Paris , France - Je suis Charlie

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Paris , France - Je suis Charlie

Post by Guardian » Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:27 pm

Looks like we have another " Black Flag " Operation in progress :

In another astonishing twist to the Paris terror situation — and adding more fuel to the surmounting list of evidence to show foul play from the inside — Helric Fredou, 45, the police commissioner and lead investigator on the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack has been found dead of an apparent suicide, which many are convinced was cold blooded murder to silence the commissioner before his report was prepared.

According to foreign reports — mainstream western media, not surprisingly, isn’t carrying this story — Fredou was found in his office with a bullet in his head from his own service gun.

In a case of impeccable timing, Fredou was working on the Charlie Hebdo report when he died at his desk. ... ng-report/

A police commissioner investigating the Charlie Hebdo attack reportedly committed suicide, fueling suspicion that some form of a cover-up is underway.

Helric Fredou, 45, was found dead in his office Thursday after allegedly killing himself with his service weapon while writing a report on the terror attack, and his death was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

“According to the police union, [the] commissioner was depressed and experiencing burnout,” India’s Medhaj News reported, and a separate French report said a coroner ruled it a suicide the very next day. ... 430779.php

But was it a suicide, or did he know too much? And what was in his report?
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Re: Paris , France - Je suis Charlie

Post by Guardian » Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:46 pm

This is a black flag operation :

" Look at the video of the gunman executing the cop in the street, in slow motion. The gunman uses an AK-47. A round from an AK-47 would blow a watermelon to pieces. The gunman shoots the cop at point blank range. Not only does the cops head not blow to pieces, but there is no blood. Also, the round hits the pavement about 2 feet from the cops head (you can see it in slow motion).


" Incredible. Professional killings, one killer just happens to lose his ID at the scene."

CNN International is reporting: “Police found an ID document of Said Kouachi at the scene of the shooting, CNN affiliate BFMTV reported. ‘It was their only mistake,’ said Dominique Rizet, BFMTV’s police and justice consultant, reporting that the discovery helped the investigation.”

2 suspects on the loose: Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi. Police find shooter Said’s ID at the scene of the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices, where 12 people were killed.

Incredible. Professional killings, one killer just happens to lose his ID at the scene.

As cryptogon points out, we saw this one before. September 11, 2001. NYC. In the wreckage, authorities miraculously found the visa of accused terrorist Satam Suqami, which had fallen from one of the airliners and survived intact. It became a prosecution exhibit at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui.

And now, in Paris, Said Kouachi, a shooter wearing a black commando outfit, holding an AK-47, somehow drops/loses his ID on the floor of the Charlie Hebdo office.

If CNN has its facts straight, we’re looking at a whole different story. (CNN International, “Charlie Hebdo attack: Man turns himself in, agency reports,”1/8/15, updated 0639 GMT) ... the-scene/

We already know the Paris attack wasn’t a suicide bombing. The shooters intended to escape and they did. But one of them just happened to lose his ID at the scene?

Or he dropped it there on purpose, to communicate, “This is who I am, catch me if you can”? That would be a new one.

investigative journalist Mikael Thalen breaks down how Said Kouachi, one of the accused shooters in the Charlie Hebdo attack, traveled to Yemen and met with former CIA asset and Pentagon dinner guest Anwar al-Awlaki in 2011.


Finally : Whoops - which " terrorist " group are we ??

PARIS (AP) — Two days after his death, a video emerged Sunday of one of the Paris gunmen pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group, while his two fellow militants have claimed to be from al-Qaida — a fiercely rival extremist organization.

The Islamic State group does not cooperate with al-Qaida's militants and actually fights them for territory in a side conflict of Syria's civil war

Since IS broke with al-Qaida last year, militants from the two groups have been locked in a bloody struggle in Iraq and Syria, where IS claims leadership of a universal caliphate of all Muslims and leadership of global jihad. The two groups have fought each other in battles that have left hundreds dead

"It would be a massive surprise," said Peter Neumann, director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization at King's College London. "The idea that (the two groups) would consciously collaborate on operations abroad seems far-fetched."

