The totalitarian state

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Re: The totalitarian state

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Since August this year, 2 other women, besides Samantha Geimer and Charlotte Lewis, have publicly accused the famous movie director Roman Polanski of sexually abusing them when they were underage in the 1970s.

First some more information about the Samantha Geimer case...
In his autobiography, Roman, Polanski speaks openly about having sex with 15-year-old girls as a grown man. In 1979, Polanski said:
Judges want to fuck young girls. Juries want to fuck young girls — everyone wants to fuck young girls!
In 1979, Polanski pleaded guilty to statutorily raping then-13-year-old Samantha Geimer (née Samantha Gailey).
Polanski first gave her Champaign and then part of a Quaalude and urged her to go into the Jacuzzi and take off her underwear. He took a few pictures, before taking off his clothes and joining her.
According to Polanski:
We weren’t saying much now, and I could sense a certain erotic tension between us. (...)
We dried ourselves and each other. She said she was feeling better. Then, very gently, I began to kiss and caress her. After this had gone on for some time, I led her over to the couch. There was no doubt about her experience and lack of inhibition. She spread herself and I entered her. She wasn’t unresponsive.
During the trial, Judge Laurence J. Rittenband played a dubious role...
Three days before Polanski would be sentenced, Rittenband invited Polanksi’s attorney Douglas Dalton and district attorney Robert Gunson to an off-the-record meeting in his chambers. Rittenband told the lawyers that he wanted to send Polanski to state prison on probation for a mental evaluation for a maximum of 90 days, and then would be released on time served. He asked Gunson and Dalton to present this plan to him as their own idea, which he would approve.
Polanski went to state prison for his mental evaluation, and left after 42 days.
Two days before Polanski’s official sentencing hearing, Rittenband called another private meeting with the lawyers. He said he would sentence Polanski a minimum of 48 days additionally, and then Polanski had to leave the country permanently (Polanski was born in Paris and didn’t have a US green card). He added the warning that he might sentence Polanski to 50 years in prison. Dalton reported this to Roman Polanski, who immediately took the plane to London, and then flew to Paris.
Polanski has never returned to the USA, still lives in France, and has continued to make successful movies.

In September of 2009, Polanski travelled to Switzerland to accept a lifetime achievement award at the Zurich film festival. He was detained at immigration, and placed into custody to await possible extradition to the US. After spending a little more than 2 months in Swiss jail, he made a $4.5 million bail and was placed under house arrest in his Swiss chalet. 138 prominent celebrities, including Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Harrison Ford, signed a petition against his arrest. Whoopi Goldberg explained that Polanski had only pleaded guilty to “statutory rape”, not “rape-rape”.
Switzerland ruled against extradition after and Polanski remained free.

As an adult, Samantha Geimer wrote that she “personally” wanted that Polanski be allowed to come back to the USA without fear of being locked up for what he did to her, because:
the publicity surrounding [the trial] was so traumatic that what he did to me seemed to pale in comparison. (...)
If he could resolve his problems, I'd be happy. I hope that would mean I'd never have to talk about this again. Sometimes I feel like we both got a life sentence.
In June 2017, Geimer requested that the state drop the charges against Polanski and the case resolved in his absence, which the Los Angeles judge denied: ... er-robin-m

I don’t understand why Polanski can’t be tried in absentia, or how sentencing him could benefit him, but I’m no lawyer...

In August of this year, because being outraged over the request by Geimer, Robin M. decided to speak out publicly about being sexually abused herself by Roman Polanski in 1973, when she was only 16. Robin explained that she only told one friend, and had not reported it to the authorities out of fear over the reaction of her father:
The reason that I kept it to myself is because I didn’t want my father to do something that might cause him to go to prison for the rest of his life.
Strangely, Robin claimed that she stepped forward with her story to support Samantha Geimer, while this is certainly not supporting Geimer’s request to drop the charges. Robin said:
This infuriated me. I am speaking out now so that Samantha and the world will know that she is not the only minor Roman Polanski victimized.
Robin declared that she’s willing to testify in court against Polanski in the Geimer case, but she can’t press charges herself, because of the statue of limitations in the USA: ... 202149499/

