Adolf Hitler – British agent

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Re: Adolf Hitler – British agent

Post by porridge » Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:11 am

Hi Fire nice forum & enjoying this thread, Think I am on a similar page to you on this topic. Check some of our posts here. 8-) ... onism.html
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Re: Adolf Hitler – British agent

Post by Firestarter » Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:18 pm

porridge wrote:
Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:11 am
Hi Fire nice forum & enjoying this thread, Think I am on a similar page to you on this topic. Check some of our posts here. 8-)
Thanks for the reply and the link to your thread!

You’ve already heard stories on Hitler’s faking his death and escape to Argentina.
Here’s a thread on that: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1082

I have the impression that you’re still looking for a “motive” for why these psychopaths orchestrated the First and Second World War.
Member of the Round table H.G. Wells, who “predicted” both WW I and II, called it the “Open conspiracy”, other words used are Zionism or New World Order…

Another name is “Geopolitics” that led to the creation of the Pan-Europa Union (PEU), of which Hitler’s chief economic adviser Hjalmar Schacht was reportedly the first member and Karl Haushofer was a good student. When you follow the trail of the PEU, you see a connection to the Mont Pelerin Society, which is completely unknown to most people.
You can follow this all the way to the current “War on terror”.

The best explanation I’ve seen is William Engdahl’s excellent book; that I’ve summarised in 2 very long posts: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=713&start=200#p5522
Firestarter wrote:
Sun Nov 11, 2018 6:29 pm
William Engdahl – A Century of War; Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order (first published in 1992, but updated since): ... r_book.pdf
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Trebitsch – another Jew

Post by Firestarter » Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:20 pm

Ignácz Trebitsch was a “Jew” born in Hungary.
He first travelled to Hamburg, and then to Montreal (Canada), where he became a member of the Church of England. He changed his name to Ignatius Timothy Trebitsch-Lincoln and went on to London, where he became a British citizen. Trebitsch was aided by the Quaker named Rowntree; he joined the freemasons and was recruited by British Intelligence. In 1910, Trebitsch even became a member of British Parliament.

Trebitsch then toured Romania, the Netherlands, China, Tibet, and Japan, arriving in Berlin in 1914, where he became General Erich Ludendorff's top adviser.
Trebitsch was imprisoned (?) later in the decade in Britain after he had published a book on his work as a British spy.

After he was released from prison (or was he educated, brainwashed in Britain?) Trebitsch travelled to Germany where he joined forces with “radicals” in Berlin.
He went to Munich to reconnect with Ludendorff and Max Bauer. Ludendorff was then arrested, but escaped from prison and went to Hungary with Bauer. During this time Lincoln met the young Adolf Hitler
Then he continued his voyages to the US, Japan and China.
Ludendorff was involved in Hitler's Beer Hall putsch in Munich.

In 1925, Trebitsch continued his remarkable career as a Buddhist.
In 1937 Trebitsch offered to work for the Empire of Japan, offering to broadcast for them and to rise up all the Buddhists of the East against any remaining British influence in the area. In1938, he proclaimed himself the new Dalai Lama.
When WW II broke out, Trebitsch offered to work for Nazi Germany. Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess were enthusiastic, but it all came to nothing after Hess flew to Scotland in May 1941.
The Nazi High command requested that Japanese forces poison Trebitsch-Lincoln after they invaded Shanghai in 1943. Trebitsch-Lincoln suddenly died of stomach trouble in Shanghai in 1943, aged 64: ... part-four/
(archived here:
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WW II in the Netherlands

Post by Firestarter » Sat Dec 29, 2018 5:22 pm

Long before I started this thread on this forum, I had already started a thread on the Dutch elite collaborating with Nazi Germany and the Dutch courts covering this up on a Dutch forum.
I’ve finally decided to translate this to English.

The Dutch government in exile, headed by Queen Wilhelmina, continued to issue new laws, even though according to the Dutch constitution that´s only allowed with the approval of Dutch parliament, seated in The Hague.

One of the “new” laws is the extraordinary “Besluit Buitengewoon Strafrecht” (BBS) that declared that no government official is punishable (art. 8 section 2).
According to the BBS it is up to “Us” (read Queen Wilhelmina) to determine which power is (not) hostile (Art. 25 section 1).
In other words: the BBS decided that the courts could punish one war criminal at will, while the other won’t be held accountable.

