Cuomo speaks regularly with Dr. Michael Osterholm, who served on President Biden's COVID advisory panel, and twice a week with the infamous Dr. Fauci.

As for the real bombshell scandal, the whole NYT piece has only one (long) sentence:
The state designated as a regional vaccination hub in New York City not the city’s 6,000-person Health Department, but rather the Greater New York Hospital Association, a trade group with a multimillion-dollar lobbying arm that had been a major donor to the governor’s causes.

See why this is important?!?
Firestarter wrote: Fri Feb 12, 2021 8:38 pmIn May 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (as corrupt as they come) signed legislation to shield executives of hospitals and nursing homes from medical malpractise lawsuits, less than 2 years after he got a flood of cash from the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA).
It has been established that this type of legislation leads to more deaths in health care facilities.

One of the lobby firms for GNYHA is Bolton-St Johns, which gave Cuomo’s campaign $40,000 in 2018.
Bolton-St Johns employs Giorgio DeRosa, Joseph DeRosa, and Jessica Davos – father, brother and sister of Cuomo’s secretary, Melissa DeRosa

The following shorter piece is much, much better (that is if you want to know the scandals without reading a long, long story)...

Cuomo's 14-person COVID-19 vaccine task force that was started in September 2020, did not include a single epidemiologist and few public health experts.
Instead the task force did include several influential hospital industry lobbyists.
Including president of the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) Kenneth Raske.

Raske also enjoys a close personal relationship with Cuomo, often going on trips to Puerto Rico together.
Raske was selected for governor Cuomo’s deployment of mental health professionals to the territory to "aid" in the recovery after the devastating earthquake early 2020,

Also on Cuomo's COVID-19 vaccine task force are:
Michael Dowling, CEO of large hospital system Northwell Health;
George Gresham, president of the health care workers union 1199SEIU.

Dowling had served in Andrew's father Gov. Mario Cuomo’s administration.
He has remained a close friend and adviser to Andrew Cuomo.

The in-house Albany lobbyist for Northwell, Dennis Whalen, was also heavily in planning the vaccine rollout.

According to professor Robyn Gershon:
It doesn't make sense, it still doesn’t make sense. I don't understand it. (Health departments) absolutely know how to roll out a vaccine and vaccinate a lot of people in a short amount of time. They know their community, they know what it takes to get them vaccinated and treated.
To me it all makes perfect sense, if Cuomo is a psycho that is heavily involved in orchestrating the depopulation agenda.

At the beginning of January, Cuomo blackmailed hospitals that if they wouldn't vaccine fast enough, they would be fined (up to $100,000) and lose future allocations:

Once again, all the trails lead to the Trump-Kushner cabal...

The Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) was well positioned to take its share of the record $3.6 trillion in federal stimulus money. It helped steer over $11.5 billion to its member hospitals in the state New York, with billions more on the way.
New York received an additional $4.3 billion, from a $10 billion pot of money for coronavirus “hotspots" and even more through a $500 billion coronavirus aid bill Trump recently signed.

The GNYHA is not only associated with powerful Democratic officials in New York like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Chuck Schumer, but could also directly contact Ivanka Trump’s Lubavitcher husband Jared Kushner (adviser to former president Donald).

According to Johns Hopkins University professor Ge Bai:
On the surface, the purpose (of the stimulus) is to relieve financial damage caused by COVID-19. But in reality, it’s likely to actually increase the disparity. It’s very political. The money coming from the federal government is a zero sum game and we have some extremely powerful, large and rich hospitals. ... e-70469410
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Re: Andrew Cuomo - the Antichrist

Post by Firestarter »

To me the following confirms that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is being sacrificed to keep the herd from finding out what's really behind the COVID "pandemic".
Cuomo is being accused of "underreporting" the number of "COVID deaths" in nursing homes by as much as 50%, while in reality the number of COVID cases and deaths is inflated. The "COVID deaths" are inflated 17-fold across the USA.

It could very well be that Clinton in April 2020 was laughing, knowing how easy it would be to set up a fool like Cuomo.
Melissa DeRosa was surely involved in stabbing Cuomo in the back, telling that Andrew Cuomo's office had underreported the amount of COVID deaths in New York since August!

In reality the number of COVID cases and deaths are inflated by the little known TeleTracking (that is connected to none other than lying Donald):
Firestarter wrote: Sat Feb 27, 2021 8:22 pmIn July 2020, the Trump administration stopped the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) system for collecting hospital data and outsourced this to Pittsburgh-based private contractor TeleTracking Technologies Inc. for $10.2 million for less than 6 months.
The CDC had been tracking these numbers for 15 years. So why the change and why now? It looks like this was done to hide the reality of the COVID pandemic from the public...