The former German model and actress Renate Langer has issued an official statement accusing Roman Polanski of raping her twice when she was only 15 years old in 1972. The report was filed to the Swiss police. Langer said that she had approached the Swiss police because she believed the statute of limitations would allow her complaint to be investigated. Switzerland has no statue of limitations on child sex-abuse cases, but the law limits prosecution in cases that happened many years ago. The police are determining whether she can pursue a criminal complaint.
Langer claims that she was first abused by Polanski in February 1972 in a bedroom of his home in Gstaad, Switzerland, despite her protests.
The director called her about a month later to apologise and offer her a role in his film “Che?”, which she accepted because he promised to treat her “professionally. Polanski raped her the second time in Rome after her work on the film was finished. Langer tried to defend herself by throwing a perfume bottle and a bottle of wine at him.

Langer said she never reported the rapes to the police or told her friends or family because she didn’t want to upset her parents. Only years later, she told her boyfriend about it.
She decided to take action now because she had read about how Robin M. came forward in August and because her parents are no longer alive, as her father died past summer and her mother 2 years ago: ... ation.html
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Re: The totalitarian state

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Post on drugs trafficking removed to “new” thread: ... 4971#p4971

Keywords: “James Corbett “Freeway” Ricky Ross, Gary Webb, 2004 Kevin Booth, suicided, phone tapped, Rob Owen wrote Oliver North, Miami-based Vortex, Michael Palmer, marijuana traffickers, Nicaraguan Humanitarian Aid Office (NHAO), Fabio Ernesto Carrasco, Columbian drug smuggler George Morales, Octaviano Cesar and Adolfo "Popo" Chamorro, Contras
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Re: The totalitarian state

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On 16 October, the Maltese internet blogger and journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, was executed by a car bomb – silenced forever.
Caruana was amongst others involved in the Panama papers investigation.

Some of Caruana’s recent revelations accused Malta’s Prime Minister since 2013, Joseph Muscat, and 2 of his closest aides, for using offshore companies to receive payments from the government of Azerbaijan for the sale of Maltese passports.
Muscat went to the polls a year early after his wife was implicated in the scandal. He has denied that his family uses secret offshore bank accounts to stash kickbacks.
To make sure that the police investigation doesn’t point fingers in the “wrong” direction, Muscat asked for “help from the US government” and “FBI officers were on their way to Malta to assist with the investigation”: ... journalist

Not long after Labour swept to power in 2013, Muscat’s chief of staff Keith Schembri and former Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi, tried to set up offshore trusts in New Zealand and companies in Panama.
Schembri, accepted bribes from the sale of Maltese passports to wealthy Russians, with the money routed through offshore accounts.

Muscat’s wife, Michelle Muscat, owns Egrant Inc (located in Panama) that received a series of payments, called “loans”. The largest payment, for $1.017 million, was made in March 2016. They came from an account at Pilatus bank belonging to Al Sahra FZCO. The owner of Al Sahra is the daughter of Azerbaijan’s leader, Ilham Aliyev: ... ion-claims

The $1.017 million payment, was made from Al Sahra’s account at Pilatus Bank in Malta, to an account of Egrant Inc at a bank in Dubai.
This was not the only “loan payment” which Egrant Inc received from Al Sahra FZCO. Other “loan payments” of around $100,000 each were made in January, February and March 2016: ... grant-inc/

I looked through the titles of the stories on her blog till the end of August, and found that a lot of her articles take aim at the Maltese politician Adrian Delia:

I found the following the most interesting, maybe because Caruana sarcastically attacks her fellow deaf, dumb and blind journalists.
Adrian Delia and his wife are personally liable for a “loan” of €7.2 million provided by the HSBC bank.
As a result of this deal, Delia requires HSBC’s permission to sell his shares in the company. The effect is that HSBC Malta can object to all movements of assets by Delia and his wife. In other words, through this “loan” they have made Delia into a puppet: ... debt-hsbc/
(archived here:
See a page from the “deed of constitution of debt” document, which shows that Delia is indebted to the money laundering HSBC.
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Gulf Mexico spill – Insurance fraud, Vanguard, Obama

