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Boris Johnson

Post by Firestarter » Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:05 pm

I’ve found some interesting information on one of the Bullingdon Boys that strongly supported Brexit – Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson was born in 1964 in New York City and has a double US, British citizenship.
The paternal grandfather of his father, Stanley, was Circassian-Turkish journalist Ali Kemal, while Boris´ mother descends of King George II of Britain.

Boris began his career as a journalist at The Times but was fired for falsifying a quotation.
In June 1995, a 1990 telephone conversation between Johnson and his friend Darius Guppy was made public. Guppy told that his criminal activities were investigated by journalist Stuart Collier, and asked Johnson for Collier's private address, so he could be beaten up. Johnson agreed to give him the information. In 1995, Boris simply denied that he gave the information to Guppy after his promise to do so; editor of The Daily Telegraph, Max Hastings, didn’t even fire Johnson.

In July 1999, the well-connected Conrad Black, who also controlled The Daily Telegraph made Johnson the editor of The Spectator. Later Johnson’s annual fee at the The Daily Telegraph was raised from £200,000 to £250,000, £5,000 per column – around £3,333 per hour work!

In November 2004, tabloids revealed that since Johnson was having an affair with Spectator columnist Petronella Wyatt since 2000, resulting in 2 terminated pregnancies. Johnson initially denied but was fired when he couldn’t deny anymore: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Johnson

The Johnson family moved to the Belgian capital Brussels when daddy Stanley Johnson, became one of the first British members for the European Commission. Stanley Johnson has also worked for the World Bank.
Their mother Charlotte Maria Offlow Johnson Wahl regularly suffered from severe depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

A nanny was hired to help care for Boris (called by his first name Alexander at the time) and his siblings.
See from left - Boris, Leo, Rachel, Charlotte, Stanley and Jo, with nanny Mary Kidd in the back.

Boris´ sister Rachel revealed that Johnson and his siblings shared beds and baths with nanny Kidd: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/rach ... -mtx6v3d0n
(archived here: http://archive.is/4NEUu)
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British intelligence is organised crime

Post by Firestarter » Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:01 pm

Since 1994, British legislation gives its secret agents the right to break the law, as long as they have the permission of a “Secretary of State”.
This has enabled the British intelligence services to participate in a wide range of illegal activity, including murder, torture, terrorism, drug trafficking, arms sales and money laundering.

Section 7 of the Intelligence Services Act 1994 says:
(1) If, apart from this section, a person would be liable in the United Kingdom for any act done outside the British Islands, he shall not be so liable if the act is one which is authorised to be done by virtue of an authorisation given by the secretary of state under this section.
(9)For the purposes of this section the reference in subsection (1) to an act done outside the British Islands includes a reference to any act which—
(a)is done in the British Islands; but
(b)is or is intended to be done in relation to apparatus that is believed to be outside the British Islands, or in relation to anything appearing to originate from such apparatus;

While the first subsection limits the criminal acts to “outside the British Islands”, the 9th subsection shows that also criminal acts “in the British Islands” are allowed...

About a year ago, Ben Jaffey told the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) that MI5 grants its informants legal cover to participate in crimes that may extend to murder, torture and sexual assaults. The policy is in existence since the early 1990s.

British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, MI6) and GCHQ in cases involving prisoners abroad routinely seek authorisation under section 7 of the Intelligence Services Act 1994, which makes their officers immune from civil and criminal liability for cruel inhuman and degrading treatment (including torture).
A former MI6 agent stated:
We are… always going to go for a section 7 authorization. Because, you know, why should my officers carry the risks on behalf of the government personally? So we will go for belt and braces on this.

In 2012, judicial oversight of this practice was first introduced. Retired judge Sir Mark Waller as intelligence services commissioner was responsible with the so-called “independent judicial oversight” of the conduct of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.
Prime Minister David Cameron wrote a latter to Waller dated 27 November 2012 explaining that MI5 permits informants to participate in “crime” and that Waller’s “oversight would not provide endorsement of the legality of the policy”. In other words, Waller had no “oversight” at all!
Cameron concluded that this letter should not be published, “on the basis that doing so would be detrimental to national security and contrary to the public interest”.
https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/201 ... bunal-told

The number of requests for authorisations grew rapidly after 9/11 was staged, in 2009 alone MI6 asked for 500 authorisation under section 7 of the Intelligence Services Act 1994.

