What is Behind the Push for War with Russia?

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What is Behind the Push for War with Russia?

Post by Guardian » Mon Oct 17, 2016 7:31 pm

This is a Jewish thing. But it is not just that Jews want to destroy things for no reason. But this is, especially among the American Jewish elite, a vendetta against Vladimir Putin. This vendetta was described by American academia’s preeminent Russia scholar, Professor Stephen F. Cohen.

MOSCOW, Dec. 24 1998 - Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov has declared in an open letter his belief in a Zionist conspiracy to seize power in Russia and asserted that “Zionist capital” has wrecked Russia’s economy.

The letter appeared to be aimed at the Russian business tycoons — known here as the “oligarchs” — who were instrumental in reelecting President Boris Yeltsin over Zyuganov in 1996. Most of the small circle of tycoons in this country are Jewish.

So the Jewish oligarchs needed a savior. Putin was supposed to be that man. With the help of alleged Chechen terroristic bombings in Moscow that rallied the public behind Putin and his hardline response,

Putin won the 2000 election. But the problem for the Jews was that he used his popular support to take on the oligarchs. He put some in prison, others fled the country, and the rest reached an uneasy truce with him so that they could retain their fiefdoms in exchange for staying out of politics.


That brings us back to the war party that Professor Cohen describes. They think that they can topple Putin and restore the Jewish oligarchy. Victoria Nuland already did a dry run of this scenario in Ukraine.

It’ is not as if they really want a nuclear world war, but they think they can pull off a Russian regime change, and are willing to risk nuclear war to do it. It may be delusional, but the payoff would be enormous.

So this is why we are on the brink of war with Russia. It is not because Putin is anti-gay. It is certainly not because of humanitarian concerns for the people of Aleppo. It is not even because the Israelis are pushing it. They are doing pretty well with the status quo, and already have gotten what they want from Russia.

It is the Jewish elite, primarily in America, that sees Putin as an threat to Jewish power, just as Trump potentially is. So it should be no surprise that they are willing to do whatever it takes to remove Putin, even if it means war.
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Re: What is Behind the Push for War with Russia?

Post by notmartha » Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:42 pm

Putin: Russia is not going to attack anyone
Russia is not going to attack anyone – this is silly and unimaginable, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking Thursday at the final plenary session of the annual meeting of Vaildai International Discussion Club. The topic of the meeting is “The philosophy of international development for the new world.”

According to Putin, the West has been producing a great deal of myths about the “notorious Russian military threat.”

“Indeed, this is a profitable activity, as one can obtain new military budgets and bend allies for the interests of the only superpower, one can also expand NATO and take the infrastructure of the alliance, its troops and hardware, closer to our borders,” Putin said.

President Putin called NATO an obsolete structure that was established in the times of the cold war. One does not see any adaptation of the alliance to new conditions, even though they talk about it all the time, Putin said.

He also noted that there are continuous attempts being made to make the OSCE a tool to serve someone’s foreign policy interests, despite the fact that the organization still remains an important mechanism to ensure European and transatlantic security. As a result, this mechanism works for nothing, the president said.

Putin stressed out that Russia did not aspire to global domination and expansion.

“There are many countries in the world that, like Russia, can rely on thousand-year history. We have learned to value our identity, freedom and independence. At the same time, we do not seek either global domination, expansion or confrontation with anyone,” Putin said.
Hmmm... Hegelian Dialectics at work...

In a 1984 interview G. Edward Griffin had with Norman Dodd, Dodd exposed the elites' goal:
Rowan Gaither was at that time president of the Ford Foundation. Mr. Gaither had sent for me when I found it convenient to be in New York, asked me to call upon him at his office, which I did, and on arrival after a few amenities, Mr. Gaither said: “Mr. Dodd, we've asked you to come up here today because we thought that possibly, off the record, you would tell us why the Congress is interested in the activities of the foundations such as ourselves.” Before I could think of how I would reply to that statement, Mr. Gaither then went on and said: “Mr. Dodd, all of us who have a hand in the making of policies here have had experience operating under directives, the substance of which is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”
You can read the transcript of the interview HERE or watch the video HERE.