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I’ve found more interesting information on the BP oil Spill, compiled by Dave Hodges of “The Common sense show”.
Here are my posts on this topic from 25, 27 January 2017: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=713&start=100#p3515
Here’s the (third) post on this topic from 5 February: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=713&start=110#p3555

Maritime expert Kelley Sweeney explained that Transocean intentionally destroyed evidence. Six hours of tapes from the bridge, which preceded the explosion and destruction of the Deepwater Horizon, mysteriously disappeared.
Sweeney told on the Common Sense show that the black box, required on every large oil rig, was not recovered following the explosion. Sweeney explained:
This is the first time in maritime history that a black box from a destroyed oil rig was not recovered.
Formally BP didn’t own the Deepwater Horizon rig, but Transocean.
In 2007, Transocean was consulted by none other than Goldman Sachs on its merger into its current state: ... oil-spill/
(archived here:

Transocean insured the Deepwater Horizon oil rig with Lloyds of London shortly before the “accident”. Transocean did not just insure the oil rig, but insured it for double its value and unashamedly walked away with a $270 million profit following the explosion.
I’ve tried to find more information on Dave Hodge’s claims that a large amount of put options (that only make money when the stock prices go down) Transocean were traded shortly before the disaster - including by Goldman Sachs.
Links with information on this topic are often disabled…
In a strange stroke of luck, former CEO of BP, Tony Chapman, sold 40% of his BP shares in the weeks prior to the spill.

The top 5 institutions dumping BP stock shortly before the spill, included:
Goldman Sachs Asset Management - 4,680,822,
Wachovia Bank National Association - 2,667,419 (a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs),
Sanders Capital, LLC - 1,371,785,
Pnc Bank, National Association - 1,177,413 (which involves Rothschild agent George Soros).

Vanguard Group Inc. was by far the biggest seller of BP funds in the weeks before the oil spill.
On 20 April 2010, President Barack Obama had all his money stashed in Vanguard Investments (Vanguard I and Vanguard II). If Vanguard had not sold this stock, Obama could have lost millions: ... pill-pt-6/
(archived here:
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Re: The totalitarian state

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In December 1993, Corey Feldman was interrogated by the cops about Michael Jackson. Corey told them he had not been molested by Michael Jackson (nothing happened with Jackson). He also told that he had been molested and even who molested him.
The police did nothing with the accusation as it was more important to discredit Michael Jackson.
The tape of the interrogation was released to the press, but it has never been aired who Feldman named:

In the following Tweet, Corey Feldman has almost confirmed that one of the paedophiles that sexually abused him, named “Ron” in his book, is John Grissom: ... 3590686720
hmmm can't confirm or deny, but that sure sounds familiar....

Oscar winner Kevin Spacey became famous for his role in “The usual suspects” of Bryan Singer. Spacey has been accused by Anthony Rapp for making sexual advances to him, when Rapp was only 14, and Spacey was 26.
Spacey is also linked to the Clinton’s, has been pictured quite close with gay activist Anthony Scaramucci (of Goldman Sachs, FOX, and part of Trump’s transition team), and also in the “little black book” of Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein together with Ghislaine Maxwell ran a paedophile sex ring for the elite, including Prince Andrew, and is connected to the Clintons and Donald Trump.
Also interesting is that Kevin Spacey earlier this year met with Chester Bennington, relatively short before Chester died (reportedly of a suicide).

