Gladio, Propaganda Due and the Vatican

False Flag -- A horrific, staged event, blamed on a political enemy and used as a pretext to start a war or enact draconian laws in the name of national security.
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Barbie, Rauff, Merex, Felix Rodriguez

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To finish the story on Klaus Barbie...
Nazi war criminals Walter Rauff and Barbie actively participated in Operation Condor.

Klaus Barbie worked for the Dulles faction of US intelligence in Germany until 1951, when he was shipped to Argentina and finally to Bolivia.
In 1964, when Bolivian dictator Víctor Paz Estensoro was replaced in a coup organised by Gen. René Barrientos Ortuno, Barbie was placed in charge of Bolivian internal security forces, which carried out counterinsurgency operations.
Barbie started the Estrella Company, which sold bark, coca paste, and assault weapons to former SS officer Friedrich Schwendt in Lima, Peru. Schwendt also worked with Walter Rauff in Chile. Schwendt and Barbie formed shipping company Transmaritania, that also made millions of dollars from cocaine. They bought their weapons via the Merex weapons company located in Bonn, West Germany of Gerhard Mertins and Hitler’s bodyguard Otto Skorzeny.

Rauff had been the head of the Milan Sicherheitsdienst (SD), which made him the chief SS security officer for northwest Italy. Rauff assisted SS Gen. Karl Wolff in the Operation Sunrise peace negotiations with Allen Dulles, who was the chief of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in Switzerland.
Needless to say, Rauff was never punished for his war crimes, but in 1948 was placed Damascus, Syria where he became advisor to the secret police and chief bodyguard of the President. In 1949, the rat-lines arranged his transfer to Ecuador, after which he settled in Chile. After the Pinochet coup in 1973, Rauff became one of the key advisors to Chile's DINA.

In 1966, the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) was formed in South Korea. William F. Buckley, Jr. was instrumental in its creation.
That same year, WACL funded Aginter Press as a front for OAS terrorists and other European fascists. It was headquartered in Lisbon, and headed by former OAS agent Guerin-Serac. In 1965-71, Cuban exile groups led by Guillermo and Ignacio Novo, and Orlando Bosch, were involved in acts of terror and assassination. In December 1974, Orlando Bosch, Guillermo Novo, and Dionisio Suárez travelled to Chile to offer their services to Pinochet.
Contreras ordered the assassinatopn of former Allende Minister Orlando Letelier. Townley and another DINA agent, Armando Fernandez Larios, obtained false passports and US visas, and on 21 September 1976 assassinated Letelier in Washington DC.

In March 1976, Argentine Army commander Gen. Jorge Videla carried out a coup in Argentina. The new military junta, that included the father of Queen Maxima (Zorreguieta) of the Netherlands, launched the "Dirty War" in which between 1976 and 1983 an estimated 30,000 disappeared.
In September 1976, a two-month "Condor training course" started for agents from Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina at the SIDE office in Buenos Aires.

In October 1976, the Fascist International was formed in Rome.
The attendees included representatives of the CORU, Nazis, OAS terrorists, Blas Piñar's Fuerza Nueva, the Argentine AAA, and Italian fascists including the Italian Ordine, Spain's Guerillas of Christ the King (founded by Blas Piñar), the Associación Anticommunista Ibérica, Alianza Anticommunista Apostólica, and the Paladin group (headed by Skorzeny until he died in 1975).

After the 1980 Bologna train station bombing in which over 80 people were killed, Italian fascist Stefano Delle Chiaie fled to Bolivia.
In 1980, another coup was staged in Bolivia, organised by Gen. Luis Arce Gómez, who hired Delle Chiaie and Klaus Barbie. General García-Meza became the new Bolivian dictator. Barbie was chosen as chief of the internal security division, and Delle Chiaie would arrange support for the regime from Argentina, Chile, South Africa, and El Salvador.

In December 1984, Contra leader Adolfo Calero was in Chile. In late 1984, Oliver North asked the Pinochet regime to deliver British-made Blowpipe missiles to the Contras (so again Britain made a nice profit!). Chile offered 48 missiles, launchers, and training “on a no-cost basis".
North also arranged for Merex International Arms to deliver ammunition to the Contras. Merex had a branch office in Savannah, Georgia. At the time Combat Military Ordinances Ltd. was located at this address, controlled by CIA agent James P. Atwood. Among Atwood's collaborators were Walter Rauff, Klaus Barbie, and Friedrich Schwendt.

Klaus Barbie has also boasted that he participated in the capture and execution of arguably the most legendary revolutionary of the 20th century, Che Guevara.
See Guevara with the drug trafficking terrorist, CIA officer Felix Rodriguez, shortly before he was murdered in Bolivia.