On 12 February 1941, the Jewish Council (Joodse Raad) is formed, chaired by Abraham Asscher and David Cohen, that cooperates well with the Nazi policies, including deportation of Dutch Jews.
According to the Dutch history falsifiers, starting at 7 November 1941 all around 145,000 Dutch Jews must live in the ghetto of Amsterdam.
From June 1942, the Dutch Jews are put in trains by police and transported in trains of the NS to Auschwitz. Where many died.

I’ve recently found a story that proves that the official story that all Jews were persecuted by the German oppressor is bogus.
Calmer “Carel” Roos Sr. was a Jewish doctor, married to a non-Jewish woman. He continued his practice at the Weteringschans throughout World War II; obviously some Jews are more equal than others. He also helped the Nazis in treating Jews that were detained at the “Hollandsche Schouwburg” before they transported to the concentration camps.
Dr. Roos´ son Julius, born in 1941, continued the practice of his father. He had famous artists and politicians under his patients, including Hans van Mierlo (former leader of the D66 party and minister) and Harry Mulisch. He was also a member of the “Herenclub” (Gentlemen club) together with Van Mierlo, Mulisch and Marcel van Dam (in Dutch): ... 49-a392520

In 2015, the Anne Frank Huis (located in my home town Amsterdam) was visited by 1.268 million people (mostly tourists).
The Diary of Anne Frank is really one of our greatest successes; it’s one of the 10 bestselling books in the whole wide world over the last 50 years. As you can see: only books of great quality in this list...

According to the great official story the family Frank was hiding in the “Achterhuis” for the Germans (during WW II in total less than 100 Germans were in Amsterdam).
This diary isn’t just a great book, but was also featured in several great movies and plays. Not surprising when we learn that (at least part of) the diary was written by play write Meyer Levin. Levin won a court case against father Otto Frank in 1960, after which Otto settled the case for 50,000 dollar for his great “work” on the diary.

In 1976 Otto Frank started a lawsuit in Germany against Ernst Romer and Edgar Geiss, because they claimed that the diary was not written by Anne Frank. Otto lost, because research showed that parts of the diary were written with a ballpoint pen that only came on the market in 1951 and the handwriting of Anne does not correspond with the diary.

Here you can see a sample of the handwriting in the great diary and the (childish) handwriting of Anne Frank in 1942 (the lower sample). I’m no great expert at handwriting so wouldn’t dare claim that these are written by a different person.

Otto Frank himself sold Opeka and Pectin to the German Wehrmacht from 1939 to 1944; so the Frank family wasn’t even really hidden (but please don’t tell anybody): http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.c ... fraud.html
(archived here:

On 30 June 1940, Princess Juliana founded the "London Committee of the Dutch Red Cross Society", which was dissolved on 17 April 1946. The London Committee was an independent subsidiary of the Dutch Red Cross. One of his tasks was the Evacuation of "refugees" to more permanent places in other countries.
The relationship between the Red Cross and the Dutch royals has been intimate for many years: Juliana succeeded her father Prince Hendrik as chairman of the Dutch Red Cross after his death in 1934.

The Red Cross helped Nazis to escape to South America by providing them with travel papers.
Here’s a picture of the 1950 passport of the International Red Cross that the notorious Nazi Adolf Eichmann used under the name “Riccardo Klement” to escape to Argentina.

There is interesting information on the role of Prince Bernhard with the KLM in the second half of the 1940s.
In May 2007 it was (again confirmed) that when Prince Bernhard was director of the KLM (and Fokker), German Nazis were smuggled from Switzerland to Argentina on planes of the KLM using passes of the International Red Cross:

Queen Wilhelmina controlled a majority share in the NHM bank that owned part of the BHS bank that was involved in financing the Nazi party since the 1930s. Several members on the board of directors of the BHS were appointed on the advice of Bernhard...
The trail of the BHS, leads to the UBC bank, Prescott Bush; all involved in financing the Nazi party and money laundering:
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Prince Bernhard; Donner leads cover-up

Post by Firestarter » Mon Dec 31, 2018 5:30 pm

In this post I start with a good book on Prince Bernhard - cofounder of Bilderberg, WWF and the 1001 Club - in Dutch by Wim Klinkenberg…
More than half of this book is about the period until the end of the Second World War (1945).