In 1986, Spacey invited the 14-year-old actor Anthony Rapp, for a party at his home. Apparently, Kevin Spacey had a special after party with Rapp in mind...
My memory was that I thought, Oh, everybody's gone. Well, yeah, I should probably go home.
Spacey, sort of stood in the doorway, kind of swaying. My impression when he came in the room was that he was drunk.
He picked me up like a groom picks up the bride over the threshold. But I don't, like, squirm away initially, because I'm like, 'What's going on?' And then he lays down on top of me.
He was trying to seduce me. I don't know if I would have used that language. But I was aware that he was trying to get with me sexually.
Rapp said he was able to “squirm” away after a short period.
Rapp, didn’t tell his mother, as it would have meant that he would have to tell her he was attracted to men.
In 2001, Rapp told about the sexual advances by Spacey in a Q&A with the Advocate. The accusations were made public without naming Spacey was the perpetrator: ... .jn327Z25r

What speaks for Kevin Spacey, is that he didn’t continue with brute force, that he has not denied the account by Anthony Rapp, and apologised. Spacey has finally come out as gay...
His excuse that he was drunk is very weak: ... 2842971136
It’s clear that if Rapp wouldn’t have resisted him, Spacey would’ve continued the sex act.
Obviously Kevin Spacey knows that he has repeatedly tried to “seduce” underage boys. I expect that more victims will speak out about Spacey in the coming period.

Firestarter wrote:Jodie Foster told in an interview this month that a producer was a little too interested in her body when she was only 14 (starting at 5:30):
It’s sort of strange that Jodie Foster would complain about some producer checking out her young body, while when she was younger than 14, she posed nude.
In 1975, Jodie’s mother decided that some nude pictures could be used as a publicity stunt to widen Jodie’s appeal. These photos of the 12/13-year-old Jodie Foster were shot by Emilio Lari. The pictures don’t show everything.
Jodie Foster subsequently scored a big role as a prostitute in Taxi driver (1976), she was probably 13 years old at the time.

The pictures and movie role of Foster aren’t as explicit as the nude Brooke Shields photos in Playboy, and Shields’ role in Pretty baby, but go too far in my opinion.
On the following site are some pictures of Jodie Foster, including at least 2 “nude” pictures of the young Jodie by Emilio Lari, with the “most explicit” body parts hidden: ... die-foster
(archived here:

There are some people, who claim to have exposed Jimmy Savile...
John Lydon (better known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) on a spoke word section on a 1978 PiL album, (almost explicitly) talked about what Jimmy Savile was into.
See the following 25 September 2015 interview with Lydon on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.
John Lydon tells that “all the kids” knew what Jimmy Savile was into, and that he was banned by the BBC for trying to expose him.
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Re: The totalitarian state

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That certainly was fast, literally within hours after my last post:
1) Corey Feldman (finally) told publicly on The Dr. Oz show that the “Ron” in his book Coreyograpy (2013) is really Cloyd ‘John’ Grissom;
2) Another victim spoke anonymously to Vulture about the sexual abuse by Kevin Spacey.

John Grissom was an actor who had small parts in 2 movies Feldman starred in. Grissom was even hired by Corey’s father, Bob Feldman, to work on his management team.
Grissom also provided Corey with cocaine and other hard drugs.
Grisson is registered as a sex offender in California. His listed convictions include oral copulation with a minor under 16 and lewd or lascivious acts with a child 14 or 15 years old.

According to his book, there were 3 other male paedophiles that had sexually abused Feldman (2 of which were brothers).
Feldman also told on The Dr. Oz show that the owner of a soda pop shop, where he hung out as a teenager, was part of the paedophile sex ring: ... the-1980s/

The actor Roberto Cavazos, has said he witnessed Kevin Spacey court and inappropriately touch younger male actors at the Old Vic Theatre, where Spacey was the artistic director from 2004 to 2015.

