Starved by the banks

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Re: Starved by the banks

Post by Firestarter » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:59 pm

Firestarter wrote:Since I bought my new rear wheel on 20 Januari 2017, my sabotaged saddle on 22 January, and the blow out of my rear tire on 9 March, I’ve didn’t have big problems with my bike (that’s almost 4 whole months without bike troubles worth mentioning…).

Then on 4 July, a spoke in my rear wheel broke off; on 7 July I had it fixed.
On 7 July (that’s the same day), another spoke broke; on 8 July got it fixed.
On 11 July (3 days later), another spoke broke; on 14 July it was fixed.
On 17 July (3 days later) another spoke broke, and on 18 July a second one...
I didn’t have this wheel fixed anymore until it was beyond repair, on 10 August I bought a new rear wheel – I almost made it 7 months on this wheel...
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Re: Starved by the banks

Post by Firestarter » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:23 pm

Since I got access to my own savings on my bank accounts on 8 December 2015, staying alive has almost been too easy…
My biggest problems were not the troubles with my bike, but the radiation in my apartment. This has been bearable since 8 August 2017, after I placed aluminium plates (1 mm thick) under my bed and couch.

Since November 2015, I have hardly been poisoned (by either food or drinks) at all.
But it appears that my “easy” life is over.

On 19 August, my drinking water was poisoned.
On 21 August, the prefab meal I bought at the supermarket was poisoned .
On 6 October, my drinking water was poisoned.
On 9 October, my drinking water and bread was poisoned.
On 12 October, my drinking water was poisoned.

I have only one advantage here, opposed to 2014 when I was caught off guard, which is that I know now the signs of food poisoning.
When I have eaten poisonous food, shortly after I get very thirsty. After a couple of hours I get a fever. And some 5 ½ - 6 ½ hours after eating I need to go to the toilet with diarrhoea. Then the fever gets less, and the illness recedes. 40 hours after eating the poisonous food, if I don’t ingest any more, I’m well again.
When I drink something poisoned with toxics, it goes more gradually, but basically the same thing happens: diarrhoea preceded by a fever. It starts with spitting (hard to distinguish from inhaling toxic gas that also causes spitting).
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Re: Starved by the banks

Post by Firestarter » Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:33 pm

Yesterday, 31 October, a spoke in my “new” rear wheel broke, today I had it fixed.
I bought this wheel on 10 August; this is an A-grade wheel. People that survive in the Netherlands might know this type of wheel as a “Van Shothorst” (with a grey sticker): ... tra-sterk/
Usually this type of wheel easily lasts 4 years.

This puts me in a moral dilemma. I bought the wheel with a 9-month warranty. I had it fixed today for free.
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Re: Starved by the banks

Post by Firestarter » Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:01 pm

This morning, I noticed that the frame of my bike was literally cut all the way through.

As it is probably dangerous to ride it, and I need it for transportation, today I bought a second hand bike.
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Re: Starved by the banks

Post by Firestarter » Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:38 pm

Since 2 December, I´ve drank, eaten toxic food/beverages several times. I only had diarrhoea once…
One of the effects of this is that I spend about double my regular amount on food and drinks.

On 21 December, my washing machine was leaking.
On 26 December, the repairman stopped by to look at the machine for a couple of minutes, for the sum of 60 Euro, only to conclude that it´s beyond repair. He told me that it´s not strange that it broke down, after being bought new in 2008.
On 28 December the new machine was delivered.
This I found stressful because my house looks bizarre. Besides some relatively small details, the thick layer of tinfoil above my bed and couch, on a self-made construction, looks very strange. They didn´t comment on the bizarre interior of my house…

Not a single spoke in my wheel has broken (yet). As the bike shop gave me a 3-month-warrantee, I expect that starting in February spokes will be sabotaged.

On 9 December, I had my first flat tire. Because of “special” glue, on 21 December the patch had partly fallen off, causing my second flat tire. I carry the newly bought glue with me in my backpack.
On 1 January, I had my third flat tire.
On 4 January, I got home just in time, diarrhoea. After relieving myself, about 15 minutes later, when I got back outside, my tire was punctured twice.
On 7 January, I had my fifth flat tire in 4 weeks; 3 of which in the first week of 2018.
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Re: Starved by the banks

Post by Firestarter » Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:33 pm

On 15 March I had a flat (rear) tire. I bought a new tire and inner tube and haven’t had “major” problems with my bike since.

Since 15 March, I’ve suffered from poisoned food/drinks repeatedly.
As a result on some days I have to go twice to a supermarket daily, but even when I do, still my drinks get toxic.

I expect that as a result of this, besides physical and mental health problems, I’ll dramatically cut down my internet time and have to spend even more “shopping” shopping for food...

Coincidentally on 14 March I had appealed (bezwaar) against my tax assessment for the year 2015.
This included my motivation that it’s illegal to pay taxes in a dictatorship like the Netherlands, because the government is a criminal organisation (art. 140 Wetboek van Strafrecht).

