The Kurt Cobain murder

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The Kurt Cobain murder

Post by Firestarter » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:35 pm

Kurt Cobain had been struggling for years when with one song he became a big superstar. This makes it very improbable that he would end his life as he had reached what he wanted to be.
I guess that not many people have ever listened to the lyrics of “Smells like teen spirit”; this is the bizarre refrain:
With the lights out, it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us
A mulatto, an Albino
A mosquito, my libido, yeah
Here they are on the front page of Rolling Stone in 1992 from left to right: Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl.

According to Courtney Love: Kurt was first poisoned in March 1994 in Italy and finally murdered by the CIA in Seattle. It would be interesting to see the CIA-files about Cobain that Courtney Love talked about (EDIT - "new" link): ... rtney-love
(archived here:

The most important motive I can imagine for killing Kurt Cobain is that he refused to be a corporate whore. Most people that become superstars sell their face and name to the highest bidder for example in a commercial; see for an illustration the above picture where Kurt Cobain wears a T-shirt that says “Corporate magazines still suck”.
It could also have to do with the fact that in the 1980s the big popstars had to look “extreme”, but when grunge became the hot “new” music it suddenly became cool to look “plain”. Compare them for example to the (bizarre looking) Motley Crue.

The main reason that Kurt Cobain couldn’t have blown his brains out is that he had a dose of heroin in his blood 3 times higer than what’s fatal for some.
This doesn’t necessarily mean that Cobain would die because of this amount (he was used to it so could probably handle more), but it would be impossible for him in this state to shoot himself.
Besides that it would be unlikely that he would first inject himself with (so much) heroin and then blow his brains out. On the other hand it would be very easy for a professional hitman to finish Cobain off in this wasted state: ... ide-heroin

There are also rumours that Courtney Love murdered Cobain which is ridiculous, because - for a narcistic woman like her - he was her only chance at becoming (staying) a superstar. If Courtney had Cobain killed, she would have been arrested by the police, that aren’t complete morons when their investigations aren’t stopped by their superiors.
There were no legible fingerprints on the gun cartridge, nor on the pen used to write the note and no prints on the shotgun, except where Cobain's hand gripped it in death. So evidently we should believe that he wiped his fingerprints before and after he shot himself: ... HSAZdLhDct

Then there’s the “suicide note” that doesn’t look like a suicide note at all, except for the last 4 lines, which are written in a distinct different handwriting, that’s not of Kurt Cobain: ... ories.html
Here’s the text of his “suicide note”: ... _note.html
Here is the scan of this note.
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Re: The Kurt Cobain murder

Post by Firestarter » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:59 pm

I can remember the story that Kurt Cobain had locked himself in the greenhouse from the inside with a stool that blocked the door so that it couldn’t be opened. Is that the door that opens to the outside or have I misunderstood?

Another practical problem in the official story; shooting yourself when your completely wasted because of heroin would be impossible...
I guess that this would be even more difficult with a shotgun this size.

We were warned about that terrible junkie Kurt Cobain; just imagine what horrors could have happened if his fans followed his example of trying to think for yourself. Before you know it people might think that throwing bombs on the Middle East doesn’t bring peace.
Here are some anti-authoritarian quotes from Kurt Cobain:
The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.
They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same.
Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are
” - ... man-125954

We were told that Kurt Cobain committed suicide not only because he was a drug user, but was a completely depressed mess.
Here are some quotes from Kurt Cobain that don’t sound like he would commit suicide:
If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to ask someone else first
I am a much happier guy than a lot of people think I am.
My heart is broke but I have some glue
” - ... n-college/

Most hardrock songs are rather angry or pessimistic. I think it’s hard to find a more positive hardrock song than Lithium (1991); that starts with the following:
I'm so happy 'cause today
I've found my friends ...
They're in my head
I'm so ugly, but that's okay, 'cause so are you ...

On January 30, 1994 Nirvana recorded their last song in the studio “You Know You're Right”, which has some surprising positive parts:
Things have never been so swell
I have never felt this well (…)
I'm so warm and calm inside
I no longer have to hide ... right.html

I’ve been looking at some of the pictures of Kurt Cobain with daughter Frances Bean and frankly I don’t often see people looking as happy as he did.
Here’s a collection of some photos of Kurt Cobain smiling and below you can see 2 pictures of Kurt with his baby girl: ... happy.html

Of course “grunge” was nothing new in 1991: Nirvana had been around for a couple of years, while Kurt Cobain publicly acknowledged the major influence of Husker Du (whose first album is from 1983).
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Re: The Kurt Cobain murder

Post by Firestarter » Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:29 pm

I haven’t found the confidential files that Courtney Love claims for evidence that Kurt Cobain was killed by the CIA.

