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Assistance with cestui que vie - can you help?

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:24 am
by Adam
I was wondering if anyone knows the following and can point me to evidence to confirm any claim you make?

My question is this - the cestui que vie procedure claims a trust exists and that in court when a name is called it is the name of a trust - so far so good. The issue is when you are advised to identify yourself as the beneficary of said trust and appoint the judge as trustee.

By what authority can you appoint the judge as trustee of said trust? Was he always the trustee and is attempting to offload his responsibility? If so how was he appointed? If he was not trustee how do you have authority to appoint him? I am fairly certain you cannot go around appointing anyone you wish to act as trustee without there consent.

I also wish to know if anyone has truly got on the other side of this thing - travel without drivers license or registration, pay no income tax, do not complete government forms,are not accountable to government, not using a surname, not subject to mandatory schooling, vaccination, firearms laws and restrictions, etc etc.

Now I am sure some of you are doing some of these things - but not being caught doing them is not the same as being free to do them and doing one or two is not doing all. In short has anyone found a lasting remedy or are they all pulled back in to the system at some point.

Without being rude I do not want to hear about the one traffic ticket you avoided or the one court case that was dismissed - I want to know if you have triumphed and overcome on all fronts.

This should not in my opinion should not be a phase we are going through only to come out the other side - this needs to be a movement that advances forward and takes new ground. We need to know what absolutely works and discard what has been shown not to work - and we need to be brutally honest with ourselves. We can learn as much from failures as successes if we have enough detail of what occured.

Hoping to advance the truth.