Nestor Sanchez was one of the key Dulles operatives that played a role in Operation Condor and the Contra support operation. In 1984-85, with George H.W. Bush's approval, Cuban-born CIA agent Felix Rodriguez was introduced to Sanchez to plan death-squad operations in El Salvador against the guerrillas, and to supply the Nicaraguan Contras: ... ondor.html
(archived here:

Firestarter wrote:
Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:39 pm
In 1953, Skorzeny became a military advisor to Egyptian President Mohammed Naguib and recruited former SS and Wehrmacht officers to train the Egyptian Army. He later became an adviser to Egypt’s President Gamal Abdel Nasser.
In the 1950s, he also trained Palestinians in guerrilla tactics and was the mastermind behind early false flag terrorist attacks in support of the state of Israel.
One of his trainees was Yasser Arafat, the enemy of the Palestinians, who was made leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and was rewarded the 1994 Nobel Prize and was present at the 1999 Bilderberg conference in Portugal for his support for Zionism.

In 1962, Skorzeny was recruited by the Mossad Israeli Intelligence agency where he worked with Avraham Ahituv and Rafi Eitan. Skorzeny spied on Egypt for the Mossad. Ironically Skorzeny was still on Simon Wiesenthal’ most wanted list of Nazi war criminals.
He also assassinated German rocket scientist Heinz Krug, who was working for Egypt, and mailed a letter bomb which killed 5 at the Egyptian military rocket site Factory 333.

Skorzeny made many trips to Argentina, where he became an advisor to Argentinean President Juan Perón and bodyguard to his wife Eva Perón.
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Moro murder, Andreotti, Prodi

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Steve R. Pieczenik published a book “We Killed Aldo Moro”, in which Pieczenik boasted that by not negotiating for Aldo Moro, he forced the Red Brigades to kill him.
On the day that Moro was kidnapped, US President Jimmy Carter sent Pieczenik to Italy where he was part of a "crisis committee" headed by interior minister Francesco Cossiga.

Pieczenik said the committee feared that Moro was so desperate that he would “reveal state secrets” to free himself.
They even leaked a false statement, attributed to the Red Brigades, that Moro was dead (when he was still alive): ... lling.html
(archived here:

Pieczenik is certainly not the most reliable source for information. He has regularly been interviewed by Zionist pig Alex Jones to tell the most ridiculous stories.
Steve Pieczenik served the presidential administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush as deputy assistant secretary. In October 2012, Pieczenik was still a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Pieczenik has even been a business partner of propaganda writer Tom Clancy for a series of novels.

Pieczenik resigned from the Jimmy Carter administration in 1979, “over the handling of the Iranian hostage crisis” (that in reality was staged by the CIA to get Ronald Reagan elected as president).
Before he joined the Ronald Reagan – George H.W. Bush administration in 1980...

Mayby the most ridiculous misinformation by Pieczenik is the following:
On October 20, 2011 in an interview with Alex Jones, Pieczenik claimed that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was alive, and said, "There’s no way they killed Muammar Gaddafi, that’s not our operating mode and I’ve been involved in 30 years with the takeouts and regime changes.
For some reason this story was deleted by Wikipedia: ... _Pieczenik

In November 2014, it was reported that Prosecutors in Rome found the claims by Steve Pieczenik "serious evidence" and accused him of the murder of Moro.

In “We Killed Aldo Moro”, the Cuban native boasted that Aldo Moro was "sacrificed" for the stability of Italy, adding that up to the last day of Moro's captivity he was "afraid they would free him": ... er-1474527
(archived here:

Pieczenik says in the film "Les Derniers Jours d'Aldo Moro" (The Last Days of Aldo Moro) on the France 5 TV channel about the decision to force the kidnappers to murder him:
The decision was made in the fourth week of the kidnapping, when Moro's letters became desperate and he was about to reveal state secrets. It was an extremely difficult decision, but the one who made it in the end was interior minister Francesco Cossiga, and, apparently, also prime minister Giulio Andreotti.
Journalist Giovanni Bianconi is skeptical of Pieczenik's tale, which was first published in a book entitled "Nous Avons Tue Aldo Moro" ("We Killed Aldo Moro") that the American wrote with Amara two years ago.

Romano Prodi (former president of the European Commission) Prodi, who was a minister at the time, made up the story that 2 weeks after the kidnapping, at a Ouija board reading a "spirit revealed to those who were present that Moro was imprisoned in Gradoli".
Following this "lead", the cops arrived in the town Gradoli, while a safe house for the Red Brigade (that kidnapped Moro) was at the Via Gradoli 96 in Rome:
(archived here:

Italian journalist, Mino Pecorelli (who was on Propaganda Due’s membership list) publicly acknowledged that his best pieces were the ones which had not been published on OP, because they preferred to pay him large sums of money to keep him silent.