In 20004, 2 leading Libyan dissidents, Abdul Hakim Belhaj and Sami al-Saadi, were kidnapped with the help of MI6.
According to MI6, this was part of the rapprochement between Gaddafi and the UK and US that saw Gaddafi open oil and gas exploration opportunities to western firms.

Belhaj and al-Saadi sued the senior MI6 officer responsible, Sir Mark Allen:
In a letter dated 18 March 2004, MI6 officer Allen wrote to former Libyan foreign minister Moussa Koussa:
I congratulate you on the safe arrival of Abu Abdullah al-Sadiq [a.k.a. Abdul Hakim Belhaj]. This was the least we could do for you and for Libya to demonstrate the remarkable relationship we have built over the years.

Later in 2012, Scotland Yard and the Crown Prosecution Service announced that a criminal investigation was started into the abductions of these 2 Libyan dissidents, plotted with the help of MI6: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/ ... i6-officer

Patrick Finucane, who represented several Republicans, was shot dead in front of his family by loyalist gunmen.
It has emerged that the loyalist paramilitary intelligence officer responsible for the murder, Brian Nelson, was controlled by the British Army’s “Force Research Unit”: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/201 ... court-told
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David Kelly suicided

Post by Firestarter » Wed Dec 18, 2019 4:44 pm

David Christopher Kelly (1944 – 17 July 2003) was an authority on biological warfare, and once a weapons inspector for the UN in Iraq.
In July 2003, Kelly was pushed into the spotlight after BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan had cited an anonymous expert on the ridiculous weapons of mass destruction in Iraq claim by Blair and Co. It was quickly assumed that David Kelly had been the source and also as a “British scientist and biological weapons expert, who has examined the trailers in Iraq" source, published by The Observer on 15 June 2003, who said:
They are not mobile germ warfare laboratories. You could not use them for making biological weapons. They do not even look like them. They are exactly what the Iraqis said they were – facilities for the production of hydrogen gas to fill balloons.

Kelly had already on 30 June 2003 reported to his manager at the Ministry of Defence about his contact with Gilligan.
Kelly appeared on 15 July before a parliamentary Foreign Affairs Select Committee investigating him leaking confidential information to Gilligan.

After Kelly suddenly died 2 days later Prime Minister Tony Blair's government set up the Hutton Inquiry, to “investigate” Kelly's death. The inquiry concluded that Kelly had committed suicide…
On 17 July, Kelly took a walk like he did every day. He was found the next day in the Harrowdown Hill woodlands, about a mile from his home.

After many “conspiracy theories” on Kelly’s murderer, in 2009 a group of British doctors, including barrister and former coroner Michael Powers, challenged Hutton's verdict.
Hunt stated that the only artery that had been cut was the ulnar artery. This couldn’t have been the cause of death as it is too is small and could never result in the blood loss needed to cause death - about five pints of blood…
It has been confirmed by the ambulance team on the scene that the quantity of blood at the scene was surprisingly small. Paramedic Dave Bartlett said in an interview that “I’ve seen more blood at a nosebleed than I saw there”.

It wouldn’t make sense that an educated doctor, like David Kelly, would choose the ulnar artery in the wrist to commit suicide.
It would also be strange that Kelly would kill himself, as he had recently converted to the Baha'i faith which expressly forbids suicide.

Hunt claimed that Kelly had also ingested 29 tablets of painkillers and co-proxamol (an analgesic drug) that were missing from the packets found at the scene of the crime. There is however no hard evidence that Kelly had actually ingested 29 tablets, as only one fifth of a tablet was found in his stomach.
The forensic toxicologist at the inquiry, Alexander Allan, concluded that the amount of swallowed Co-Proxamol wasn’t enough to cause death. According to Allan, the blood level of each of the drug's 2 components was less than a third of what could cause a fatal overdose.

The pathologist's report describe "livor mortis", a purplish-red discolouration of the skin when the heart is no longer pumping and blood begins to settle in the lower part of the body.
If Kelly had bled to death, then significant livor mortis could not have occurred, because there wouldn’t be enough blood in his body.