Klinkenberg shows that Prince Bernhard, after his marriage to Crown Prince of the Netherlands Juliana, continued to work for the SS and/or (NW7 of) IG Farben.
Klinkenberg references an article by De Mari in “De Telegraaf” of 1977, that Bernhard after his marriage received 100,000 Reichsmark from the RSHA for intelligence.

See the festivities for the marriage of Juliana and Bernhard including the Hitler salute.

Alois Miedl was since 1933—34 Göring’s personal banker, who had a gold mine on Sumatra in his possession, and with Katarina von Pannewitz smuggled 2 million Swiss Francs worth of diamonds to Switzerland. Von Pannewitz was also a friend of Hermann Göring, and very intimate to Bernhard and Juliana.
Alois Miedl was a Nazi spy that was never prosecuted. Miedl was also a partner of Gerard Fritze, who was a close friend of Bernhard’s father, and became an American citizen in 1947.
In April 1940 Bernhard met in Laren (the Netherlands) with managers of IG Farben: Fritze, Rossler, Pazze, Behrens, and Gunther Frank-Fahle.

After the Dutch Royal family “escaped” to London on 12/13 May 1940, after the German invasion that started on 10 May, on 15 May Bernhard went to Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and then on to Paris to meet French PM Paul Reynaud. Reynaud was affiliated to Rothschild, which was in business with the Hollandsche Koopmansbank in Amsterdam of IG Farben.
De Nazi banker Franz W. Koenigs had become a Dutch national in 1939. He continued his business with England through Rhodius Koenigs Handel Maatschappij NV.

Bernhard didn’t travel with wife Juliana and children to Canada so he could stay in London.
His brother Aschwin was part of the Wehrmacht and SS. It wouldn’t have been difficult for the brothers to act as double spies.

Wim Klinkenberg - “Prins Bernhard – Een politieke biografie” (1979): ... 01986).pdf

Jan Donner was counsellor (Raadsheer) at the Dutch Supreme Court (Hoge Raad) from 1933 to 1944, including time when he was effectively involved in enforcing the Nazi laws (1940-1944)
In 1946, none other than Jan Donner was selected as Chairman of the Central Purification Board for industry (Centrale Zuiveringsraad voor het bedrijfsleven).
Of the 32,000 files on economic collaboration, only 700 came were prosecuted before the criminal court, the rest was simply closed. The high officials and leading industrialists received no punishment, but he small shop owners that had sold groceries to the German Nazis, and construction workers, who helped to build bunkers were severely punished.
The directors of Royal Dutch Shell, Philips and the NS were not prosecuted (Prince Bernhard and Frits Philips were friends). The press even alleged that Philips had saved people's lives by declaring that their employees were irreplaceable.

Werkspoor of Damme also collaborated with the Nazis. From 1940 on Werkspoor supplied millions of guilders worth of transport carts, 60 minesweepers and 12 destroyers to Germany.
Damme Sr. was an acquaintance of Prince Bernhard and Director of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). The police investigation was first led by J.B.A.M. van Gool, who was locked up in pre-trial detention for 7 months because he tried to investigate high-ranking Dutch people.
Van Gool was replaced by Gerrit Jan van de Waal, who interrogated Damme Sr. and did house searches at Damme Jr.
Several ministers defended the noble Damme Sr. Minister Huysmans wrote a letter to complain to his colleague of Justice Van Maarseveen. Minister Drees wrote a letter on 18 August 1947, in which he characterised his friend Damme Sr. with: “was completely pro-Dutch, and participated in all kinds of activity during the occupation in preparation for the future”.
Van de Waal complained to the press that the investigation into Damme was thwarted, after which in 1949 he got a ban on speaking from Minister of Justice Wijers. After his retirement at Werkspoor, Damme Jr. was appointed Dutch consul at the Canary Islands.