Pecorelli describe secret intelligence using pseudonyms. For example, he referred to General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa as "general Amen"; to explain that it was he who had informed Interior Minister Francesco Cossiga of the location where Moro was being detained.
In 1978, Pecorelli wrote that Dalla Chiesa would be assassinated. Dalla Chiesa investigated the suspicious death of journalist Mauro De Mauro, who been investigating the murder of Enrico Mattei, head of the Italian oil company Agip.
On 1 May 1982, Dalla Chiesa was transferred to Palermo where he was murdered on 3 September 1982.

In a cryptic article published in May 1978, Pecorelli revealed that NATO's stay-behind terrorist organisation, a "lucid superpower" that was inspired by the "logic of Yalta", was behind the kidnapping and murder of Moro.
During his interrogations by terrorists, Aldo Moro had made reference to "NATO's anti-guerrilla activities". The Red Brigades later claimed that they didn’t use this interesting information because they couldn’t understand.

Tommaso Buscetta testified that his Mafia boss Gaetano Badalamenti told him that Pecorelli's murder had been commissioned by the Salvo cousins, as a favor to prime minister Giulio Andreotti.
Pecorelli was about to publish a book “containing damaging criticisms of Andreotti by murdered Christian Democratic leader Aldo Moro”.
On 17 November 2002, in appeal, Andreotti and Badalamenti were sentenced to 24 years of reclusion for Pecorelli's murder. The sentence was squashed by the Supreme Court on 30 October 2003:

According to Lyndon La Rouche, on 18 March, two days after Moro’s kidnapping, the chief of police, Zanda Loi, was informed about a terrorist safehouse on the Via Gradoli.
The police were even sent to 96 Via Gradoli. They knocked at the door, but when nobody answered they left.

So the cops were at the door of the flat where Aldo Moro’s kidnappers could be hiding, but left: ... assass.pdf
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Operation Condor

Post by Firestarter » Tue May 28, 2019 4:53 pm

Last April, 47,000 pages of CIA, FBI, NSC, DOD and State Dept. records were declassified.

Operation Condor was a campaign officially started in 1975 of state terrorism “by the intelligence/security services of several South American countries to combat terrorism and subversion” connected to the CIA and the Propaganda Due (P2) network.
Condor resulted in the disappearances, torture and brutal murders of an estimated 60,000 people, and the political imprisonment of around half a million.

A 10 June 1976 memo details Secretary of State Henry Kissinger advising the Argentian junta that “If there are things that have to be done, you should do them quickly".

In late May 1976, the secret police chiefs of 6 military dictatorships met in Santiago, Chile, to create a new unit under the code name “Teseo” (a reference to mythical Greek Theseus).
Teseo´s objective was to “conduct physical attacks against subversive targets” abroad, particularly Latin American exiles in Europe.
The planning agreement states in the “Execution of the Target” that the eliminated target would be proposed by member services with “final selection…by vote and on the basis of a simple majority”.
This is the responsibility of the operational team which will (A) intercept the target, (B) Carry out the Operation, and (C) Escape. With the exception of the team leaders, the members of the intelligence and operational teams should not know each other for security and functional reasons.

The CIA was well aware of Operation Condor’s plans to send assassination teams to European nations to kill leaders of the “Junta de Coordinacion Revolucionaria” an umbrella organisation for groups based in Paris, Lisbon, and other European cities.
In July and August 1976, the CIA’s Latin America Division chief Raymond A. Warren wrote memos — only weeks before the Letelier-Moffitt carbombing in Washington DC — that the CIA was concerned that this could have “adverse political ramifications for the Agency should 'Condor' engage in assassinations and other flagrant violations of human rights”. Warren wrote to the deputy director of the CIA, that "Every precaution must be taken, to ensure that the Agency is not wrongfully accused of being a party to this type of activity".

In August 1975, Legal attaché of the FBI Robert Scherrer reported on the detention and execution of Montonero leader Marcos Osatinsky, who was so severely tortured by the security forces of provincial governor Raul Lacabanne that they decided to murder him.
To hide evidence of the abuse, Lacabanne’s security personnel hijacked the hearse that transported Osatinsky’s corps from Cordoba to Tucuman to prevent an autopsy.

In 1976, Scherrer reported about 2 Cuban diplomatic staff bodies that “were cemented into one large storage drum and thrown into the Rio Lujan”. Scherrer’s source estimates that “Because Cejas and Galanena had been immersed in water for such considerable period of time… it is doubtful that they will be identified”.