Norman Baker is the best known “conspiracy theorist” on David Kelly’s murder.
Baker spoke to a source, who in turn asked an old friend, "spook" from MI6, who told Baker that his MI6 friend had told him that Kelly's death had been "a wet operation, a wet disposal".
When Baker called his source a few months later, he told him that 3 weeks after their meeting, his house had been broken into and his laptop - with all his material on Kelly – was stolen: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... death.html

When a police helicopter with heat-seeking cameras flew over the area where David Kelly was later found, at about the time the pathologist estimated he died, the helicopter didn’t find him.
This suggest that Kelly had died somewhere else than where he was found.

Louise Holmes described that she found Kelly’s body “at the base of the tree with almost his head and his shoulders just slumped back against the tree”.
Detective Constable Graham Coe’s “guarded” the body until reinforcements arrived. One of the paramedics, Dave Bartlett, described that Kelly “was lying flat out some distance from the tree. He definitely wasn’t leaning against it”.
Why had they moved the body?

According to police reports, a small water bottle, a gardening knife, a painkiller blister pack, Kelly’s glasses and his watch were found at the crime scene. No fingerprints were found on any of these objects. Why (or how) would Kelly wipe his fingerprints from these objects?
The water bottle found was still half full. It’s difficult to see how Kelly could have swallowed 29 co-proxamol tablets, with such little water.

Kelly had fractured his right elbow earlier that year and according to friends was “unable to cut a steak” with his right hand.
Could Kelly have cut his left wrist (with his right hand)?

Various scuffs, abrasions and cuts were found, but they were quickly dismissed as having been caused by Kelly “stumbling”: https://theunredacted.com/dr-david-kell ... rk-actors/

Government liar John Morrison responded to these “conspiracy theories” on Kelly’s murder with:
It is indeed complete fantasy that there are agents that are licensed to kill.
There are intelligence agencies around the world who do engage in assassinations, there’s no doubt about that. Some of them not very nice people at all….. But we [in Britain] have never had a policy of assassination to my knowledge in the history of the UK intelligence agencies, and certainly not in the last few decades.
Sure John whatever you say!
Firestarter wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:01 pm
Since 1994, British legislation gives its secret agents the right to break the law, as long as they have the permission of a “Secretary of State”.
This has enabled the British intelligence services to participate in a wide range of illegal activity, including murder, torture, terrorism, drug trafficking, arms sales and money laundering.

This couldn’t possibly be a motive, as Britain doesn’t “engage in assassinations”…
David Kelly was writing a book at the time of his death in which he intended to write that he had warned PM Tony Blair that there were no WMD in Iraq weeks before the US/UK led invasion of Iraq was started.
Following his death, Kelly’s computers were confiscated by the cops: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/11197 ... of-secrets

Or see the following video from James Corbett (1 hour).
A helicopter landed at the scene 90 minutes after the body was discovered and took off in 5 minutes. Reports after FOI requests revealed only a heavily redacted set of names. We don’t know who was on board or why this helicopter landed there and quickly flew away.

Operation Mason that “investigated” Kelly’s death, was started 9 hours BEFORE he was reported missing by his family.

It seems likely that David Kelly was murdered over blowing the whistle not only on Saddam’s Iraq not having WMD, but also that the British government knew this.
Another possibility is that David Kelly threatened to expose the classified biowarfare research at Porton Down, where he worked for years.

Porton Down is one of the Pentagon funded laboratories in 25 countries across the world, where the US Army produces and tests biological and chemical weapons in violation with the UN convention.
Porton Down is just 13 km from where on 4 March former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found in Salisbury after an alleged Novichok nerve agent poisoning.
The Pentagon has spent at least $70 million on military experiments with biological and chemical weapons at Porton Down.

Most of these tests were performed on lab animals.
Ronald George Maddison was a Royal Air Force engineer, who died as the result of experiments with sarin at Porton Down in 1953.
Porton Down scientists conducted field tests in 1956.

In 2013, scientist from Porton Down released chemical gas on thousands of unsuspecting commuters during an experiment on the London Underground. 5 PFTs, SF6 and Urea were released on the London Underground in the form of liquid aerosol droplets. These experiments were sponsored both from Britain and the DHS.