In Texe Mars 2001 article, AmerRuss II—World War III and the Plot to Merge the United States and Russia, he explained the Zionists plan for a superstate merging U.S. and Russia and made this "Chronical of Events" prediction (remember, he predicted this 15 years ago):
Chronicle of Events

Here, then, is the chronicle of pre-planned events to occur:

◾Escalating violence in the Middle East with Israel’s brutal repression of Palestinians.

◾Russian economic and political collapse with increasing turmoil as the Communist Mafia Jews exercise increasingly dictatorial control and the seething and miserable Russian people seek to overthrow their Mafia overlords.

◾Bombing by "terrorists" of Islam’s Dome of the Rock with riots and outrage by Palestinians in Israel and throughout the Moslem world.

◾Russian military invasion of the Middle East, followed by…

◾Israeli nuclear attacks on invading Russian forces and neighboring Arab states. (This will result in the utter destruction of ordinary Russian soldiers and sailors. Meanwhile, Illuminati Jews and Gentiles sit back and watch inside their comfy Kremlin in Moscow.)

◾Announcement of plans for a new Jewish temple to be built amidst the rubble of the destroyed Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

◾Merger of a defeated, pitiful Russia and the much richer United States—AmerRuss.

◾The rapid emergence of Antichrist, Mr. 666 (Revelation 13), to oversee a global United Nations empire, headquartered in Jerusalem and made up of once great countries merged into regional, nation-state groupings.

How much has come to fruition? How much is yet to come?
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Re: What is Behind the Push for War with Russia?

Post by oracle » Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:46 pm

Here is done more background information from Agence France Presse ( AFP ) - now archived

MOSCOW, Dec 23 , 1998 (AFP) - Russian Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov lashed out Wednesday at Russian Jews, accusing them of benefiting from privatisation and controlling the audiovisual media, the Interfax agency said.

In an open letter to the head of the presidential staff, Zyuganov attacked the
"aggressive and destructive role of Zionist capital in the collapse of the
Russian economy and the looting of the people's goods."

He said the Russian people were asking "a legitimate question: how the key
positions in certain economic areas were essentially given to the people of a
single nationality."

In Russia, Jews are considered a nationality rather than an ethnic group.

Zyuganov, whose party has been dogged by anti-Semitic outbursts in recent
weeks, also accused Russia's Jews of controlling the country's audiovisual


Zyuganov said: "Nobody has the right, while remaining a citizen of Russia, to
consider it a foreign country of residence and live as an internal emigre, to
the detriment of the state and for the profit of another state or
international corporation."

He added: "Our people are not blind, they cannot but notice that the
Zionisation of power in Russia has been one of the causes of its current
catastrophic condition, its massive impoverishment and the extinction of its

Zyuganov's Communists are the main party in the lower house of parliament, the

His comments follow earlier virulently anti-Semitic remarks by party deputies
Viktor Ilyukhin and General Albert Makashov.

Ilyukhin drew fire last week when he said: "There are too many Jews in
President Boris Yeltsin's entourage," calling for quotas of national groups --
including Jews -- in government offices.
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Re: What is Behind the Push for War with Russia?

Post by cobra2411 » Tue Jan 17, 2017 4:56 pm

Hmm... Maybe.

I've only scratched the surface of this as I've simply not had the time.

Not sure how or if it fits, but allow me to add this.

Obama, Clinton, et. al. have tried to destabilize and collapse the Assad regime of Syria. They supplied arms and training to the Free Syrian Army which folded into Al Nusra Front which is the Syrian arm of ISIS. Assad turned to Russia rather than give in and is fighting back. ISIS, labeled the FSA by US MSM had taken over Aleppo and was using hospitals as bases and preventing the release of civilians. MSM reports that Russia is bombing the poor people of Aleppo, targeting civilians and even hospitals. When in fact it's Russia bombing the same terrorist that we're bombing in other countries...

The Petro Dollar is the only thing stabilizing the US economy and the only reason people keep buying our debt. You want oil? You HAVE to buy US Dollars. Any threat to that is dealt with by the US, usually with a very heavy hand. Russia is a threat to that and Russian involvement is Syria even more so.

War is so very useful to the elites. I have no doubt that under Clinton we would be going to war. I reserve my judgement on Trump however. Ross Perot was utterly destroyed by being too transparent initially. Trump's erratic movements may simply be a way to throw people off. Whether you like him or not you have to accept that he is a lot smarter than he acts. Ignore that at your own peril.
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