In August 1976, SIDE agents kidnapped, tortured and executed Jesus Cejas Arias and Cresencio Galanena Hernandez of the Cuban Embassy in Buenos Aires and dumped their bodies in the Parana River. The CIA identified one of the SIDE agents as “Anibal Gordon”.

SIDE agents even murdered Argentina’s ambassador to Venezuela, Hector Hidalgo Sola, in July 1977. The SIDE team was lead by “Anibal Gordon” and included the son-in-law of former SIDE Director, Otto Paladino.

In September 1977, the intelligence agencies of the UK, France and West Germany wanted to establish “an anti-subversive organization similar to Condor” because “the terrorist/subversive threat had reached such dangerous levels in Europe”.
Representatives of xxx West German, French and British intelligence services had visited the Condor organization secretariat in Buenos Aires during the month of September 1977 in order to discuss methods for establishment of an anti-subversion organization similar to Condor.

In 1977, Britain was also involved in the international “intelligence sharing” program ECHELON, with the “Five Eyes” intelligence pact between the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the US that continues in a different form today.

At least 3 US citizens were detained and tortured by Argentine security forces — Patricia Erb, Mercedes Bender and Gwen Loken.
The FBI file on Loken indicates that information on her entry into Argentina was probably shared with the security forces prior to her arrest: ... ce-records
(archived here:
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From Bertrand Russell to Rev. Moon

Post by Firestarter » Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:37 pm

Another good story from Lyndon LaRouche. It’s an attempt to connect the dots from the British Coefficients club to the World Anti-Communist League of Rev. Moon.

Lord Bertrand Russell was a grandson of John Russell, 1st Earl Russell (1792-1878), who became a Knight of the Garter in 1862, was prime minister when Victoria was Queen of Britain and intimate with the notorious, longtime head of the Foreign Office, Lord Palmerston (also a KG).
Since the 17th century, the Russell family is one of the principal Whig dynasties in England and counts at least 10 Knights of the Garter.
John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford, KG in 1539
Francis Russell, 2nd Earl of Bedford, KG in 1564
William Russell, 1st Duke of Bedford, KG in 1672
Wriothesley Russell, 2nd Duke of Bedford, KG in 1702

John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford, KG in 1749
John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford, KG in 1830
Francis Russell, 7th Duke of Bedford, KG in 1847
Francis Charles Hastings Russell, 9th Duke of Bedford, KG in 1880
Herbrand Arthur “Bertrand” Russell, 11th Duke of Bedford, KG in 1902.

Bertrand Russell was the handler of H.G. Wells, who together with Aldous Huxley developed a blueprint for mass brainwashing strategies that included drugs (soma) and perpetual war.
Russell, Wells and Aldous Huxley were arguably the predecessors of Frank Buchman and Rev. Moon.

H.G. Wells wrote of his own childhood:
In those days I had ideas about Aryans extraordinarily like Mr. Hitler’s. The more I hear of him the more I am convinced that his mind is almost the twin of my thirteen-year-old mind in 1879; but heard through a megaphone—and—implemented. I do not know from what books I caught my first glimpse of the Great Aryan People going to and fro in the middle plains of Europe, spreading east, west, north, and south ... whose ultimate triumphs everywhere squared accounts with the Jews ...
I have met men in responsible positions, L.S. Amery, for example, Winston Churchill, George Trevelyan, C.F.G. Masterman, whose imaginations were manifestly built upon a similar framework and who remained puerile in their political outlook because of its persistence.

Through Thomas Huxley, Wells got his first writing job at Astor’s Pall Mall Gazette, and Huxley later introduced him to fellow Metaphysical Society member Lord Arthur Balfour. Thomas Huxley was the grandfather of the infamous eugenists Julian and Aldous Huxley.
See Aldous Huxley at the centre of the top row and Bertrand Russell at the centre of the bottom row.

The Coefficients met monthly at London’s St. Ermin’s Hotel from 1902 to 1908 as both a diners club and think-tank.
Members included: Lord Bertrand Russell; Lord Alfred Milner (KG, war Minister at the time); Viscount Edward Grey (Knight of the Garter in 1912); Lord Robert Cecil (cousin to Arthur Balfour); Halford Mackinder (head of the Fabian London School of Economics, founder of Geopolitics); Sidney and Beatrice Webb (Fabian socialists).
Another Milner ally was Leo Amery, who became intimate of Winston Churchill (another Knight of the Garter).
Sidney and Beatrice Webb would soon support MI5-agent Benito Mussolini.