Robert Kadlec, Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Health, categorically denied the American bio-weapons program at a seminar on biological and chemical weapons: https://southfront.org/salisbury-nerve- ... am-porton/
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The Queen’s SERCO

Post by Firestarter » Sun Apr 19, 2020 4:36 pm

SERCO could be the biggest company you never heard of.
In 1929, RCA Services Limited (a UK division of the Radio Corporation of America), which was acquired by General Electric in 1985. In 1987, RCA Services Limited was bought out and renamed.

SERCO is also close to Lockheed Martin and BAE.
Historically SERCO was controlled by Queen Elizabeth II through British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL).

In the privatisation of government utilities during the 1990s, SERCO became a huge government contractor all over the British Empire.
SERCO controls immigration and owns a pathology lab in the UK and runs detention centres, prisons and hospitals in Australia and New Zealand.

Much of its income comes from no-bid US government contracts - $15-20 billion per year - granted to it by members of Senior Executive Services (SES).
In the US, SERCO runs 63 air traffic control towers, manages Obama Care for 12 years (beginning in 2013), runs city parking, buses and trains, overseas Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) loans, and handles USAID shipments.
SERCO also dominates contracts from US Homeland Security and is in charge of FEMA Region 9 (which includes Alaska, Hawaii and the US West Coast): http://web.archive.org/web/201906150154 ... -humanity/

The following on SERCO was reported in June 2018.
Serco has an annual revenue of some £3 billion and more than 50,000 employees.

Europe is by far its largest area, with around 45% of total revenue (£1.34bn) and the overwhelming majority of that is in the UK – 40% of the total.
Revenues from the other regions are: Americas £688 million, “Asia Pacific” £579 million, Middle East £352 million.

One of its biggest contracts is running 11 Australian immigration detention centres.

In 2016, SERCO lobbied extensively in the US to build a new detention centre to lock up families with children near the Mexican border. The proposal was too controversial so was rejected.

In 2002, SERCO’s CEO was Chris Hyman, an accountant from South Africa.

In 2018, SERCO’s biggest shareholders were:
MSD partners 10%; FIL Ltd 6.67%; Marathon Asset Management 5.31%; Majedie Asset Management 5.09%;
UBS Asset Management 5.04%; Avzalor Asset Management 5%; Orbis Group 4.96%: https://corporatewatch.org/serco-company-profile-2018/

In 2010/2011, the biggest shareholder in the SERCO Group was AXA with 10.8% and the Invesco that was chaired by long-time Rothschild banker, Donald’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross owned 2.3% of its shares at the time: https://www.dontbankonthebomb.com/wp-co ... /Serco.pdf
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Re: The Queen’s SERCO

Post by Firestarter » Sun Apr 26, 2020 4:08 pm

SERCO does the classification for all US and UK patents. This isn’t only a position of control, but also of intelligence by having the first information on new patents.
While making money at the same time, for processing the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) patent applications they get hundreds of millions of dollars!

Serco lost £991 million in 2014 and another £69.4 million in 2015.
On 17 November 2014, it was announced that Alastair Lyons would resign as chairman of Serco.

On 28 May 2015, Sir Roy Gardner was appointed as Non-Executive Chairman. According to SERCO’s website, Gardner is responsible for “relations with the City [of London] and major stakeholders [(Queen Elizabeth II]”.
The new chief executive Rupert Soames sold off "scores of divisions", bizarrely claiming that “the Government has got much more adept at writing contracts and transferring risk to the private sector”.

Both Gardner and Soames are British Knights Hospitalier.
Rupert Soames is Winston Churchill’s grandson. In 2010, he became Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Rupert Soames is in Donald Trump’s and Prince Andrew’s paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book.
Rupert’s brother, Nicholas Soames, is chairman of the Aegis defence company and sits on the Queen's Privy Council. Nicholas Soames is also a close friend of both the paedophile Harvey Proctor and British Crown Prince Charles.
See Prince Charles with Nicholas Soames.