I have read Tom Grant’s book. It leads us to the conclusion that because the police covered up the Kurt Cobain murder, Courtney Love must have done it…
Tom Grant claims that he is reliable because he is a former police man and a licensed Private Investigator. I reach the exact opposite conclusion. What further hampers his credibility is that Courtney Love asked Grant on April 3, 1994 to find out what had happened to Kurt Cobain since he left the drugs rehab centre on April 1. On April 4 Courtney filed a missing person report with the police (under the name of the mother of Kurt – Wendy O’Connor). According to Grant this is reason to suspect Courtney. I conclude that if Courtney had Kurt killed on April 5 - she wouldn’t have done this.
Tom Grant was hired by Courtney to go their house in Seattle to look for Kurt Cobain. On April 6 Grant together with the best friend of Kurt – Dylan Carlson – went over to the house and didn’t check the greenhouse (so didn’t find the dead body of Cobain).

While I disagree with the ridiculous claims by Tom Grant that Courtney Love had Kurt Cobain murdered; he is still a good source for information. Just distinguish between the facts and his (wrong) arguments.
I have found another book that’s mostly based on the information from Grant, but doesn’t follow its conclusion that it must have been Courtney. It instead concludes that the death of Kurt Cobain should be labelled “undetermined”. Most of the information is from Bree Donovan - A Denial: The Death of Kurt Cobain (2014): ... Cobain.pdf

According to Eldon Wayne Hoke – El Duce – Courtney Love in December 1993 asked him to kill Kurt Cobain for $50,000, but she never contacted him again. Two days after El Duce was interviewed for the documentary “Kurt and Courtney” he was killed in a freak “accident” by a train.
In April 1997 Nick Broomfield approached El Duce to ask him about how Courtney had offered him money to kill Kurt. He tells that he was offered $50,000 by Courtney Love to “whack” Kurt Cobain. He also tells that he knew who did it - my friend Allen – but won’t tell further: let the FBI catch him. To me it sounds like he’s telling a sick joke. He even says that he will do just about anything for that kind of money and offers to tell more for a drink.
Two days after this interview El Duce died after being struck by a train (April 19, 1997). According to the coroner the cause of death was “misadventure”. If El Duce was murdered this would again make it less probable that it could have been done by Courtney Love and (also) this murder was covered up by the cops.

Apparently El Duce had been telling this story for at least a year; here’s the part of the documentary “Kurt & Courtney” where El Duce gives his statement:
Here’s an earlier interview (August 30, 1996) where El Duce tells about being hired to kill Kurt Cobain for $50,000; this again sounds like it’s all a joke:

What makes the story of El Duce more convincing is that he passed a lie detector test on March 6th 1996, administered by Dr. Edward Gelb (a leading polygraph examiner). The 2 questions confirm that Courtney Love offered him money to kill Kurt Cobain with a 99.91% and 99.84% certainty (which makes it sound really scientific). Sadly overlooked is the fact that Karush Sepedjian was reportedly present when Courtney made this offer to El Duce, but he failed the test.
According to Gelb he could determine the certainty as higher than 99.84%. El Duce was a drunk; I don’t believe that a polygraph is reliable for a drunk. Any “doctor” that claims a reliability of more than 90% is a liar, as even advocates of the lie detector tests don’t claim a reliability of more than 90% (“independent” experts claim 60%) – the author of the following doesn’t understand statistics, but that’s not the issue here:

It appears that the “Allen” that El Duce talked about is Allen Wrench of the "Kill Allen Wrench" band. How credible is a man that fronts a band with a name “kill me”? Allen Wrench has been known to make shocking statements. He has more or less flaunted with the possibility that he was the one that killed Kurt Cobain and (his friend) El Duce. Here’s audio that Allen Wrench put on the internet where El Duce tells that Allen Wrench killed Kurt: ... =2&theater
Both El Duce and Allen Wrench are/were shockrockers: doing extreme things to cause scandals for the sake of publicity. El Duce was the lead singer of the Mentors that made “rape rock” (bragging about raping women). My take on this is that El Duce and Wrench made a deal to tell this ridiculous story about Courtney hiring them to murder Kurt Cobain. This is what shockrocker Allen Wrench looks like for a performance.

