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Re: Gary Webb – Dark alliance

Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 4:58 pm
by Firestarter
Post on drugs dealing by the intelligence agencies removed to “new” thread: ... f=7&t=1366

Keywords: “Terry Reed & John Cummings Compromised: Clinton, Bush CIA, Oklahoma City, Oliver North, Barry Seal (Adler Berriman Seal), Dan Lasater, Mena, Arkansas, Contras, New Jersey gun-manufacturing Iver Johnson’s arms Inc. Jacksonville, Park On Meter Inc. (POM), son-in-law Seth Ward Sr. Webster (Webb) Hubbell, partner Rose law firm, Hillary Clinton, murdered 17 February 1986, Salvation Army, Juanita's Restaurant Little Rock, Felix Rodriguez (alias Max Gomez), Akihide Sawahata, Robert Johnson (lawyer for Southern Air Transport), Governor Bill Clinton and aide Bob Nash, Arkansas Development and Finance Authority (ADFA), Jackson T. Stephens chairman, BCCI, Buddy Young, McDougals, Madison Guarantee, First American, Hungarian intelligence operative George Fenue, Mexico - Mitch Marr, Double Crossed

Re: The totalitarian state

Posted: Sat May 13, 2017 2:46 pm
by Firestarter
Post on drugs dealing and money laundering removed to “new” thread: ... f=7&t=1366

Keywords: “Drugs trafficking, money laundering, Henry Kissinger, Elaine L. Chao, Donald Trump, George Bush, Clintons, Southeast Asia, Vietnam and Cambodia, Rockefeller’s favourite agent, Richard Nixon US president, President Reagan chairman Commission on Central America, Oliver North, Central America, NSC liaison, support Honduras Contras, Adolfo Calero, Senator Mitch McConnell, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), James S.C. Chao, classmate Jiang Zemin, Taiwan, John Huang, Republican senators, Lippo Bank, James T. Riady, illegally donating campaign Bill Clinton, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, New York-based American International Group (AIG), Michael Bloomberg, Ping May Foremost Maritime Corporation, Santa Marta, Netherlands, Wells Fargo, Mexican and Colombian drug cartels

Re: The totalitarian state

Posted: Fri May 19, 2017 4:29 pm
by Firestarter
Post on drugs dealing and money laundering removed to “new” thread: ... f=7&t=1366

Keywords: “Money laundering creative accounting, Wachovia acquired Wells Fargo, Department of Justice (DoJ) settles criminal charges with deferred-prosecution agreements, UK banking giant HSBC, Bank of China processed $716 million Laundromat, Credit Suisse, Citibank and Falcon Private Bank, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, Lloyds, UBS, ING, Moldova, US economic sanctions Iran, Libya, Sudan, Burma, Cuba, 2016, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, warned prosecuting, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke 10 September 2012, Rabobank acquired Valley Independent Bank 2002 Mexico, consultancy fees, dollars for speeches

Re: Gary Webb – Dark alliance

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 2:53 pm
by Firestarter
Post on drugs dealing and money laundering removed to “new” thread: ... f=7&t=1366

Keywords: “Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank, Congresswoman Maxine Waters attention media about secret, Dope, Inc. Britain’s opium war against U.S., British monarchy, Matheson, Keswick, Swire, Dent, Baring, Rothschild, the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank (HongShang), the Chartered Bank, the Peninsular, Orient Steam Navigation Company, Sir Moses Montefiore Queen Victoria's favourite Jew, Order of Zion, Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), P&O Steamship Company, Jardine Matheson, John Swire and Sons, Charterhouse Japhet, Anglo-Dutch "offshore" banking system launders dirty money, international banking system, law enforcement, 1830-31, chests of opium China increased, B'nai B'rith merged Scottish rite (freemasons), Knights of the Golden Circle, forerunner Ku Klux Klan, Canadian money laundering banks Knight of Malta, Imperial Bank and the Bank of Nova Scotia

Re: The totalitarian state

Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 8:45 am
by Firestarter
Part of post on the starvation of Yemen removed to “new” thread: ... f=7&t=1146

Keywords: Yemenis dying starvation, UK, USA, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, genocide, seats respected UN Human Rights council (OHCHR), Jared Kushner, Lockheed Martin, Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir

On his recent state visit, Donald Trump openly praised the dictatorial regime of Saudi Arabia:
We are here to offer partnership-based on shared interests and values.
We must be united in pursuing the one goal that transcends every other consideration. If we do not act against this organized terror, then we know what will happen. Terrorism’s devastation of life will continue to spread.
This is a battle, between good and evil.
Is this the “good” Saudi and British Royals, against the “evil” Yemenis?