A former child actor has told that after he first met Spacey when he was 12, when the boy was 14 and Spacey was 24, Spacey invited him to his apartment for sex:
Yeah, and we’re talking. He was kind of in high seduction mode and gave me his phone number and asked me to call him. He said, “I want to see you, and I want you to come to my apartment.” He said he’d always been really drawn to me at the acting classes, but had stayed away because I was 12. So I’m like [laughs] … now that I was 14.
I called him on the phone the next day, and he told me how he was in love with me and wanted to see me. I went and saw him at an apartment he was renting on the Upper West Side. He had a black Labrador named Snake. He might’ve been walking that dog in Central Park when we bumped into him that night. We started a sexual relationship that first visit, which mostly involved me fucking him.
During their last meeting at Spacey’s apartment, the boy claims that Kevin Spacey attempted to rape him.
Spacey’s lawyer responded to this accusation by this boy, with: “Mr. Spacey absolutely denies the allegations”: ... nship.html
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Re: The totalitarian state

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Firestarter wrote:During a news conference on April 21, 2014, Egan's sobbing mother called out several FBI officials by name: Joseph Brine, J. Stephen Tidwell, David Johnson and Robert Mueller III. They had refused to investigate the charges that her underage son had been molested.
I’ve tried to find more information on Robert Mueller’s involvement in covering up paedophilia. I couldn’t find a video of the mother of Michael Egan, Bonny Mould, where she names Mueller on the 21 April 2014 news conference. She does tell that she sent letters to the FBI, media personalities, newspapers, lawyers, and nobody helped them…
During the 2014 news conference, Bonnie Mound called out several FBI officials by name:
I'd like to say to Special Agent Joseph Brine: You came to our house once. You interviewed Mike once. You called me a couple times after. I continued to call you. I continued to write certified, return-receipt letters to you. Everything went silent. What did you do then, Mr. Brine? I'd also like to say to Mr. J. Stephen Tidwell, FBI Los Angeles: Why'd you ignore my certified, return-receipt letters? Mr. David Johnson, FBI, J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C.: Why did you ignore my certified, return-receipt letters? And Mr. Robert Mueller III, Director of FBI, J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C.: Why did you ignore my certified, return-receipt letters?
I think that Bonny is overacting (I don’t see any real tears), but I believe she’s telling the truth.
The attorney tells that the “mother” wrote to the FBI-director (that was Robert Mueller).

Paul Bonacci had been sexually abused starting when he was 6 years, by (the clients of) Larry King and Alan Baer. Paul Bonacci was also the victim of torture.
In the following video, Bonacci tells that the sexual activities did not engage at the parties of Larry King, but only at the after parties. He explains that Congressman Barney Frank repeatedly sodomised him.
He also tells that he saw (then vice-president) George H.W. Bush at several parties. He witnessed a white boy from Washington DC and a black boy from Omaha perform oral sex on Bush senior. He also saw the daughter of Ronald Reagan at a party.

Here’s evidence compiled by former FBI-agent Ted Gunderson (now diseased), who sent letters about the sexual abuse, including kidnapping, of what he calls the “Finders” (the paedophile sex ring for which Larry King was the scapegoat): ... Report.pdf

Paul Bonacci has testified that the child abuse and brainwashing was part of CIA-project “Monarch”.
Obviously Robert Mueller was part of the cover-up. See Mueller’s reply to the 11 March 1992 letter by Gunderson, with the conclusion that there is “no evidence of misconduct by FBI personnel that would justify your charge of obstruction of justice”.

Another interesting investor in the Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) paedophile ring of Marc Collins-Rector and Brock Pierce is Microsoft Representative and former Congressman Michael Huffington who supported them with $5 million after a lavish party at the M&C Estate.
Former Warner Bros co-chairman Terry Semel was also involved with DEN: ... ase-699828
(archived here:

Even before Michael Egans and 2 others filed their lawsuit against Marc Collins-Rector, Chad Shackley and Brock Pierce, another similar lawsuit had already been settled.
In 1999, Alex W., who had met Marc Collins-Rector aged 13 in 1993, sued him in federal court in New Jersey, alleging that Collins-Rector sexually abused him from 1993 to 1996. That case was filed 2 weeks after DEN filed its documents with the SEC for a $75 million IPO. Marc Collins-Rector, hastily departed from DEN.
It is not known for how much the case was settled. The IPO eventually was cancelled, and DEN filed for bankruptcy: ... pedo-suit/
(archived here:
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Re: The totalitarian state