Kurt Cobain’s “suicide note” was addressed “to Boddah” - Kurt’s childhood imaginary friend. This makes it more likely that this wasn’t a suicide note, comparable to a girl writing to “Dear diary”. There are some erroneous claims that “Boddah” has to do with Buddhism.
Most experts agree that Kurt Cobain was into Buddhism, which would explain that he wouldn’t want to be out for fame and fortune. Nirvana is an obvious reference to Buddhism (misguided Buddhists claim this is the blissful mindstate achieved when becoming enlightened). Using drugs and committing suicide are against the teachings of Buddha. I’m surprised I haven’t found anything from Kurt about not eating meat (Buddha was a convinced vegetarian).
In 1994 they wanted Nirvana to headline the Lollapalooza tour, but Kurt Cobain declined. Only on April 6, 1994 Lollapalooza organiser Ted Gardner issued a press release, confirming that Nirvana would no longer be headlining the festival (1 day after Kurt died and 2 days before his body was discovered).
Lollapalooza would have made Kurt Cobain over $9 million and the organisation a lot more, which could be a motive.

According to Tom Grant both Courtney and Kurt wanted a divorce, but he only writes that Courtney asked attorney Rosemary Carroll to get a divorce lawyer. Maybe this was just her way of pressuring Kurt Cobain into Lollapalooza.
According to Grant this would prove that Courtney Love wanted Kurt dead, but if she had hired a hitman to kill Kurt Cobain, she would certainly NOT tell anybody about a divorce.

Somebody had taken the credit card from Kurt Cobain and even tried to use it on April 6 and 8, 1994 (after Kurt’s death). It seems unlikely that this was done by the killer of Kurt Cobain as it was made to look like a suicide.
It would be interesting to know who used the credit card of Kurt Cobain.

Before Kurt Cobain was found dead, he had already suffered an overdose in Rome, Italy, on March 4, 1994. It was Courtney that called the front desk between 6:00 and 6:30AM requesting an ambulance. She wouldn’t have done this if she wanted Kurt killed. Only after Kurt died the Rome incident was made into an earlier suicide attempt.
An “accidental” overdose doesn’t sound suspicious to most. Kurt was using “medicine” and it’s easy to replace pills with something heavier (it’s impossible to see how much toxics are in a pill).
It’s also easy to make a heroin addict suffer an overdose by substituting the regular drugs with pure heroin.
Kristen Pfaff played in the band Hole (fronted by Courtney Love) and died on June 16, 1994 of an apparent heroin overdose. It’s all too similar to the death of Kurt for coincidence. The autopsy of both Kristen and Kurt were performed by Dr. Nicholas Hartshorne, while both “investigations” were headed by Sergeant Donald Cameron. According to the mother of Kristen Pfaff pages from her diary were missing specifically from the week that Kurt Cobain died: ... month.html

