The totalitarian state

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Re: The totalitarian state

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It is interesting how the paedophilia in Hollywood, leads directly - by the trail of Brock Pierce - to the Clinton Foundation.

Firestarter wrote:The 100 minutes documentary “An open secret” was released on November 14, 2014 and exposes the systematic sexual abuse of child actors (only boys) in Hollywood:
The documentary “An open secret” focuses on the child sex ring around Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) that bought an estate in Encino, LA (the M & C estate) in 1997 where the young boys were forced to go into the hot-tub nude, joined by (naked) adult men. The most important story is told by Michael (Mike) Egans III that broke into the estate of DEN with some of the other victims (possibly Alexander Burton and Mark Ryan) to copy evidence.
The copied material proved that the sex ring was much larger than just the 3 (paedophiles) that fronted DEN: Marc Collins-Rector, Chad Shackley (in his mid-20s who had lived with Rector since dropping out of high school at 16) and Brock Pierce (a teenage actor who had appeared in Disney's The Mighty Ducks movies).

I needed some time to investigate the accusations of Egan against Bryan Singer (famous for directing “The Usual suspects” and X-men movies), Garth Ancier (television executive), David Neuman (Disney executive) and Gary Goddard (producer) – who invested in DEN. My conclusion is that there is sound evidence that these gays were present at parties where child actors were nude in the hot-tub, and given alcohol and drugs. Based on the testimony of Egan (and further evidence) I conclude that probably Singer sodomised Egan (and others), but I haven’t looked into these other 3 (yet).
In the documentary “An open secret” (starting 00:46:45) Egan tells that Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard were regulars at the nude pool parties. He tells how Singer was naked with him in the hot-tub and set him on the lap of Goddard. It is also revealed (starting 1:10:17) that Marc Rector threatened the young boys with a gun while saying “do you not understand the power I have?”; if you talk, we will first destroy career and we have eliminated kids of 14, 15 year old.

The court awarded Egan and his fellow plaintiffs a $4.5 million default judgment, of which Egan only collected $25,000, while they reached a settlement with Pierce. Egan was the only one of the 3 plaintiffs that was a minor when the sexual abuse happened, so he should be entitled to the most money (of these 3). This doesn’t surprise me a bit - remember Paul Bonacci that got locked up in prison for perjury and got nothing of the million dollars he won from Larry King (stabbed in the back by his attorney John DeCamp)?
Here’s the official court document of July 2000 by plaintiffs Egan (officially his mother Bonny Mound), Alexander Burton, Mark Ryan against Rector, Shackley and Pierce: ... awsuit.pdf

Note that Hawaii is not mentioned in this document and it only focuses on the 3 defendants (Rector, Shackley and Pierce).
During a news conference on April 21, 2014, Egan's sobbing mother called out several FBI officials by name: Joseph Brine, J. Stephen Tidwell, David Johnson and Robert Mueller III. They had refused to investigate the charges that her underage son had been molested.

Firestarter wrote:Weiss, Villard and Rector-Collins were some of the paedophiles that were convicted on child abuse charges. Michael Egan filed charges against some of these paedophiles but later dropped them, which doesn’t help his credibility. Egan was admonished by a judge for lying in court: ... ase-699828
After a New Jersey grand jury indicted Rector in 2000, he fled the country with Shackley and Pierce. The trio resurfaced in May 2002 in Marbella (Spain). In a separate court case (not civil) Collins-Rector was sentenced to prison. In this case Egans wasn’t even involved. After an international arrest warrant was issued Interpol raided their house and found guns, machetes and child pornography in. After fighting extradition for 2 years (during which Rector was in prison from May 2002 until October 2003) - Rector returned to the USA: spent a brief period in prison, made a deal and became a registered sex offender under weekly supervision. Here you can see the court ruling of October 6, 2004 that details the plea bargain for transporting minors across state lines for having sex with them; that concluded the immediate supervised release of Rector: ... ncing.html
In 2006, Rector was granted “emergency permission” to leave for London, where in October 2007 the British paper The Sun ran an article that reported "A millionaire paedophile from America is swanning around Britain in a chauffeur-driven limo and surrounding himself with young boys". In England he asked for permission for a union with an 18-year-old boy.

Here’s the court document that was filed in June 2014 by (the attorneys of) Michael Egan against Bryan Singer: ... -doe-2.pdf
Michael Egans states that he considered Marc Rector, Chad Shackley and Brock Pierce as the ring leaders of the child sex ring. He describes the before mentioned incident where Singer placed him on the lap of Goddard. He also swears that he was sodomised by Singer - both in the Encino estate as in Bryan Singer’s home. Note that this doesn’t mention any activity in Hawaii.
Egan isn’t the only young man that has accused Singer of paedophilia: 1) In 1997, a 14-year-old actor accused Singer of having him and other minors nude for hours for a shower scene in “Apt Pupil”, the lawsuit was dismissed for lack of evidence; 2) In May 2014, a British man accused Singer and producer Gary Goddard for sexually assaulting a minor in London for the premiere of “Superman Returns” (the charge against Singer – but not Goddard - was withdrawn): ... ns-rector/

Openly gay 22-year-old Noah Galvin publicly accused Bryan Singer of molesting little boys:
Yeah. Bryan Singer likes to invite little boys over to his pool and diddle them in the f—ing dark of night. I want nothing to do with that. I think there are enough boys in L.A. that are questionably homosexual who are willing to do things with the right person who can get them in the door. In New York there is a healthy gay community, and that doesn’t exist in L.A.
Galvin apologised a mere 9 hours after the interview came out: ... pologizes/

Following are some of the photos of Singer with young boys (I believe that most of the Singer "twinks" have just turned 18).
Here’s Singer with Frankie Donjae that for a while was his favourite in New York.