Secretary of state Rex Tillersons, while standing besides Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir, declared his hope that Iran “restores the rights of Iranians to freedom of speech, to freedom of organization so Iranians can live the life they deserve”: ... abias-tune

The government of Iran is really, really horrible. I’ve heard rumours that they have even tried to support the Yemeni “terrorists”…

On 20 May, when Donald Trump was visiting, King Salman awarded Trump with the highest honour of Saudi Arabia, the Order of Abdulaziz al-Saud medal.

Donald Trump, while praising Saudi Arabia, has accused NATO-countries for not spending enough on weapons. Guess who will (finally) become a billionaire, when the money pours to the weapon industry?
Donald accused countries who fall short of the NATO defence spending target as "owing" "massive amounts of money" from past years (to the arms industry?)…
"This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States, and many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years and not paying in those past years":

In the following video we can see that Donald Trump makes a strong impression at the NATO meeting, including shoving Duško Marković, Prime Minister of Montenegro, aside to get a better spot for the picture.
Fortunately Marković knows his place. Marković called it “simply a harmless situation”, because “It is natural that the president of the United States is in the front row: ... y-6662990/

Re: The totalitarian state

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:39 pm
by Firestarter
Post on drugs trafficking and money laundering removed to “new” thread: ... f=7&t=1366

Keywords: “Cuban born drugs trafficker Jorge Cabrera campaign contribution fund-raiser Vivian Mannerud hotel Havana, November 1995, Democratic National Committee (DNC), Colombia to USA, Christmas reception White House first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice President Al Gore Miami, Fidel Castro, Cali Cartel boss Carlos Tascon, Colombian Alberto Franco Herrera, Macau crime (Triad) boss Ng Lap Seng, Arkansas restaurant owner Charlie Yah Lin Trie, John Ashe, president of the 193-nation assembly Antigua & Barbuda’s Ambassador to the UN, million dollars bribes, testify, died heart attack, throat crushed lifting a barbell Westchester County

Re: The totalitarian state

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:03 pm
by Firestarter
Yesterday I found a 4 part, 6 ½ hour interview of Kay Griggs by Pastor Rick Strawcutter originally from 1998 and published in 2000.
Kay Griggs turned whistleblower in 1996, when her husband had disappeared.

Katherine (Kay) Griggs was the wife of George Griggs for 11 years. George Griggs was head of special operations under Admiral Celso at NATO.
She details how the U.S. Military is run by sexual deviants, especially gays. Individuals like Jefferey Dahmer, Timothy Mcveigh, Ted Kaczyznski, Lee Harvey Oswald, who because of their sexual deviant background are easy to control.
Kay says in the interview that she’s strangled financially by the JAG group (Judge Advocate General). JAGs are everywhere in powerful positions.
If military intelligence wives have information that would come out in a divorce hearing or other hearings, they totally control it. Judge John Moore in Kay's case in Virginia Beach is an army ranger, active reserve, and graduate of VMI. The commissioners who do the decisions in Virginia Beach are all military.
She tells that her husband was in Steiner’s army, where he trained boys from countries like Romania, Cuba, and Haiti, to become assassins.
Her husband’s first wife was murdered.
Kay says has the “Beirut diary” of her husband. It tells how the intelligence community, the army and Marine Corps assassins, snipers operate in a city during a crisis.
Her husband George also told her a lot about how things operate at the top of the US army: ... ay-griggs/

It is an interesting interview, but at 6 ½ hours too long…
There used to be a 2 hour compilation “Sleeping With The Enemy”, which I couldn’t find.
Kay Griggs obviously bases her story on the diary of her husband, and what he had told her. She also witnessed some group orgies herself (and even made pictures) and has obviously done her own research.
Part 1 – 1:55:47.

Part 2 – 42:03:

Part 3 – 1:59:40:

Part 4 – 1:54:51:

There’s a transcript of the first part of the interview, there should also be a transcript of the second part, which I couldn’t find.
If I understand correctly, the interviewer wasn’t Eric Hufschmid (EH) but Rick Strawcutter...

Young men are first given lots of alcohol, then stripped naked, violated, humiliated and raped. Although the orgies in question are predominantly homosexual, there are also bi-sexual orgies.
They recruit poor young men with a certain profile: strong mother and a weak or no father. They look for boys with a low self-esteem, poverty, and mental disorders, because these will stay in the military and do anything.
The rise to the top of the military is only open to sexual perverts.

Princeton University has a fraternity called Cap and Gown, which George belonged to. Yale University has a fraternity called Skull & Bones. Secret organisations like these are used as recruitment centres for government officials.
George got into Cap and Gown where unusual sex acts were part of initiatory rituals designed to recruit and control participants.
All of them in Special Operations, if they're Marines, they're bisexual. They can only become a colonel, or in the SEALs, if they engage in gay sex.
George was the chief of staff for General Al Gray who was the Commandant of the Marine Corp. Gray is a homosexual.

The CIA is bogus, that's why Kay talks about SHAPE.

