Fortuyn assassination cover-up

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Fortuyn assassination cover-up

Post by Firestarter » Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:11 pm

One of the highest profile political murders in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, ever, is the murder of Pim Fortuyn on May 6, 2002. First I'll present some information on Fortuyn.
Fortuyn was trying for many years - without success - to get a place in the major political parties PvdA or VVD, when he got a large following because of his articles in Elsevier (criticising Dutch politics). In November 2001 he became the election leader for Leefbaar Nederland, and after some controversial comments in February 2002, Leefbaar Nederland made him resign and then he started his own Lijst Pim Fortuyn (LPF). Fortuyn became immensely popular in a short amount of time. Fortuyn was still the election leader for Leefbaar Nederland for local elections and got 37.8% of the seats for the city of Rotterdam.
He made anti-Islam comments and he even wanted to stop immigrants coming to the Netherlands. I don’t think Fortuyn was the total racist he was made out to be: he wanted to give illegal immigrants already in the Netherlands a legal status. At first the media tried to ignore him, but when this didn’t stop his meteoric rise in popularity, they demonised him for being an extreme right racist.
Fortuyn was very good in dominating election debates; he made other politicians look like mumbling fools. Fortuyn wanted to drastically cut the money for the government. He was violently opposed to the billions for the JSF fighting aircraft.
The LPF party got 17% of the votes in the May 2002 elections even without Fortuyn.
This story on the mystery surrounding the Fortuyn murder is not bad: ... o-not-show

The official story of the murder is that the lone gunman - extreme left animal rights activist Volkert van der Graaf - waited for him with a loaded gun, when Fortuyn was interviewed for the radio in the Hilversum Media Park. When Fortuyn and radio presenter Ruud de Wild came out of the studio; Volkert ran behind both Fortuyn and shot 5 bullets into Fortuyn from a distance of 1.5 meter (standing behind him).
Then Volkert ran away (chased by the chauffeur of Fortuyn, Hans Smolders) when only a few minutes later he was arrested at a Texaco gas station by the Hilversum police with the help of the ME (riot squad) and hondenbrigade (dog squad).
Volkert was released from prison in May 2014 after 12 years in jail.
Volkert reportedly murdered Fortuyn for his anti-Islam views. There is very little information on the internet about the murder of Fortuyn. I have not been able to find evidence for all the “facts” I present.

The well-known Dutch writer Thomas Ross investigated this matter with film maker Theo van Gogh (a friend of Fortuyn who was later killed by a Muslim “terrorist”). This video of an interview of Ross is the best information I found on the Fortuyn murder (Ross wrote an article in “De Journalist” which cannot be found on the internet), but is in Dutch: ... al-complot
There was obviously a cover up: there were security cameras hanging in the Media Park; the tapes were never shown. 3 eye witnesses (De Wild, Sander de Heer and Jeroen Kijk) weren’t even questioned by the police the day of the shooting. Are there many people that would testify facts that the official story of a lone crazy gunman is bogus, knowing this could get you killed?
A shell case was found 10 meter from the murder, indicating that there was a second shooter. If all the shots were fired from 1.5 meter distance it should have made more damage in Fortuyn.
One of the shots in the head of Fortuyn come from in front of him and this was removed from the autopsy report (the autopsy report is suspiciously short), indicating that there was a second shooter.
Both Ruud de Wild and Albert de Booy (of the LPF party) saw Fortuyn was already slumping his knees before Volkert started shooting, indicating that a second shooter fired before Volkert (with a gun with a silencer). I haven’t found the quotes or interviews of De Wild and De Booy.
Riot and dog squad are not part of the Hilversum police, so they never could have been involved in the arrest of Volkert (only a few minutes after the shooting).
The ambulance was kept outside, with the ridiculous story of a computer crash, Fortuyn only got medical care some 20 minutes after the shooting (while the state media claimed this was in 9 minutes); after Volkert was arrested. It must be against regulations that a gate cannot open manually in case of computer crash (not even counting that a computer crash is improbable or that it wouldn’t take 20 minutes to restart).
It is also strange that an animal activist would’ve murdered Fortuyn for his anti-Islam views. Animal activists are against the Halal, Islam way to slaughter: slitting animals throat to bleed them to death.
On the following site is interesting information:
This is suspect because the debunking of the investigation by Thomas Ross is severely flawed. There’s a quote from Ruud de Wild, which doesn’t prove anything. It’s claimed that Volkert first fired 4 shots (from close range), then ran away to fire some more shots. It is known that Volkert was an inexperienced shooter that ran close to Fortuyn before shooting, because he’s such a bad shot. Nobody would shoot 4 times then run away, turning back around to fire more shots. I’ve seen eye witnesses say Volkert ran away and not firing more shots.

If Fortuyn was murdered by the Dutch government an obvious motive could be his resistance towards the F-35 JSF aircraft. JSF is a project of the Lockheed (Martin) firm, which was already paying Bilderberg cofounder Prince Bernhard more than a million dollar in the 1960s. Already 44.8 billion euro has been invested in the development of the JSF (and still not one is commercially available). It was planned that the Netherlands would buy 85 F-35’s for €61.5 million apiece, plus an additional estimated cost of 14.6 billion euro for 30 years (for things like maintenance), leading to a total cost of 20 billion euro (so an interesting sum).
What is never mentioned is that Fortuyn was not only a member of the Republikeinse Genootschap (Republican Society), but wanted a democratically elected president better sooner than later. Why was Fortuyn so dangerous to the family that rules the Netherlands in their ruthless, dictatorial way?
King Willem III (1817-1890) married Queen Emma when he was in his 60s and infertile because of syphilis and still had 2 legitimate heirs to his throne (that died suddenly). So the daughter of Emma, the later Queen Wilhelmina (born in 1880), was an illegitimate child and wasn’t entitled to the throne (the 2 legitimate sons of Willem III had already died): ... l-house-of
According to the Dutch constitution (art. 24 Grondwet) only successors of Willem I can be head of state. If Fortuyn had been elected in the parliament he could have proposed a law to force the Dutch royals out.

So there you have it.
Motive that the Dutch Royal family wanted to get rid of Fortuyn (and fast!).
Evidence that the official story is not true.
Information removed from the internet and false rumours to hide what really happened.
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Re: Fortuyn assassination cover-up

Post by Firestarter » Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:49 pm

After Pim Fortuyn was murdered his older brother, Marten, made some political statements in which he criticised that Pim wasn’t protected and that the murder wasn’t properly investigated. In 2015 he announced that he wanted to start a new political party PMF (Pim Marten Fortuyn).
On September 10, 2016 Marten Fortuyn died when he tried to escape from the psychiatric hospital where they had locked him up earlier this year, aged 73 (in Dutch): ... uyn__.html

The only additional information I found about the circumstances, is that Marten Fortuyn got injured while escaping and that he had given notice that he didn’t want to be reanimated.
From these 2 “facts” I conclude that Marten suffered a heart attack while trying to escape (am I the only one that finds this strange?). It is known that heart attacks can be induced (by drugs or electricity), and it’s suspicious that so little information has been made public.
The state media has stressed that Marten had to be locked up because of a mental disease. I would like to call it another great victory for psychiatry: Marten Fortuyn will not bother the Dutch establishment anymore.
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