The metal industry and shipyards like Gusto and De Schelde had collaborated with the support of Secretary-General H.M. Hirschfeld.
CEO of the Rotterdam Droogdok Maatschappij, D.C. Endert Jr., was interrogated by the “Purification Board” in 1947, in which he stated that it was “only right” to collaborate with the Germans.
Hirschfeld and Endert were not prosecuted.
Den Hollander was director of the State-owned “Staatsbedrijf der Artillerie-Inrichtingen” that sold ammunition to the Nazis. Jan Donner boasted that he “had purified Den Hollander, all by himself, in 3 weeks”.
In Dutch: ... ~a56e02f5/ (archived here:

Jan Donner became president of the Dutch Supreme Court.
Jan Donner’s son, André Donner, later led the commission that covered up the millions of kickbacks received by Prince Bernhard from several arms manufacturers, including Lockheed and Northrop, which was labelled as the “Lockheed affair”.

See Bernhard with Lockheed executive Robert E. Gross, 1956.

In 1997, then Queen Beatrix selected Piet Hein Donner (André Donner’s son) for the “Raad van State” for life (comparable to Elizabeth’s Privy Council). According to the Dutch constitution it’s prohibited for any member of the “Raad van State” to become minister, so in July 2002 Beatrix selected him as Minister of Justice.
After serving as minister for several cabinets led by Beatrix, Piet Hein Donner even served as Vice-President of the "Raad van State" from 1 February 2012 to 1 November 2018.
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Hitler, Fox, Fritz Lang

Post by Firestarter » Wed Feb 06, 2019 5:02 pm

Another interesting link between those horrible Nazis and the Allied heroes is that no other than Twentieth Century Fox made 2 propaganda films in 1932 that gave the NSDAP party a record of votes...
Fox “subsidised” Hitler’s critical 1932 election campaigns.

The first of these, “…Der Führer” released on 13 April 1932, lasted about 5 minutes and was subsidised by Fox Tönende Wochenschau. In it Hitler speaks in Berlin on 4 April 1932. Hilter says that the German army was betrayed in November 1918 by the Weimar politicians, especially the Social Democrats.
The NSDAP subsequently scored its record amount of 37.3% of the votes on 31 July 1932 (13.7 million), almost double the amount of the previous elections.

The second, longer film, “Hitlers Kampf um Deutschland” (Hitler´s fight for Germany) was about twice as long. It shows Hitler’s speech in Eberswalde on 27 July 1932. Here Hitler promised to end more than 30 German political parties: “We have one goal before us, to fanatically and ruthlessly shove all these parties into the grave”.
It was first shown on 30 August 1932 and again in March 1933 (under the new title, Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler Spricht).
Six months after this speech, Hitler seized power as chancellor – with the help of Fox Movietone News.

Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini was a big fan of Fox Movietone News, who gave him the opportunity to give a speech for the Fox camera. One of the first sound newsreels shown in in the USA in March 1929 depicted Mussolini speaking in English: ... or-hitler/
(archived here:

I had earlier posted on German Nazis Wernher von Braun and Hermann Oberth, who later became top NASA officials, that already worked on Fritz Lang´s science fiction movies in the 1920s: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=138&start=10#p5244

On 31 July 1933, Fritz Lang actually moved to France and then to the US to continue his career in Hollywood.
Lang claims that after propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels told him that “The Testament of Dr Mabuse”, he fled that very evening. Lang was lying: his passport showed that he repeatedly travelled to and from Germany in 1933.

On 8 February 1960, Fritz Lang received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; he died in 1976:
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Mussolini MI5, Netherlands November 1939, Videos

Post by Firestarter » Sun May 19, 2019 4:14 pm

In 1917 and 1918, for at least a year, none other than the later Fascist dictator of Italy, Benito Mussolini, was paid £100 a week by Britisch intelligence (MI5) to keep Italy in the first world war. The payments were authorised by MP Sir Samuel Hoare, who was located in Rome for MI5.
Mussolini was a 34-year-old editor of the Il Popolo d'Italia newspaper, who was paid to publish war propaganda. He also sent Italian army veterans to beat up peace protesters in Milan to "persuade'' them to stay at home.