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The names of 4 paedophiles in Corey Feldman’s book Coreyography (2013) were replaced by other names, but that didn’t stop readers from finding out who they are.
On 16 February 2014, the following list was posted:
Tony Burnham = Dominick Brascia
Ron Crimson = John Grissom
Ralph Kaufman = Alphy Hoffman
Bill Kaufman = Bobby Hoffman ... ip/page143
(archived here:

Since then, John Grissom has been confirmed by Corey Feldman.
“Tony Burnham” from Feldman’s book was an overweight actor in his twenties at the time, who starred in “Friday The 13th: A New Beginning”. Dominick Brascia sure fits this profile…

Corey Feldman has also recently confirmed that one of his abusers ran a soda pop shop.
Alphy Hoffman had a place called “Alphy's Soda Pop Club”, which was THE place to be for the 1980s child movie stars. It was sponsored by New York Seltzer Water and the owner's son was one of the key kids at the club: ... 0193-v19n4

See the following quote from Coreyography:
Ralph Kaufman … the great casting director at Paramount who had placed me in ‘The Bad News Bears’ … Ralph put on a porno. He took a seat next to me on the couch … I passed out on the bed. When I woke up, Ralph was on me, exactly the way Ron had been … Ralph and Bill had been working together, coercing young men into their home. I was just the latest in a series of boys to be groomed.
I developed a natural, easy rapport with the head of television casting, a sweet little old man whom I will call Bill Kaufman … Ralph used to tell us that … Bill Kaufman was actually his step-dad, the one who had helped get Ralph into the business. None of that turned out to be true. Bill Kaufman wasn’t Ralph’s step-dad; Bill Kaufman was Ralph’s lover. Together, Ralph and Bill had been working together, coercing young men into their home. I was just the latest in a series of boys to be groomed.
Alphy Hoffman worked for Bobby Hoffman since 1983.
Bobby Hoffman passed away in 1993.

I believe that the 4 names that I have posted in the above are correct: Dominick Brascia, John Grissom, Alphy Hoffman, and Bobby Hoffman.
Corey Feldman “vowed” that if he gets $10 million on his Gofundme page in 2 months, he will produce a movie about his life, and would name 6 paedophiles (he had “promised” this before)…

In his book, Corey Feldman also named Martin “Marty” Weiss and Bob Villard. So basically the 6 names that Feldman will “expose” are already known since February 2014 (or even earlier).
Feldman didn’t expose them: Weiss was arrested in 2011 and Villard was already indicted in 1987 on child pornography charges and convicted in 2001 of a misdemeanour for child pornography possession and he pleaded no contest in 2005 to committing lewd acts on a child.
Feldman wrote this in his book:
Surrounding us … are Marty Weiss and Bob Villard. It is, frankly, rather creepy. I wish I had understood the significance then, before everything that was about to happen.

Then there’s the statement by Greg Harrison in September 2016:
Let me take you back on this famous timeline, when Corey Haim was around 15 years old when he first moved to LA, to act in a little movie that was to be called, The Lost Boys. It was Corey Feldman who introduced him to Actor – Director and Pedophile Dominick Brascia. It is also public record in many interviews that Feldman did and is no secret, that Feldman was jealous of Haim. Corey Feldman introduced this pedophile to Haim and a lot of other boys.

Now let me bring you back on the famous timeline to 1997 and a little film called, “Busted.” One day Corey Haim went to the set of “Busted” with his mother Judy Haim. When Judy and Corey Haim arrived on set, they saw both Corey Feldman and Dominick Brascia. Corey Haim had not seen Dominick in years. Judy Haim witnessed her son enraged saying, “What the Hell is he doing here?”. Corey Haim slammed and pinned Feldman against a wall and said, “I’m out of here man!” Judy Haim was a witness to this fight and also heard Feldman say, “Oh come on man, I thought you might like this!”

Corey Feldman had arranged all of this even though he knew about the abuse that Haim had endured from Dominick Brascia. Corey Haim and Judy left the set that day. The next day Corey Feldman told the media that he had to fire Corey Haim because of drugs. This is yet another example of the many lies and abusive manipulation of twisting the truth that Judy and I have come accustom to seeing and experiencing from Corey Feldman. ... -30-years/

It’s sort of strange that Harrison doesn’t refer to the obvious reference to Brascia in Coreyography...

