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Reading Room

We hope that You will enjoy the library of reading materials, and the downloadable files that We have made available to You here, at no cost. If you don't find what You're looking for here, please visit Our Catalog section.

Lawful Path Library

Un-Grouped Essays

Bills of Attainder, Defining, by Thomas M. Saunders (15K)
Explains the meaning of the term, as mentioned in the U.S.A. Constitution.

Brainwashing, author unknown (133K)
A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics

Conspiracy Theory, by Dave McGowan (90K)
A general overview of conspiracy theories.

Grateful Slave, by Paine's Torch (7K)
A provocative poem. May stir even the most deeply slumbering.

Greening, The, by Larry H. Abraham (191K)
This is the whole, real story behind the environmental movement, from the spotted owls, to Klamath Falls.

Letters to Jessica, by Robert Bissett
A Child's Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit. The full text of part-one of this wonderful book. Teach children the difference between government and God, before they're too old to get the message.

Origin of Law, by Gregory Allan (17K)
What does the word "law" mean, and what is a real law?

Operation Vampire Killer 2000, -- Officially Revised 1999 by Jack McLamb; "Police Against the New World Order." (4.3M)
An excellent wake-up primer for the uninitiated. A must for every police officer and soldier you know. Please give a copy to your County Sheriff, he needs this information, and you need for him to have it. For more than ten years, The Lawful Path has published a version of this document which did not include any of the illustrations, photos, or maps. This is a revised version which is complete in every detail.
PDF Version (8.1M) -- This is a photographic scan of the printed book. It is not text-searchable, but is useful for printing out copies to hand to your favorite Policeman or Soldier. Includes a flier on the new Operation Vampire Killer 2012.
EPUB Version (1.7M) -- For your convenience, I've converted the web version to EPUB format, so you can read it on your mobile devices.

Our Debt. . . Save the Children, by Ed Henry (15K)
Gives an interesting perspective on the size of the alleged National Debt.

Rights versus "Rights", by Tibor R. Machan (26K)
Where do rights come from? Shows the correlation between rights and duties. Commentary by Alfred Adask.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, author unknown (342K)
Compares economics with electronics. Outlines NWO plan for world conquest. Essential in understanding the NWO game plan.

Silver Bulletin, by Bill Medina (68K)
Why one is required to volunteer into a general jurisdiction.

The Law, by Frederic Bastiat (121K)
English translation, first published A.D. 1850. This is a must read. When 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul was asked in an interview which book he would most recommend people read above all others, he recommended this one. It's short; you can read it in one evening.

Jural Society / Ecclesia

Antinomianism, the Spirit of Lawlessness, by Ben Williams (37K)
Explains why law was not replaced by grace in the New Testament.

A Radical Perspective on Jurisdiction, by Gregory Allan (30K)
Understanding sources of jurisdiction.

Christ county Vault
Official documents of Christ county, kingdom of God. Provides information on ecclesias and jural societies.

How the Church Fell from Grace (411K)
To whom do you you owe your allegiance? Also available in PDF format.

The Christian Jural Society News, Issues 1 through 70 (6.4M)
Now known as "Matters Concerning His Lawful assembly"
Listed in this manner to differentiate from the article below.)

Matters Concerning His Lawful assembly (10K)
An introduction to the California Jural Society, by the Christ's assembly at California.

The Book of the Hundreds (2.4M)
Fourth Edition, Revised, with Updates. This is the book which originally inspired the formation of Christ county, and so many jural societies throughout the lands known as America. A must-read for all students of lawful process.
Also available in HTML.

What is the Ecclesia?, by Ben Williams
A three-part essay on the meaning of the word "ecclesia"; how it was mistranslated as "church" in the Scriptures, and what effect that has upon our perceptions of Christianity.


Early Presidents of the United States (274K)
Who was the first President? You might be surprised.

Faking Democracy, by Fred Reed (9K)
A Textbook on American Democracy. Both humorous, and thought provoking.

Federal Reserve Ownership Chart (21K)
Do you think the Federal Reserve is an agency of the U. S. Government? Think again.

Missing 13th Amendment, The, by David Dodge (68K)
Reveals possible fraud in the Constitutional Amendment process. Excellent perspective on Titles of Nobility.

Political Prisoners? In America?, by Edgar J. Steele (7K)
Examples of how easily one may become a political prisoner in the United States.

Rise of the Fourth Reich?, Author unknown (12K)
A comparison between Germany's actions at the beginning of WWII, and the United States' 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Rolling Back Government: Lessons from New Zealand, Maurice P. McTigue (22K)
A former member of the New Zealand Parliament illustrates amazing examples of government reform.

Seventeenth Amendment: Should it be Repealed?, by John W. Dean (13K)
Explains the effects of the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution; how it has damaged States' Rights, and contributed to runaway central government.

Which Flag is Which?, by Richard McDonald (39K)
Flags of the united states of America -- War vs. Civil


A Cause By Any Other Name, by Gregory Allan (14K)
A brief history of the Michigan Militia Corps. Wolverines to 2/28/98

Gun Facts, by Frank Stoppa (4K)
Interesting statistics on gun ownership and use. Arm yourself with this, for the next time some Liberal spouts off with anti-gun propaganda.

Nation of Cowards, by Jeffrey R. Snyder (39K)
Among the best essays on the unlawfulness and futility of gun control.