In 1935, as British foreign secretary, Samuel Hoare signed the Hoare-Laval pact, which gave Mussolini’s Italy control over Abyssinia.
The controversy over this pact forced Hoare to resign: ... -mi5-italy

According to the official story the invasion by Nazi Germany on 10 May 1940 of “neutral” the Netherlands came as a complete surprise.
Reportedly in November 1939, none other than Prince Bernhard warned Queen Wilhelmina about the coming invasion.

On 8 November 1939, Hitler escaped from an assassination attempt.
On 9 November, Queen Wilhelmina quickly sent a letter to congratulate the Führer with his escape.

On 11 November, Queen Wilhelmina asked Britain whether she, her family and cabinet would be allowed asylum in case of a German invasion of the Netherlands.
On 13 November, Queen Wilhelmina was granted permission.
(in Dutch): https://debataafschecourant.wordpress.c ... -neutraal/

Also interesting is the Geheime Orde van St Joris (Secret Order of St George) that was founded in March 1943 to serve the interests of Queen Wilhelmina: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1093&p=5824&hilit=G ... oris#p5824

The French and Dutch railroad companies transporting political prisoners to the “German” concentration camps.
Arcadis (de Nederlandsche Heidemaatschappij) and Philips profited from slave labour during the occupation by the Nazis: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1355#p5779

As far as I can tell, I haven’t posted a single video in this thread (yet).

When I started this thread, I thought that Sutton was the real deal. In retrospect I find it suspicious that he doesn’t name the connection between Hjalmar Schacht to the Pan-Europa Union or Governor of the Bank of England Montagu Norman.
Sutton also forgot to mention that Queen Wilhelmina through the Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij owned a stake in the Dutch BHS bank that was involved in laundering the money from Germany to the UBC bank in New York.
The following Dutch documentary was made in 1998/1999 for the Dutch state network Evangelische Omroep (EO), but was never shown on TV and features Antony Sutton (some short sections are in Dutch) - EDIT video has been deleted (no alternative available):

I prefer the following video, Banking with Hitler. It includes the link between Montagu Norman and Hjalmar Schacht.
Better be quick before it is deleted (blocked) by Youtube!

Here´s an alternative for "Banking with Hitler":
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Propaganda in the Next War

Post by Firestarter » Mon Jun 17, 2019 5:03 pm

In 1938 Sidney Rogerson – Propaganda in the Next War was published.

This was basically a manual to get the US involved in WW II.
The whole “In the Next War” series of books was edited by Basil Liddell Hart, who wrote in 1937 in his introduction:
The aim of this series is primarily to enlighten the intelligent public as to the probabilities of a future war in its various spheres…

See some excerpts from chapter 4 from Propaganda in the Next War:
It should now be possible, it is hoped, to see fairly clearly what amount of offensive propaganda will be practicable in the next war and the methods by which it is to be pressed. At the same time it will, for obvious reasons, not be desirable to inquire too closely into the subject, especially so far as it concerns action toward the enemy.
Though we are not unfavorably placed, we shall require to do much propaganda to keep the United States benevolently neutral. To persuade her to take our part will be much more difficult, so difficult as to be unlikely to succeed. It will need a definite threat to America, a threat, moreover, which will have to be brought home by propaganda to every citizen, before the Republic will again take arms in an external quarrel.