The shotgun that killed Kurt Cobain was bought on March 30, 1994 at the request of Kurt by Dylan Carlson. The police had taken Kurt’s guns away and he thought he needed protection. According to Carlson: “Kurt was not suicidal after he got back from Rome, and he would not have purchased the shotgun for him if he was”.
Michael Stipe, leader of the musical group REM, said that Cobain and he had planned to work on a project and had even been sent a plane ticket by his friend.
Leland Cobain (Kurt’s grandfather) said: “Kurt didn’t commit suicide. He was murdered. I’m sure of it”.
In January, 1994 Kurt Cobain was interviewed by David Fricke of Rolling Stone. This isn’t an interview with a suicidal man:
Cobain is in a thoughtful, discursive mood, taking great pains to explain that success doesn't really suck – not as much as it used to, anyway – and that his life is pretty good. And getting better.
“And I've never been happier in my life. Especially within the last week, because the shows have been going so well — except for tonight. I'm a much happier guy than a lot of people think I am.” (...)
Or as he puts it in this interview, "to medicate myself." He's now off the junk, and thanks to new medication and a better diet, his digestive tract, he says, is on the road to recovery.
"I've been relieved of so much pressure in the last year and a half," Cobain says with discernible relief in his voice. "I'm still kind of mesmerized by it." He ticks off the reasons for his content: "Pulling this record off. My family. My child. Meeting William Burroughs and doing a record with him."
"Just little things that no one would recognize or care about," he continues. "And it has a lot to do with this band. If it wasn't for this band, those things never would have happened. I'm really thankful, and every month I come to more optimistic conclusions."
"I just hope," Cobain adds, grinning, "I don't become so blissful I become boring. I think I'll always be neurotic enough to do something weird."
But I think there are so many other songs that I've written that are as good, if not better, than that song, like "Drain You." That's definitely as good as "Teen Spirit." I love the lyrics, and I never get tired of playing it. Maybe if it was as big as "Teen Spirit," I wouldn't like it as much.
It hit me so hard, and I was under the impression that I didn't really need to go on tour, because I was making a whole bunch of money. Millions of dollars. Eight million to 10 million records sold — that sounded like a lot of money to me. So I thought I would sit back and enjoy it
I'm eating. I ate a huge pizza last night. It was so nice to be able to do that. And it just raises my spirits. But then again, I was always afraid that if I lost the stomach problem, I wouldn't be as creative.
I'm thought of as this pissy, complaining, freaked–out schizophrenic who wants to kill himself all the time. "He isn't satisfied with anything." And I thought it was a funny title. I wanted it to be the title of the album for a long time. But I knew the majority of the people wouldn't understand it.
And it turns out I met three really, really nice people there, totally cool kids that were in bands. I really had a good time with them, all night. I invited them back to the hotel. They stayed there. I ordered room service for them. I probably went overboard, trying to be accommodating. But it was really great to know that I can still do that, that I can still find friends.
I want to learn to go in between those things, go back and forth, almost become psychedelic in a way but with a lot more structure. It's a really hard thing to do, and I don't know if we're capable of it – as musicians.
No. It's protection. I don't have bodyguards. There are people way less famous than I am or Courtney who have been stalked and murdered. It could be someone by chance looking for a house to break into. We have a security system. I actually have one gun that is loaded, but I keep it safe, in a cabinet high up on a shelf where Frances can never get to it.
And I have an M16, which is fun to shoot. It's the only sport I have ever liked. It's not something I'm obsessed with or even condone. I don't really think much of it.
But yes, I would like to work with people who are totally, completely the opposite of what I'm doing now. Something way out there, man.
I know we're gonna put out one more record, at least, and I have a pretty good idea what it's going to sound like: pretty ethereal, acoustic, like R.E.M.'s last album. If I could write just a couple of songs as good as what they've written . . . I don't know how that band does what they do. God, they're the greatest. They've dealt with their success like saints, and they keep delivering great music. ... w-19940127
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Re: The Kurt Cobain murder

Post by Firestarter » Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:20 pm

I searched for information on the last days of Kurt Cobain – what did he do after leaving the Exodus rehab centre on April 1, 1994?
There is the strange story that Kurt jumped a fence or wall to leave the drugs clinic, which seems unlikely as he was free to leave. Tom Grant has stated that Kurt simply walked out and that this story was started by Courtney Love.

April 1 - On the flight Kurt Cobain was sitting next to none other than Duff McKagen, bassist in Guns N' Roses. Duff later said that they had talked about quitting drugs. Kurt Cobain arrived at his Seattle house around 2 a.m. on April 2, and talked briefly with the male live-in nanny Michael DeWitt, who left the house after Kurt’s arrival.
April 2 - At 8 a.m., Kurt had breakfast, and then went to a sporting goods store to buy cartridges for his Remington M-11 20-gauge shotgun. Disguised in a hunting hat, an overcoat and big sunglasses, he was recognized by several people.
April 3 - Kurt went for supper at the Cactus restaurant. According to the owner, Bret, Kurt had pudding first. When he had to pay his credit card was declined (Courtney had it cancelled). Kurt had some problems writing the check. That evening Victoria made the last authenticated sighting of Kurt alive, outside Linda's Bar on Capitol Hill. Victoria invited him with “Hi, Kurt. Come for my party?” Kurt answered “No”. Kurt seemed “utterly normal": ... 251726.htm

Bizarrely nothing is known about Kurt's last 2 days - April 4 and 5, 1994.
It´s not known which dealer sold Kurt Cobain the heroin that made him OD.
After Kurt's death the Exodus staff psychologists said that Kurt was not suicidal during his stay at Exodus.