Notes on Gun Control, by Faxanadu (30K)
A Handout to the Ill Informed

Sundown at Coffin Rock, by Raymond K. Paden (11K)
A touching story about a boy and his grandfather. Pro-gun message.

Sundown at Coffin Rock, The Sequel, by Raymond K. Paden (13K)
This is part-two of the powerful gun rights story Sundown at Coffin Rock. What happens to the grandson after his betrayal of his grandfather?

They Were Having a Sale at the Gun Store, by Leslie Fish (3K)
Strong message in favor of the freedom to keep and bear arms.

Where is the Authority for Militias?, by Gregory Allan (16K)
How militias can have lawful covering.

Who Was the Fat Lady?, by Edgar J. Steele (14K)
On the significance of the U.S. Supreme Court's refusal to hear Silveira vs. Lockyer. Relates to gun rights.

Property Rights

Do You Own Yourself?, by Butler Shaffer (13K)
Discusses Property Rights as they relate to private lives, versus political systems.

Municipal Zoning and the Little Guy, by Gregory Allan (12K)
Story of how to use the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to fight zoning.

Seven Lies of Zoning, The, by Gregory Allan (13K)
Shows how zoning and land use laws are really nothing more than the theft of property rights.


Coverture and the Courts by Gregory Allan
Can a Husband Represent His Wife? The true story of how the author successfully did it. For the complete package, see our catalog.

Secular Marriage, Virgil Cooper (13K)
An outline of the legal relationship between any couple married with a state "marriage license", and their relationship with the state.


Driver Licensing vs. the Right to Travel, Author Unknown (60K)
Essay purports to have been used in at least three states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia) as a legal brief to support a demand for dismissal of charges of driving without a license.

Notes on Right to Travel, author unknown (36K)
Can the States require the Private Citizen to take its Driver's License to travel and transport his family and good across them?

Right to Travel, by Jack McLamb (11K)
Why should a driver's license be necessary? From Aid & Abet Newsletter.

What's Wrong with Car Insurance?, by Gregory Allan (5K)
Mandatory car insurance is a criminal fraud.

News & Notices

News regarding Alfred Adask, editor of AntiShyster Magazine
Update 01/09/2003
Involuntary Servitude (16K) Article written "within" jail, raising some interesting possibilities regarding the 13th and 14th Amendments.
Alfred Adask in Jail (6K) Transcript of an alleged letter by Al, from the inside.

Embassy of Heaven RAIDED! (11K)
Government Attacks Church, Steals Property

Tennessee Revolt (3K)
Newspaper account of a small town revolt -- True story.

Tenth Amendment Resolution (3K)
Text of the resolution passed by the Colorado legislature.

Weaver Story (18K)
The Randy Weaver story, from American Rifleman


Bouvier's 1856 Law Dictionary
Title Page (14K)
Complete PDF (8M)
Maxims of Law (157K)
Word Studies:
Declaration of Independence, U.S.A. (8K)

Articles of Confederation (25K)
The true founding document of the United States of America.

Constitution for the united States of America (32K)
For historical research purposes. Challenge: see if you can find any provisions still honored.
Bill of Rights
Amendments 11 through 27

Federal Reserve Ownership Chart (21K)
These are the folks at the top of the food chain. (401K)
Federalist Papers (complete text)

Magna Carta (31K)
The full text of this Great Charter (61K)
Uniform Code of Military Justice (223K)
Uniform Commercial Code


Make Your Computer Easier, Faster and Smarter, for Free (27K)
Linux isn't scary any more. (277K)
Encryption software: Pretty Good Privacy ver. 2.62 w/ Documentation. Newer versions of this program have been proven to have a "back-door" installed. We archive this version because we believe it is more secure. Of course if you really want security, you'll run Linux instead of Windows. Runs on DOS/Win systems. (644K)
Pretty Good Privacy ver. 2.62 Source Code. The most sure way to know someone hasn't tampered with a program is to compile it yourself, from the source code. (19K)
Stealth for PGP. Hides encrypted messages inside other files. For DOS/Win systems.

timeLock (12K)
For Linux and other Unix users: This is a bash script written by Gregory Allan. It was written for the purpose of restricting the number of hours in a day his daughter could use instant messaging, but it can be easily configured to restrict any number of services, including login. Administrator can set any time limit for restricted services. When time limit is reached, user is logged off, and further use of selected processes is restricted until cron resets the timer, usually the next day. Uses cron, and also accepts command line parameters. Very easy to install and use. Must have root (administrator) access.


Commercial Redemption Rejected as Valueless, by Gregory Allan (34K)
Demonstrates why the author believes the Commercial Redemption process is a fraud and a trap.

How to Survive Hospital Costs Without Insurance - Evaluation Copy, by Gregory Allan
This is the free portion of my book which teaches readers how to get services from hospitals for a fraction of the usual cost. For the full version, please see our catalog.

"No Trespass" sign (4K)
This sample No Trespass sign is really an offer to rent. Properly displayed, versions of this sign have successfully warded off evil government tyrants all over the country. An updated, ready to print-and-post version is available in our catalog.

Reaffirmation of Oath of Office (4K)
Hold Public Servants to their oath, or make them pay the price.

We Welcome Submissions

If you know of a document you think belongs here, and it is in the public domain or you have the authority to grant permission for its publication, please send it to us for evaluation.

Thank you.

(Isaiah 33:22) For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; he will save us.

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