The position will naturally be considerably eased if Japan were involved, and this might and probably would bring America in without further ado. At any rate, it would be a natural and obvious object of our propagandists to achieve this, just as during the Great War they succeeded in embroiling the United States With Germany.
I think we would probably find something very interesting if we could have access to the lists of foreign educators and lecturers who have been spreading themselves out over America during the last couple of months. I hope to be prepared with such a list at an early date.
There can be no doubt that the next war will be billed as a fight between democracy and dictatorship.
It may in fact be nothing of the sort. We might get Italy as a partner and Germany Belgium; authoritarian Portugal is likely to come in with us and the democratic Scandinavian countries may well remain strictly neutral. In the ultimate resort, alliances spring from the hope of material advantage, not the possession of a common ideological belief, but in our propaganda we must make the facts fit our case as far as possible. We shall almost certainly represent the struggle in the propaganda we shall be compelled to do toward France, the United States of America, and our own Empire as democracy and freedom versus dictatorship and persecution.
As propaganda must be unified, how are we to pursue the energetic policy we should to the neutrals, many of whom, like Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Turkey are so vital to us? We cannot speak with two voices in our propaganda. This, of course, applies to what, borrowing a military adjective, I may call the grand propaganda.
There remains the United States-the great neutral. In the next war, as in the last, the result will probably depend upon the way in which the United States acts, and her attitude will reflect the reaction of her public to propaganda properly applied.
Secondly, the American peoples are still under the influence of much of the Great War propaganda. They are more susceptible than most peoples to mass suggestion-they have been brought up on it-and since 1918 they have shut themselves off from reality. Thirdly, they are at this moment the battleground of an active propaganda of labels.
Though we are not unfavorably placed, we shall require to do much propaganda to keep the United States benevolently neutral. To persuade her to take our part will be much more difficult, so difficult as to be unlikely to succeed. It will need a definite threat to America, a threat, moreover, which will have to be brought home by propaganda to every citizen, before the Republic will again take arms in an external quarrel.
The position will naturally be considerably eased if Japan were involved and this might and probably would bring America in without further ado. At any rate, it would be a natural and obvious object of our propagandists to achieve this, just as during the great war they succeeded in embroiling the United States with Germany.
It is on this account that I began by saying that it is reasonable to argue that the next war will not favor the development of propaganda directly against the enemy; but, as I have stressed throughout, if it should develop into a war of attrition, propaganda will come into its own again. Some constructive idea would then almost certainly be thrown up; and we shall have men clever enough, I hope, to seize on this and exploit it.
I suggest, therefore, that this sense of inferiority may be played upon and that our propaganda should stress to the Germans their ignorance. There must be no blame laid on their leaders. On the contrary, these must be extolled for their ability in difficult circumstances, the implication being that they, too, are ignorant of what the world is thinking.

US Senator Borah found out about this book...
Later Senator Gerald P. Nye, on 25 April 1939, would read Rogerson’s chapter 4 in US Congress; see some excerpts from the transcript:
I say, Mr. President, these plans that are British to take the United States into Britain’s next war, whatever the cause of that war may be, are unbelievable. If I were to stand here and say that Great Britain hopes that in her next war Japan will be opposed to her, Senators would rise and demand to know the authority for any such statement; but the truth of the matter is that Great Britain’s minds today are anticipating that the one easy, sure way to involve the United States on the side of Britain in another war is to have Japan arrayed against Great Britain in that conflict. The easy way to get us into the next conflict that they think is coming is to have our alleged prejudices against the Japanese appealed to.

Naturally Senator Borah and “Nye’s legislation” were blatantly attacked by the British-controlled media: ... l-25-1939/
(archived here:
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British agent Donovan, Stephenson, MI6

Post by Firestarter » Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:57 pm

In his memoirs, British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, MI6) head in the US since May 1940, the Canadian William Stephenson (a.k.a. Intrepid), exposed William “Wild Bill” Donovan as a British secret agent, recruited during World War I.
William Stephenson’s main goal was to make the US join Britain in fighting in WW II.

William Stephenson, like Donovan, was a decorated World War I hero.
They were friends since WW I. The strapping Donovan and diminutive Stephenson were so close that they were known as “Big Bill” and “Little Bill”.
See Donovan awarding Stephenson the Medal of Merit in 1946.

In 1916, Donovan spent several months in Berlin for the Rockefeller Foundation.
In 1919, Donovan worked for J.P. Morgan in Europe.
In 1929, Donovan moved to New York, where his law firm was perfectly placed to handle the mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies that resulted from the stock market crash.

In 1939, Donovan met Spain’s Generalissimo Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War and MI5 agent Benito Mussolini in Italy. Donovan also journeyed through various nations neighbouring Hitler’s Germany.
In June 1940, President Roosevelt appointed newspaper publisher Frank Knox, a friend of Donovan’s, as Secretary of the Navy.
Donovan arranged for Stephenson to meet Secretary of War Henry Stimson, Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Frank Knox.

On 14 July 1940, Donovan flew to London as Roosevelt’s envoy to meet chief of MI6 Stewart Menzies (a.k.a. “C”). Stephenson had arranged the meeting and advised that Donovan would be shown the British war effort, meet PM Winston Churchill and even eat with King George VI.
In December 1940, Donovan was again in London, where he met Winston Churchill.
On New Year’s 1941, Donovan went on a picnic hosted by Lord Mountbatten (who became a Knight of the Garter in 1946).