I. Starting on 3 June 2015 my bank accounts were unlawfully blocked by the Rabobank, Court, Bailiff and Attorneys (Orde van advocaten).

II. Art. 52 of the Drinkwaterwet shows that consumers can be delivered "Drinking water” that is detrimental to the health. This shows that citizens of the Netherlands can (and will) be poisoned.
The government can have buildings demolished based on the Bouwbesluit for the implementation of art. 52 of the Drinkwaterwet (the English translation is mine).
If according to the judgement of the inspector: the delivery of drinking water to consumers can be hazardous to the health, he can forbid the delivery thereof or can allow it to be used only in indicated situations, in an indicated manner

III. Art. 21 of the Wet op de Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdiensten shows that intelligence agencies can participate in basically any sort of criminal activity imaginable (the English translation is mine).
1. The services are authorised to:
a. employ natural persons, whether or not undercover of an assumed identity or capacity, which are the responsibility of an intelligence service:
1 °. to collect information about persons and organisations that may be of importance to an intelligence service;
2 °. to promote or take measures to protect the interests of an intelligence service.
b. establish and deploy legal entities to support operational activities.
3. The natural person, referred to in the first paragraph, under a, may also be instructed by the intelligence service to carry out actions that result in cooperation with a criminal offense or commit a criminal offense. An instruction as referred to in the first sentence is only given if the proper execution performance of the task of the intelligence service or the safety of the natural person involved so requires.
7. By or pursuant to a general Order in Council, on the recommendation of the relevant Ministers and Our Minister of Security and Justice jointly, further rules may be laid down with regard to:
a. the conditions under which and the cases in which, in order to execute an instruction by a natural person as referred to in the first paragraph, part a, actions may be carried out which may result in cooperation in the commission of a criminal offense, or commit a criminal offense;

In 2017 for some reason art. 21 was deleted and returned as art.41 of the Wet op de Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdiensten (Law for Information and Security Services) - in Dutch: ... _Artikel41
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Re: Starved by the banks

Post by Firestarter » Sat May 05, 2018 1:48 pm

Wow, not a single spoke of the rear wheel on my second hand bike has broken yet since I bought it more than 6 months ago!

On 23 April, I noticed that a strange noise came somewhere from by rear wheel. I checked the spokes, but this wasn’t the cause and the noise became worse.
Since then I also noticed that the screws on my front wheel were loosened (this was probably done some time before).

A couple of days ago, at the bike repair shop I was told that the ball bearing in my wheel hub was broken. Fixing it, would almost be the price of a new wheel. Yesterday, my wheel was finished. Today I got it fixed…
I have never experienced something like this before, but it’s probably one of those things that can happen in exceptional situations.
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Re: Starved by the banks

Post by Firestarter » Fri May 18, 2018 2:15 pm

This morning by bike was stolen...
The shock that it was stolen is not because I had supersonic locks on it – 2 “normal” locks like most people.
The strange thing about it being stolen is that it’s a very, very ugly bike. Only the (new) rear wheel looks any good.
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Re: Starved by the banks

Post by Firestarter » Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:42 pm

Last Friday, October 19, my gas for heating and cooking was shut down, "because" I wasn’t home.

On 11 October, my landlord since 2016, Draijer, sent me a letter that on October 19 from 8:00-12:00 a.m. unspecified "work" had to be done by Liander and Heijmans, for which I must be home.

It is strange that this letter was not sent by Liander, but by Draijer. It is as if Draijer is the one that gave the order for this work. Liander is responsible for maintenance of the energy net in the Netherlands.
It is downright rude that I was informed only a week in advance and it wasn’t explained what kind of work "had to" be done.

In 2010, I was informed by 3 letters of Liander 3 times that I had to stay at home, because my gas and electricity meters were replaced.
The first 2 times Liander (then) decided to cancel the work, because one of my neighbours was not at home. It is therefore strange that they have now closed my gas after only one attempt.

When I came home in the evening of 19 October, the gas line entering my apartment was broken. Apparently they had installed new meters on the floor above me.
Because the (new) gas pipes are outside my apartment, they could have done this without shutting down my gas. This is confirmed by the fact that in the other apartment on my floor, they have done similar work but the pipe that enters that apartment is still the same old gas pipe.

When I came home in the evening, there was a note from Liander that my gas was shut off with 2 telephone numbers. When I tried these this morning, on the one that was answered, I was told coolly that I would be called back at an unspecified later time. I (also) gave them my email address.

On the basis of art. 21 of the Dutch law for the Intelligence and Security Services, the secret police without restrictions can assume false identities, under the guise of “protecting national security”.
When I came home in the evening there was also a note from my "father". This is probably the one who, in 2015, when I suffered severe famine because my bank account had been unlawfully blocked by Rabobank, the same day I visited my doctor for help, contacted my doctor to convince him that this unlawful act is reason to file a complaint against me at the Mentrum (which specialises in torturing innocent people under the guise of mental health care).

