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Transcription of 10/23/02 Letter by

Al Adask, from jail

Oct. 23rd, 2002 A.D.

Jefferson Cty. Jail
POB 100
Hillsboro Missouri 63050
Alfred Adask 2006371

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the letter & legal info. Much appreciated.

I'm surprised to see your return address is Puerto Rico. However, I am also considering a change of address whenever I am finally released. I hope P.R. suits you.

Section 10 of the Extradition Act involves a habeas corpus for a person arrested "with such warrant". Well, I was arrested, jailed, & extradited without warrant - despite my repeated demands to Carrollton P.D., Sheriff's Dept., & Transcor - the agency that transferred me from Dallas to Missouri.

In my case, the relevant section of the extradition code appears to be section 14 ("arrest without a warrant"). But Government has not conformed to that section in any manner.

I entertain the usual fantasies that I may be able to sue one or more Government agencies if & when I get out.

However, I am mildly apprehensive about getting out since I have repeatedly asked (on their request form) to receive a) a Bible, b) a copy of charges against me, c) contact info for prosecutor's office, & d) power of attorney form. So far, Jefferson County Jail won't acknowledge, grant, or expressly deny my requests.

Similarly, I received 3 books (probably from Robert Fox) without envelope or accompanying letter. I believe Fox also sent me a habeas corpus that was removed from the mail. I can't confirm since Fox has been jailed for no seat belt & can't be contacted at this time.

Likewise, I received a letter from Dick Clark that included only the envelope & a Jefferson County Jail receipt for $20 credited to my inmate account. No accompanying note or letter. I believe Dick Clark was sending 1 or 2 Social Security Forms 5b (521?) for withdrawal from Social Security. I believe those forms were intercepted by the jail. Dick Clark is on vacation so I can't confirm my suspicions.

In any case, it appears that 1) Missouri authorities won't answer my requests for info, & 2) they are intercepting my legal mail.

If that's true, they may be concerned about the legality of their case against me - and I am increasingly concerned about what they may do to prevent me from exposing their "scheme" & filing countersuit.

Incidentally, this jail has no law library and offers inmates access to law books only through their attorneys. In other words, I am expected to accept the disability attached to hiring a lawyer before I get access to relevant law books.

An attorney in Dallas (Harmon Taylor) has reportedly sent me copies of Missouri Family Code that he downloaded from the Internet. I'm told he expected me to receive the info by Monday of this week - today is Wednesday.

You can imagine my thoughts...

The jail itself isn't bad. Inmates are rowdy but not threatening, at least not in this pod. I don't mind being here - I'd hit a burn-out in Dallas. I'd been running like a squirrel in one of those "wheels" for 12 years. I think I'd finally "hit the wall". I'm sort of decompressing in jail and the truth is that I might be well served if I vacationed in jail for at least 90 days.

Sounds nuts, no? Well, we patriots live odd lives, hmm?

In fact, I am well-adjusted to the thought of spending one year in jail, even two. I've wanted to read the Bible from cover to cover for a long time and a year in the slammer would give me a chance to do so three or four times.

If you receive this letter, and you have time, I would much appreciate it if you transcribe a copy & post it to whatever "patriot" groups you may know on the Internet.

I don't know what the e-mail address is for the Jefferson County Jail & Jefferson County Prosecutors office, but if that can be included with a copy of this letter, and if people on the outside would send e-mail to Jefferson County inquiring about my welfare, I would feel more secure. I believe it's important that Government know a number of people on the outside are watching out for me.

Thanks for your prayers & extremely helpful legal info.

God bless,
Al Adask

Please use this contact information:

sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer -
636-797-5519; 636-797-5049 fax

Jefferson county sheriffs department -
636-797-5533; 636-797-5000; 636-797-5049 fax

lt. col. Steven Meinberg undersheriff -

major Mark Tulgetske chief deputy -

capt. Chris Pigg law enforcement commander -

capt. Denise Lassing support services commander -

lt. Virgil Lorenze office of professional standards -

lt. Robert McKlin jail director and commander -

Don Allen office manager -

Tanya Bergner administrative secretary -

Jina Atkins administrative secretary -

Jennifer Finke personnel -

(Isaiah 33:22) For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; he will save us.

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