Dominick Brascia quickly responded to the accusations by Harrison:
Sure it's totally not true. I'm as shocked as anyone else he was one of my good friends, I knew him for over 25 years. I started to movies with him and as you know he was the store so he had to give approval. He actually asked the director if they give me a part in National Lampoon's Last Resort. And we work together on Busted, truth is he was really really stoned and couldn't finish the job.
“Even the victim who passed away said the perpetrator is 73 years old. I’m in my fifties. Doesn’t seem to matter. Still more hate.”
He [Haim] was 14 or 15 and his abuser whose identity he never revealed was in his forties. I'm in my fifties, the guy would be 73 today. If you believe this 'friend of Corey' you must believe Corey Haim lied. ... gSCurjArIA

To support Corey Feldman’s “truth campaign”, Dominick Brascia claimed that it was none other than Charlie Sheen that sexually abused Corey Haim on the set of Lucas, when Haim was only 13.
Our wonderful media can’t figure out why Charlie Sheen couldn’t possibly be the 42-year-old big movie star that starting abusing Haim in 1985. I’ll leave it up to the reader to figure that one out:

Arguably Corey Feldman pimped out his “friend” Corey Haim to Marty Weiss and “Tony Burnham”; see the following from Coreyography (2013).
During the filming of "The Lost Boys" (filmed after Lucas) Feldman would arrange that an older male friend, Marty Weiss, would have sex with the desirable Corey Haim. Feldman describes in the book:
They walked single file into the adjoining room ... I heard sounds, banging, thumping. I felt my stomach flip-flop. I felt sick.
Later Feldman also pimped Corey Haim out to “Tony Burnham”:
Feldman told Haim that he was no longer speaking to Weiss. So Feldman reluctantly suggested a man who is called "Tony Burnham" (not his real name) in the book. According to Feldman, he knew that Burnham (whom he describes as overweight and unattractive) had a crush on Haim, and so the meeting was arranged. ... rs.155898/

Feldman sort of blames the younger Corey Haim after he himself pimped him out to Weiss and “Burnham”...
This happened some 30 years ago, but the highly narcissistic Corey Feldman doesn’t even realise that he should be ashamed over pimping out his “friend” Corey Haim.

I’ve also found more interesting information on the DEN paedophile sex ring that involved Marc Rector, Chad Shackley and Brock Pierce.
Following is a link to the 6 May 2003 affidavit filed by Special FBI Agent Joseph P. Brine, which includes information on the sexual abuse of Michael Egan.
Strangely missing from this affidavit is Brock Pierce, who isn’t mentioned at all and the naked pool parties. It is mentioned in the affidavit that Rector promised the underage actors that he could further their career by introducing them to some of the powerful gay men in the movie industry. This makes it more likely that these pool parties indeed took place.
Probably these facts were intentionally deleted by the FBI as part of the cover-up.
The most interesting part starts at page 13 of the PDF.

Page 13-23; Minor #1
In 1993, when he was 13, in Bay City Michigan met Rector, who later invited him (and minor #2) to his new home in Beverley Hills. He was paid $500 per week as a “computer programmer”.
It started with oral sex. This turned to regular sex twice a day in California.
In the spring of 1997 they went to Las Vegas, where Rector had sex with him.
After approximately 2 years, Rector and Chad Shackley moved to the M&C Estate in Encino, California.
In 1997 his contract was terminated. In June 1999, when he was 18, was hired (again) as a bodyguard, but no more sex.

Page 23-27; Minor #2
Friend of #1, who was 13/14 years in 1993, when they met Rector in Bay City Michigan.
Travelled to Beverley Hills California on 23 September 1995 with Rector and Shackley.
Rector tried to “seduce” him, including entering and waiting in his room to see him come out of the shower naked. He refused all sexual activity, and quickly returned to his parents.

