Public Notice question

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Public Notice question

Post by Wizlawz » Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:13 am

runs for 90 days correct?

and what does law say for anyone tampering and attempting or removing a Public Notice? it is a federal offense correct?

links and or quotes appreciated
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Re: Public Notice question

Post by notmartha » Mon Jul 06, 2015 1:28 pm

You may find what you are looking for in The Book of the Hundreds
12. Post a Notice of Default in three places in your county and run the Public Notice in your newspaper (see Public Notice section), to announce the date of Default, as soon as you have had the abatement hand-delivered to the Defendant or when you have received the return receipt from the post office or Sheriff, in cases where hand-delivery by a friend or Elisor is impossible. The three places in your county, can be the court house, Post Office, Library or any other public place. Look for a locked glass case in any public buildings for this purpose. Post the notice in three places in your county for a period of eight weeks, one having to be at the county seat. If you can afford it, place a Public notice in a newspaper in your county one day a week for three weeks, cut out the first printing and attach a copy of it to the Default before hand-delivery and mailing, etc.
Removing or attempting to remove this posting are deemed in Law actions of Trespass to obstruct due course of Christ's Law in His Testament, constituting a disturbance of His Peace and the Peace of His church at <city name> by Trespassing upon the Inheritance common among bondservants of Christ in and through Him, and a Trespass upon Him and His Record established in Law thereby perverting and impugning His Record of Truth established in Law.
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