Genocide of Yemen

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Re: Genocide of Yemen

Post by Firestarter » Thu May 02, 2019 4:47 pm

Firestarter wrote:
Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:07 pm
In January, French Armed Forces Minister Francoise Parly said that she was “not aware that any (French) arms are being used in this conflict”. This wasn’t the only time the French government has denied that they sell arms that are used in the war against Yemen.
A classified document from French military intelligence service (DRM) shows that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirate (UAE) are massively using French-made weaponry against Yemen.
What a stupid move!
The 3 journalists, that exposed that the French government was lying when they promised that no French arms are sold to the “coalition” that are mass murdering Yemenis, have been summoned for questioning.

This is an apparent investigation into “compromising national defence secrets” by the French intelligence agency DGSI: ... -coverage/

The Houthi al-Masirah TV channel reported that the UN-backed "aggression forces" have kidnapped more than 150 fishermen from 15 boats in the waters off the port of Hodeidah.
According to Yemen's Ministry of Human Rights, the coalition has made it impossible for more than 50,000 Yemeni fishermen to fish. The coalition has killed dozens of fishermen, targeted 93 fishing facilities and destroyed 4,586 boats.

The coalition had conducted 13 airstrikes on the Sana'a airport and the al-Dailami air base. The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) confirmed the raids but claimed that it had targeted drone maintenance sites, a communications system and locations of drone experts and operators: ... n-Hudaydah

President Donald told that he likes “the King” of Saudi Arabia and boasted to a roaring crowd of Trump-retards:
With all that being said though, we have $450 billion, $110 billion of which is a military order, but this is equipment and various things ordered from Saudi Arabia, $450 billion.
I think it's over a million jobs. That's not helpful for us to cancel an order like that. That hurts us far more than it hurts them.

Some party poopers rated this a “Pants on Fire” lie....

The Saudis haven´t bought anywhere near $110 billion in arms.
Nor has Saudi Arabia ordered anywhere near $450 billion worth of goods.

Total exports to Saudi Arabia in 2017 were $25.4 billion. “Only” $14.5 billion in arms sales has been agreed upon (not $110 billion let alone $450 billion). There is no reason at all to think that all of these will be bought though.

The over one million jobs becomes quite ridiculous if you compare it to the offered exports to the Saudis.
In 2015, the US Commerce Department said exports supported “165,000 jobs" for a export total of $29.7 billion (that´s higher than in 2017). This means that the United States gets .0000056 per job on average.
If we take the $110 billion in arms sales as a “fact” (which it isn´t) they could generate more than 600,000 jobs. If we take the agreed upon $14.5 billion, this would support “only” 81,200 jobs.

The arms experts have said that arm sales typically take 3 or more years to complete. When you take this into account the $14.5 billion won´t be bought in 2019 alone and the amount of generated jobs would be even much lower: ... n-saudi-o/
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Re: Genocide of Yemen

Post by Firestarter » Fri May 24, 2019 3:14 pm

Earlier this month, the Bahri-Yanbu ship travelled from Antwerp (Belgium) to the French port Le Havre, where it had to leave on 9 May without the arms to Saudi Arabia after protests broke out. Activists gathered to denounce their government’s refusal to stop arms trade with Saudi Arabia even though French weapons have been used against Yemen.
French human rights group Christians for the Abolition of Torture (ACAT-France) also filed a legal challenge against the arms shipment. This case was dismissed by the corrupt French court:

After the problems in France, the Bahri-Yanbu continued to Genoa. Italian Unions falied to have the vessel banned.
Union workers loaded “non-critical goods” but refused to load the generators because they didn´t believe the claim that they are only for “civilian use”

The Bahri-Yanbu has left for Jeddah in Saudi Arabia: ... 26746.html

Germany has agreed with the UK government that it will bipass the supposed arms export “ban” to Saudi Arabia.
Germany will continue to supply spares for the UK-produced Tornado fighter bombers and Eurofighter Typhoons, that are used by the Saudis to murder Yemenis.

British politician Andrew Mitchell responded:
Quiet diplomacy with the Saudis is clearly the government’s preferred approach but the continued bombing of civilians areas demonstrates this approach is simply not working. It is shameful and a profound moral failure that the UK has been unable to persuade Saudi and Emirati allies to end the bombing of innocent Yemeni civilians. ... s-to-yemen

According to the UN Development Programme (UNDP) by the end of the year, the total number of dead Yeminis could rise to 233,000, with 60%younger than five and more than 13 million “at risk of” starvation.
That includes 102,000 killed in combat and 131,000 due to starvation.

By 2022 “more than 330,000 children” could be dead: ... 92926.html

Already in December 2016, UNICEF reported that one child dies younger than 5 dies every 10 minutes of “preventable” causes. That’s more than 1000 a week. Or more than 125,000 by now.
Since then the starvation of Yemenis has gotten even worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if already more than half a million Yemenis have died...

UN agency World Food Program said that it finally got access to silos in Yemen's port city of Hodeida that held some 51,000 metric tons of wheat — that could feed 3.7 million people for a month — after the site was made inaccessible by the “coalition” assault in September.
At least 30% of the wheat can’t be consumed anymore: ... 28108.html

Food aid provided by the United Nations often doesn’t reach people until it is already expired and crawling with worms and cockroaches.
In Abss, the World Food Programme facility stored at least 21,400 bags of flour and canned food, almost all of it expired and corrupted by weevil infestation. Poor Yemenis have no choice but to sift the weevil out of the flour and eat it anyway.

The “coalition” prevented a convoy of aid from fellow Yemeni civilians from being delivered to al-Durayhimi’s residents.
The war has forced many companies to quit their activties in Yemen, forcing millions in Yemen to lose their jobs, Today many families are forced to beg on the streets so they can eat.

During the “holy month” of Ramadan several regions — including Hodeidah, Hajjah, al-Beida, al-Dali, and Sana`a — are under constant aerial bombardment: ... id/258397/
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