False flag attack Westminster London

False Flag -- A horrific, staged event, blamed on a political enemy and used as a pretext to start a war or enact draconian laws in the name of national security.
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter » Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:48 pm

Firestarter wrote:In this video I don’t see anybody that resembles the injured: Francisco Lopes, the political students Travis Frain and Owen Lambert or the bearded man on the stretcher (that was taken to the Marriott Hotel).
I believe that in the following photo behind the injured person on his back (with red on the pavement that looks like blood) are the politics students Travis Frain (orange hair, back turned to us) and Owen Lambert (with his right hand on his forehead), sitting on the pavement.
According to the official story Frain suffered: a fractured leg, fractured left arm, cuts to his thigh and two broken fingers.
There is supposed to be a third injured student, Harmen van Arragon, with them.

At 1:08 in the “real” video the foot of the man lying on his back with only one shoe on (the focus of the previous picture) can be seen: https://youtu.be/gM3dl_cbYZM

When I go back from 1:08 in the video; at 0:58 in the video there are 2 men standing in the dark green and dark blue coats, with the shoes on the ground, where according to the previous photo Travis Frain and Owen Lambert should be.
The group with the woman in the light brown coat (that you can see in the background) is sitting around the injured man with only one shoe on.
I believe that the man in the green coat and blue denim is both in the previous photo and the following video still.
If Frain had a broken leg, he wouldn’t be standing like this... Of course the state media can invent new lies to explain this, but I couldn’t.

I’ve found some more strange information.
The shipping company “City cruises” assisted in the “rescue” of Andreea Cristea from the Thames River (who jumped from Westminster Bridge).
Coincidentally the (anti-)terrorist drill on March 19 at Thames River also involved a ship from “City cruises”: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/vid ... ship-video

The Romanian tourist Andreea Cristea is the reported sixth dead person of the Westminster “terrorist attack” (including the attacker), after her life support was switched off: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -dies.html
On March 23, they also said about Leslie Rhodes that he died after his life support at King's College Hospital had been switched off...

If the Thames river is deep enough: jumping from the bridge shouldn’t cause injuries. I’ve seen children jumping from a pretty high bridge in the Amstel River just for fun.
The information I’ve found on the injuries of Andreea is that she was operated to remove a brain clot, but her critical condition was mainly caused due to problems with her lungs: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... urist.html

In one of those strange coincidences the boyfriend of Andreea, Andrei Burnaz, was pictured on March 21 at about the same spot as were Andreea Cristea jumped in the Thames: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z4ciubLRKW

Melissa Cochran reportedly has both a broken leg and rib; obviously she laughs at pain...
According to the following story “Photographs of Melissa's extraordinary recovery were shared on a crowdfunding page, which has raised $75,000 (£60,000) for her and their children”: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... Harry.html
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter » Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:55 pm

Firestarter wrote:Image
That’s actually Travis Frain standing there with the dark blue jacket, with the white sticking out below the jacket, and only one shoe on.

Right at the beginning of the following short video, you can see the 3 friends standing.
Firestarter wrote:This shows one injured person (there is an Asian woman in a pink jacket, while there is an injured Asian woman in a pink jacket in the “real” video); maybe this is 1:08 in the “real” video: https://twitter.com/newsfoxie/status/844917180676362240
Owen Lambert stands behind Frain with his right hand on his forehead.
I guess that the young man in the green jacket and jeans is Harmen van Arragon, who couldn’t reach in the bag of Owen Lambert to get some tissue. I wouldn’t put my hands in my pockets like that if my arm were too injured to get something out of a bag.
Travis Frain is standing; at this time he didn’t know yet that he would act a broken leg...

Firestarter wrote:If the Thames river is deep enough: jumping from the bridge shouldn’t cause injuries. I’ve seen children jumping from a pretty high bridge in the Amstel River just for fun.
At low tide the Thames is only about 1.9 metres deep at Westminster Bridge. If Andreea Cristea jumped from the bridge the water isn’t deep enough to break the fall: http://www.justanswer.com/general/0aqs1 ... hames.html

What’s strange about the following photo is the way the woman holds the injured victim, the organised way the 2 shoes are placed and even weirder is that his butt is lifted off the ground (photo by Toby Melville).

