In memory of John McCain

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In memory of John McCain

Post by Firestarter » Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:48 pm

John McCain died last 25 August.
Most opinions on McCain are either very positive or negative. Most Trump fans are negative on McCain and prefer to ignore that Rick Gates, long-time Paul Manafort associate, was McCain’s campaign when he ran to get Obama crowned as US President. Gates stayed on Trump’s team even after Manafort was forced to resign.

John McCain wasn’t just dumb; he was stooopid! We’re talking a “special” kind of dumb, as in retarded.
After McCain went to an elite boarding school, he went to the Naval Academy at Annapolis where he finished 894 out of 899 students (the bottom 0.5% of his class).

With his daddy and grandfather 4 star admirals in the Navy, McCain didn’t have to worry about getting ahead.
Possibly John McCain was among the top 0.5% of corruption though:

In the following video, in May 2007, John McCain admits that he graduated 5th from the bottom of my class.
In another short section, he tells that he can barely get the news clips that have my name on them (better watch it quick before it’s gone!).

According to the state media, McCain wasn’t only a great “patriot” but even a war hero, because he was imprisoned by the Vietcong.
Often overlooked is that McCain squealed like a pig to get better treatment and even went on Vietnamese radio in 1969 condemning the USA and praising Communism. McCain said “I, as a U.S. airman, am guilty of crimes against the Vietnamese country and people”.

McCain even praised the humane “kind treatment” of prisoners even though he knew many of his fellow Americans weren’t treated as nicely as McCain himself: ... -released/

In April 2011, John McCain visits Libya. The country soon descends into chaos and various Islamic terrorist armed militias roam the streets.
Goldman Sachs loots the Libyan Sovereign wealth fund, reducing its value from over $1 billion to almost nothing in a few months.

John McCain visits Syria around May 2012. The violence soon escalates into all out civil war.
McCain makes a second visit to Syria in May 2013, meeting with known Islamic Extremists - he urges Obama to give them more arms.

John McCain visits Kiev, Ukraine and meets with the leader of the neo Nazi Svoboda party. Soon after, the violence escalates.
A fascist puppet government is installed in Kiev, led by an ex Central Banker. The new government doubles the price of gas in Ukraine followed by further price increases. Government pensions are cut by 50% to help pay off the banksters & Gazprom: ... verty.html


Protesters chant “Arrest Henry Kissinger for war crimes”.
John McCain, as chairman of the proceeding, calls the protesters “low-life scum”.

Following is a good overview of some of the highlights in the amazing career of the “war hero” John McCain...

The most interesting “conspiracy theory”, I had not heard yet, is that on 29 July 1967, John McCain started the fire on the USS Forrestal that killed 134 sailors and seriously injured another 161.

John McCain had a reputation as a show-off and was nicknamed Johnny Wet-Start because of his habit of flooding his fighter plane’s engine with fuel before pressing the igniting - a wet start – that makes a flame shoot from the exhaust.
As usual on 29 July 1967, McCain did a wet start but this time the flame ignited one of the Zuni missiles on another plane. So the whole disaster was directly caused by McCain.

Any other Navy pilot would have been court martialled for such a stunt. Because McCain’s father and grandfather were four star admirals he got away with it: ... -question/

The USS Forrestal disaster was already the 4th major incident in which John McCain was involved.
Why would John McCain and/or the US army lie about what happened?

McCain wrote in 1999 that his plane was hit by a missile from another plane:
I took my helmet back … and shut the plane’s canopy. In the next instant, a Zuni missile struck the belly fuel tank of my plane, tearing it open, igniting two hundred gallons of fuel that spilled onto the deck, and knocking two of my bombs to the deck.

According to the official Navy report of the disaster, the missile struck plane number 405, piloted by Lt. Cdr. Fred White, who was among those killed in the incident.
McCain’s plane was number 416, and was next to White’s.
So McCain’s version contradicts the “official” version.

On 5 august 1967, just a week after the fire, McCain thought he had caused the disaster:
But when I saw LCDR Hope on the hangar deck, and I believe you can ask him about this, the first thing I said to him was, ‘Herb, I thought I had killed you.’ So I must have believed that it was from my aircraft at that time. Then I heard so many other stories as to what happened, I didn’t believe it was my aircraft. But at the time, I think, I believed that it was my aircraft or the one right next to it. ... e-crashes/

Already on 31 July 1967, 2 days after the fire, Forrestal’s Captain John K. Beling stated:
for some unknown reason, a plane parked near the carrier's island, midway up the 1,045 foot flight deck, experienced an 'extreme wet start’.
This malfunction, comparable to what happens when a cigarette lighter is ignited after having been filled to full, occurs about once a week on attack carriers, but almost never so severely as it did yesterday.

A thick tongue of flame lashed backward from the parked jet, igniting a missile on one of the dozen or so planes parked near the fantail, their engines turning over in readiness for a strike launching scheduled for 11 a.m. The rocket ‘shot across the deck,’ and by a quirk of fate smashed into a fuel tank under a plane on the port side.

Why would the navy change the story on what happened?
Possibly because it was the son of Admiral McCain’s plane that caused the disaster: ... 4-278.html

See school buddy of Robert Mueller, Bonesman John Kerry (far left) and McCain (centre-right) with (other) psychopaths of the Saudi Royal Family after meeting King Salman, Riyadh, January 2015.

On 11 September 1973, Propaganda Due and the CIA helped General Pinochet to overthrow the democratically elected government of President Salvador Allende by a bloody coup: ... t=20#p5029

In December 1985, Congressman John McCain travelled to Chile for a friendly meeting with Chile’s military dictator, General Augusto Pinochet, followed by a meeting with Admiral Jose Toribio Merino.
McCain didn’t criticise the dictatorship, even though Pinochet has been accused of killing more than 3,000 civilians and jailing tens of thousands for political reasons. McCain described the meeting with Pinochet “as friendly and at times warm”.

The “strictly private” trip was arranged by Chile’s ambassador to the US, Hernan Felipe Errazuriz, who described McCain as “one of the conservative congressmen who is closest to our embassy”.
McCain’s presence in Chile was kept quiet. John and his wife Cindy arrived 27 December and first spent several days as the guest of prominent Pinochet backer Marco Cariola, before meeting Pinochet on 30 December.

Pinochet remained in power until 1990 and in 2006 was charged with 36 counts of kidnapping, 23 counts of torture and one count of murder. He was spared a trial for “health reasons” and died at 91 in December 2006: ... 37422.html
(archived here:

Jeff Gates on the Criminal State 1.
It includes some information on “classic asset” John McCain and his in-laws the Henley brothers and the Keating five.
He also calls George W. Bush a “classic asset”…

Jeff Gates also tells that John McCain’s admiral father covered up the Israeli attack on the USS liberty in 1967: ... g-roberts/
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Re: In memory of John McCain

Post by Firestarter » Sat Dec 15, 2018 5:24 pm

According to the (unreliable) Infowars...
A 3 1/2 minute video was hacked from the cellphone of a staffer of John McCain that shows the making of a ISIS "execution" video in a studio. It appears this is one of the preruns in the execution video of James Foley.

John McCain said this was a hoax: ... ing-video/

John McCain has also said that the pictures with Al-Baghdadi are fake (one of these photographs comes from CNN!).
The following picture shows a photograph of McCain with Abdelhakim Belhadj, that worked with American and NATO forces in the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi, and later became the leader of ISIS. Belhadj also headed LIFG which killed US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
The following photographs of Al-Baghdadi and Simon Elliot, with US senator John McCain and terrorist Muhammed Noor, aren’t fake though!
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