In one of those strange coincidence the coroner that pronounced Kurt’s death a suicide, Dr. Nikolas Hartshorne, had been a punk rock promoter. Hartshorne had booked Nirvana for its third gig. This coroner knew both Kurt and Courtney: ... -know.html

Here’s the reported last picture of Kurt Cobain alive. Kurt is pictured with Thor Lindsay on March 26, 1994. Lindsay was executive producer of the Kurt Cobain/William S. Burroughs 1993 single “The Priest They Called Him”.

Here’s the “suicide note” written in red with the pen pierced through it.

Here’s a picture of the left hand and left side of the dead body of Kurt around his waist.

Here’s a picture of the greenhouse where the dead body of Kurt Cobain can be seen; I wasn’t kidding that the doors opened to the outside.

The following is part of the police report that stated that the doors “were blocked by a stool” (Lewandowski was a policeman on the scene): "Levandowski observed that the french doors at the opposite end of the room were blocked by a stool, preventing access."
Cobain-police report.png
Cobain-police report.png (86.3 KiB) Viewed 16262 times
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David McGowan, Laurel Canyon

Post by editor » Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:25 am


Have you read Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream, by Dave McGowan?

I haven't read the book. However, prior to publishing this book, McGowan posted the rough drafts of much of what is IN the book on his website. McGowan died in 2015, and his daughter took the website down.

Since you seem to like this kind of stuff (I do too sometimes), you might find it very interesting. Turns out, according to McGowan's research, an unusually high number of rock stars from the '60s and '70s had close ties to American military intelligence.
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Re: David McGowan, Laurel Canyon

Post by Firestarter » Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:11 pm

I had already read parts of another book by Dave McGowan but didn’t know about his connection to Lawfulpath.
Dave McGowan “PROGRAMMED TO KILL” (2004):*iJ4*yS1qwAS ... toKill.pdf
An interesting topic in this book is the connection between serial killers Henry Lee Lucas and George W. Bush (back when he was governor of Texas). Or the connection between the Beach Boys and Charles Manson (the murderer of the wife of paedophile Roman Polanski – Sharon Tate).
If you’re interested in what McGowan was all about, my advice is to read this book.

The following excerpt from the book is about the infamous satanist Aleister Crowley:
Crowley’s own infant child died there, as did others. At the time, Crowley was openly accused of infanticide, and he never denied the charges. To the contrary, Crowley openly and rather flamboyantly revelled in his depravity. In Diary of a Dope Fiend (Crowley was a life-long abuser of drugs of all types), he wrote that: “I have driven myself to delight in dirty and disgusting debauches, and to devour human excrement and human flesh.”
The following excerpt from the book is about the founder of the Temple of Set Michael Aquino:
Aquino has been known to claim that he is the son of an SS officer, although at other times he has claimed that he is a ‘homunculus’ magically created by the ‘Babalon Working’ performed by Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard.
After the Temple was incorporated in the state of California as a non-profit church, Aquino’s group quickly received both state and federal recognition, as well as tax-exempt status. The Temple’s members like to boast of being the only satanic church to hold such credentials.
I’ve also found the book you refererred to - Dave McGowan & Nick Bryant "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream" (2014): ... 333222.pdf
That’s a good 1 sentence summary of this book.
editor wrote:Turns out, according to McGowan's research, an unusually high number of rock stars from the '60s and '70s had close ties to American military intelligence.
I guess you can understand my time problem of not being able to read everything. I rate the 2004 book higher because I already knew most of the important conclusions in this book, notably: the suspicious amount of US popstars with fathers in the military. I also knew that the psychedelic drugs at the end of the 1960s was started as part of the experiments on using drugs for mind control purposes; CIAs MKULTRA program (MK is short for Mind Kontrol).