Great, another impeachment show!
The New York Assembly Republican party has officially started the impeachment procedure against Governor Cuomo.

Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay explained:
The Cuomo Administration's nursing home cover-up is one of the most alarming scandals we've seen in state government. It is incumbent upon the Legislature to undertake a comprehensive, bipartisan review of the Cuomo Administration's policies, decisions and actions on this matter and render a decision on what steps must be taken to hold the governor accountable. ... on-1570344

Now that the decision has been made to sacrifice Andrew Cuomo in order to keep the "pandemic" going, they can continue reporting Cuomo scandals that are a lot less damaging than genocide and the rampant corruption of Cuomo.
So Andrew Cuomo is now suddenly accused by 2 former aides of sexual harassment.

Charlotte Bennett (25 years old) complains that in June 2020, Andrew Cuomo asked her about her relationships and if she “had ever been with an older man”. On top of that Cuomo Cuomo asked her, “Who did I last hug?” (the horrors!).
Bennett said that Cuomo never tried to touch her, but she felt uncomfortable because she believed Cuomo wanted to have sex with her.

Bennett said she decided not to insist on an investigation then, but for some reason now suddenly tries to get her 15 minutes of fame.
Maybe I missed something, but what "harassment" (technically this wasn't even flirting)?

The second woman's allegation sound more serious. Lindsey Boylan complains that Cuomo had harassed her on several occasions from 2016 to 2018, including kissing her on the lips, asking her to play strip poker and touching her without consent.
I'm missing here why she continued to work for him and waited for years to sell her story for her 15 minutes of fame:

The following article details people outside the Cuomo administration (in total there were 1,191 "non-government officials") that were the most frequent in official meetings with the New York Governor.

Before he joined the Cuomo administration, Buffalo developer Howard Zemsky met Cuomo 17 times, more than any other non-government official.

Cuomo met frequently with depopulation psychopaths, Family Planning Advocates CEO Tracey Brooks and NARAL Pro-Choice NY president Andrea Miller.
Both met Cuomo 14 times apiece, which makes them second and third on the list of people outside his administration whom Cuomo met the most.

Cuomo met frequently with gay rights activists, especially in his first year as Governor when he was pushing same-sex marriage legalisation.
Bolton St. John’s Emily Giske, who participated in same-sex marriage lobbying in 2011, met Cuomo 9 times. Mike Avella, who also lobbies for same-sex marriage, met Cuomo 6 times.
Cuomo met former Empire State Pride Agenda director Ross Levi - 8 times; Human Rights Campaign’s Brian Ellner - 7; the Gill Action Fund’s Bill Smith - 6 times; and Freedom to Marry’s Marc Solomon - 5.

See Cuomo marching for LGBT Pride in New York, 2016.

Ironically, Cuomo also had numerous meetings with Catholic Church officials, that were lobbying for an education tax credit.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan met the Governor 9 times, and another 9 clergymen met him on at least 4 occasions.

Cuomo met CenterState CEO and Central New York co-chair Rob Simpson 11 times, and the Plattsburgh-North Country Chamber of Commerce’s Garry Douglas 9 times.

Cuomo met his friend mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio on 10 occasions, excluding their recent branzino klatch.
Cuomo met former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg 9 times: ... ter-028937
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Re: Andrew Cuomo - the Antichrist

Post by Firestarter »

I guess that most Americans find the sex scandals more interesting, but Andrew Cuomo is literally surrounded by corruption.

Dean Skelos, former Republican majority leader of the New York State Senate, and his son Adam were found guilty on federal corruption charges.

Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was found guilty on federal corruption charges.

Alain Kaloyeros, former president of SUNY Polytechnic Institute who spearheaded key pieces of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion economic revitalisation program, was found guilty in federal court of wire fraud connected to bid-rigging state contracts with executives at LPCiminelli, in favour of executives who were major donors to governor Cuomo’s campaign.

Former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano was sentenced in a corruption trial.

Joseph "Joe" Percoco, former senior aide to Governor Cuomo, was sentenced. Percoro's associates include.