Arguably the most important pictures of the Westminster “terrorist attack” were taken by:
- Toby Melville of Reuters Thomson (the photos on Westminster Bridge).
- Stefan Rousseau of Press Association (the photos of the medical treatment of Khalid Masood and Keith Palmer).

In one of those strange coincidences Toby Melville was standing just where Kurt Cochran smashed on the pavement; Melville said about this:
"I heard a thud, turned round and there was a man lying about 10 yards away from me.
There was a lot of blood coming from his head. I thought this must be a domestic or horrible accident
Melville immediately phoned the emergency services and decided to go to nearby St Thomas's Hospital to alert doctors about the injured man. He climbed the steps to reach the bridge above when he saw Melissa Cochran lying on the pavement - https://widerimage.reuters.com/story/wi ... don-attack
Needless to say Melville never got around to the hospital, but instead began taking pictures.

In March 2010 Reuters Thomson announced that Toby Melville was photographer of the year: http://www.reuters.com/news/picture/pho ... USRTR29SNA
Tobias Melville works for Thomson Reuters since 2003 and from 1998-2003 was a direct colleague of Rousseau at Press Association: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/toby-melville-a9063935

Since 1993, Stefan Rousseau works for Press Association (PA).
Rousseau has an even higher profile than Melville. For the last 15 years Rousseau spent most of his time travelling with and photographing the Prime Minister of Great Britain.
In 2009 and 2010, Rousseau became the British Press Awards Photographer of the Year: http://stefanrousseau.com/about-contact

In 1925, Press Association acquired a majority interest in Reuters.
In 1941, Reuters was restructured into a “private” company.
In 2008, Thomson took over Reuters (so Reuters Thomson).

Press Association is owned by 27 shareholders, one of which is DC Thomson; I couldn’t find the complete list. DC Thomson is of the same Thomson family that owns Reuters...
The biggest shareholders of Press Association are: Associated Newspaper Holdings Limited, News International plc, Trinity Mirror plc and United Business Media plc.

It’s our “independent” media that make false flag attacks possible.
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter » Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:53 pm

The following 35 minute video by Dr Nick Kollerstrom is quite good.

The most interesting to add from the Kollerstrom video is that tourists in the London Eye had a great view of the “terrorist attack”. They were kept in the London Eye for 3 hours.
Can anybody think of any good reason, to keep them (mostly tourists) locked up for so long?

This is the best description I’ve found (including testimonies, none of which saw a car mowing down pedestrians).
One Portuguese woman was seen sobbing as she left the area.
Her husband said: 'She's crying because she is pregnant. My baby will be born with lots of adrenaline running around its body. We didn't see much, just people on the bridge. It wouldn't put us off coming to London again.'

Kody Davis, from Utah, said: 'We saw all the sirens coming from the bridge we saw a lot of stretchers, it was scary not knowing what was going on.
'At first it just looked like a small accident on the bridge. At first we were pleased it (the London Eye) had stopped because it was safe up there. We were up there maybe two or three hours.
'We immediately thought it was a terror attack. That's the world we live in right now.'

Jack Hutchinson, 16, who was visiting London with his parents from Boston, was stuck at the top of the London Eye for three hours.
He said: 'I saw all the ambulances over towards Westminster street and that's what alerted me first.
'I saw the bodies and I saw the police running around on the police and I thought wow, that's probably something important. I was terrified.'