In the UK, SERCO with Lockheed Martin and Queen Elizabeth (Golden Share) own equal shares in the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWD). In this way they run the atomic weapons hoax, for which we’re even more terrified than the coronavirus.
Serco also was part of a consortium running the National Nuclear Laboratory, until October 2013. Until 2015, Serco managed the UK's National Physical Laboratory.
Elizabeth controls these companies through her various “Golden Shares” in Rio Tinto, Urenco and British Nuclear Fuels Plc. In 1923-1925, Knight of the Garter, head of the Round Table (Milner’s Kindergarten), Viscount Alfred Milner was chairman of Rio Tinto...

On 11 November 2002, Elizabeth’s military-industrial QinetiQ Group Plc was founded by:
UK Ministry of Defence — 62%
The Carlyle Group — 34%
QinetiQ employees – 4%
Strangely the Bush affiliated Carlyle got 51% voting control.
Privy Councillor and BBC governor Dame Pauline Neville-Jones was selected as QinetiQ’s director.

NBNK Investments was the money laundering hub for global investment coming to and from Goldman Sachs and Facebook’s other investors.

SERCO get $600 million and another $610 million to run FEMA Regions 2 and 9 (that they effectively control through this COVID-19 pandemic): https://truthbits.blog/category/serco/
(http://web.archive.org/web/202004081842 ... ory/serco/)

Serco operates the National Border Targeting Centre for UK Visas and Immigration.
SERCO operates 2 Immigration Removal Centres since 2007.

In Britain, Serco supplies electronic tagging devices for offenders and asylum seekers.
Serco also runs 4 prisons.

In 2004, Serco’s defence contracts included the UK Government's contract for the maintenance of the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System at RAF Fylingdales, RAF Brize Norton, RAF Halton, RAF Northolt and RNAS Culdrose in the UK and RAF Ascension Island in the mid-Atlantic.

In July 2013 Serco was awarded a $1.25 billion contract to manage the implementation of Obamacare, which makes Serco one of the most highly paid government contractors in the US.

Serco provides air traffic control services at international airports in the United Arab Emirates and at some smaller airports in the United States and Canada.

SERCO also provides IT Services and other “support” for the famous CERN in Switzerland.

Serco also provides support to garrisons in Australia.

In August 2014, Serco was criticised for using immigrant detainees as cheap labour in the UK, with wages as low as £1 per hour.

In health services, Serco's failures include the poor handling of pathology labs and fatal errors in patient records.
At St Thomas' Hospital, Serco was responsible for patients receiving incorrect and infected blood, and providing incorrect data which resulted in patients suffering kidney damage.
A Serco employee later revealed that the company had falsified 252 reports to the National Health Service regarding its medical malpractices in Cornwall: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serco
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Re: The Queen’s SERCO

Post by Firestarter » Thu Apr 30, 2020 4:31 pm

Firestarter wrote:
Sun Apr 26, 2020 4:08 pm
On 11 November 2002, Elizabeth’s military-industrial QinetiQ Group Plc was founded by:
UK Ministry of Defence — 62%
The Carlyle Group — 34%
QinetiQ employees – 4%
Strangely the Bush affiliated Carlyle got 51% voting control.
It is really Queen Elizabeth II, who decides what happens at QinetiQ, because she “the Crown” controls the golden “special” share...
15.1 Special Shareholder
The Special Share may only be issued to, held by and transferred to the Crown (or as it directs). The directors must register any transfer of the Special Share within 7 days.
15.4 Rights of Special Shareholder
The Special Shareholder has the following rights:
15.4.4 to require the Board to take any action (including but not limited to amending the Compliance Principles or the Compliance Guidelines), or rectify any omission in the application of the Compliance Principles, if the Special Shareholder is of the opinion that such steps are necessary to protect the defence or security interests of the United Kingdom;
15. 7 Further rights of Special Shareholder
The written consent of the Special Shareholder is also required before the following events can take place:
15.7.1 (subject to Article 15.8 and, in particular, to Article 15.8.8) the disposal or destruction of, or voluntary closure of or cessation of any operations conducted by means of, all or any part of, a Strategic Asset by the Company or any other member of the QinetiQ Controlled Group; and
15. 7.2 the entering into of any agreement by, or the permitting of, any member of the QinetiQ Controlled Group to undertake any of the matters referred to in Article 15.7.1 above.
https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/ ... 3-2003.pdf
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Re: The Queen’s SERCO

Post by Firestarter » Mon May 11, 2020 4:21 pm

In November 2002, the Queen Elizabeth II controlled QinetiQ Holdings Limited acquired the Pirbright Institute and Cobbett Hill Earthstation.
In 2004, QinetiQ sold, “privatized” Cobbett Hill Earthstation.