The following toyboy (“assistant” to Singer) looks even younger than Donjae, on the right side of Singer are Ian McKellen and Gary Goddard.

The attorneys of Egan told him that he couldn’t files charges against Bryan Singer, Gary Goddard, David Neuman and Garth Ancier in California, but only in Hawaii. They didn’t claim that these actions had happened in Hawaii, so this lawsuit didn’t stand a chance and it was dropped. I’ve read on the internet that Egan accused Singer (and Rector and Shackley) of sexually abusing him at the Paul Mitchell estate in Kailua, Hawaii, but I didn’t find the (original) source for this information.
To add injury to insult these lying, corrupt attorneys even made a public apology that the allegations are totally untrue. Garth Ancier filed countersuits against Egan and claims he was falsely accused: ... ers-800601

In December 2015, Michael Egan was sentenced to 2 years in prison and a fine of $300,000 for a “conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud”. Egan sought money from investors for various projects. Egan lied about his background and used the money for his personal expenses. Isn’t the whole idea of being an investor to take a chunk of it for yourself? If dishonesty is a reason for prison, than every lawyer, psychiatrist and second-hand car dealer should be locked up for life.
In October 2014 Egan was admonished by Judge John Michael Seabright after Egan falsely claimed in court to not have received assistance with his legal papers. Of course Egan is not the only one that has lied in court. This can be rightfully used to discredit him, but maybe he had promised this to the law firm that had helped him (Irvine's Manly, Stewart & Finaldi). This is absolute evidence that Judge Seabright is a corrupt criminal as it is irrelevant to the case whether or not Egan had gotten some legal help.
I can tell from personal experience that it’s very difficult to defend yourself in a court of law when you’re stabbed in the back by your own attorney:

The only lawyer that has made a public statement in defence of Michael Egan, after he was charged with these fraud charges, is Vince Finaldi. He said that even if these fraud charges are real “it would surely not mean he was not abused. To the contrary, it would corroborate his abuse”: ... use-760741

Brock Pierce is mostly ignored in all the stories about the sexual abuse. At 17, Pierce was making $250,000 a year from DEN (it is apparently quit profitable to run a child prostitute ring).
Brock Pierce’s bio says he is co-founder of GoCoin, ExpressCoin, and Robocoin Asia. He is described as "a prolific angel investor" who has raised more than $200 million on behalf of his companies and led more than 30 acquisitions during his career.
Pierce is also an active supporter of non-profit and advocacy organizations and is a member of Clinton Global Initiative. So here’s another connection between the Clinton Foundation and a known paedophile:
Here’s Pierce when he was an ambitious child actor himself.
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Re: The totalitarian state

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The "Casting Couch" has been a despicable abuse of power since the beginning of the 20th century. Insiders call it "Hollywood's Dirty Little Secret" and a rare few, like Corey Feldman, expose it publically.


“Michael Jackson’s sex abuse scandal connects Corey Feldman & Macaulay Culkin

To one generation, Michael Jackson was a charismatic child star.

To another, he was "Wacko Jacko," suspected child molester.

The sex scandals that plagued the increasingly erratic singer dated to the early 1990s, when he was first linked to the repeated abuse of a 13-year-old boy at his lavish Neverland Ranch.

Jackson, eventually accused of molesting three boys, was never convicted of any crimes.

But multimillion-dollar settlements with two victims, along with his bizarre persona, convinced many something odd was happening at his California home/kiddie theme park - and it crippled his career.

Jackson made no secret of his preference for the company of kids over adults, insisting it was all innocent as he welcomed "many children" into his bed.

His high-profile house guests included "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin and child star Corey Feldman.
Others, like Macaulay Culkin, purportedly abused by Michael Jackson, go about it a bit more esoterically.

In 2012, Macaulay Culkin started a band called The Pizza Underground, performing on a bed of pizza boxes, surrounded by pizza checkered walls, with members of the group wearing slices of pizza as masks.

In light of the pedophile code word "pizza", a coincidence?
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Re: The totalitarian state

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Does anybody wonder why John Podesta has kept quiet since Donald Trump won the election?
It would be funny if it wasn’t so horrible. Just on 12/16/’16 John Podesta Twittered that Clinton has been terribly mistreated by the FBI; he gets bombarded with Pizzagate-information in reply: ... 8896609280

Michael Jackson is one of the (many) musicians whose lives have been destroyed by organised crime. They have made him look an even bigger idiot than he was by a criminal justice system and media that print mostly lies. Michael Jackson wasn’t a paedophile.
Michael Jackson truly deserved both the nicknames “King of Pop” and “Wacko Jacko”.