There’s also an interesting connection between Alice Cooper, Brian Wilson and Eugene Landy:
Cooper had a curious connection to another rather eccentric canyon character, Mr. Brian Wilson. In later years, both Cooper and Wilson would receive wildly controversial psychiatric treatment from a certain Eugene Landy, who took complete control of Wilson’s life for an entire decade. Another star client of Landy’s was Academy Award winning actor Gig Young. On October 19, 1978, Young and his fifth wife, Kim Schmidt, were found shot through the head in their New York City apartment.
And the connection of some of the biggest English popstars to Mr. Copeland:
The patriarch of that clan, Miles Axe Copeland, Jr., born in 1916, was something of a legend in Western intelligence circles. At the outbreak of WWII, the former working musician was magically transformed into one of the founding members of the OSS. During the war years, while he was stationed in the UK, he met Elizabeth Lorraine Adie, a British intelligence asset then assigned to the Special Operations Executive (SOE). Lorraine’s brother, Ian Aide, was also a highly placed British intelligence operative.
What in my opinion is missing in this 2014 book as compared to the 2004 book is the big picture. A high correlation is not the same as understanding what the cause is. I don’t see that the military had any control over popmusic; obviously this is the reason I think that a lot of them were killed.
Another high correlation can be found in the suspicious young deaths of both whistleblowers and popstars. If I understand correctly McGowan died in 2015 because of “cancer”…
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Re: The Kurt Cobain murder

Post by editor » Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:54 pm

As to the big picture, I agree that at least insofar as what I read of McGowan's Laural Canyon essays, he only hinted at a big picture, without actually drawing one for the reader. We are left to imagine one for ourselves.

In some cases propaganda is an obvious motive. "Tune in and drop out" urged a great many young people who were politically active to become passive.

I think a lot of bandmembers were simply spies (e.g. Chuck Barris), in an era where communication and exchange of secret data was not as easy as in today's digital age.

Spying is a dangerous business, and easily explains, at least in some cases, why so many musicians have died of drug overdoses, or three self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head.

Yes, McGowan died of cancer in 2015. The cancer came on suddenly and took him quickly. It would seem more suspicious if I didn't know several ordinary and unconnected people to whom the same thing has happened.
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Re: The Kurt Cobain murder

Post by Firestarter » Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:35 pm

The following description is mostly just my educated guess of what happened.

According to Dr. Hartshorne “the 27-year-old Mr. Cobain likely killed himself in the afternoon or evening of April 5”.
No witnesses saw Kurt on April 4 or 5 (alive); he probably died on 4/4/’94.
Kurt had a shotgun bought for protection, which would indicate that he was afraid in his house. If he was indeed such a hooked junkie he would have to get out to score heroin.
Kurt learned on April 3 that his credit card had been blocked, so he would have taken immediate action to get to his money.

Kurt Cobain was found by an electrician named Gary Smith that - been hired to install security lighting. When he climbed on the roof of the garage he saw the body of Cobain lying on his back.
Here’s an excerpt from the police report on how Kurt Cobain was found:
There is a Remington M-11 20 gauge shotgun between the victim's legs with the barrel pointed towards his head and his left hand wrapped around the barrel. The shotgun is inverted with the trigger and magazine trap door pointing up. The barrel end is just above his beltline. There is a spent 20 gauge shell casing on top of a brown corduroy jacket which is on top of a beige nylon shotgun case.

The previous picture of the dead body of Kurt around his waist shows that the shotgun had already been removed (his left hand isn’t holding a gun and his thumb was broken). Where are the pictures of before the removal of the gun?
Several rolls of film (with photos of the death scene) were never developed until March 2014. That’s suspicious isn’t it? Most of the photos have never been released to the public (I’ve seen a few but none show Kurt holding the shotgun).
According to the stories on internet Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love don’t want to disclose these pictures to the public, because they want to let Kurt “Rest In Peace”.

Cobain was killed in the greenhouse because they didn’t want him found immediately. If Kurt would have killed himself he would have wanted to be found soon, wouldn’t he?
The hitmen arranged that Cobain got some pure heroin, so he would suffer an overdose. They watched Kurt in his house with binoculars until he would fall unconscious. They had the keys to the house and the code to shut down the security system. Kurt had already loaded his gun when he got home on April 2 (for protection) after he bought the shells (the missing fingerprints were simply smeared - not wiped off).
They entered the house with hand gloves on, cleaned the traces of Kurt shooting heroin in his house. They carried Kurt (he weighed only 115 pounds) with the drugs paraphernalia, gun and shells to the greenhouse. They brought the “suicide note”: a forger had added the last 4 lines to suggest a suicide and placed it to be found.
They took the wallet out of the pocket of Kurt - note the pocket sticking out of his pants in the previous picture of Kurt around his waist. This looks like they had taken the wallet out Kurt’s pocket and forgot to put the pocket back in his pants.
They put Cobain on his back, took the shotgun, placed the gun in his mouth, while placing the left hand of Kurt around the barrel, and finished him off. If Kurt would have committed suicide he would have taken a chair to sit in and would not be found lying down on his back like they did.
They simply locked the door from the inside and closed it while going out. Tom Grant found out that the door had a simple push-in-and-twist-type lock.