Jack's father, Jim Hutchinson, said: 'We were one of the last groups to board the Eye.
'We didn't see the assailant do anything but we did see three different people wounded on the bridge.
'One of the thing that struck us was how long the medics were spending with the victims on the ground so we were wondering what they hell is going on.
'I thought they weren't moving patients quickly because they were all dead.
'We wondered is there any other incident that's going to happen related to this because sometimes with these terrorist attacks it's not just one person or one assailant doing one thing, it's a coordinated series of things happening so some people wondered... will anything happen in the Eye.
'But then three hours of nothing happened and they relaxed. We were up there for three straight hours and it got a bit tedious and long.'
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... ceman.html

Firestarter wrote:Prince Charles visited some of the survivors in hospital: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3170967/p ... -atrocity/

Here’s Charles with the 19-year-old student Travis Frain that had been in Parliament to watch Theresa May’s questions (he posted it on Facebook on March 24).
It’s hard to see if the official story that Frain suffered a fractured leg, fractured left arm, cuts to his thigh and two broken fingers is correct. His right hand and arm (that would be first injured for a right-handed) and left leg show no visible injuries.
Also interesting in the previous Dailymail article is how the mother of Travis Frain describing the injuries of her beloved son.
1 - “Travis's mother, Angela Frain, told the Guardian he was in 'good spirits' and in hospital. He reportedly suffered a cracking rib and minor injuries to his hand and arm in the attack”.

There are in fact 2 more stories (so 3 versions) of the injuries of the ambitious Travis, who wants to be an MP himself from March 22 (did he break his leg while in hospital on March 23?).

2 - The following tweet by Jon Robinson (that was copied by several media): “It is understood Travis Frain suffered a cracked rib and some hand and arm injuries. He has been in contact with family members” - https://twitter.com/JonRobinsonLT/statu ... 8482609153

3 - “A student from Darwen, Travis Frain, was also hurt, with a broken rib and hand injuries”: http://www.lep.co.uk/your-lancashire/pr ... -1-8453573

Another interesting fact is that the Polish politician Radoslaw Sikorski, who witnessed what happened and made a video with a total of 2 injured people, was present at the annual Bilderberg meeting of 2016 in Dresden Germany.
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter » Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:54 pm

The most interesting additional information I’ve found are 2 CCTV cameras with a view of the Westminster “terrorist attack”. The videos are still secret...
They only show live feed, I couldn’t go back to March 22 a little after 2:40 PM...

Here’s an explanation: https://qz.com/939345/uk-parliament-att ... stminster/
https://qz.com/939345/uk-parliament-att ... stminster/
If you want to try for yourself; here’s the direct link to CCTV cameras in the area: https://tfl.gov.uk/traffic/status/?disr ... IMS-154737
First you position the map where the 2 interesting cameras are, then click below the map on “View nearby Jam cams”.

There are 2 interesting cams “Parliament Square”; that should have seen the Westminster attacker running by.
Even better is “Westminster Bridge/York Rd” that has a view of Westminster Bridge and should have recorded the Hyundai smashing pedestrians; click on the relevant Image

See the picture below: 1) the view of “Westminster Bridge” is below, left of the yellow exclamation mark and 2) the view of “Parliament Square” is directly above “Big Ben”.

Here’s a photo from the London Eye on Westminster Bridge (not a perfect view, but good enough to see the cars).

Firestarter wrote:The Romanian tourist Andreea Cristea is the reported sixth dead person of the Westminster “terrorist attack” (including the attacker), after her life support was switched off: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -dies.html
According to the official story Andreea Cristea died on April 6 at 3:11 PM in St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Andreea’s reported (main) cause of death is “multiple organ failure” with as secondary causes “head injury” and “immersion”: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/791158 ... iz+Feed%29

I don’t remember ever having heard of “multiple organ failure”, but according to Wikipedia this can be caused by an accident: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_ ... n_syndrome
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:00 pm

I searched for this thread about the Westminster false flag attack.
I did a search with Google.nl, Yahoo.com, Duckduckgo.com, and Bing.com with the following key words: “travis frain westminster bridge false flag owen lambert”.

To my great surprise, this thread was found by Yahoo: nr. 5 in the results!
The other search engines couldn’t find it.