According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) Michael Jackson is the second biggest selling recording act in history with 350 million sold (behind The Beatles and before - the father of his wife for a while Lisa Marie – Elvis Presley). Unfortunately these figures aren’t reliable (some put Jackson third behind Elvis): ... sic_artist
Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1982) is the best-selling album of all time; with over 32 million copies sold in the USA alone and 100 million worldwide: ... inum-album

Michael Jackson was introduced to Corey Feldman and Corey Haim by his good friend Steven Spielberg. Feldman has made some comments about Jackson that confirm he wasn’t a paedophile but weird. See the following quotes.
'I was shattered, disgusted, devastated. I needed some normalcy in my life. So, I called Michael Jackson,' he wrote, explaining that the pair had been introduced by director Steven Spielberg.
'Michael Jackson's world, crazy as it sounds, had become my happy place. Being with Michael brought me back to my innocence. When I was with Michael, it was like being 10 years old again.'
He insisted in the book that Jackson never abused him or tried to touch him sexually over the course of their friendship.
Jackson never made any sexual overtures to him, Feldman insists, but at one point, Jackson showed him pictures of diseased adult genitalia. Feldman said the Gloved One did it to demonstrate the dangers of unprotected sex.

Aged 29, Haim spent four days at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch with Feldman.

For example, when Feldman says that when Jackson found out that Feldman was going to be a guest star on the game show "Hollywood Squares," Jackson was appalled that Feldman would be on the show, since Feldman was a movie star at the time. Jackson told Feldman that "Hollywood Squares" was show for people whose careers were on a downslide, not for actors who have a hot movie career. Feldman desperately wanted to cancel his "Hollywood Squares" appearance, and he even got Jackson to call his father to try to convince him that "Hollywood Squares" was a bad career move, but his father refused to cancel the appearance, and Feldman reluctantly appeared on the show. Feldman said that his father's refusal to listen to Jackson's advice about "Hollywood Squares" and other business matters was the catalyst to re-examine his career and eventually fire his father.
Feldman also says that at the height of his fame, when people thought he was rich, he was actually living with his father in a seedy, one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. They eventually moved to a larger place, but he said that at the time, he was very naïve about the money he should have been making until Jackson taught him many things about the business part of the entertainment industry.

Feldman says by the time he met Jackson on the set of "The Goonies" (after Feldman kept pestering Spielberg to make it happen), he had been "obsessed" with Jackson, whose "Thriller" album and music videos made a huge impact on Feldman. Over the next few years, the Feldman says that he and Jackson would spend hours talking on the phone and meeting up when they could. Feldman says that when he woudl hang out with Jackson they would do "kid" things (like go to amusement parks) or "celebrity" things like meeting other stars.
Feldman says that his time with Jackson was so innocent that he wasn't even allowed to curse around Jackson. Feldman claims that he never saw drugs and alcohol when he hung out with Jackson, since he said that Jackson banned those substances, at least when feldman was around him. Feldman said that he rarely saw Jackson in casual clothes because he believes that Jackson felt that he always had to be "on" as a celebrity.

He also described some of Jackson's odd behavior and paranoi, such as Jackson's tendency to pretend to be someone else when he answered the phone or Jackson not saying a word when he answered the phone and making the caller wait up to 10 or 15 minutes, in order to test the caller on how long the caller would wait to hear him speak.
It's been well-documented that Feldman's friendship with Jackson never really recovered after Sept. 11, 2001, when Feldman claims that Jackson "abandoned" him in New York City, where Feldman had been to see Jackson at Jackson's all-star tribute concerts that featured Jackson's on-stage reunion with his brothers. At the time, Feldman complained to the media about Jackson being an uncaring friend who left Feldman behind in New York in the wake of the 9/11 tragedies. After Jackson died of an accidental drug overdose in 2009, Feldman gave interviews expressing regret over how his friendship with Jackson ended.
(Edit new link) ... drugs.html

Here’s an interview of Corey Feldman the day after Michael Jackson died:

The most interesting story about Feldman and Jackson is that:
Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson once went to Disneyland in disguise. To avoid being spotted during their trip to the amusement park, Feldman wore aviator sunglasses and a faux mustache, while Jackson donned a fake nose (!), sunglasses, and a giant afro.' The close friends stayed for the entire evening without being recognized. They got a last-minute room to stay overnight, and when Jackson realized the room contained only one bed, he ordered a cot for himself and insisted Feldman take the bed
(Edit new link) ... raphy.html

Carrie Fisher doesn’t only figure in this thread as the 19-year-old sexual affair with Harrison Ford, but also as the one that adviced Feldman to stop taking drugs.
Here’s a picture of Feldman and Jackson.
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Re: The totalitarian state

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Maybe I should have investigated former child star for Disney and part of child sex ring of Marc Collins-Rector, Brock Pierce, some more. Not only is Brock Pierce a member of the Clinton global initiative there is also a direct connection to Donald Trump.

Steve Bannon that has a history in the investment bank Goldman Sachs was the campaign manager for Donald Trump. Steve Bannon has been named by Trump as his chief strategist, while Bannon remains part of the disinformation network Breitbart: ... e32929482/

In 2006 Bannon became a member of the board of directors for the company of Brock Pierce – Internet Gaming Entertainment (IGE). Bannon convinced Goldman Sachs to invest $60 million in IGE. One of the brands of IGE was World of Warcraft.
In 2007 World of Warcraft was accused of “substantially impairing players’ enjoyment”. IGE took his hands off World of Warcraft and renamed itself Affinity Media. At the same time Bannon took over as CEO for Pierce (that stayed on the board of directors as vice chairman).
In 2012 Bannon quit Affinity Media to join Breitbart: ... Gizmodo%29

Here are Donald Trump and Steve Bannon last October 22 at Gettysburg National Military Park.
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Re: The totalitarian state

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Some might think that I’m going too far by claiming that all of those Disney pictures that you loved are filled with subliminal messages. Some of the most damaging images have been censored in newer versions...