Page 27-36; Minor #3
In January 1997, when he was approximately 14 years, Rector paid for a flight to Los Angeles where he stayed at his Beverly Hills house.
Rector offered him money in return for sexual favours. He also met 2 young boys, of approximately 14 and 16 years. Declined sexual activities, but after being given alcoholic drinks, was masturbated by Rector in the room where he was staying.
Nothing else happened and he returned home.

Page 37-41; Minor #4 (Mike Egan)
Egan became friends with the younger brother of Chad Shackley.
In May 1998, when he was 15, Shackley’s brother invited him for a party at the Encino Estate of Rector.
Rector at first only “fondled his genitals", after that Egan was sexually abused numerous times. He got paid $600 a week.
He also went on numerous trips, including to Las Vegas. In July 1998, Rector forced Egan to perform oral sex on him in Las Vegas.
On 31 March 1999, they went to Las Vegas, where Chad Shackley “fondled his genitals". After being drugged, without knowing, Egan passed out and was sodomised by Shackley.
In July 1999, on a trip to Lake Havasu, Arizona, had to receive and give oral sex to Shackley. Later on this trip, Rector “fondled his genitals".
In May 2000, Egan quit: ... vit-01.pdf
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Re: The totalitarian state

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On 13 November 2017, Corey Feldman confirmed that Alphy Hoffman (Ralph Kaufman in Coreyography) was one of the men that had sexually abused him in the 1980s. His real name is Alphy Rivas.
This automatically confirms that Bobby Hoffman (Bill Kaufman in Coreyography) was one of the paedophiles: ... ser-710384

Corey Feldman in reality already (almost) named Alphy Hoffman in his Tweet of 2 November: ... 1979725824
Alphy Hoffman Of ‘Alphy’s Soda Pop Club’ Deletes Dodgers-Based Twitter Page After Corey Feldman’s Dr. Oz Talk
Now the only name that I still expect, is the man named “Tony Burnham” in Coreyography, who is probably Dominick Brascia.
According to several media outlets, Corey Feldman will also name the Hollywood mogul paedophile that started sexually abusing Corey Haim on the set of Lucas (in 1985). The Hollywood mogul was 42 years old at the time.

I’ve found a big movie producer Feldman - Edward S. Feldman: ... 466864351/
I’m curious to know if Edward is family of Corey Feldman...

Just yesterday some police report was leaked to the press.
In July 1986, a 16 year old girl reported to the police that Sylvester Stallone and his bodyguard Mike de Luca had sexually abused her in a hotel room in Las Vegas. At the time, Sylvester Stallone was married to Brigitte Nielsen.
De Luca won’t tell, as he was shot and killed by the police in 2013.

Stallone reportedly threatened the girl to:
not tell anybody about the incident and if she did, that they would have to beat her head in.
What I find strange is that the girl reported this to the police but said “I'm humiliated and ashamed, but I don't want to prosecute”, signed a no prosecution form and the matter was dropped. Why would she report this to the police, and then not press charges?
Sylvester Stallone has denied this accusation.

Maybe this is the most interesting page from the police report.

In 1987, Stallone's half-sister Toni-Ann Filiti, threatened him with a lawsuit, accusing Stallone of sexually abusing her for years. Although Stallone “vigorously denied (...) all claims of wrongdoing”, he offered Filiti $2 million, plus $16,666 a month for the rest of her life to drop the case.
Filiti won’t tell, as she died of “cancer” in 2012: ... esome.html
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Re: The totalitarian state

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Post on drugs trafficking, money laundering removed to “new” thread: ... 4971#p4971

Keywords: “John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, Alberto Duque, Don Beazley, as City National Bank’s president, CIA's Nugan Hand Bank in Australia, William Colby, Donald Gregg, Paul Helliwell, Great American Bank Miami, Castle Bank & Trust Ltd. Nassau Bahamas, Northside Bank Miami (Cali Cartel) and Popular Bank and Trust Company, Nicaragua's Anastasio Somoza, Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch, Luis Posada Carriles, Michael Townley CIA, kill former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier
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