Can you help?

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Can you help?

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Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone can help me obtain the following article;

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT? A man said government court filings referred to him in bold, capital letters, instead of upper and lower case letters. Thus, he said, those filings were aimed at someone who is “either a dead person or a corporate fiction,” not him. The court disagreed and dismissed his case.” The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, June 21, 2000, page 1.

I stumbled across this reference in my research and would now like to sight the original article. However I have been unable to source it. Can anyone help in locating the article and hopefully send me a copy?

Also the following book seems like it would be worth a look but again I cannot access it from where I am. The book is;

The law of names public private and corporate by Anthony Linell (published in 1938 I think). Available for many US based university students I beleieve through campus resources and probably in some US public libraries.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.
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Re: Can you help?

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As far as I can tell, WSJ only archives articles for 4 years, so I was unable to find the 2000 article.

If you did not already see it, this thread has much information about the legal fiction name.

HERE is a transcript of a Man having case dismissed because of mis-identity.

Here are some posts about the various words and actions that are used to trick and enslave us:

Legal Fiction
Straw Man

Hope this helps.
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