In general Disney movies teach us that: Poor people are stupid, dirty, fat, uncivilised and ugly. Rich people are superior in every way. You can see that people are mean by how ugly they are. Beautiful people are more intelligent, better and richer than ugly people. The villain is hideous.
The young heroin is always the depiction of the beauty ideal: extremely thin in the waist with big breasts. Just like the princes and male heroes: tall, slim and muscular.
I haven’t found many good stories about the way Disney corrupts us all. The following explains how Disney movies teaches children to discriminate: ... ssons.html
The Lion King - In order to be successful, others have to pay (and die) and ultimately, that's what makes you a winner.
The Little Mermaid - It’s stupid to not sell your soul to the (sea) Devil to get what you want.
Beauty and the Beast – A born prince is always better than a poor slob (even when he looks like a hideous beast). A prince deserves to get the good looking babe, because he’s a prince. The prince should be forgiven for misbehaving, because he’s a prince. In the end the prince transforms back to his beautiful self to make it a real happy end.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Ugly guys never get the beautiful girl, even if they're devoted.
Sleeping Beauty – When a woman wakes up to find a (poor) man that’s she doesn’t know on top of her, she yells rape. But because this princess realises she’s molested by a prince, she marries him.
The Fox and the Hound – Differences are a good reason to segregate. Never become friends with somebody that is different.

In many pictures other races (than the “superior” white race) are mumbling idiots. The following story is reasonably good, but ends with the strange conclusion that Disney movies aren’t really racist at all:
Aladdin - The Merchant describes Arabs in the Middle East in the opening song with “I come from a land from a faraway place, where the caravan camels roam. Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face, it's barbaric but, hey, it's home!
Dumbo - At the beginning of the movie some black men are helping set up the circus. These blacks have featureless faces and sing: "We work all day, we work all night, we never learned to read or write; we work all night, we work all day; and can't wait to spend our pay away".
Another example of racism in “Dumbo” are the 3 black crows: depicting Africans that always smoke, speak without proper grammar and wear poor man’s clothes. This is pure racism of intelligent, highly civilised crows by dressed apes like us.
The Jungle Book - The apes are gibberish-spouting monkeys talking jive and obviously portray Africans.
Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers - The Siamese Twin Gang are depicted as Asians - the villains, criminals of the movie - who speak mangled English.
Fantasia – The African centaur is a hoof-polishing handmaiden for the pretty “white” centaurs. She is darker than the other centaurs, is wearing hoop earrings, with big lips and braided hair.
Peter Pan - In a song it is explained that Native Americans lost their natural white skin colour because of blushing red after kissing a girl. Furthermore the Indians repeatedly show misogynistic tendencies. None of the Indians speak besides the chief (naturally in a very broken jargon).
The Lion King - The hyenas are clearly a gang speaking in slang. The hyenas - represent the blacks and Latinos -aren’t allowed to enter the Pride Lands and are banished once they cross the border. Obviously they don’t belong where “we” live (but then who will clean our houses and offices?).
Mickey Mouse and the Boy Thursday (Book) – Way back in the 1940s Mickey Mouse gets a crate with West African bananas. With a surprise African inside: a real savage that commits all kinds of random violence.
Pocahontas – More history falsification showing the evil mass murdering colonialists in a favourable light than painting a negative picture of Native Americans. The real story was that "Pocahontas" was stolen at 10/11 years old from her father by (the white) John Smith. In 1612, at the age of 17, Pocahontas was taken prisoner by the English and held at Jamestown for over a year. Pocahontas was only released after she agreed to marry the 28-year-old widower John Rolfe. In March 1617 Pocahontas died at the age of 21 after she was forced off the ship on which she travelled with Rolfe and their son:
In Aladdin the hero of the story at the beginning is poor (and dark) and in the end becomes rich (and “white”).

It’s amazing how many sexual messages are (hidden) in Disney cartoons: ... of-thieves
Maybe children are groomed by these messages to think that sex (with adults) is OK? In the following fragment we can see that the bishop is very aroused. The spokesman for Disney has explained that we should see that “It’s his knees” (I just don’t understand: “It’s”=1; “knees”=2):
In “The little Mermaid” one of the castle’s golden towers looked like a giant penis. The following penis is even more blatant: Mickey Mouse’s hand holding what should be Minnie Mouse’s body.

The Rescuers - During one of the scenes there was a topless woman in a window - EDIT "new" picture.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - I don’t know of any character in cartoons for children as overtly sexual as Jessica Rabbit, but I didn’t know she doesn’t wear panties.

We are bombarded with so many satanic images, that we think these are “normal”. Because all of these superstars show these satanic symbols they even become hip.
Just look at the famous Walt Disney logo; it is written in a peculiar way: with a hidden 666666 in it. The first 3 sixes are highlighted in red. The 4th is the “W” starting from right to left in reverse; the 5th is the top “horizontal” part of the “t”; the 6th is in the “D” in reverse. “Six” could be another reference to “sex”.