In China, Frank Buchman and 2 friends made a list of the 15 most influential Christians in Beijing, placing Sun Yat Sen number 1. Buchman became close to Hsu Ch’ien, Vice Minister of Justice, and then acting Prime Minister. Hsu introduced Buchman to Sun.
In England, Buchman had the support of the elite, including the future short time King Edward VIII (Knight of the Garter in 1911), Sir Samuel Hoare, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin (Knight of the Garter in 1937), the Marquess of Salisbury (the Cecil family), Earl of Clarendon, and the Earl of Cork and Orrery.

In 1921, Buchman with Lord Arthur Balfour and H.G. Wells founded the “pacifist” Moral Re-Armament to implement Wells’ “The open conspiracy” (read the book!). In 1949, Moral Re-Armament held a major conference at the Caux Palace, attended by no less than 27 cabinet ministers and 118 parliamentarians from 26 nations, and trade union chiefs from 35 countries.
In South Africa Buchman’s organisation was called the Oxford Group. Its activities were spread to other nations, becoming especially strong in Norway, Japan, the USA and Nazi Germany (where SS/Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler was a member).
In 1989, Moral Re-Armament launched the Foundations for Freedom to infiltrate formerly Communist countries.
In 2001, Moral Re-Armament renamed itself Initiatives of Change UK. It still holds international meetings at the Caux, Switzerland site. The Dalai Lama has attended twice...

In 1915, Frank Buchman had met the Barons Mitsui and Shibusawa (then Finance Minister of Japan).
In one of those strange coincidences, the Mitsui banking and trading company had been the leading Japanese partner of Jardine Matheson and Company, when it controlled the largest share of the British Empire monopoly in opium.

In 1954, Rev. Sun Myung Moon moved to Seoul, South Korea. Moon’s lawyer was one Robert Amory, deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency under Allen Dulles.
In June 1958, first Unification Church missionary Sang Ik-Choi, left Korea to set up operations in Japan. In Japan, the Moon operation was led by the Japanese Ryoichi Sasagawa (1899-1995), also associated with the Mitsui Group.

Firestarter wrote:
Wed May 01, 2019 3:05 pm
In 1966, the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) was formed in South Korea. William F. Buckley, Jr. was instrumental in its creation.
That same year, WACL funded Aginter Press as a front for OAS terrorists and other European fascists. It was headquartered in Lisbon, and headed by former OAS agent Guerin-Serac. In 1965-71, Cuban exile groups led by Guillermo and Ignacio Novo, and Orlando Bosch, were involved in acts of terror and assassination. In December 1974, Orlando Bosch, Guillermo Novo, and Dionisio Suárez travelled to Chile to offer their services to Pinochet.
Contreras ordered the assassinaton of former Allende Minister Orlando Letelier. Townley and another DINA agent, Armando Fernandez Larios, obtained false passports and US visas, and on 21 September 1976 assassinated Letelier in Washington DC.
In the late 1960s, Reverend Moon made a deal with Yoshio Kodama, leader of the 3 million-counting Japan Youth Federation, which later became the World Anti-Communist League (WACL). This was shortly before Moon moved to the USA.
Kodama was a silent partner in Japan’s organised-crime ring, the Inagaki-kai yakuza. In 1991, a chief aide of Kodama was arrested in Hawaii for transporting cocaine using the Sagawa Kyubin trucking company, owned by Moon-connected gangsters Susumu Ishii and Kodama.

The Nazi-financing Prescott Bush was an adviser to Sagawa Kyubin. From 1989 to 1991, Prescott also served as a $250,000-a-year consultant to Ishii’s Hokusho Sangyo Co.
In November 1996, George H.W. Bush toured Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela with Reverend Moon.

In 1972, the Moonies sponsored the first of their still-ongoing International Conferences of the Unity of Sciences. Their early sessions featured such notables as Eugene Wigner (of the Manhattan Project, the lifelong ally of Leo Szilard) and environmental fascists Alexander King and Aurelio Peccei (founders of the zero growth Club of Rome).

In 2000, Sen. John McCain presided over the award presentation of the Moonie front group, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. In 2002, Sen. Joseph Lieberman received the “Truman-Reagan Freedom Award” from this Moonie front.
Included on the National Advisory Council of Victims of the Communism Memorial Foundation are former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski; former Senators Robert Dole, Dennis DeConcini, and Claiborne Pell; former UN Ambassador and now head of the American Enterprise Institute Jeane Kirkpatrick; and the head of the Heritage Foundation: ... ell_th.pdf
(archived here: ... ell_th.pdf)

For more information on the Order of the Garter that controls the world: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1093&start=30#p5816
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