Roosevelt wanted to help Britain in WW II, and instructed Donovan to skirt the congressional ban on selling arms to the United Kingdom. From December 1940 to March 1941, Donovan inspected British military and diplomats in the Mediterranean, the Balkans, and the Middle East.
Back in the US, Donovan wrote that Nazi Germany was a major threat to the United States. He also gave a nationwide radio address praising US aid to countries fighting the Germans and Japanese, from England to Greece to China. Donovan claimed that “lend-lease” could transform these local resistance movements into "expeditionary forces" to block the “enemy threat” to America.

Donovan drafted a blueprint for a secret American intelligence service based on the British MI6. In July 1941, President Fernando Delano Roosevelt appointed Donovan to run the “Coordinator of Information” (predecessor of the OSS).
Stephenson then cabled Menzies:
Donovan accuses me of having intrigued and driven him into the appointment. You can imagine how relieved I am after months of battle and jockeying for position in Washington that our man is in a position of such importance to our efforts.

Donovan had earlier acquinted Fernando D. Roosevelt at Columbia University studying law.
Donovan had married the daughter of the richest man in Buffalo, Ruth Rumsey.

In June 1942, Donovan became director of the Office of Strategic Services (the war-time predecessor of the CIA). He continued to work with Stephenson.
Donovan recruited mostly elite men, like:
Paul Mellon, of the banking dynasty;
Henry and Junius of the House of Morgan;
Allen Dulles, a New York lawyer that with his brother Allen had helped to get Hitler into power in Germany, who operated from Bern, Switzerland (whose NY offices were on the floor directly above those of Stephenson´s MI6 office);
Alfred du Pont, who directed the intelligence network in France;
Archibald MacLeish, member of Yale’s Skull and Bones;
People named Auchincloss, Coolidge, and Vanderbilt.

Donovan recruited so many aristocrats that it was said that O.S.S. stood for “Oh So Social”.
Many of his recruits had ties to Britain, like Churchill’s cousin Raymond Guest, who ran clandestine maritime operations.

Cardinal Spellman was another friend of "Wild Bill" Donovan, who was the head of the Knights of Malta in America in the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s.
“Wild Bill Donovan” was also a Knight of Malta; in July 1944 “Hitler’s Pope” Pius XII awarded him the “Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester”, the most prestigious of papal knighthoods: ... ovan201103
(acrhived here:

See the following video; William Stephenson, WW II master mind.
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IBM and the Nazis

Post by Firestarter » Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:15 pm

One of the best known examples of Nazi collaboration, is (the Rothschild affiliated) IBM that provided the Nazis with computers. Not only to keep track of Jews, but also for use in organising the army.

In 1935, the Nazi government accepted IBM’s bid for a punch card system to tabulate a census in Germany. The Hollerith computers were manufactured by (IBM’s German subsidiairy) Dehomag.
IBM continued to make improvements for their Nazi clients until the fall of 1941.

See the meeting of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), 12 July 1937, Berlin.
From left: Adolf Hitler, Thomas J. Watson (IBM CEO), R. Schmidt (interpreter), A. Frohwein, F.H. Fentener van Vlissingen (the Dutch Chairman of ICC), and behind him Sir Arthur Balfour (of the Balfour Declaration).

When Nazi Germany invaded France, IBM built 2 new factories to supply the Nazis in Vichy, France. At this time, 1941/42, Vichy was technically neutral.
When Germany invaded the Netherlands in May 1940, IBM quickly started a new subsidiary. In 1941, it sent 132 million punch cards to the Netherlands for the Nazis. The occupation of the Netherlands was one of the most successfull, with Jew transports to the concentration camps like clockwork.
It has been estimated that the Netherlands had the highest rate of Jewish extermination in all of Europe; 72% of Jews killed, compared to “only” 24% in France.

After WWII began, Standard Oil continued to ship oil to Nazis Germany, but simply changed the registration of their fleet to Panamana to “hide” this: ... is/5439236
(archived here:
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