I was looking for an article or video from Travis Frain to explain how he could’ve been hit and was standing after breaking his leg.
Here’s a video where Travis Frain is interviewed for the British TV (dated 18 April) - EDIT new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sQpHy36U40

Frain and his 4 student friends (including Owen Lambert and Harmen van Arragon) were walking on Westminster Bridge coming from Westminster Palace and should have had an excellent view of the Hyundai car coming their way.
Frain was texting, so supposedly didn’t hear or see the car: “I was texting someone at the time and one of my friends said: ‘Travis, look’”.
When Frain finally looked it was already too late as the car was only 5 meters away.

Frain explained that he got up after having his head cushioned in the fall by landing on his friend: “I landed on the left side and my head was actually cushioned by a friend … whereas obviously, if it had landed on the concrete with the same force that the rest of my body had we don’t know what could have happened”.

He then got up because he had to get his phone. Obviously the mere thought of losing a phone is enough to not feel a broken leg...
Frain can’t explain further because after walking around, standing for a couple of minutes he “just blacked out”, had to sit down and hasn´t been able to walk ever since: http://www.thisislancashire.co.uk/news/ ... or_attack/

According to the state media Frain even underwent surgery and his leg is expected to remain in a brace “for several months”.

Frain didn’t realize it was a “terrorist attack” until his “Dutch friend” said “this is an attack”.
Harmen van Arragon is in fact a Dutch name. Here’s a facebook page that could be his: https://www.facebook.com/harmen.arragon
There are some references to the Netherlands. According to information on the internet Van Arragon suffered “a leg injury and needed a cast for his arm”.
According to the state media nobody from the Netherlands was injured in the Westminster “terror attack”.

Toby Melville wasn’t the only photographer of Reuters Thomson taking photographs on Westminster Bridge. Melville explained being on the scene by claiming he was making pictures for a story on Brexit.
Stefan Wermuth is another “independent” photographer of Reuters Thomson that was on the scene picturing victims of the “terrorist attack”. I haven’t found an explanation on how he was there so soon.

I have a list (with short videos) of 6 “independent” witnesses - all 6 videos were deleted from Youtube. EDIT - I leave the original numbers, with "new" videos...

Star witness #1 - Steve Voake... I haven't found another video, he gave several interviews.
Steve Voake is a successful English writer of children books (of course being THE star witness will increase his market value): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Voake

Star witness #2 - Bobby Nagi (real name Satinder Singh Nagi), has rented out his “'Nagi Villa” for countless Bollywood movies. His wife is one of India's top fashion designers.
Star witness #3 - Dani Singer, is a stage manager for theatre. In 2011-12 she was producer for the “Resuscitate Theatre”, she claimed that she tried to “resuscitate” victims of this “terror attack”. Lighting designer Joshua Sung recommends Dani with “She is always willing to help with whatever is required for the show”.
Star witness #6 - Graham Neale, is now a TV producer - EDIT videos keep being deleted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wqQhzJLlVk

Star witness #4 - Quentin Richard Stephen Letts, is an English journalist and theatre critic; The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, The Oldie and New Statesman, and previously for The Times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Enj2PbhnqSg

Star witness #5 - Kevin Schofield, is another journalist, editor of PoliticsHome.com, and previously for Herald, Scotsman, Daily Record and Sun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPPXr_wc0PU

EDIT (added information, video) - Star witness #7 Alan Parry, from Sky Sports News.
I was just outside Westminster tube station when I heard an almighty crash and a vehicle that looked like a 4x4 had crashed into the railings (at parliament). There was smoke coming from underneath the bonnet. I saw a pedestrian or a cyclist who had clearly been hit.
The driver of the car sprinted away from the scene. That was followed by four what sounded very much like gunshots. Then all of a sudden all hell was let loose and police descended everywhere. The whole area was locked down.
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter » Mon May 08, 2017 3:37 pm

The following video still from what I’ve dubbed the “real video” of Westminster Bridge shows journalist Graham Neale, in the grey suit in the cycle lane, looking at his phone.