In Disney movies often sorcerers and witches appear. In “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, the sorcerer is named “Yen Sid”, which is “Disney” spelled backwards.
Here are some satanic images in cartoons, including some Disney - EDIT "new" link: ... -cartoons/
(archived here:

The Duck Tales - a sign in the back with the phrase: ''ASK ABOUT ILLUMINATI'', also note the boner on the skeleton on the left - EDIT "new" image.

I strongly advise to let no child be brainwashed by this Disney filth. But the following books are quite good.
The Jungle book - Rudyard Kipling (1894) is worth reading. Some claim that this is a racist book, but it is without doubt much better than any Hollywood blockbuster:
The Notre Dame - Victor Hugo (1831) is nothing less than a masterpiece: ... notre-dame
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Re: The totalitarian state

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Last December 21 my post about the suspicious connections of Harrison Ford to both Corey Haim and River Phoenix was removed from the forum. This was explained by a moderator (see the picture below) as follows:
I am going to have to edit your post about Harrison Ford because it is libelous. We have done a thorough review of the post and have to remove any thought that Harrison Ford has done anything wrong. Hoping you understand.
PS: I have also deleted any reference to the other possible subjects and the related links to Harrison Ford. Posting like this without solid proof is dangerous for you and the Forum. A possible birth year is not enough.
I didn’t do anything more than connect the dots between information that was already on the internet.
This is all the more bizarre coming from the forum of David Icke, who made a name for himself with ridiculous “conspiracy theories” like we are ruled by shapeshifting reptilians from out-of-space. David Icke has specifically named the British Royal family as reptilians that need human blood to survive.
This isn’t the first time something like this happened on the Icke forum so I did a little investigation.

Part of post removed to “new” thread on David Icke: ... =30&t=1125
Keywords: David Icke BBC, Green Party, British Royal family lizards, exposing Jimmy Savile paedophile since 2011.

Firestarter wrote:I’ve read on the internet that Egan accused Singer (and Rector and Shackley) of sexually abusing him at the Paul Mitchell estate in Kailua, Hawaii, but I didn’t find the (original) source for this information.
I searched some more, and found the court document in which Michael (Mike) Egan describes that he was sexually abused by Bryan Singer at the Paul Mitchell estate in Hawaii. It includes a video of Egan and his attorney. In all fairness I have to say that Egan doesn’t look like he’s telling the truth this time.
Egan tries to avoid telling what happened in Hawaii and the look in his eyes tells me that he wouldn’t pass a lie detector test: ... erges.html
Firestarter wrote:Just in November 2016 Carrie Fisher (born October 21, 1956) published a book in which she describes a 3 month sexual affair with Harrison Ford, starting May 1976 when they were filming Star Wars. Fisher was only 19 years and Harrison Ford 33/34.
It is apparently very dangerous to tell about the sexual misbehaviour of Harrison Ford. Just last November Fisher revealed their affair during the filming of the first episode of Star Wars. She is held in intensive care: ... click&_r=0
Icke-pedo-censor-21-12-2016.png (155.78 KiB) Viewed 15149 times
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Re: The totalitarian state

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Sometimes horror stories are closer to the truth than the stories we can read in the newspapers.

An important confidant of Donald Trump is billionaire Peter Thiel, the cofounder of PayPal, that donated $1.25 million to his presidential campaign.
Earlier this month Donald Trump met with some high-tech CEO’s that were invited on the proposal of Thiel. Trump and Thiel even have a special (Masonic?) handshake: ... 1790108515

Peter Thiel is a member of the powerful Bilderberg group, but even more interesting is his interest in parabiosis: transfusions with the blood of young people to prolong the life of the elite.
The “Personal Health Director to Peter Thiel” has expressed interest in the technique of Jesse Karmazin, the founder of Ambrosia LLC, which is experimenting with blood transfusions from subjects younger than 25 to participants of more than 35 years old.
Peter Thiel has confirmed his interest in parabiosis: ... blood.html

It seems unlikely that Peter Thiel will actually join the Donald Trump cabinet, because he is too busy. For example his quest to live forever - Stemcentrx and the Sens Foundation (of Aubrey de Grey) – takes a lot of time:
Thiele is on the board of directors of more than a dozen companies. Some of the companies in which he invested considerably are: Facebook, Palantir, SpaceX, Airbnb, Zenefits, Lyft and Founders Fund: ... r-facebook

Parabiosis is nothing new; the following report from 1956 shows that there were already experiments to “retard” the aging process by parabiosis in the 1860s: “In his review of parabiosis, Finerty states that this joining of two rats by surgical operation was first used in Claude Ber-nard's laboratory by Paul Bert in the 1860's”. C.M. McCay et al, EXPERIMENTAL PROLONGATION OF THE LIFE SPAN (1956): ... 3-0015.pdf

Already more than 2000 years ago the blood of gladiators and virgins was consumed in ancient Greece, while in Renaissance Europe the blood of young men was preferred. Leonardo da Vinci once stated that “we preserve our life with the death of others”.
In the winter of 1668 the English Edward Browne was touring Vienna. He saw a public execution where a man filled his pot with the fresh blood spouting from the neck of an executed man to drink it.
A recipe from a Franciscan apothecary from 1679 provides instructions for making blood marmalade: ... ortal.html

While I thought that the elite only wants children for sick (satanic) sex, blood rituals it’s not as crazy as it seems.
Recently there have been some experiments on rats that confirm that blood of the young slows down the aging process (in the older rats). See the following article from 2014: ... .html?_r=1
Since 2014 there has been done similar research; the most advanced studies in China and Korea.