The taxpayers are paying young men, who are not citizens of the United States, to kill innocent people, women and children. They go by a special helicopter to countries like Turkey, Iraq, Algeria, to parts of Africa and they do wet ops, murder five, ten, twenty people and then they blame it on the Arabs or others, but it's actually NATO rouge assassins.

Kay knows a lot about the MACSOG and Phoenix programs in Vietnam because George was involved.
The highest levels of the Marine Corps and army are actually in the mob. They do a lot of money laundering, cash transactions for the drugs they bring over, through Latin America. After they retire from the military, they go into the drug and weapons sales.

General Jim Joy and General Carl Wade Stiner are evil men. They trained the Men in Black who killed those followers of David Koresh in Waco. It was General Joy and General Steiner (General Felix Martin Julius Steiner?). George was in Steiner's army, dirty tricks, Special Operations.
George gave a detailed description about how Waco was carried out, as well as many other hits, including Malcolm Kerr, the head of the American University in Beirut, and Ron Brown.
Vincent Walker "Vince" Foster, Jr. and James Forrestal were also murdered.
Two weeks after Kay spoke on the phone with former CIA director William Colby, who personally knew George, Colby was murdered (he disappeared on 27 April 1996).
Paisley was murdered like William Colby.

Kay travels by bus, because her car was sabotaged so often.
Kay Griggs also tells that the 1992 movie “A few good men” was based on a real story, and her husband was involved in the cover-up.
Henry Kissinger (born Heinz Kissinger) is totally homosexual. Up through Cambodia, Kissinger was raping young men: ... transcript

Re: The totalitarian state

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:34 pm
by Firestarter
In my opinion the most interesting gay in the story of Kay Griggs is: Henry Kissinger.
The following 6:39 clip shows how Kay Griggs describes Henry Kissinger as a rapist of young men.

Oh, it's just a convenience, yeah. I mean, maybe he's discovered women in his late age. I don't know. But I heard through a very well grounded German that Henry's best friend's father told Henry to stay away from him. And that's why Henry left. The family were embarrassed. And Henry went to Britain where they did this, and then changed his name from Heinz to Henry.
And I interviewed a man named Bob, who's an army enlisted person, who told me about Henry in Cambodia. So up through Cambodia, he was actually raping young men. And of course, that experience destroyed the lives of these five young men, according to the source. I mean, he said, he was crying — and this man was a perfectly wonderful functioning young married man who worked for a newspaper on the Eastern shore, and had three young children — he went to Vietnam as an enlisted man, was put into Cambodia, which he said it was a lie living there, and then ran into Henry Kissinger.
Or Henry Kissinger ran into him, and did certain things to him. Invited him into his tent with some other men. It was horrible. But he said, "It's wartime," and so forth. But he said, "You know, I could have taken it mentally if it had been a bunk-mate or something, but when it's someone like Henry Kissinger who does it to you, you're ruined." He said he came back home — Oh! And this is interesting, and I really believe that Bob's right, he said Kissinger said to him, "If you ever tell anybody, if you ever mention to a soul, it's the end of you. Don't you ever tell anybody." Well, when Bob got back, he went to a special hospital, and they were going to keep him locked up forever.
Bob was locked up in a psychiatric institution, but he got out...

While I believe that Kay Griggs is a reliable witness, she has based this on the statements of only one “German” and “Bob” - this is too light.
There aren’t many sources on the internet to claim that Henry Kissinger is a homosexual, most are based on Kay Griggs…
Henry Kissinger has been to Bohemian Grove, where according to a lot of sources homosexual activity goes on (for example Richard Nixon), paedophilia, and ritual sacrifices (for example Paul Bonacci).
But this isn’t hard evidence...

Re: The totalitarian state

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:41 pm
by Firestarter
Post on the starvation of Yemen removed to “new” thread: ... f=7&t=1146

Keywords: asylum applications EU, famine, bombing, small amount of refugees, Yemeni Waleed al-Shaibani Greece applied for asylum in Poland, International Organization for Migration (IOM) confirmed to Al Jazeera, moratorium, Houthi rebels, Hodeidah, helicopter boat carrying Somali civilians, Human Rights Watch, Raytheon

Re: The totalitarian state

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:48 pm
by Firestarter
Post on money laundering removed to “new” thread: ... f=7&t=1366

Keywords: “whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld, Swiss banking giant UBS, tax evasion, money laundering, Russian immigrant, Californian real-estate billionaire Igor Olenicoff, Boris Yeltsin, diamonds, Abdul Aziz Abas, $420 million numbered accounts $50 million condo New York, Saddam Hussein, Rudy Giuliani and Raymond Kelly, Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Martin Liechti, non-prosecution agreement, Alexander Acosta, French-Italian Hervé Falciani, Sue Shelley, Nicholas Wilson