The only reason why they didn’t want the body found immediately is the dealer that gotten Kurt the pure heroin.
They killed him before he could testify.
Isn’t there anybody that can find out which heroin dealer in Seattle died between April 4 and 8, 1994?

Michael (Cali) Dewitt was one of the last persons to see Kurt Cobain alive (on April 2 around 2 AM).
Obviously he had a telephone conversation with Courtney before sending (or delivering) the following letter to the house of Kurt. Tom Grant found this letter on April 7, 1994 and names this a reason to suspect Courtney, because Dewitt writes that Kurt is “a fu**ing a**hole for not calling Courtney & at least letting her know that your O.K.

I’ve been trying to analyse the “suicide letter” myself; to find out if the last 4 lines were indeed written by somebody else. Decide for yourself.
Here are handwritten letters from Kurt that were published in the book Journals: ... s_text.pdf
It is interesting to see that none of these letters, notes were addresses “To Boddah”. The “suicide note” doesn’t stand out from other notes from Cobain.
I’ve noticed that the writing of Cobain changed considerable from the end of the 1980s till 1994. Pages 268 – 272 are from 1994. I’ve tried to find an image of the letters from the hotels Villa Magna Madrid or Excelsior Rome as an image on internet, but wasn’t successful. I guess that this note - page 262 from Journals - from the end of 1993 (?) will do.

The following print shows first an excerpt of the upper (long) part of the “suicide note” and then the bottom 4 lines.
I’ve noticed that the lower cases “f” in the above note and the top part of the “suicide note” end pointing up, while in the last (added) 4 lines the “f” is rounded off at the end - pointing down.
Cobain-suicide note writing.png
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Re: The Kurt Cobain murder

Post by Firestarter » Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:41 pm

I have found some more interesting information to add about the murder of Kurt Cobain; first some excerpts from a book/article by Richard Lee:

Lee’s webpage is a bit of a mess, but his description that the gunshot wound didn’t cause blood at the scene of the crime, so couldn’t have been the cause of death of Kurt Cobain, is really interesting.
This basically means that Kurt Cobain died of a drugs overdose, and then 2 men carried him to the greenhouse, laid him on the ground and shot him (to make it look a suicide).
How's this—the gaggle of reporters who were at the scene of Cobain's body's discovery on the morning of April 8, l994 saw some mighty strange things as witnesses to a shotgun suicide, like no blood at the scene of the crime, and said nothing.”
The Wound Scenario
Perhaps the single most bizarre aspect of this very troubling case is that of the various descriptions of the wound to Cobain's head (or lack thereof) and the blood loss at the scene (or lack thereof). The nature of the wound to Cobain's head seems to be contradicted by nearly everyone who has seen it, with some witnesses contradicting their own descriptions, or contradicting their own descriptions in various ways.

One of the first descriptions of the wound or damage to the head of the body came from the electrician who found it, who said that from several feet away and through the windows of french doors, he saw only that there was "blood in the right ear" of what he initially thought was a mannequin.
This account alone clashes considerably from what should result from a contact-range blast from a big-bore shotgun.
The first still photograph published, in the late edition of the Seattle Times on April 8, actually shows us the right shoulder of the body, clothed in a white shirt. What is remarkable is that not a drop of blood is seen on the shirt or anywhere. Video aired that day showed the same portion of the body with the same lack of blood spots.