Graham Neale is much more than just a TV producer...
Since August 2016 Neale is copywriter and editor for Aflatoun International; an international NGO affiliated with the United Nations that specialises in teaching children and young people about their responsibilities (to become a good slave?) and “limited” resources (the problem of overpopulation...).
It was launched in 2005 by Princess (now Queen) Maxima of the Netherlands: https://himself.wordpress.com/2014/06/1 ... -aflatoun/
Aflatoun is even promoted by the Brookings Institute: https://www.brookings.edu/wp-content/up ... -Study.pdf

From 2012 – 2015, Neale was chairman for the Green Liberal Democrats, lobbying for a sustainable policy framework (the problem of overpopulation...).
Since April 2016 Neale is producer for the Italian state network RAI Uno housed in the Millbank tower: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grahamnealepublic/

Firestarter wrote:Also interesting is the video of the car driving over the pavement of Westminster Bridge (mowing down pedestrians).
It looks like it was taped from a helicopter. Can we conclude that the BBC had prior knowledge?
The car in the video looks see-through; it looks completely fake.
Then we something falling in the water (supposedly a woman), which in turn looks relatively too large: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht9AlO-FjbI
The Millbank tower is interesting because from here the video of the see-through Hyundai car racing over Westminster Bridge was shot (so not from a helicopter...).
Maybe it was produced at the broadcast facilities in the building: http://www.millbank-studios.co.uk/

The Reuben brothers (David and Simon), who own the Millbank tower, have financed a campaign of Boris Johnson (who was in the infamous Bullingdon club with Nat Rothschild and David Cameron).
The Millbank tower is also home to the Henry Jackson Society (a think tank), whose members include: MP’s, former heads of British intelligence agencies, CFR, Homeland security, Israel, NATO, and former CIA-director James Woolsey.

The Henry Jackson Society is one of those organisations that push for a strong military to fight the “War on terror”.
Dr. Alan Mendoza, founder and executive director of the Henry Jackson Society, quickly proclaimed that the Westminster attack follows “the modus operandi of ISIS-related attacks”.
The terrorist was part of a “vast network” of British-based Islamists.
According to “research” by the Henry Jackson Society “anywhere between 2,000 and 3,000 people” are so “dangerous” that they require “active surveillance”: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/03 ... d-attacks/

There are even connections with the “hero MP” Tobias Ellwood, who was appointed to the Queen’s Privy Council for his heroic efforts to save “hero” cop Keith Palmer.
In 2010, Ellwood was involved in a discussion with the Henry Jackson Society about terrorism: http://henryjacksonsociety.org/2010/07/ ... -conflict/
Ellwood is also listed as co writer for a paper for the Henry Jackson Society in 2013: http://henryjacksonsociety.org/wp-conte ... ort_LR.pdf

Just 4 weeks before the Westminster “terror attack” (on 21 February 2017), Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institute was invited by the Henry Jackson Society to come over from the USA to discuss urgent matters.
They claim it was about Donald Trump’s influence on the “international world order”: http://henryjacksonsociety.org/2017/02/ ... relations/

My conclusion is that 29 days before 22 March, the final details for this false flag attack were figured out by the Brookings Institute and the Henry Jackson Society.
The trail of Aflatoun International leads directly to the Dutch Royal family.
And star witness Radoslaw Sikorksi, was present at the 2016 Bilderberg meeting...

I’ve searched for information on the funerals for the reported 6 people that died in the 22 March 2017 Westminster “terrorist attack”; I haven’t found anything on Aysha Frade, Andreea Christea and Khalid Masood...

They arranged something really special for the funeral of the “hero” cop Keith Palmer, who was buried on April 10 - more than 2 ½ weeks after he reportedly died.
Queen Elizabeth gave permission for Palmer’s body to rest in Westminster’s Chapel of St Mary Undercroft – an honour normally reserved for heads of state: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3157401/k ... id-masood/

Leslie Rhodes was only given a funeral on May 5 - a whopping 6 ½ weeks after he supposedly died.
What’s also suspicious is that the (only?) available picture of Rhodes in the media is of a very low quality:

Kurt Cochran is expected to be buried only after his widow Melissa returns to Utah (home of the Mormons). It’s not clear why Melissa stayed in hospital so long as pictures and other media appearances showed that her injuries aren’t life threatening.
The funeral of poor Kurt must have taken place by now; why isn’t there any information?