So now I finally found out why the elite are so concerned with “helping” poor orphans that don’t have relatives to miss them if they disappear without a trace.
We can already see that it’s possible to expand the lifespan (of the elite) considerably. In June of this year I did a small investigation on the ages in the families: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bush and the British and Dutch Royals (Windsor and Oranje-Nassau). Here are some of the ages of 90 years and older, in bold are still alive (in June 2016):
Lady Aline Caroline Cholmondeley (98 years), Diane Cécile Alice Juliette de Rothschild (109 years), Edmund Leopold de Rothschild (93 years), Elie de Rothschild (90 years), Princess Elisabeth de Broglie (96 years), Guy de Rothschild (98 years), Jacqueline de Rothschild (100 years), Miriam Louisa Rothschild (96 years), Jacqueine Rebecca Louise de Rothschild (100 years), Earl Harry Primrose (92 years); Alta Rockefeller (91 years), Ezra Parmelee Prentice (92 years), Laurance Spelman Rockefeller (94 years), Jievute "Bobo" Paulekiute (92 years), David Rockefeller (101 years), James Stillman Rockefeller (102 years), Ann Rockefeller (90 years), Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge (90 years), Mary Todhunter Clark "Tod" (92 years), Mary French, Jievute "Bobo" Paulekiute (91 years); George Herbert Walker Bush (92 years), Dorothy Weir Walker Bush (91 years), Barbara Pierce Bush (91 years), Nancy Walker Bush Ellis (91 years); Henry Alfred Kissinger (93 years); Queen Elizabeth II (90 years), Prince Philip (95 years); Queen Juliana (94 years), Prince Bernhard (93 years).

By general consensus Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula was based on the 15th century nobleman, Vlad the Impaler. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles are direct descendants from the half brother of Vlad the Impaler – Vlad IV (the Monk): ... -line.html
In the following video Prince Charles confirms that “The genealogy shows that I am descended from Vlad the Impaler” (2:37-2:43): ... XqM#t=149s
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Re: The totalitarian state

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In Edmonds, Washington, 19-year-old Jason James Murphy, an aspiring actor was working as a camp counsellor and began grooming a 5-year-old boy for sexual encounters.
In December 1995, an employee of the Hazelwood Elementary School in Lynnwood, Washington, saw Murphy kissing this boy who was now 7. The teacher notified the police who took Murphy into custody on a child molestation charge. Murphy's family posted his bail and shortly after his arrest he was released. In January 1996 Murphy abducted this boy, flew to New York City and checked into a hotel. A clerk at the hotel recognised Murphy and notified the authorities. FBI agents rescued the child and arrested Murphy. Eight months after that a federal jury found Murphy guilty of kidnapping and child molestation. He served 5 of his 7 year sentence behind bars.
Four years after getting out of federal prison, Murphy moved to West Hollywood, California where he registered as a sex offender under his legal name, Jason James Murphy. He began working as a Hollywood production assistant for Nickelodeon under the name Jason Michael Handy.
Murphy was sentenced to six years in prison in 2004 after pleading no contest to two felony counts, one of lewd acts on a child and one of distributing sexually explicit material by email, and to a misdemeanour charge related to child sexual exploitation
Murphy volunteered at a Malibu church, where he worked with 6-year-olds. His job as a production assistant at one of the prominent children's television programs, Nickelodeon, gave him access to child actors on and off the set, and allowed him to exchange email addresses and phone numbers with them.
Murphy, under the professional name Jason James, became a successful freelance child actor casting director. He worked on films such as "Bad News Bears", "The School of Rock" and "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" and "Super 8”.
On May 2, 2012, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge dismissed the charges against Murphy because all the studio executives who used his services were aware of the casting director's true identity: ... es-in.html

Ezel Channel met H.D. through his godson Joey. On September 8, 2002, Channel asked the 13-year-old H.D. to help him move some furniture at his house. While sitting on the couch, Channel showed H.D. his penis and asked H.D. to show him his; H. complied. Channel showed H.D. how to masturbate and asked H.D. to masturbate in front of him; H.D. complied. At some point Ezel Channel touched H.D.'s penis and asked him to touch his (penis).
With Brian, another 13-year-old boy, Channel had a similar encounter, with Brian and Channel masturbating and Channel touching Brian’s penis. Brian then jumped up, grabbed a golf club and asked Channel to take him home (which he did).
When Brandon was 13 years old: he visited Channel at Nickelodeon Studios multiple times. While driving his car Channel reached over to the passenger seat to touch Brandon's genitalia over his clothes. Brandon immediately told Channel to stop.
From November 20, 2005 on, Channel had worked at Nickelodeon Studios for some 7 months. Channel was convicted for lewd conduct on a child. Channel was placed on probation and ordered to register as a sex offender. He was prohibited from being with minors unless in the presence of other adult: ... %20CHANNEL