Steven Aiello, Cor Development executive, whjo was convicted of bribery conspiracy.
The jury did not reach a verdict for Peter Galbraith Kelly Jr., the Competitive Power Ventures executive, who found a job for Percoco’s wife.
Joseph Gerardi, another Cor executive, was acquitted.
Joe Percoco's family friend and confidante Todd Howe, was also implicated: ... corruption

Almost all the interesting information on Steven Pigeon for some reason has been removed from his Wikipedia page...
Pigeon was a key player on Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign, served on Clinton's transition team and became special assistant to Clinton's Secretary at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Donna Shalala.

Pigeon was the top fundraiser in Western New York for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2008, and later raised money for Barack Obama's campaign:

Steven Pigeon has described himself as a “close adviser” to Andrew Cuomo, but Cuomo has tried to distance himself from him in recent years. Pigeon first started working with Andrew Cuomo for his late father Mario Cuomo. Pigeon personally donated more than $60,000 to Andrew Cuomo over the years and has raised a lot more than that for him.

Steve Pigeon pleaded guilty to making an illegal $25,000 campaign contribution from the Canadian founder of online gambling business Amaya to Gov. Cuomo’s 2014 re-election campaign. Pigeon laundered the money because this donation from a foreign entity wasn't allowed.
Steve Pigeon has also pleaded guilty in federal court to bribing New York state Justice John Michalek.

Pigeon was (is?) especially close to billionaire B. Thomas Golisano, who he introduced to the Clintons.
Pigeon helped raise millions of dollars for Clinton campaigns and the Clinton Global Initiative. Pigeon also served on Hillary Clinton’s health task force, when she was first lady.

See from left, Thomas Golisano, Bill Clinton and Pigeon.

Thomas Golisano had a box at the Denver convention, where he and Pigeon hosted governors, U.S. senators, actors and athletes.
In 2008, Pigeon raised $1 million from Golisano for the Democratic National Convention in support of Obama.

Pigeon also has a long relationship with Trump adviser Roger Stone, since 2002 when they were both working on Golisano's campaign.
Stone complained in the media about Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s "vendetta" against Pigeon. Donald Trump is another "high-profile target" of Schneiderman.

Pigeon has photos with Barack Obama, Dick Gephardt, Ted Kennedy, Eliot Spitzer and Charles Schumer: ... ariah.html

Federal prosecutors dismissed the charge against G. Steve Pigeon (why?) for orchestrating the illegal campaign donation to Gov. Andrew Cuomo: ... igeonfolo/

Even after pleading guilty more than 2 years ago, Pigeon remains a free man.
Why his sentencing has been delayed is a mystery. Multiple motions have been filed with U.S. District Court Judge Richard Arcara to postpone the proceedings, but all of those requests have been sealed from public view.
Pigeon had originally been scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 25, 2019. But in filing a request to adjourn that sentencing date, just days before, Pigeon's defense attorney, Justin Ginter, asked Arcara to keep the reasons for the request secret because "the information set forth therein is subject to a protective order in the case that should not be made available to the public." ... 752f0.html

One of the interesting connections is to Trump dirty trickster Roger Stone.
Then there's another document the Pigeon defense team would like the jury not to see. It is a report of a police interview with Pigeon from August of 2008. The interview was conducted by investigators from the Erie County District's office and the FBI.
According to the report, Pigeon acknowledges he is owner of a business called Landon Associates. Named as his business partner is Roger Stone, who Pigeon reportedly describes at the, "Darth Vader of the Republican Party."

Already in July 2020, it was decided that Andrew Cuomo would be sacrificied to keep the COVID "pandemic" going.
A report was cooked up that month by the Health Department that blatantly undercounted the amount of nursing-home residents that had died to 6,432. They now claim that "more than 15,000 residents of nursing homes and other long-term-care facilities were confirmed or presumed to have died from Covid-19".

The media are putting the full spin on this.
While health department officials agreed to remove that data, they resisted Cuomo aides’ requests to alter the report to play down the role of the March 25 directive in the spread of the virus, some of the people said.
The agency undertook the study in response to complaints from state lawmakers and people who lost loved ones that a March 25 Health Department directive fostered the spread of the virus among members of the state’s most vulnerable population. That directive said that no nursing home could refuse to readmit residents or admit new residents from hospitals solely because of a Covid-19 diagnosis.
Now instead of doing a real investigation on why so many elderly residents of nursing homes died in the state of New York, it has already been predetermined that they all died from COVID-19 and the 25 March directive that nursing homes had to admit COVID positive residents.
That the COVID-19 virus is the main cause of these massive amounts of deaths seems unlikely, as it has an extremely low fatality rate (with 94% of the reported COVID-19 fatalities in the US dying "of" or "with" other causes of death):
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