According to Melissa’s brother, Clint Payne, all of the kind people “brings Melissa to tears” (so from her smiling face, we must conclude that nobody was kind to her?).
Melissa's parents - serving as Mormon missionaries in London - have received an honourable release from their mission and were told that they now have to take care of Melissa: http://www.localnews8.com/news/kurt-coc ... /435115858
Mormons (like the Paynes) are forced to serve the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon church) in a mission, which they cannot refuse.

On 27 April, it was (finally) confirmed what message "Westminster terrorist" Khalid Masood sent by Whatsapp a couple of minutes before he started his attack (2:37 PM local time), confirming that Masood was fighting the Jihad battle: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/cr ... 06561.html
Masood’s last message was reportedly something like “I am waging jihad in revenge against the West”.

The following really is a bizarre picture. Just look at the laughing victim.
What is the woman in the plain clothes doing with the bottle? There's another smiling policeman (with the white hat) behind her.
I count 13 people “helping ” this one victim (there is probably a second victim on the right, and more “helpers” just outside the scope of this picture)...

Another picture shows that the laughing victim is a cop.
It is definitely not Kris Aves, so it’s probably Roger Smith, who reportedly suffered leg injuries and required a number of operations: http://www.times-series.co.uk/news/1518 ... _ceremony/

In the topic bizarre pictures; see the rescue workers in pink.
Are the police finally showing their true colours?
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter » Sun May 21, 2017 2:31 pm

Firestarter wrote:I’ve searched for information on the funerals for the reported 6 people that died in the 22 March 2017 Westminster “terrorist attack”; I haven’t found anything on Aysha Frade, Andreea Christea and Khalid Masood...
After my post of 8 May...
According to the state media Andreea Cristea (who either died aged 29 or 31 years) was only buried on 13 May in Romania (a month and a week after she reportedly died on 6 April): http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/an ... 38391.html
Firestarter wrote:Kurt Cochran is expected to be buried only after his widow Melissa returns to Utah (home of the Mormons).
I read here that poor Melissa returned home to Utah - "mid-April".
Apparently there won't be any funeral for Kurt: “The concert in honor of Kurt Cochran, 54, will be held from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. June 24 in Bountiful City Park in lieu of a funeral services” - http://www.standard.net/Local/2017/05/0 ... ttack.html

I had to check the dictionary for “in lieu of”, this means that the concert will be held instead of a funeral…
I have thought really hard about what this could mean, and I came up with only one explanation.
The picture that supposedly showed the corpse of Kurt Cochran was in reality a dummy, with a hood strategically placed over his head to cover his face.
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Re: False flag attack Westminster London

Post by Firestarter » Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:37 pm

I had almost forgotten about my favourite Westminster Bridge victim, the smiling Portuguese born Francisco Lopes.

In the following video Lopes is the most important actor, it shows how he’s being moved around in a wheelchair on Westminster Bridge. It shows some of the wheelies...
Two shots of the nearby clock show that the time was 3:55 and 4:00 PM. This charade was going on more than one hour after the reported attack took place...
The maker of the video also repeatedly claims that it’s kind of strange that all of the people, who supposedly provide medical aid, are standing around doing nothing: https://youtu.be/T5e38kzExjU

There is also a more recent update on Francisco.
On 22 March, he was thrown over the bonnet, leaving his legs covered in gashes and his head with severe cuts.

Francisco said the greatest damage was mental:
I just can’t escape the horror. When I close my eyes I have flashbacks of the car about to hit me, the sounds of people screaming. I often have nightmares.
Francisco’s injuries have not healed completely, he has only limited use of his left hand and can’t work because of it: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/m ... 55206.html
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