In 1989 Victor Salva directed his first film “Clownhouse”, but was jailed after molesting the 12-year-old star of the flick - Nathan Forrest Winters.
Salva asked Nathan to stay behind for extra rehearsals. During these sessions, Salva forced his young star to give and receive oral sex. Salva kept the camera rolling to add to his burgeoning child porn collection. After Winters had told his parents Salva’s house was raided by the cops, who discovered the tapes and sentenced Salva to 3 years in jail and a lifetime on the sex offenders register.
After Salva was released on parole in 1992, 15 months into his sentence, he laid low for a while. But then his fortunes changed when Caravan Pictures, a subsidiary of Disney, hired him to direct “Powder”. Salva had even greater success with the Jeepers Creepers franchise and still makes films with the focus on semi-naked youngsters that are terrorised: ... clownhouse

Fernando Rivas graduated from the prestigious Juilliard School of Music to build a successful career in the United States as a composer, creating music for “Sesame Street” and Disney.
Behind the scenes Rivas manipulated photos in which children were depicted in violent and sexual positions. Rivas also photographed and videotaped a 4-year-old girl, naked and restrained (bound with black Velcro straps). The police arrested Rivas in April 2011 and found 2,300 images and 12 videos of child pornography in Rivas’ possession. Some of these images showed children having sex with adults.
Rivas (61 years of age) was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to creating and sending child pornography: ... 078c5.html
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Re: The totalitarian state

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Firestarter wrote:
Firestarter wrote:Just in November 2016 Carrie Fisher (born October 21, 1956) published a book in which she describes a 3 month sexual affair with Harrison Ford, starting May 1976 when they were filming Star Wars. Fisher was only 19 years and Harrison Ford 33/34.
It is apparently very dangerous to tell about the sexual misbehaviour of Harrison Ford. Just last November Fisher revealed their affair during the filming of the first episode of Star Wars. She is held in intensive care: ... click&_r=0
Not only did Carrie Fisher die (official because of cardiac arrest), last December 27, but her mother – Debbie Reynolds – died a day later (December 28): ... ttack.html
Debbie Reynolds was an actress herself, most famous for starring in “Singing in the rain” in 1952 (with Gene Kelly). Here’s a photograph of Reynolds and Fisher in 2015.
notmartha wrote:The "Casting Couch" has been a despicable abuse of power since the beginning of the 20th century.
This post is a further investigation on some of the names in that link.

Arguably the most famous child star of the 20th century is Shirley Temple.
In her memoir “Child Star” (1988), Shirley Temple describes that legendary producer Arthur Freed exposed himself to her in 1940/1941 when she was just 11. She didn’t get the role of Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”. This is an excerpt from the book:
“I have something made for just you,” he continued, fumbling in his lap. “You’ll be my new star!” That phrase had last been used when I was three years old in Kid in Hollywood [one of Temple’s early shorts].
Obviously, Freed did not believe in preliminaries. With his face gaped in a smile, he stood up abruptly and executed a bizarre flourish of clothing. Having thought of him as a producer rather than an exhibitor, I sat bolt upright . . . Not twelve years old, I still had little appreciation for masculine versatility and so dramatic was the leap between schoolgirl speculation and Freed’s bedazzling exposure that I reacted with nervous laughter.
Disdain or terror he might have expected, but not the insult of humor.
“Get out!” he shouted, unmindful of his disarray, imperiously pointing to the closed door. “Go on, get out!”
” - ... ing-artist

The French actress Julie Delpy, began acting as a teenager, and in the 1990s tried to expose the casting couch culture: "In France, when I started talking about the fact that at 13, people would hit on me — which I think is pedophilia — people were like, 'Who do you think you are?' ”Delpy says.”It destroyed my career. It destroyed it. The press was against me, saying I was a bitch, basically, a horrible person to dare to accuse these directors of being bad for wanting to have sex with a 12-year-old. That was the time, you know: '80s France."
Besides that Delpy told that she “once fought off the amorous advances of a leery casting director by smashing an ashtray over his head”: ... es-2175880

The most interesting of these stories is Ben Fellows that as a child actor needed protection against the male paedophiles in the acting business. He also tells that he was given drugs and alcohol when he was very young. He was offered for sex by his agent Sylvia Young.
I don’t believe that Fellows is telling the truth, though. He names foreign famous actors like Tom Cruise and Dolph Lundgren. If his story is true, he would name mostly British actors. Fellows also named a famous star on Dynasty that was also a big star on the BBC.
What further hampers his credibility is that he doesn’t describe any incident in detail where he was sexually abused. He describes 2 incidents in detail where he wasn’t allowed to leave the room, was groped and his penis touched through his pants. He claims that Tom Cruise sexually abused an underage boy in another room which he didn’t see ...
According to the following Fellows is a liar: ... ation.html

Fellows has told his story to the police, that didn’t do anything against the paedophile ring, while the reporter Jack Malvern of the Times newspaper of Rupert Murdoch in October 2012 interviewed him to NOT publish the story. Fellows claims that the BBC paedophile he named stopped the article from coming out, because this was the new star of SKY Television (of Murdoch).
Fellows has testified that he was sexually abused by Member of Parliament Kenneth Clarke (at the time Chancellor of the Exchequer) when he was 14. According to the Daily Mail he was 19 at the time; if the Daily Mail is right (but how could they know?) this makes Fellows look very unreliable.
Ben Fellows also named publicist Max Clifford who was arrested in 2012 and convicted in 2014 to 8 years in prison for sexually abusing a large amount of underage girls. If Fellows accused Clifford before this became public knowledge, this would make his story more credible:

In the following video Bill Maloney interviews Ben Fellows on May 28, 2013, besides the already named mentioned perpetrators, he also names Peter Stringfellow and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Ben Fellows agrees to take a lie detector test on his accusations:
Fellows also names Prince Charles and (then Prime Minister) David Cameron as part of the cover-up.
Ben Fellows-28-5-2013.png
Ben Fellows-28-5-2013.png (103.23 KiB) Viewed 15023 times
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Re: The totalitarian state

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Lesley-Anne Down (known for her role in the TV-series “North and south”) has told that “the casting couch is no myth”. She claimed that she got a lot of offers in return for sexual favours but “never succumbed to any of it”.
The strange is that Lesley lived with the 8 year older scriptwriter, actor Bruce Robinson from the time she was 16 for about 10 years. She doesn’t say anything bad about Robinson, while this is paedophilia:
Also interesting to note is that she had an affair for about 6 to 8 weeks with none other than Harrison Ford when they were filming “Hanover Street” in 1979. It’s hard to find blame on Harrison Ford here – he divorced in 1979. Lesley-Anne Down said about Harrison Ford “He was lovely and it lasted as long as the filming did”: ... reeps.html
Here’s a promotional picture of Harrison and Lesley.

Apparently Harrison Ford likes the leather look. Maybe you remember that in “Indiana Jones” he even showed his skill with a whip.

While some gay men prefer the feminine look, most gays choose the masculine look. Not many in the closet gays wear an earring. Here you can see Harrison Ford with earring and a masculine moustache.

The self-proclaimed witch John Todd (Collins) is known for blowing the whistle on freemasonry. According to his story he killed an officer while stationed in Germany for the US army; instead of being locked up, he was discharged, sent back to the USA, where he became one of the highest Masons (the Council of 13).
I will not write too much on John Todd, who said in the 1970s that all the male stars in (the first) Star Wars are gays, mostly coming from soap operas like “The Young and the Restless”: ... XmwNWIcIqw

Harrison Ford is pictured with some pretty male actors in what could be too close for comfort for some men.
Here he is with his accomplishes on Star Wars George Lucas and Steven Spielberg in 2008.

Here’s Harrison Ford with Daniel Craig (best known for playing James Bond) in 2011.

When Thandie Newton was 16 years old, she began a six-year relationship with the 39-year-old director John Duigan on the set of his film “Flirting” (shot in Australia in 1991). Newton later complained: "I was a very shy, very sweet girl. I wasn't in control of the situation. Would I have liked things to be different? Sure, but I can now value myself more for the way I got through it. I don't see myself as a victim"
She also complains about (another) casting couch experience where a director asked her to sit with her legs wide so he could film her crotch. Newton learned some time later that this director showed this tape to some of his friends: ... ifies.html
Thandie Newton starred with Nicole Kidman in “Flirting” and next to Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible II”

Seeing Tom Cruise being named, made me think about Fiona Barnett that accused the father of Nicole Kidman – psychologist, biochemist Antony Kidman – for the (satanic) ritual abuse of children. Most of this happened in the British colony Australia. After Barnett accused Antony Kidman in 2014, he fled the country and died very suddenly in Singapore.
Fiona Barnett also accused: Richard Nixon (US President), Dr. John Gittinger (psychiatrist of the CIA), Ted Turner (CNN), Gough Whitlam (former Australian Prime Minister), Bob Hawke (former Australian Prime Minister), Paul Keating (former Australian Prime Minister), Kim Beazley (Australian politician), Bob Carr (Former NSW Premier), Pastor Billy Graham (US evilangelist), Kim Beazley (Australian politician) and Richie Benaud (Australian cricket captain and sports commentator).
She also describes that she was sexually abused at the Bohemian Grove in California, USA: ... ed-in.html

Fiona Barnett has made some drawings (unfortunately some have been removed) to explain what happened. She also named the (Australian) actors Bruce Spence, John Bell and Jacki Weaver; playwright John Williamson and author Kathy Lette as participants in these crimes against humanity:

What makes Barnett’s story convincing is the following documentary. She goes to a variety of places where these (satanic) rituals took place and describes some ceremonies in detail, including ritual torture, paedophilia, murder, cannibalism and necrophilia.
She describes a ritual murder of a pregnant “breeder” (to breed children for these ritual sacrifices). The woman’s belly was cut open; then the baby inside was cut up to collect the blood in a chalice to drink. Then there was a (sexual) orgy.
Here’s part 1 of the documentary “Candy Girl”.

This is part 2 of “Candy Girl”:

Even the former brother-in-law of Nicole Kidman – Angus Hawley - died very suddenly in July 2016 when he was in New York for a business meeting with multibillionaire Warren Buffett: ... qawnx.html
Barnett also describes that Nicole Kidman was present at these rituals. Barnett is negative about Nicole Kidman, who was a victim of the same satanic cult. Here’s (from right to left) Nicole Kidman, father Antony, mother Janelle and younger sister Antonia (Australian TV-presenter).
Kidman-family.png (323.22 KiB) Viewed 14804 times
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