The Pirbright Institute is a British charity (Co. No. 00559784) that received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2013 ($189,232) and another grant in 2016.

SERCO makes over $9.5 billion US in federal contracts (from the U.S. Patent Office, FEMA, OMB, Navy SPAWAR, OPM, State Department, DoD, Army, Navy, FAA, FEC, etc).
QinetiQ makes over $8.5 billion US federal contracts.
Doesn’t the over $18 billion of US taxpayer money going directly to the British Crown prove that the US is still (or again) a colony: https://gazetawarszawska.com/index.php/ ... -bombshell

The previous story was put on the internet on 3 March.
So to bury this story, quickly the same day another story was put on the internet with similar “keywords”: https://www.facebook.com/endtimenews4u/ ... =3&theater

I found the following story even better…

Some of us have heard about Lockheed and USAID, but nothing about SES, OPIC, Serco or the Crown Agents that move hundreds of billions of dollars of American tax money around the planet.

Obama appointed over 8,000 Senior Executive Services (SES) as senior federal employees that control ALL agencies of the U.S. government.
They openly boast that they cannot be fired by the US President.
By law, the appointment to or removal from any SES position in an independent regulatory commission shall not be subject, directly or indirectly, to review or approval by an officer or entity withing the Executive Office of the President.

According to Plum Books, SES controls the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) that was formed in 1971 in an amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. The same Act had previously formed the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that is closely aligned with OPIC.
OPIC is in fact a corporation whose sole shareholder is the U.S. Secretary of State, who is another SES member that cannot be fired by the US President.

On 13 December 1999, Serco Limited updated the stock to show its owners are British Nuclear Fuels Plc (50,000 A shares – controlling shares), Lockheed Martin (50,000 B shares) and Serco (49,998 C shares).

See Queen Elizabeth II’s golden share in British Nuclear Fuels Limited Plc. (BNFL) through which she controls SERCO.

Serco and Lockheed Martin hold 2/3rd of the shares in AWE Management Limited (UK).
Queen Elizabeth also ultimately controls AWE and its uranium supplier Rio Tinto Plc through “Golden Shares”: https://americans4innovation.blogspot.c ... serco.html

Here’s a good video on this topic – “Lizzy owns it all”.
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Re: The Queen’s SERCO

Post by Firestarter » Sat May 16, 2020 4:41 pm

Every 4 years, Senior Executive Services (SES) publishes a “Plum Book” listing “their” executives in federal departments.
In 2018, SES controlled 9,033 employees across 166 departments and agencies at the highest pay rates in the US government.

The senators that voted for the bill to withdraw authority from the US president to fire SES personnel included the “Libertarian” Rand Paul.

SES crown agents include all US presidents from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama (president Donald, the buddy of the British royals has still not made the 2016 or 2020 Plum Book?).

The 1996 Plum Book includes:
Madeleine J.K. Albright
John M. Deutsch
John McCain
Leon E. Panetta
Janet Reno
Bernhard “Bernie” Sanders
Joseph E. Stiglitz
George J. Tenet
Linda R. Tripp

The 2000 Plum Book includes:
Madeleine J.K. Albright
Alan Greenspan
Robert M. McNamara
Robert S. Mueller
John D. Podesta
Janet Reno
George Tenet

The 2004 Plum Book includes:
John R. Bolton
Elaine Chao
James B. Comey Jr.
Robert Mueller
Condoleeza Rice
Donald H. Rumsfeld
Paul D. Wolfowitz
Bernhard “Bernie” Sanders (who dropped out of the presidential race to ensure that Joe Biden won’t get publicity): https://americans4innovation.blogspot.c ... -them.html

SES controlled the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) that was closely aligned with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
OPIC has merged with the Development Credit Authority (DCA) of USAID to form the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC).

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta sat on the OPIC board.

Crown agents were first appointed in 1749 to transfer grants made to colonies from the British Treasury.
Crown agents works on sustainable development, effective trade and transit corridors.