The next day the Seattle Times ran a front-page color blow-up of it's now-famous shot of Cobain's right arm, blue-jeaned leg, and sneaker. Much hubbub was to follow about how people were shocked and/or moved by this rather innocuous photo. The photo was most genuinely disturbing when one matched it with what was in the P-I that day about him being shot on the left side of the head. This should have sent much blood and gore to the right, but again, not a drop of blood is seen in this photo.
The next day I spoke long-distance with Dr. Cyril Wecht, arguably the leading forensic pathologist in the U.S. (he is the author of a standard 4-volume text on forensic sciences, published 1992). Dr. Wecht declared this wound scenario as "virtually impossible" and conceivable only in the case, possibly, of extremely defective ammunition. A coroner's investigator for the County of Los Angeles, where they have some 1500 suicides per year, many by firearms, was even stronger in his opinion. He says that he has seen hundreds of cases like this in his 30-year career, and that even with the rare incidence of defective ammunition, there is always an exit wound, and that always a very large blood loss if the person is found lying flat with a shot through the head. On this day I also spoke to Capt. Farrar of SPD homicide, who seconded the "no exit wound" scenario, and even said that he had seen an x-ray of Cobain's intact skull.
No photograph has ever been published nor has any video ever been aired that shows blood at the scene where Cobain's body was found. Although eyewitness accounts vary widely, it is the extremely inconsistent descriptions offered by the pathologists at the KCME and officials of the SPD that most persuasively argue that these officials are not telling the truth about the cause of death of Kurt Cobain.
The following information comes from the book "Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain" by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin. This doesn’t sound at all like Courtney Love hired somebody to kill Kurt Cobain!
On April 3, 1994 — Easter Sunday — PI Tom Grant is hired by Courtney Love. Courtney tells Grant and his associate, Ben Klugman, that she has blocked both Kurt’s credit card and bank account (to find him). Courtney wants them to find Kurt because he’s suicidal.
Courtney calls for information on Kurt’s credit card, to find out that after Kurt Cobain left rehab on April 1, not only did he buy a plane ticket from LA to Seattle, but also 2 other plane tickets. Possibly to meet Michael Stipe of REM in Atlanta (but why 2 more tickets?).
Courtney suspected that Kurt was having an affair with the Seattle heroin dealer Caitlin Moore. Courtney wants to know if Kurt is having an affair, and evidence (possibly to use in a divorce).
Courtney also told Grant that the day before, she planted a phony story in the press that she had suffered a drug overdose in a ploy to attract Kurt’s attention and get him to contact her: ... LWFW9I1_cs

The last information in this post is that the Volvo car of Kurt Cobain had 4 flat tires. Obviously the killers didn’t want Kurt Cobain to take his car and leave. But slashing 4 tires is kind of suspicious, why didn’t the state media report on this?
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Re: The Kurt Cobain murder

Post by PhantomJustice » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:03 pm

Ok, so if you think you're ready for the truth, you might be ready to swallow it. This is the last bit of noise I'm going to make about this. I believe Courtney didn't have anything to do with Kurts death. Just Google "MK Ultra Kurt Cobain." It doesn't even matter what I post anyway because the truth is always stranger than fiction, and this one is so hard to believe that I'm sure the see eye aye is not worried about it. The vast majority of people will chalk it up to a consipiracy theory, and maybe it's just what I want to believe because I don't want to believe Courtney had anything to do it, or maybe it makes the most sense of anything I've heard so far and explains everything, meaning everything, all the pieces of the puzzle fit into this grand scenario. Anyway, I'm moving on with my life now. 24 years later, 3 days of deep diving, thank God it's over, now I can get something done in my own life. ... ed-by-cia/

God I'm so crushed for Courtney and Francis. My heart goes out to Courtney and Francis and to all Kurt's family, friends, and fans, like myself.

I also thought I'd post this for people who haven't seen it as it was fairly hard to find, it was just a matter of typing in the right search terms. I hope this is not illegal to post or anything, idk. I'm sorry if it is disturbing to anyone. I simply want to post online right here to point out that the floor does not match and the baseboard appears on the right side of the body, vs in the crime scene photos it is much closer to the left side of the body, and also the floor in this picture appears to be a hardwood floor, and as you know the greenhouse was a laminate. Plus what is he wearing? It looks like something out of the wild west, so maybe this is someone from the wild west days. It does look like Kurt. Has anyone seen Kurt wearing this type of shirt before? Also the hair looks darker than Kurts, but in actual fact Kurt did have darker hair in his last known photo. Also whats up with that footprint on his shirt?



UPDATE: Judge for yourself whether this photo is Kurt or not.

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