My father could not possibly have known who my personal doctor was in 2015, let alone could he have known about my visit.
It is also impossible to explain how, as he wrote in his letter, Liander could have contacted him this time.

On 19 October, Draijer sent me an e-mail, which I read later, that my gas and electricity will be cut off if I am not home by 11 a.m.
I have never given Draijer my e-mail address...

My rental home with a “low” (social) rent, does not fit into the activities of Draijer, which specialises in "mediating in the purchase and sale of real estate and carrying out appraisals" .
There are 13 houses on the internet of Draijer in a radius of 15 km to Amsterdam (my address is not included, which is strange since 1 apartment is empty)...
There are 10 sold houses: 239,000 to 2.5 million Euros (average 916,000 Euro).
And 3 rental properties: 1500, 1300 and 190 Euro rent per month.
These are for the most part "expensive" houses: 8 out of 10 expensive owner-occupied houses and 2 out of 3 expensive rented houses (my monthly rent is less than 400 Euro).

In one of those strange “coincidences”, Draijer on his website boasts, that Draijer is a long-term business associate of the Dutch government and assisted the Brenninkmeijer family in setting up the C&A clothing chain (in Dutch):

The Brenninkmeijer family is one of the richest billionaires in the Netherlands and is the owner of C&A. The Brenninkmeijers have also had a close relationship with our Royal family for many years.
As Ombudsman Alex Brenninkmeijer was involved in the cover up of my complaint against the Amsterdam “deken” of the Bar Association for attorneys (Orde van advocaten), "because" the Association refused to handle my complaint properly.

The Ombudsman has the duty to investigate complaints, if they are not timely or properly handled...
A complaint against a “deken” must be forwarded directly to the “Raad van Discipline”, which must judge the complaint.
My complaints against “deken” Kemper and attorney (currently professor) Stefan Sagel, which I filed in 2012, have still not been assessed by the “Raad van Discipline”...
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Re: Starved by the banks

Post by Firestarter » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:23 pm

Firestarter wrote:
Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:42 pm
Last Friday, October 19, my gas for heating and cooking was shut down, "because" I wasn’t home.
On 22 October, they called my phone and left an SMS message with the request to call back. I could not receive the call as I had "forgotten" my phone at home (that's why I had left them my e-mail address).
On 23 October, I called to make an appointment for the next day.

The 2 men from Heijmans, who had been hired to do the work, showed that there was a gas leak near my cooker and this was the reason my gas had been cut off. They refused to turn the nut to “fix” the leak, which would have cost them some 10 seconds of their valuable time.

I called with my landlord Draijer, who had his plumber call me back, who came later that day.
After tightening the nut at my cooker, he noticed another gas leak at my gas heater. He refused to tighten the nut concerned, which would have cost him some 10 seconds.
On 29 October, another man came to tighten the nut at my gas heater.
Since then, I have full gas in my apartment again…

I still find it outrageous that I was only informed about unspecified activities only a week in advance by my landlord.
I am not surprised that these Dutch plumbers refused to tighten the nuts (which wasn’t the job they were hired for).
This explains that Liander had shut down my gas but not how those 2 nuts had been loosened in my gas supply….

I also think it is outrageous that the semi-government (“nuts bedrijf” in Dutch) company charges me € 31.40 per month for using the energy “network".
After a quick calculation I conclude that, even without companies, 5.7 million homes pay € 2.15 billion per year to Alliander. For that amount, Alliander could pay 40,000 employees an annual salary of 50,000 Euros and still have 148 million Euros per year for other "costs"...
It’s one of those great mysteries how according to official figures Alliander had a turnover of (only) 1.7 billion Euros and more than 1700 employees in 2017!

Since I bought my “new” second hand bike on 18 May, on 27 June, after several flat tires, the bike repair shop inspected my tire to find that it was the tire that punctured the inner tube. The man who replaced it with a second hand tire admitted that such a manufacturing defect doesn’t happen often.
After several flat tires, on 30 July, I had the second hand rear tire replaced again.

Besides that - no major bike troubles.
The top of my saddle has been cut, which soaks up water when it rains.
On 26 September, my bike bell was destroyed, so I now yell for people to get out of the way.

Since 17 August, I’ve been placing, adding lead below my bed, food, and couch.
I was getting sort of desperate when 6.5 mm still wasn’t enough, but I continued. Since 11 October, the layers of lead under my bed and food is more than 11 mm thick. Since then I haven’t suffered from radiation sickness (although it took a couple of days before I felt OK again).

The radiation has caused gingivitis; I’ve started taking Vitamin C in the hope it helps...

Every morning after I wake up, I need something like an hour spitting out the build up in my longs from the poison gas.
It was even much worse before I closed some holes on the floor at the wall with plastic.
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