These days, Crown Agents works in more than 100 countries, with major multilateral agencies (including World Bank, European Commission, United Nations), bilateral donors (like DFID, KfW, SIDA, CIDA) and the Danish, Japanese and U.S. governments: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Agents

Here’s the UK Crown Agents Act 1995.
(2) The Secretary of State may, after consulting the Crown Agents, by order nominate for the purposes of this section any company formed and registered under the Companies Act 1985; but on the appointed day the company in question must be a company limited by shares which is wholly owned by the Crown.
https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/ ... 9-1995.pdf
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Re: The Queen’s SERCO

Post by Firestarter » Wed May 20, 2020 5:03 pm

Firestarter wrote:
Sat May 16, 2020 4:41 pm
SES controlled the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) that was closely aligned with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
OPIC has merged with the Development Credit Authority (DCA) of USAID to form the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC).
If I understand correctly USAID’s main purpose is to lend money to “developing” countries that gets used on projects in which “American” companies profit. Controlled by Queen Elizabeth’s agents of course!

The United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) was formed through the BUILD Act that after broad support from US Congress was signed into law by President Donald on 5 October 2018.
President Donald selected Adam Boehler for chairman of the newly formed DFC. Boehler was previously Deputy Administrator and Director CMMI at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and led the innovation centre at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under president Obama.

See President Donald with Boehler.

The DFC is certainly interesting in the context of the current corona “pandemic”...
The coronavirus response led by Jared Kushner, husband of Donald’s daughter Ivanka, includes Adam Boehler. Boehler said Kushner recruited him to the White House Coronavirus Task Force to source domestic production of ventilators.

Now isn’t it strange that President Donald has tasked the US Development Finance Corp. to finance American private companies to produce “critical” products in the COVID-19 “pandemic” (like vaccines)?!?
President Donald’s executive order under the Defense Production Act authorises the DFC “to make loans, make provision for purchases and commitments to purchase, and take additional actions to create, maintain, protect, expand, and restore the domestic industrial base capabilities, including supply chains within the United States and its territories”: http://archive.is/EAK09

President Donald has also selected Adam Boehler as executive chairperson of Prosper Africa, that aims to increase “two-way” trade and investment between the US and Africa: https://www.engineeringnews.co.za/artic ... 2020-02-21

Once again a connection between the rich oil sheiks from the United Arab Emirates to the Trump administration...
I’ve earlier posted on the dealings between Trump cronies Tom Barrack and Elliott Broidy and the UAE: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1038&start=140#p7114

In February, the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC); a US agency controlled Queen Elizabeth.
In return for providing funds, ADFD will “receive guidance in setting up a solid Private Sector Financing program” from the DFC: https://www.developmentaid.org/#!/news- ... orporation
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Re: The Queen’s SERCO

Post by Firestarter » Wed May 27, 2020 4:38 pm

OPIC has merged with the Development Credit Authority (DCA) of USAID to form the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) with a $60 billion “war crest”.
If I understand correctly, the main stated goal for the Queen Elizabeth controlled DFC, is to finance projects in the third world.

You’ll probably not be surprised that higher wages is no stated goal for Elizabeth and her cronies, but you might be surprised what tops the list for the DFC – it isn’t food or clean water for Africa (although these are listed among their goals).
It is lowering the cost of 5G and mobile phones so that finally Africans can become just as brainwashed and monitored as the sheeple in the developed world!

Adam Boehler wouldn’t discuss which European telecom companies will be supported to lower the costs of telecom equipment, “commercial 5G gear”.
It doesn’t really surprise me that the Queen Elizabeth controlled DFC is considering British companies to finance: “There are no U.S. companies involved at this point, but the British are bidding”.

Boehler also said, the DFC could become a founding investor in a new technology infrastructure fund that will back emerging companies in 5G, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and other areas: https://www.industryweek.com/technology ... wei-rivals

Among the first projects approved by DFC’s Board of Directors, in March, is the number one listed $190 million loan to Nevada-based Trans Pacific Networks (TPN) for the world’s longest telecommunications cable across the Indo-Pacific to connect Singapore, Indonesia, and the USA.
The 5G-enabling digital infrastructure will improve the availability of international bandwidth capacity to the Indo-Pacific: http://exportingsource.com/ht/display/A ... ls/i/67810
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