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The Christ county Vault

This is a repository for the official documents of Christ county, kingdom of God, and The First House of Electors therefor.

As with understanding any People or Culture, to understand what Christ county is, and/or was, it is best to forge ahead and read what they have said about themselves.

The First House of Electors, hereafter "House," is no more, having expired of its own limitations. However, Christ county lives on so long as there are people alive who have signed the Christ county Compact. The Compact, reprinted here, is/was entered into by a group of people of like mind and spirit. They believe that God is the true head of all legitimate government. Everything they did after signing the Compact was done with the intent of creating a government, separate from all worldly governments, which would operate according to the One True God's Law.

Their ideas and their methods were inspired by the old ecclesia, the jural society, the Holy Scriptures, and most of all with the help of the Holy Spirit. Also, Robert Bissett should be acknowledged, for his wonderful work Letters to Jessica.

Just as the government of the United States of America was once established so that a group of sovereign States could collectively interface with foreign countries without endangering their domestic freedoms, Christ county was established by People who gave an Oath to be subject first and always to God's Law. Christ county creates a separate jurisdiction, or a buffer-zone, between these People, and all worldly governments.

Endeavoring to be a true ecclesia, the People of Christ county established the House as their local seat of government. The House had an Executive Branch, a Judicial Branch, and an Ecclesiastical Council (the Assembly) which determined general policy (The Principles and Practices) as they best believed it to be practiced according to their chosen Law, the King James Bible, authorized version A.D. 1611. There was no Legislative Branch, as the Law was already written, and cannot be improved upon by man. They had a Clerk, and kept records in a manner much like any modern county. Those records are not reproduced here. Someday we hope to make available a tutorial on how to keep and maintain these records.

The documents contained here represent the most important work done by the People of the House, over a period of about four years. It was difficult work. Essentially, they were creating a new government from scratch. The reason it is said that history is always written by the victor is simple -- self preservation. The long-term view of Man's history tells us that governments are anything but permanent. Knowing this, the leaders of all governments try to make their government last as long as possible. One of the ways they do this is by making information about creating new governments scarce. Kind of makes sense, doesn't it? The work done by the House required a deep understanding of a wide range of topics such as authority, God, jurisdiction, lawful, oath, and truth.

Another way governments protect themselves is to try to make people believe all sorts of lies. One of these is commonly that their current form of government was inspired by God, and often that it was created by an almost super-human man or group of men. This idea discourages people from ever thinking that they might be able to govern themselves, or create a better government than the one they have.

We hope that the documents presented here will help to dispell both notions. Certainly the House did not create a perfect government -- it lasted only four years, and its people never achieved true independence from worldly governments. But it was, and is, a work in progress. Judge for yourself whether you believe they created a workable goverment, and whether that government could ever develop into a better form than the one under which you now live. Preserving this work, and making it available to the world, may make it possible for the Second, Third, Fourth . . . Houses to succeed, where the First has failed. Those of us who have read the Book, know that the One True God wins in the end!

The documents are presented as they were originally presented on the House's own website, so any links found within them will be mostly inoperable. But the value of the documents remains. Enjoy.

The Vault

  • Affirmation of the Christ county Compact (4K)
    The Christ county Compact was authorized on the Fourth day of the Fifth month, A.D. 1997. This document may be used to expatriate your current citizenship, and join with the People of Christ county, kingdom of God, by Affirming Our Compact.
  • Assembly Information (4K)
    Notice of Guest Information and Procedures
  • Authorized Press Release (9K)
    Issued on the Ninteenth Day of the Second Month, A.D. 1997. Notice of Assembly, and Statements of Primary Goals, Authority, Cause, Sovereignty, Law, and Judgement.
  • Court Rules for the First House of Electors (60K)
    Rules of Procedure for courts Christian.
  • General Election, Notice of (3K)
    Notice of Our First General Election, held on the twelfth day of the eleventh month, in the year of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus, the Christ, nineteen hundred ninety-seven. Suitable for posting in all public places.
  • Second General Election, Notice of (3K)
    Notice of Our Second General Election, held on the twenty-ninth day of the fourth month, in the year of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus, the Christ, nineteen hundred ninety-nine. Suitable for posting in all public places.
  • Law, Foundational
    The Holy Scriptures as written in their original languages, and translated into the Books of the King James Bible*, authorized version, Anno Domini sixteen hundred eleven.
  • Parliamentary Procedure
    Robert's Rules of Order*, by General H. M. Robert, Bantam edition / November A.D. 1986. Link is to Public Domain version, revised for on-line use.
  • Principles and Practices (50K)
    Official compilation of Resolutions passed through and including the Seventy-seventh Assembly.
  • Surety Bond and Grant of Jurisdiction, Affidavit of (5K)
    Sample form by which a Christ county member may bond his actions, and secure the Jurisdiction of the courts Christian for The People of Christ county, kingdom of God. Approved in Assembly.
  • Venue (8K)
    Geographical Boundary Map

  • (Isaiah 33:22) For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; he will save us.

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