Rohan reported from Cairo, and Hadid reported from Beirut. Associated Press writer Joseph Krauss in Cairo contributed.

-- © Associated Press 2015-01-12
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Re: Paris , France - Je suis Charlie

Post by Guardian » Mon Jan 12, 2015 4:16 pm

Information leaking out now of monumental coincidences in relationships between gunmen and government could very well be the smoking gun evidence to put this one away.

It only took 3 days, but the evidence to show, almost outright, that the Charlie Hebdo shootings and the Kosher grocery store hostage executions in Paris were both, in fact, false flag operations carried out by people personally connected with France’s government. ... y-and-fbi/

Now we must ask ourselves: what are the chances one of the terrorist attacks that happened in France was committed by a personal acquaintance of a former president; and then add on: what are the chances the other terrorist attack that happened in France, at the same time, was committed by someone who is linked to al Qaeda through a known FBI asset?

Then we have to ask ourselves what the chances for both simultaneously happening by accident are and we see the probability is nearly impossible for these both to be coincidences.

Mathematically the chances of this being an inside job are abundantly more likely, no matter if you subscribe to “conspiracy theories” or not.
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Re: Paris , France - Je suis Charlie

Post by prophecy » Thu Jan 15, 2015 2:54 pm

" The world is changed, I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air - Much that once was is lost; for none now live who remember it. "

Lord of The Rings

Ballistics experts consulted today describe videos of the French attack as “staged theatrical events.” Other than the suspicious HD video, experts have already noted that, without coming close to “conspiracy theory” dot-connecting, the weapons eject no shell casings, bullets supposedly hit concrete with no effect whatsoever, even from “point blank” range.

You see, the AK47 round, 7.62×39 is not only very powerful but typically has a steel core for penetrating body armour. When hitting concrete, an AK round throws up large chunks of debris, unseen in this event.

Preliminary analysis of the audio as well demonstrates a frequency indicating the subsonic report of a blank round. In an “urban canyon,” a supersonic round from an assault rifle creates a noticeable high frequency “crack” with a secondary “report” or echo, generally described as “crack-pop.”

It has taken only a few hours for press outlets to question perfectly timed HD video from a seemingly fearless bystander who is witnessing actors firing blanks incapable of operating the ejection system of a weapon, imaginary bullets that leave concrete pristine and blood free.

Those observing the video familiar with Paris note the spacing of the cars. In “real Paris,” there is no room to walk between cars, no wide spacing but rather total urban mayhem of motorbikes, touching bumpers and utter disorder. Another running joke in Paris is that the sidewalks are only cleaned before Bastille Day. Months later, trash and dog fouling turns Paris into an open sewer.

It is not unreasonable to assume we are seeing the equivalent of a “movie set.” ... alse-flag/
Terrorism, with real or imaginary dead, is a tool of chaos theory war and quickly propagandized. If real events can’t be “spun,” they are created. While there is no definitive analysis yet, and were there one, it would never be released to the public, the Paris attack of this week is, in the highest probability, not what it is meant to seem.

The Paris event became even less credible when attempts were made to find the scene. Not only can nobody locate the locale from the given address, there is, in fact, no area of Paris that resembles the video. Our own investigation of the scene found the “real” location to be a much narrower street with parking on one side only, heavily “tagged/spray painted” buildings and an area where sidewalks are lined with parked motorbikes, like every other section of the real Paris.

Please accept this conjecture as part of a hypothesis now supported by most of the facts; there are several feature film production companies working in Paris currently. We have just seen the work of one of them, perhaps we can call it “Taken IV.” This certainly is a sequel. We have seen it all before so many times.

Footnote :

Check out the video link below for a demonstration on what it's like to be shot at with an AK-47

Now check the original video of the Paris shooting ( Warning graphic content - and bad acting )


" In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act. "

George Orwell
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